Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

Lymphatic drainage massage will help restore skin elasticity, clear lines of the face, normalize lymphatic flow and blood circulation. You can do the procedure at home, knowing the rules of the conduct, features and contraindications, having studied the technique of massage.

The essence of lymphatic drainage facial massage

Lymph is a modification of the connective tissue of a transparent and viscous consistency. Its main role is hydration, transportation of organic substances, proteins, metabolites from tissues and cells to the circulatory system of the body. One of the functions is the barrier, or protection against microbes and bacteria, their timely destruction.

On the condition of the skin of the face, a violation in the functioning of the lymphatic flow affects in the first place. If timely removal of fluid does not occur, swelling, bags, dark circles appear. Special massage allows you to activate the lymphatic system by stimulating blood vessels, which contributes to active circulation, improve fluid outflow.

The technique, which is used both in salons and at home, is an alternative to aesthetic surgery procedures with age-related changes. As a result, tissue saturation with organic and oxygen at a deep level is activated.


Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: the benefits it brings:

  • Blood is stimulated in the lymph, blood flow is optimized.
  • The facial muscles are strengthened, turgor is smoothed out, age and facial wrinkles are smoothed out. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials
  • Skin cells are cleaned, saturated with oxygen and beneficial organic substances.
  • Elasticity returns, lines become sharper.
  • Sacks, dark circles under the eyes, swelling and unhealthy skin color are eliminated.


Massage benefits everyone, but there are special indications for holding:

  • tendency to dryness, peeling, irritation;
  • swelling, bags, circles under the eyes;
  • double chin;
  • age-related changes, facial wrinkles;
  • sagging skin, ptosis;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • severity of nasolabial wrinkles;
  • impaired circulation, slowing down metabolic processes;
  • obesity of the face. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

After beauty injections, lymphatic drainage massage is often prescribed to facilitate the rehabilitation process and better resorption of fillers.


Despite all the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage, there are several contraindications when performing the technique:

  • Diseases of the lymphatic system.
  • The age limit is up to 18 years.
  • The presence of infectious, colds, ENT diseases.
  • Tendency to hypertension.
  • The state of chronic fatigue, deep depression.
  • Dermatological pathologies, rosacea, dermatitis or rosacea.
  • Circulatory system diseases.
  • Open wounds in the area of massage.
  • Recently undergone rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Oncological diseases, neoplasms.

Relative contraindications include critical days, since it all depends on the individual tolerance of the procedures during menstruation.

Hardware massage

Hardware drainage of the face and body implies the use of special equipment, therefore, as a rule, it is carried out in the cabin. The impact on problem areas is ensured by sliding maniples over sections or the stationary location of the electrodes.

The procedure is aimed at normalizing the functioning of the lymphatic system, blood flow, improving metabolic processes at a deep cellular level, as well as removing toxins and toxins.

There are several effective hardware techniques:

  1. Galvanization.
  2. Electroionophoresis.
  3. Vacuum way.
  4. Massage with microcurrents.
  5. LPG

Each technique has a different level of exposure, indications and contraindications, especially. The goal of each technique is to stimulate the contraction of the superficial and internal muscles to normalize the outflow of lymph. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

Together with the main task, swelling can be eliminated in a short time, skin condition can be improved, internal metabolic processes in tissues and cells can be accelerated, which contributes to the natural production of substances necessary to maintain tone. The devices have many settings: from frequency and pauses to the depth of exposure and the intensity of the processing zone, the mode is selected individually.

Microcurrent lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home of this type is rarely performed, more often the procedure is carried out in the salon under the guidance of a specialist. The essence of the technique is the directed action on the problem areas by a pulse current. Impulses from 10 to 500 mA are involved. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

Since the frequency and intensity are set individually for each, the device acts delicately, so the patient does not feel discomfort. Microcurrents are able to penetrate into the deeper layers and cells, restoring and healing damaged or aged areas.

