Paint Loreal Casting Cream Gloss. Photo color palette, instructions for use

For gentle staining, Loreal created Casting Cream Gloss without ammonia. Manufacturers declare that the result obtained completely coincides with the palette in the packaging photo. It is free from unpleasant odors due to flavored additives and has rich coloring pigments that give a bright color.


Coloring cream and developing milk have a gentle composition. The content of harmful components is minimal. These include benzyl and lauric acid, which can dry hair. As well as toluene, which is a toxic industrial solvent. These components are indicated in the last positions of the list, which means that they are contained in the composition very little.

Ammonia paint does not contain. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

It is replaced by ethanolamine, a derivative of ammonia, which also helps to trigger staining reactions, but has a milder and less irritating effect.

The basis of the coloring cream is cetearyl alcohol. It belongs to fatty vegetable alcohols and has the property of conditioning. Propylene glycol and carbomer in the composition are contained as moisturizers. Silicon dioxide is able to retain up to 60% of moisture inside the hair.

A special component of mika is mica for shine and shimmer of curls. Resorcinol and titanium dioxide have a whitening effect on any component. It also provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Contains a natural dye – iron oxide. The developing milk is based on phosphoric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Paint Casting Cream Gloss has amodimethicone as a balm. It is a conditioning silicone polymer that can selectively settle only on damaged areas of hair.

Flavors such as limonene and citronellol have been added to create a pleasant smell. Color saturation is provided by the content in the fixing balm of citric acid. Royal jelly is in the penultimate position, which means it is contained in a very small amount.  


The main advantage of the paint is the lack of ammonia in the composition and the presence of caring components. Active conditioners in the process of dyeing affect the hair and give the effect in the form of soft and pleasant to the touch curls. The developing coloring pigment is as close as possible to natural shades. Thanks to the addition of mica, dyeing gives the hair a shimmering effect.

In addition, the following advantages are distinguished:

  • gray hair painting; Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use
  • minimal risk of allergic reactions;
  • does not dry hair and scalp;
  • gives a deep, bright color;
  • has a pleasant aroma;
  • shades of blond have a brightening effect;
  • suitable for damaged hair;
  • relatively long staining effect.

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As disadvantages, the following points can be noted:

  • high price;
  • poorly washed out due to creamy texture;
  • you can not apply paint when previously stained with henna and tinting shampoos – the color will not take;
  • can not be used for painting eyebrows, eyelashes;
  • color is washed out over the entire length evenly. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

Negative consequences can be obtained by violating the instructions. Be sure to perform a sensitivity test to prevent allergies. Do not use paint for 2 weeks after perm.
With repeated staining, it will not be possible to do without updating the overgrown roots, since the color is washed off over time.

Is Loreal paint harmful

Harm from the use of Loreal paint is possible if a person is prone to allergic reactions. In a minimal amount, the composition contains substances that are allergens.

These include aminophenol or hexyl cinnamal flavoring. Components from the category of toxic and carcinogens have a medium or low degree of danger. Phosphoric acid, which is part of the developing milk, can cause irritation to the eyes and skin.

The harm from substances that cause dryness is compensated by a large number of moisturizing components. The structure of the hair, due to the absence of ammonia, is not disturbed. Therefore, the harm from paint is minimal or absent.

Photo palette of colors

The paint “Loreal Casting Cream Gloss” (the palette on the package photo and the name will help you choose the right tone) is currently relevant, as there is a general tendency to natural beauty. All shades are as close as possible to the natural shade of curls.

Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use
Photo color palette paint Loreal Casting Cream Gloss

Initially, the palette included 28 colors. Today, manufacturers have released more than 50 shades in 5 collections. The widest selection is provided by the lines of light brown and chestnut tones. There are more than 25 suitable options for them in the Casting Cream Gloss line. Having chosen the desired shade, you can make the dull color brighter and add a natural shine to it without changing dramatically.

For dark and light curls, there are about 10 options for shades. Lightening paints can bleach 1-2 tones. They contain components to prevent yellowness.

The main collections of the brand:

  1. “Shining blond” – represents light tones.
  2. “Ice Chocolate” is light brown.
  3. “Chestnut Shine” – dark brown tones.
  4. “Black silk” – black shades.


The Loreal paint palette contains 11 shades for blondes. The classic blonde can be achieved using tone number 801 called “light blond ash.” Lighter tones and gray tints are obtained after applying the Casting Cream Gloss paint under the numbers 1010 and 910. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

Shades 8304 and 8034 are painted in a warmer caramel and honey shade with a golden tint. Mother of pearl is available in two versions – light blond and light light blond, numbers 810 and 1021. The photo on the packaging clearly shows their difference by 2-3 tones. A warm cream shade is represented by number 1013.

Brown shades

For light brown and brown hair, the palette contains chocolate, coffee and carame
l tones. To create a cool color, the name itself mentions the words “frosty” and “ice”. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

These include:

  • “Cocoa with ice” – No. 412;
  • “Frosted chocolate” – No. 515;
  • “Frosty look” – No. 613.

The Chocolate Glaze line combines warmer tones, such as chocolate fondant or chocolate souffle, numbers 525 and 723.

To create a warm shade, you need to choose the names with the words “milk” or “caramel.” In total, more than 30 tones are offered for fair-haired girls.

Black shades

Paint “Loreal Casting Cream Gloss”, the palette in the photo of which will be presented later, is also popular with brunettes. It is intended not only to create a more saturated black color, but also to obtain red berry tints. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

Such colors are presented in the “Black Shine” and “Black Silk” collections. These include numbers 262 and 360. These are shades of black currant and cherry. For a deep black color, shades of “black vanilla” or “dark chocolate” are suitable. Number 210 gives a blue-black hue.

