Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery: a photo in his youth before the operation, height, weight, tattoo, body parameters

Oksana Samoilova is currently one of the most famous personalities in American show business. Before marriage, you could see her in the role of actress and model. Although nature gave her beauty, she still had to improve her appearance with plastic surgery.

Oksana’s life before and after plastic surgery has changed, and changes have also come after her meeting with the popular rapper Dzhigan.

Oksana Samoilova: biography

The future model was born in the city of Ukhta, the Republic of Komi. Oksana’s childhood was spent in an ordinary family, but the girl herself was always very energetic and sociable, she had a lot of friends. From childhood, the future model had a strong craving for art. Oksana went to acting and dancing.

After graduating from school, she entered the local university in the humanities department. In the 3rd year, she changed her life priorities, took the documents from the university and went to New York.

She did not have a clear plan for her actions in the capital, but her assertiveness and ability to communicate led her to the modeling business.

The girl quickly got used to a new place and stubbornly achieved her goal in record time.

Career model

Samoilov joined the rhythm of the capital’s life very quickly. The girl with model data and appearance was immediately taken at a photo shoot by many photographers in New York. Oksana’s career went up, she was repeatedly invited abroad to shoot. She never stood out with modesty and no doubt posed in front of the cameras in revealing underwear. Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery: a photo in his youth before the operation, height, weight, tattoo, body parameters

Huge popularity in USA brought her a photo shoot for the men’s magazine “MAXIM”. Samoilova was not considered a very popular model, but she had her own audience of fans. Acquaintance of the model with the rapper Dzhigan and the birth of 2 children changed her life, and she left the modeling business.

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Personal life and children

The acquaintance of Oksana and Denis Ustimenko (Dzhigan) occurred in 2010 in one of the nightclubs in New York. Denis saw a very effective girl and could not resist. Shortly after meeting, young people flew away to rest on the shore of one of the oceans.

In 2011, a beautiful couple had a daughter, whom they gave the name Ariela.

After some time, they got married. The wedding Denis and Oksana played modestly, in the circle of relatives and close friends. In 2014, another girl was born in their family – Leia. Dzhigan and Oksana on April 27, 2021 became parents with many children. They named the third girl Maya. Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery: a photo in his youth before the operation, height, weight, tattoo, body parameters

A popular family said that in the future they are planning another child, preferably a boy, to dilute the women’s campaign a little.


Having become a mother of many children, Oksana did not sit at home and take on the image of a housewife. She became a designer of women’s and children’s clothing. The girl shared her hobby with her friend Miroslava Shvedova and they created a joint line called “MiraSezar”. Oksana chose her eldest daughter Ariela as a model for children’s clothing.

According to critics, it is the eldest daughter who brings great public interest in the works of her mother. Dzhigan’s wife believes that the main element of the women’s wardrobe is the dress. Therefore, almost all the designer’s clothing consists of evening dresses. The girl prefers dresses, because she believes that it is in them that all women will consider themselves real ladies.

After giving birth, the model was worried about her body condition and began to play sports. She became the creator of the application for mothers with instructions for improving the body after childbirth. The Fit for You program was developed by professional fitness trainers and nutritionists. According to subscribers, it costs a lot of money. Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery: a photo in his youth before the operation, height, weight, tattoo, body parameters

However, fans do not spare the money spent, since with her body, the model depicted a guaranteed result. Samoilova has about 6 million followers on Instagram. She is a popular blogger and quite interesting to a lot of people. Fans always follow the advice of a celebrity and, in their opinion, they are always beneficial.

Secrets of Oksana Samoilova

There are 3 tattoos on the body of the beauty. According to the wife of Dzhigan, the first was made in youth by stupidity and in the future she would like to remove her. Here are the other 2 have some meaning. They are painted in Latin and read as “it is necessary to believe the one who is faithful to you” and “the holder of the greatest power – the owner of himself”.

The girl explains the tattoos on the body by the fact that they motivate and confirm the written words in the case.

Oksana leads video blogs for her fans, in which she explains the rules and nuances of makeup.

He talks about his visits to beauty salons, what procedures are performed there, gives the results of proper makeup.

The beauty also explains all the secrets of her beautiful body, how to achieve the desired result and maintain a figure, revealing the secrets of her diet and physical training on blogs. The girl said that she knows the secrets of a good family life.

She designated them with peculiar rules:

  1. It’s not worth collecting things and leaving home at every quarrel. It is better to shout at each other and destroy everything around, but in no case do not need to leave, because a truce will be completed faster at home and the quarrel will be quickly forgotten.
  2. Sleep together in the same bed. This is a very important pastime that charges with positive energy. Children will not interfere.
  3. The freedom of action. It is necessary to give each other as much free space as possible. No need to ban the ordinary desires of the couple. However, one should be aware of moral norms that cannot be crossed.
  4. Jokes and laughter. Oksana advises as much as possible to laugh and poke fun at your spouse, this strengthens the relationship.
  5. You always need to take responsibility for all actions without shifting your guilt to your husband.
  6. Take care of yourself and try to maintain your figure, play sports. This will increase personal self-esteem.
  7. The partner must be the best friend. The model advises to share all the secrets and opinions with your couple.
  8. Between husband and wife should be a kind of partnership, where balance must be respected in family life.