The main stages of the facial massage procedure with microcurrents:

  1. Cleansing from cosmetics with special gel-like consistency products.
  2. Light massage in the direction of the lymph. The cream is rubbed to increase the conductivity of microcurrents.
  3. Special tubes that conduct current are attached to the zones. The individual frequency and intensity of exposure are set.
  4. After completion, the electrodes are removed, a soothing moisturizer is applied to the skin.

The result is noticeable after several procedures – puffiness disappears, the natural complexion is restored, the turgor is smoothed and strengthened, the sharpness of the lines returns to the oval. The full course includes from 8 to 15 sessions, but in each case it is developed depending on the degree of the cosmetological problem.

Vacuum way

Another hardware method for lymphatic drainage is vacuum. The principle is based on the power of negative pressure, which provides enhanced outflow of lymph. The main advantage of technology in its complexity. Together with the elimination of puffiness, t
he vacuum method allows you to get rid of fat deposits, smooth wrinkles and strengthen the skin. Massage is performed using special nozzles jars. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

Choosing maniples, it is better to give preference to nozzles made of glass or plastic, rubber jars can leave bruises. Upon contact with the skin, they create a vacuum, with a powerful grip, the capsule of connective tissue with fat cells bursts, and the fat is excreted by the lymphatic system.

Stages of carrying out:

  1. The skin is cleansed , a special gel or oil is applied to slip and prevent hematomas.
  2. The mode is set , a test movement is carried out. If after it a pinkish trace remains on the skin, disappearing within a few seconds, the actions continue in the selected mode. If the redness does not disappear, the intensity should be reduced.
  3. All manipulations will be performed strictly in the direction of the lymph flow , starting with stimulation of the nodes in a pulsed mode. After the procedure, the remains of the gel or oil are removed, a cream or mask is applied to the skin according to the type of skin.

The vacuum lymphatic drainage course may include 10-15 procedures, the regularity of every 2-3 days.


Lymphatic drainage at home or in the cabin is carried out galvanically, which in cosmetology is effectively used to massage the face. Galvanization, or disincrustation, consists in deep cleansing of the skin, removing toxins and toxins, and the outflow of liquid.

The bottom line is to use a galvanic current of low power, so the procedure is safe and does not cause patient discomfort.

Currents, penetrating into the deeper layers of the dermal layer, activate the physical and chemical processes of regeneration, stimulating metabolic processes, increasing the permeability of the skin to vitamin solutions applied to it. As a result, the integument is cleansed of sebum and impurities, the sebaceous glands work, the complexion normalizes, wrinkles are smoothed out. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

Stages of the procedure:

  1. An alkaline solution is applied to the previously cleansed skin and the optimal current intensity is set.
  2. The electrode is conducted in zones, strictly following the massage lines. The patient may feel warmth and a slight tingling sensation.
  3. After processing, the polarity of the electrode changes to “+”, the zones are re-processed to restore acidity.

After the session is completed, the remnants of the formed soap are removed, a soothing mask is applied. After passing the session, you should not apply cosmetics during the first day, within 2 weeks it is necessary to actively moisturize the skin and avoid open sun. The full course is 5 sessions with an interval of 3 weeks, for prevention – 1 procedure per month.

Electroionophoresis Procedure

The procedure of electroionophoresis is a subspecies of electroplating. The goal is the introduction of useful cosmetic substances, organics and vitamins using electric current. The electrolyte solution allows the components to penetrate deep. The result of electroionophoresis will be elastic, healthy skin, increased blood flow and regeneration processes, a lifting effect, the removal of inflammation.

The method can be used at home, but with a special apparatus and knowledge of the technique.

To improve the condition of the skin using cosmetic cocktails, including:

  • B vitamins to restore turgor;
  • ascorbic acid for delicate cleansing and treatment of inflammation; Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials
  • hyaluronic acid to restore hydrobalance;
  • nicotinic acid to remove toxins;
  • zinc derivatives to normalize the sebaceous glands and seal the dermal layer.