To date, the choice of paint for brunettes has expanded significantly – from 5 to 10 colors.

How to choose the color: professional advice

When choosing a shade for coloring, you need to consider your color type, which consists of 3 elements:

  • hair color;
  • eye;
  • skin.

The color type is defined as warm or cold. The second is pale, light pink skin. The eyes are mostly brown or blue. Ash tones, blondes will suit them. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

Red and gold tones should be avoided, as they give the skin a red tint. The warm type is peach-colored skin, green, light brown eyes. The natural shade of their strands is often chestnut. You should choose the same warm shades of gold.

There are several ways to determine skin tone. You can see the veins in the hands. In the cold type, they have a blue tint, while in the warm type it is green. Another way is to attach a white sheet of paper or cloth to your face. Against a white background, it is easier to recognize a skin tone.

If it is pink, then a cold platinum blonde will emphasize redness. Pink is best neutralized by ashen shades. Yellowish skin is not combined with golden tones. A good choice for her are chestnut and red shades. With dark skin, you need a bright deep hair color, and muted tones can make the image inexpressive.

Particularly cautious approach to the choice is necessary for people with pale skin. Black color can significantly add to their age. When choosing a blonde among the collections, you need to consider that gold is suitable for the warm type, and ash for the cold type.

The natural color of curls also plays an important role. If a too light shade is selected compared to the natural color, the desired effect may not be achieved. Therefore, blonde girls can choose from a wider range of shades. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

But the final choice should be based on the color type of the skin. Usually natural blondes are suitable colors such as light chestnut and honey. For fair-haired girls, a suitable option is red and copper tones. The dark chestnut is suitable for golden chestnut.

The owner of any hair color can become a brunette. But we must remember that it is subsequently difficult to get rid of it. Chestnut is recommended for damaged and dull hair.

Based on the summarized information, the table shows the possible color options from the Loreal Casting Cream Gloss paint palette:

Color type (natural hair color) Warm Cold
Blond 801






Light brown 7304






Chestnut 743






Dark 300






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Kit Options

Paint “Loreal Casting Cream Gloss” has in a set:

  1. 2,03 fluid ounce plastic tube with coloring cream, on which the number of the tone is indicated. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use
  2. A bottle with a developing milk, equipped with a spout-dispenser for applying a coloring composition.
  3. Caring balm.
  4. Gloves in plastic or plastic packaging.
  5. Instruction

The set is standard and does not provide additional elements.

Instructions for use

To obtain the desired result, you must clearly follow the instructions. There are two ways to use it – for coloring for the first time and for previously colored hair. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

When painting for the first time with an instruction, the following sequence of actions is recommended:

  1. Add dye to the developer milk and mix.
  2. Attach the applicator to the bottle.
  3. Wear gloves for the procedure.
  4. Paint is applied to unwashed we
    t strands.
  5. Apply the composition, distributing evenly over the curls with a comb and massaging with your hands.
  6. The exposure time is 20 minutes When painting gray hair, you can leave the paint for another 5 minutes.
  7. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  8. Apply caring balm along the entire length, leave for 2 minutes.
  9. Rinse off.

When staining repeatedly, the composition is applied to regrown roots, and after 15 minutes. distributed over the entire length. Otherwise, the actions are similar. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use

Paint “Loreal Casting Cream Gloss” (the palette in the photo may differ from the result obtained at home) is produced in a volume sufficient to color short or medium length curls. For long strands you will need 2 bottles of the product.


Dye is not recommended for hair that has been chemically exposed – curling or bleaching. Staining can be done no earlier than 2 weeks later.

Do not use paint:

  • if allergic reactions to coloring compounds, including henna, were previously observed;
  • if there are abrasions on the scalp;
  • with individual intolerance to the individual components.

Storage rules

Shelf life is 36 months, subject to a temperature of +6 to +25 degrees and a relative humidity of 55-70%.

Storage of the opened tube is possible up to 18 months. The cover must be tightly closed. The storage location is cool, without direct sunlight.
The prepared mixture cannot be stored.


The price of Casting Cream Gloss paint on average in USA is $ 5,29. Not the most expensive product in the Loreal range of colors. In one online store, its cost is $ 0,27 – $ 0,68. lower compared to Excellence and Prodigy.

By, the average price is distributed as follows:

New York Los Angeles Detroit Seattle Dallas Far East
$ 5,43 $ 4,35 $ 6,01 $ 4,22 $ 5,78 $ 6,39

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Dyed Hair Care Tips

Expert advice on dyed hair care comes down to a few basic rules:

  • On the day of dyeing, do not wash your hair, since it takes about 72 hours for the pigment to completely settle on the hair. This will help prevent color fading. Paint Loreal "Casting Cream Gloss". Photo color palette, instructions for use
  • Use special care products for colored curls. They do not allow the dye to be washed out, closing the hair scales.
  • Avoid thermal effects. If inevitable drying with a hairdryer or hot styling, use thermal protection.
  • Minimize water procedures, as any moisture adversely affects the brightness of the color.
  • Wash thoroughly without squeezing them or rubbing them with a towel. Preferably a cool shower, the color fades from hot water.
  • Do not use repair masks for 2 weeks. They reveal flakes, while the hair loses pigment.
  • Periodically renew the tips of the hair to maintain a well-groomed appearance. It is enough to do this once every 2-3 months.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews after using the paint from the Loreal Casting Cream Gloss palette are mostly positive. Such ratings are 87 out of 100 exhibited. As the advantages are called ease of use, lack of smell, bright color and shine.

Cons consider paint cons buyers are not a complete painting of gray hair and a quick wash color. Some users report that the result does not match the color stated in the package photo. Paint is recommended for use by 90% of buyers.

Video about paint Loreal Casting Cream Gloss

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