Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price

Microblading is a type of eyebrow correction. Photos before and after such a procedure are striking in their naturalness and scale of changes. Most women want their eyebrows to be symmetrical and look harmonious. Often this requires a lot of effort and time, so women are constantly looking for ever new ways of correction, giving a lasting effect.

What is eyebrow microblading

Microblading is an eyebrow correction method that allows you to achieve their natural appearance after the procedure and long-term effect that lasts up to 1 year. Looking at the photo, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from real eyebrows. It consists in introducing pigments of the desired color under the skin.

A special technique of execution distinguishes it from tattooing, which provides for continuous shading of the desired contour, because of which the eyebrows do not look natural. Microblading, in turn, is based on the introduction of pigment through thin sections made by a blade in the upper layers of the epidermis.

This technique allows you to create the necessary contour from thin shaded stripes, very similar to hairs.

Due to the fact that each hair is required to be drawn, this procedure requires a lot of time and skill. A cosmetologist must have high professionalism so that the effect of the procedure looks as natural as possible. The main thing is that the depth of pigment application does not exceed 3/32 inch, otherwise the color and structure of individual hairs will differ.

Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price

There is also a risk of developing inflammatory processes. This technique of eyebrow correction was developed by Chinese cosmetologists more than 10 years ago, later it was adapted and improved in Europe. In this short time, several different techniques have been developed, which are used with great success to this day.

What is microblading

Experienced craftsmen use several microblading techniques, among which hair, with shading, and 3D, 6D techniques are distinguished.

Hair technique

This technique is the most common and in demand among customers. Most of the masters mastered it perfectly, which is why during its execution an almost perfect result is guaranteed. The essence of the technique is to create an eyebrow contour by applying small strokes.

Often the wizard has a set of different patterns that differ in the shape of the contour, the size and direction of the strokes, as well as the color. This greatly simplifies the process of selecting a drawing by the client. Depending on the direction of the hairs, eastern and European hair technique is distinguished.

Eastern provides for applying strokes of various lengths and directions, which allows you to create the effect of natural growth. European technology, on the contrary, provides for the creation of strokes of the same length, directed in a single vector, which creates the effect of natural eyebrows laid with a gel and a brush.

Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price

The hair technique is suitable for girls with rare eyebrows. In order for the effect to be longer, the procedure should be corrected one month after completion. The cosmetologist adds pigment in the necessary places so that the color of the eyebrows smoothed out more even and natural. After that, you can be sure that the effect of microblading will last more than 6 months.

Feathering hair technique

The effect of the usual procedure can be enhanced by blending the pigment. Using this technique, you can achieve the effect as if the master drew eyebrows with a pencil and shadows. Shading allows you to achieve a longer effect, which will last more than 10 months.

If correction is carried out in a timely manner, the effect can be maintained up to 2 years. A variation on this technique is the shadow technique, which involves darkening the necessary areas of the eyebrow contour using spot pigment application. Similar manipulations are recommended for blondes and girls with a light hair tone.

3D Technique, 6D

Previous microblading techniques involve the use of special equipment to reduce the time required to complete the procedure. But if the client wants the drawn eyebrow arches to be practically no different from the natural ones, you need to manually draw each individual hair. This is the essence of 3D and 6D technology.

In this case, the master takes a lot of time to draw each hair. Each time he chooses the length, thickness and direction of the stroke. To do this, you need to have great experience in order to ultimately get eyebrows that do not differ from natural ones.

When choosing the microblading technique for the first time, you should focus on the simplest one. Such a procedure will be cheaper, faster, and may ultimately be better for others. It is not always easy to find a wizard capable of performing the 6D technique at the proper level.

