Dance fitness – harmony of mind and body

Principles of Dance Fitness

The principles of dance fitness movements are based on the following points:

  • Isolation – one part of the body makes movements without the participation of other parts of the body.
  • Polycentric – there are several centers – parts of the body – making various movements with the same or different frequency.
  • Opposition – one part of the body is opposed to another part on the basis of a violation of a straight line.
  • Counter movement – body parts move towards each other, just like in opposition, with a violation of the straight line of movement.
  • Animation – the movement is decomposed into components for a certain time period.

The intensity of dance fitness can be medium and high.

According to the level of preparedness of the exercising fitness programs are divided into beginner, amateur and professional level.

The benefits of dance fitness

So why is dance fitness so useful Firstly, there are its species, where there is no intense stress, suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly. Secondly, dance fitness has a beneficial effect on health.

Dance fitness - harmony of mind and body
Dance fitness – harmony of mind and body

For example, it favorably affects the work of the cardiovascular system. Exercise has a good effect on the warming up and development of large muscle groups, especially the muscles of the lower extremities.

Improving posture, coordination, and plasticity is also part of dance fitness.

The only drawback that is present in dance fitness is the lack of intense load on the muscles, their strengthening and development .

That is, fitness is intended for those who want to improve muscle plasticity, and not increase their volume. Although there is a kind of fitness called “jazz aerobics” that allows you to strengthen your muscles.

And of course, as with any sports, you should think about proper equipment. Clothing should be comfortable for exercise. Everything suitable can be bought either in a specialized sports store, or ordered on the Internet.

Useful videos on dance fitness and how to perform it




Be healthy and take care!

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