The procedure lasts no more than 15 minutes, during which the patient can feel warmth and slight tingling. The full course is 5-6 sessions with an interval of 1 time per week.

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The choice of massage according to the level of impact on the tissue

The nature of the massage can vary in pace, strength and duration. The choice of methodology, as well as the nature, is selected individually, it all depends on the degree of the cosmetological problem.

According to the level of impact on the tissue, massage is divided into the following types:

  1. Surface.
  2. Inner or middle.
  3. Deep.

The goal of each method is to influence and stimulate fascia – the connective tissue, which for the most part consists of protein collagen. In the absence of stimulation, the fibers can become rigid, lose their natural elasticity.

To restore vitality and tone to the deep tissues, prevent ptosis and the appearance of brylya, as well as normalize fluid outflow, massage is used in cosmetology. For intensive treatment of facial areas, surface treatment is most often used, but if the purpose of the procedure is to target the lymph nodes, internal massage is used.

Superficial massage

Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home superficial increases the excitatory processes in the body. It has a stimulating effect on neuroreceptors, capillaries that are in the surface dermal layer and are responsible for the accumulation and flow of fluid. It is carried out by soft circular movements with a slight pressure on the fabric.
Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

This makes it easier to approach the lymph nodes, relieve spasms of blood vessels. It is preliminary recommended to conduct relaxing techniques to relieve muscle tension. This technique is most often used to achieve a cosmetic effect on the facial areas, tighten loose skin, remove excess fluid.


According to the degree of impact, this technique is classified as therapeutic, characterized by a more intense effect on the surface and deep layers. The purpose of massage manipulations is to wake up the lymph nodes, actively acting on the vessels, which allows you to increase blood flow, fluid outflow, stimulate metabolism, and increase tone. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

Despite the increased intensity, all actions should be smooth. The procedure should begin with soft strokes, gradually increasing pressure on the points and massage lines, tapping with springy movements in the direction of the lymph flow.

Projection or spot

The technique is designed to intensively work out areas that are a projection of the main lymphatic zones. Projection methods include LPG, microcurrent therapy, and Chinese technology. Projection massage promotes healing, optimization of lymph circulation in the deep tissue layers and cells. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

The bottom line is the point pressure on the areas where the lymph nodes are located – supraclavicular, submandibular, the direction of movement is strictly from top to bottom.

Preparation for the procedure

Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home should begin with simple preparation activities:

  1. Eliminate any contraindications and allergies to components.
  2. Cleanse the skin by washing with foam or gel.
  3. Make a steam bath by adding herbs to boiling water. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials
  4. For oily skin, scrubbing and peeling with fruit acids is recommended.
  5. Before the session, apply a sufficient amount of massage oil or gel.

The technique of performing classic manual lymphatic drainage: a diagram

Classical lymphatic drainage of the face must be carried out with confident directed movements, but it is impossible to put pressure on the skin so as not to damage it. With light rubbing, the hands should feel warm.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials
Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home is carried out according to a special motion scheme.

The technique is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Frontal area . The fingers of both hands should be placed in the middle of the forehead, conducting easily towards the temples.
  • The area around the eyes . Place index fingers on the bridge of the nose, slowly moving along the lower contour of the orbit, heading toward the outer corner, as if drawing a spiral.
  • Cheek and cheek area . With index fingers, gently spread from the center of the chin to the sides. Similarly, do the action from the corners of the lips to the earlobes, from the middle of the upper lip to the temporal zone.
  • Nasolabial area . Set index fingers at the base of the nasolabial zone and gently guide, outlining straight lines, heading towards the nose.