What are the pros and cons of microblading

Like any cosmetic procedure, microblading has a number of pros and cons.

pros Minuses
Eyebrow contour is the most natural when compared with other eyebrow correction techniques, especially with tattooing. Slight discomfort during the procedure. If necessary, the master can apply anesthetic gel.
Over time, the effect of microblading disappears, which allows you to create brow arches of a different shape and color. For example, when using tattooing, to get rid of pigment, you need to use the laser removal procedure. After that, scars and scars may remain. The effect of microblading is short-lived, the pigment retention period is usually from 6 months to two years. But in most cases, the length of clients is a plus, since there is the possibility, if desired, to change the shape, color and structure of eyebrows.
Microblading is practically painless and does not carry any risks. The pigment is applied to the upper layers of the skin, which minimizes the risk of inflammatory processes. If necessary, the beautician uses a potion-allergenic pigment, if the client so wishes. Perhaps the development of an allergic reaction, due to intolerance by the client of the individual components of the pigment. There are also certain contraindications, in the presence of which it is better to refuse the procedure.
The hairs are drawn separately, due to which the natural density of the eyebrows is achieved. In order for the result to consolidate, the first month you need to carefully care for the skin. If you do not follow the recommendations of the master, the pigment may lose color, and inflammation may appear on the skin.
A variety of techniques allow the client to choose the desired pattern, type of hair, color and structure. Before the procedure, you need to prepare for a long time.
Fast healing is achieved due to the fact that the surface of the skin is minimally exposed. The skin does not inflame, there are no bruises and wounds, which is why scars do not form. The main thing is to control the work of the master, he must work with new needles, in sterile gloves and treat the skin with an aniseptic. The cost of the procedure is very high, but you should not immediately turn to the services of masters who lower the price, this carries many risks. Most often, a small price is associated with the inexperience of the master and poor-quality working material.

When you can not do microblading

Since the procedure is associated with a violation of the integrity of the skin, there are a number of contraindications to it, which can be both temporary and categorical.

Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price

Temporary contraindications include:

  • the condition of the client under the influence of alcohol and drugs;
  • the presence of any inflammatory processes;
  • fever, regardless of the cause;
  • colds;
  • high blood pressure;
  • the presence of injuries or various skin lesions in the eyebrow area;
  • taking antibiotics.
  • pregnancy and lactation, as well as the period of menstruation;
  • the presence of allergic reactions (depending on the degree and type, may be a categorical contraindication)

The absolute contraindications in which microblading is strictly prohibited are:

  • the presence of infectious diseases (hepatitis, syphilis, HIV) – this carries a danger to the master, who, if injured, can bring the infection into the blood;
  • poor blood coagulability – this can lead to bleeding due to damage to blood vessels, in such cases it is very difficult to stop the blood, it can also lead to curvature of the picture and rinse off of the pigment;
  • psychological illnesses;
  • epilepsy – due to stress and pain, a client may experience an epilepsy attack that threatens his life;
  • diabetes mellitus – in the presence of such a disease, wounds heal much longer than in ordinary patients;
  • oncological diseases;
  • susceptibility to scarring – in this case, even small scratches and damage to the epithelium during healing form visible scars and scars;
  • the presence of moles on the eyebrows or inflammatory rashes.

In the presence of the above contraindications, it is worth abandoning the microblading procedure, since no aesthetic effect is worth health and life.

How to choose a microblading wizard

The choice of a master is the most important stage of preparation for the procedure. The quality of the final result, as well as the health of the client, depends on the experience and skills of the cosmetologist. Do not trust your face to the first master you come across. It is best to study the reviews of real customers, ask friends who used these services, or ask for real reviews in the salons.

Eyebrow microblading, photos before and after which are presented in the article, is usually performed in well-known reputable salons. It is on such salons that it is worth paying attention in the first place. In no case should such a procedure be carried out at home.

Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price

After choosing a wizard, you need to carefully monitor the preparation for the procedure.

In the cosmetologist’s office, cleanliness must be observed, the master must work in disposable sterile gloves and a disposable needle, which he must print in front of the client. It is recommended to study the certificates for the pigment, its composition and expiration dates.