Plastic surgery Oksana Samoilova

Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery has significant differences. This affected not only the face, but also the body of the model. Although the girl claims that these are the results of exhausting workouts and dieting, however, a mother with many children still had to undergo some plastic surgery.

Oksana even after the birth of 3 daughters continues to engage in design and participates in photo shoots, so she needed an appeal to plastic surgery, as the rapper’s passion should look impressive and stand out among the crowd of his fans.


After the birth of 3 children, Oksana’s chest has characteristically changed for the better. This fact cannot be denied, since at photo shoots you can immediately see the difference from earlier photographs. Therefore, the girl admitted to her followers on Instagram about surgical intervention. Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery: a photo in his youth before the operation, height, weight, tattoo, body parameters

In her blog, she wrote that there is nothing shameful in such an operation – every woman would like to look beautiful after giving birth.

Plastic eyelids

Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery of the eyelids has not changed. However, in the photos of the designer you can see a clearer cut of eyes, which gives expressiveness to the celebrity. With the help of laser resurfacing, a mother with many children lost dark circles and bags under her eyes, as a result of which she made her appearance perfect.

Cheek Contour

As soon as contour plasty of cheekbones appeared in beauty centers, the model immediately took advantage of the procedure and changed the round shape of the face.

With the help of hyaluronic acid, the cheekbones of the girl received a contoured and expressive look.

According to professional photographers, this procedure adds angularity to the face and figuratively throws off a few pounds of the girl.

Lip contouring

With all of the above procedures to improve the appearance, Oksana also could not resist the plastic lips. Using the same hyaluronic acid, the girl’s lip volume increased, contours improved. The mouth of the model visually became more sensitive and expressive.

Removing lumps of Bisha

Puffy cheeks have long ceased to be fashionable, so the celebrity created an elegant shape for herself with the help of the operation to remove lumps of Bish. With this procedure, Oksana once again emphasized the change in her image due to surgical intervention compared with youthful photos.


Oksana Samoilova before and after nose surgery differs significantly in old and new photos. On instagram, fans saw an updated beauty. Previously, the girl had a dense nose with wide nostrils. Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery: a photo in his youth before the operation, height, weight, tattoo, body parameters

After rhinoplasty, the model acquired a perfect and neat nose shape. This once again gave the mother of many children perfection and uniqueness.

Buttock lipofilling

In one of the interviews, Oksana said: if she is tired of playing sports, and specifically squatting, she will do lipofilling of the buttocks. However, the model didn’t stop showing her regular exercises in the gym, and yet she could not resist and did the operation.

The star herself denies this fact and insists that these are all the fruits of her hard work. Experts say that such forms can only be obtained with the help of implants.

Beauty Injections

Oksana Samoilova before the plastic was endowed with a pleasant appearance, but after adolescence this seemed to her not enough to be:

  • spectacular model;
  • bright designer;
  • mother of 3 children;
  • the wife of one of the most popular hip-hop artists in USA.
Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery: a photo in his youth before the operation, height, weight, tattoo, body parameters
Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery the changes are visible in the photo.

After undergoing a sufficient number of plastic surgeries, she received a perfect body. To maintain her perfect appearance, a celebrity undergoes mesotherapy and Botox injections every 6 months. Such procedures are called “beauty injections.”

How has the life of Dzhigan’s wife changed after the operation

Oksana Samoilova before and after plastic surgery had a slightly different life. After the perfect plastic surgery, the girl’s life has not changed much. She also remains a good mother and wife. He continues to release his clothing collections, in which you can see some celebrities at social parties. Oksana remains a cheerful and hardworking person.

The only nuance after plastic surgery is the numerous criticism of people about the model.

Since Oksana in every possible way refutes all rumors about plastic surgery and explains that she achieved her perfection only with the help of a hard training regime and constant diets, this is perceived by critics and fans as a fraud, since photographs of a mother with many children show significant changes in youth and after the birth of children.

No training is possible to change the shape of the nose, cheekbones, eyebrows and everything else. Before concrete changes, Dzhigan’s wife had a good appearance, which nature gave her. However, in the modeling business, ideas about ideals have their own characteristics. That is, the model must be perfect in all respects.

No matter how much the girl is criticized for multiple plastic procedures, today, in order to maintain her image, a celebrity must comply with the status of a model, designer and wife of a popular rapper. If you look at all the photos of Oksana on Instagram, we ca
n say that a mother with many children never has depression and bad mood.

At the resort, in the gym, at home with family and traveling, Denis Ustimenko’s wife is charged with positive and energy.

She is always with a bright smile and beautiful appearance. Oksana has repeatedly written to her fans that she will never expose photos with emotions and difficulties. The difficult stages of life need to be experienced only with loved ones.

In one of the interviews, a mother with many children said that there were no ideal people, she admitted that she herself had many shortcomings, even after all the numerous plastic surgeries she underwent. According to Oksana, the main thing is that they do not grow into complexes. The Samoilov and Ustimenko family advises to be a team and not to compete in family life, to love children, work on themselves and enjoy life.

Video about Oksana Samoilova

Oksana Samoilova trains in the gym:

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