Japanese lymphatic drainage technique

The Japanese method of lymphatic drainage Zogan, or Asahi, was developed by cosmetologist Yukuko Tanaka. It includes several techniques with which you can work out the muscles, strengthen the contours, normalize the outflow of fluid, eliminate small wrinkles. The author of the technique recommends performing actions in a standing or sitting position, while the spine remains flat. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials


  1. Frontal area . Press 3 fingers firmly against the center of the frontal zone, pressing for 3 seconds. Then take them away, heading towards the temples, but without reducing the intensity of the pressure.
  2. The area around the eyes . Pads of the fingers to hold, gently pressing the skin, moving from the outer corner to the inner. Near the bridge of the nose you need to press a little for a couple of seconds. This is where the beauty point is located.
  3. The area around the lips . To raise the corners, press the chin in the dimple of the chin with the ring finger and middle finger, hold it with pressure around the lips. The exercise ends in the center above the upper lip by point pressing.
  4. Nasolabial area . Press with your middle fingers near the wings of the nose, and then carry out 5 sliding movements from the bottom up.
  5. The final movement . This exercise needs to complete each stage. Use your fingers to press on the parotid lymph nodes, and then gently press along the contour of the face, lingering for 3 seconds at the extreme points of the jaw and at the upper border of the clavicle.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage for edema

The recommended time for the behavior of decongestant massage is in the morning after sleep, washing before the procedure. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

The algorithm is as follows:

  1. For better glide, apply light cream or oil to your skin. You can moisten the skin with a parsley decoction to smooth the skin and eliminate wrinkles.
  2. Conventionally mark several points on the face: 1 – in the central part of the chin, 2 and 3 – at the top of the cheekbone, 4 and 5 – points located two fingers above the eyebrow line.
  3. Alternately with a light touch, move around the points, as if drawing a 5-pointed star.
  4. With the fingertips of the fingers, gently press the point of the outer corner of the eyes, moving below the contour to the bridge of the nose.
  5. With tapping movements, walk along the area under the eyebrows, moving to the outer corners of the eyes.
  6. The massage ends in a line from the outer corners of the eyes to the nose with strong pressure, and then back, towards the temples.

Repeat exercises 3 times, rinse off the remains of massage oil and moisturize the skin with a cream or mask.

Hardware lymphatic drainage facial massage at home

Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home using special devices must be performed according to a strictly specified algorithm:

  1. Remove all jewelry, cleanse skin from cosmetics and impurities, apply active gel or massage oil.
  2. A lymphatic drainage session at home lasts no more than 15 minutes .
  3. Massage movements should be started from the frontal zone , moving horizontally from the center to the hairline.
  4. Go to the cheekbones and cheeks . The apparatus processes the chin area, smoothly directing the nozzle to the earlobe, then from the corners of the lips to the
    upper part of the auricle, from the wings of the nose to the temples.
  5. Eyelid area . The nozzle needs to move according to the scheme. If the zone of the upper eyelid is being worked out, hold the nozzle from the nose to the temple, for the lower – from the temples to the inner corner of the eye. Lymphatic drainage facial massage at home: how to do it, schemes, technique, video tutorials

If the manipulations are performed correctly, you can feel the involuntary twitching of the facial muscles, while discomfort and pain should not be felt. If the procedure is painful, it is necessary to reduce the power of the device or apply additional gel.

When to carry out the procedure

The procedure for manual or hardware lymphatic drainage is carried out within 15-20 minutes.

It is recommended to perform Japanese or classical techniques to get rid of puffiness and restore tone in the morning or in the evening, before going to bed.

The procedure is indicated for age-related changes, impaired blood circulation and fluid outflow. The course of procedures is calculated individually, may include 10-15 sessions with an interval of 2-3 days. After a full course for prevention, it is recommended to carry out manual massage 1 time per week, hardware – 1-2 times a month.

The effectiveness of facial massage

If lymphatic drainage facial massage is performed according to all the rules, you can correct age-related changes at home, activate the internal processes of the production of substances necessary for the body, and normalize the lymphatic system.

The effect of the full course is observed for 6 months. To consolidate the result, it is important to carry out preventive procedures in the future.

Video: how to conduct lymphatic drainage facial massage at home

Classic lymphatic drainage facial massage in the video:

How to make a Japanese facial massage, see the video clip:

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