What is forbidden before the procedure

In order for the procedure to go without problems, the skin healed quickly, and the client was pleased with the result, it is worthwhile to conduct some preparation.

It is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations and prohibitions:

  • 2 weeks before the procedure, you do not need to pluck your eyebrows. The master himself will carry out the necessary correction, while it will be easier for him to study the type of hairs, their density, direction of growth and the natural shape of the eyebrows.
  • It is better to choose the color and shape of the eyebrows in advance, since a spontaneous solution during the procedure may not be pleasant after a while.
  • In the last days before visiting the salon, you need to refuse to take antibiotics.
  • Do not drink alcohol, as it dilutes the blood, which can lead to bleeding and a change in the final result.
  • It is not recommended to visit the solarium and sunbathe in the sun, under the influence of ultraviolet light, the skin becomes rough.
  • On the day of the visit to the master, it is better not to drink coffee, spicy and fried foods.

How do microblading

The whole process of applying microblading consists of the following steps:

  1. the skin is degreased using special means;
  2. anesthetic gel is applied, which is removed after 20 minutes;
  3. eyebrows are treated with an antiseptic;
  4. the hairs are combed, and with the help of various tools the final shape of the eyebrows is formed;
  5. microblading, depending on the chosen technique, for which a disposable needle is used;
  6. treating the skin with an antiseptic that removes swelling, irritation and fixes color.

Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price

In some stores, the execution procedure may vary, the main thing is that the basic safety rules are followed. Since there is a risk of infection.

How to recover after microblading

In order to quickly get rid of the consequences of the procedure, to fix the result and protect yourself from possible complications, several rules should be followed to restore the skin.

Usually, a cosmetologist provides a list of recommendations, but the generally accepted ones can be distinguished:

  • do not wet eyebrows during the day;
  • use healing agents such as Panthenol and Bepanten;
  • try to avoid the sun;
  • You can additionally cover the eyebrows with petroleum jelly.

After healing, the final shade will be formed, if necessary, you can make a correction. If irritation, swelling or other negative consequences appear during the healing process, you should consult a cosmetologist for advice. In some cases, you can additionally visit a dermatologist.

How long does the paint last

The duration of color retention depends on various factors, primarily on the quality of the pigment and care. Typically, the dye is removed from the skin within a year, while a quality pattern lasts about 6 months. If after the procedure you fully take care of the skin, the effect will last longer. Also, the duration of color preservation depends on age.

Young girls have less time microblading than older women.

Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price
Photo comparison o
f eyebrow tattoo and microblading.

It is also worth considering the oily skin, the higher it is, the faster the pigment is excreted. Negative effect on the conservation of pigment is ultraviolet. Therefore, it is better to refuse to visit the solarium, and with prolonged exposure to the sun should use sunscreen. If you attend correction procedures, the effect of microblading can persist for 2 years.


Microblading care consists of the following procedures:

  • 3 days after the procedure, you need to wash your face with chlorinated water, the next 2 days, wash with boiled water;
  • a crust may appear on the treated area of the skin, which can be treated with Panthenol, but in no case can be peeled off;
  • for speedy healing, you can use regenerating ointments;
  • until the skin has completely healed the eyebrows can not be dyed, it is also better to abandon cosmetics;
  • after 2 weeks, the crusts will disappear, and after 3 weeks, the skin can be considered healed;
  • within a month, it is better to refuse peeling, the use of scrubs, tanning in the sun or visiting a solarium.

Possible consequences

Microblading eyebrows, photos before and after which the proof may not always be successful. There is a risk of developing negative consequences both through the fault of the master, and through the fault of the client. Therefore, it is better to learn about them in advance.

Among the most common reasons due to the fault of the master are the following:

  • an allergic reaction to an antiseptic, anesthetic or pigment, in order to avoid this, it is better to take tests for allergy tests;
  • the appearance of scars and large scars, which may be associated with the individual characteristics of the body or the dishonest work of the master;
  • rapid washing out of the pigment can occur due to a master’s error, in case of using low-quality paint or a small amount thereof;
  • cessation of hair growth, which is associated with damage to the follicles. This can happen when the needle penetrates too deep under the skin.

Due to the fault of the client, the following consequences arise:

  • swelling of the eyebrows;
  • heavy bleeding;
  • pigment loss;
  • infectious lesion;
  • long healing.

Microblading correction

Eyebrow microblading (photos before and after confirm this) requires timely correction, which can significantly extend the effect of the procedure. The first correction is usually carried out after 1 month, less often during the first two weeks. The main thing to remember is that correction cannot be carried out until complete healing.

If you refuse the correction, you may encounter the following problems:

  • loss of clarity of the outline of the picture;
  • color fading;
  • various tones in certain areas.

Correction is usually two times cheaper than the primary procedure, so it is better to take this opportunity than to re-carry out the procedure after a few months.

Methods for removing paint, if not satisfied with the result

There are times when the client is not satisfied with the result of the procedure and wants to remove the result of microblading. The master may be to blame for this, on the basis of his inexperience or negligence, or the client himself, if during preparation he did not pay enough attention to choosing the shape and color of the eyebrows. There are several ways to remove paint, it is better to use salon, which guarantee a result with a minimal risk of complications.

Laser removal

This method is based on the principle of selective photoactivation. The laser pulse acts on darker areas, namely the dark pigment. He under the influence of lasers heats up and collapses, the remains of the pigment are removed through the lymphatic system.

Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price

Unfortunately, you can’t completely get rid of the paint after the first session, often you have to repeat the procedure after a month, and sometimes several more times.

Laser removal is not recommended in case of the development of infectious diseases, the presence of wounds on the skin, with a strong tan, and also if the color of the pigment is light. This is a fairly effective procedure, but if there are contraindications, you should abandon it and resort to other methods.


Remuver is a special mixture of active chemicals that destroy pigment. With it, you can remove the dye of any shade, which is a significant advantage. It runs quite quickly and costs significantly less than the laser removal procedure. Most often, just one session is enough.

It has practically no shortcomings, problems can arise only due to the negligence of the master. Apply a remover under the skin with a needle to the depth of the pigment. It has contraindications, which include any skin lesions and diseases.

Masking tattoo matched to skin tone

This method is the cheapest, but you need to use it only in extreme cases. Using it, you can solve the problem quickly, but the effect of such a disguise may not last long. Often, over time, the dark pigment rises and appears through the flesh-colored dye.

Folk remedies

If the result is not too critical and there is no need to urgently get rid of the pigment, you can use folk remedies. But you need to understand that you can’t completely get rid of the dye.

Among the most effective methods are:

  • visiting a tanning bed or tanning – ultraviolet has a destructive effect on pigment, which gradually burns out and loses its color .; Masks and compresses. For their preparation, you can use lemon, chamomile, honey, strawberries or Aloe Vera.
  • preparation and application of scrubs;
  • external use of castor oil;
  • use of peroxide or iodine.

Prices for microblading in the salons of New York, Los Angeles

Microblading eyebrows, photos before and after, as well as prices can be found on the basis of price lists posted on the websites of salons. Prices in Los Angeles range from $ 34 – $ 109.

Microblading eyebrows. Photo before and after, what is it, how much is kept, how is it done, price

Prices in New York are not very different, the lower threshold is $ 54, and the upper – $ 122. You need to understand that the low cost of the service may indicate a lack of qualifications of the master or poor-quality equipment and pigment.

Microblading is the most advanced eyebrow correction technique. It allows you to achieve the most natural result. But before using such services, you must definitely study the master’s work, customer reviews, their real photos before and after the procedure. Only careful preparation guarantees a quality result.

Useful videos about the eyebrow microblading procedure and its rules

How hairs are drawn during microblading:

Tattooing or microblading:

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