Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method

Margarita Levchenko, the author of therapeutic massage techniques, has developed a set of special exercises that allows you to return to youth without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. The method was so effective that it was called non-surgical facelift.

What is the essence of non-surgical facelift technique

With age, the muscles lose their tone, and the skin begins to sag due to gravity. It affects the metabolic processes in the tissues, which lead to a lack of fibrillar proteins.

The essence of non-surgical tightening is to restore muscle tone and normalize metabolic processes in the deep layers of the dermis with the help of:

  • facial gymnastics;
  • facial massage.

An important factor is the regularity of the exercises and strict adherence to the technique.

Facial gymnastics

Gymnastics affects the facial muscles. The processes are similar to those during physical exertion in the gym. During classes, the ratio of fat and muscle tissue changes, the flesh restores elasticity and the face acquires the correct oval. Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method

Gymnastics covers the following muscle groups:

Muscle Act Problem
temporoparietal moves the jaw  expressiveness of cheekbones, face shape
cranial raises eyebrows, shifts the scalp forehead wrinkles
ear (back, front, top) move the ear face shape
muscle of arrogant moves the brow wrinkles over the nose bridge
wrinkled eyebrow brings eyebrows to the center nasal folds
lowering eyebrow moves an eyebrow down sagging upper eyelid
circular muscle of the mouth produces a narrowing of the mouth, the sound “y” nasolabial folds
circular muscle of the eye closes and closes his eyes wrinkles on the forehead, bags under the eyes, wrinkles in the temporal part
angle of mouth raises the edges of the mouth lip drooping
muscle laugh forms a smile, moves lips up and sides nasolabial folds, sagging lower face
angle of mouth pulls the corners of the mouth down, tightens her lips wrinkles above the upper lip
buccal forms cheekbones and cheeks  expressiveness of cheekbones, face shape
upper lip pulls upper lip up nasolabial folds
zygomatic muscles (major and minor) emit dimples on the cheeks, create a grin,
pull the corners of the mouth
cheekbones expressiveness, face shape
lower lip pulls lower lip down sweet on the chin
chin pits, moves the chin chin wrinkles and wrinkles

The table shows the problems that can be solved by conducting regular training of the corresponding muscle group.

Facial massage

Margarita Levchenko believes that the second important component of non-surgical facelift is lymphatic drainage massage. Massage can improve blood circulation in the deep layers of the dermis, in which the synthesis of the main necessary proteins – collagen and elastin.

It removes excess fluid and stagnant metabolic products from the subcutaneous space and helps to normalize venous circulation. As a result, puffiness disappears, and the face takes on a healthy appearance.

The author recommends carrying out the procedure in the morning and when removing makeup.

Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Le
vchenko allows for a week:

  • reduce nasolabial fold; Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
  • raise the corners of the lips;
  • relieve swelling of the ogologous;
  • tighten the tissues of the upper eyelid;
  • return the skin to a healthy color;

After a monthly course of regular use:

  • eliminate the effect of sagging cheeks;
  • get rid of the second chin;
  • smooth the nasolabial fold;
  • remove wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the forehead;
  • make slender areas of the neck and decollete.

As a result, the face oval acquires the correct natural forms. Cheekbones will become more expressive, bags under the eyes will disappear. The upper eyelid will sag less and the gaze will not appear heavy. Daily gymnastics is also able to relieve tension and stress after a hard working day.

Pros of the technique

Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko has the following advantages:

  • suitable for any age;
  • does not require material and time-consuming;
  • the technique is easy to use;
  • works well during periods of weight change;
  • has a long lasting result;
  • no side effects.

Cons of the technique

The disadvantages of the methodology are few, and they are not significant:

  • the method requires regular classes;
  • the result does not appear immediately (after 2-3 weeks);
  • facial expressions and grimaces can annoy others.


The method is indicated as a prophylaxis to any healthy person.

As obvious evidence, you can consider:

  • deep wrinkles and folds (nasolabial, superciliary); Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
  • sagging skin (age or consequence of diets);
  • swollen face;
  • unhealthy skin color;
  • irregular shape of the face;
  • dark circles and bags under the eyes;
  • sagging neck and lower chin.


Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko refers to therapeutic methods and has contraindications.

Contraindications to performing facial gymnastics:

  • inflammation of the facial nerve; Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • acute hypertensive crisis;
  • recent cosmetic procedures;
  • recent plastic surgery (2-3 years);
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • severe thrombosis;
  • thyroid disease;

Contraindications of facial massage:

  • increased oily skin and inflammation;
  • pathology of the lymphatic system;
  • oncological diseases;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;
  • vascular thrombosis;
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • exacerbated liver disease;
  • diseases in which general massage is contraindicated.

General rules for performing non-surgical lifting exercises

Basic rules and recommendations:

  1. It is advisable to ventilate the room well.
  2. It is necessary to limit the presence and ensure a serious attitude.
  3. Hands should be thoroughly washed, face cleansed of makeup.
    Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
    Before you start a non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko, you need to cleanse your face from makeup.
  4. The phase of muscle tension should be followed by a phase of relaxation.
  5. It is better to start exercises in front of the mirror.
  6. It is necessary to mentally imagine the work of muscles that are subject to stress.
  7. After exercise, rinse your face with cool water. A plus is the application of a nourishing mask.
  8. The main rule is regularity. The method requires a serious approach and daily use.

Step-by-step complex of anti-aging exercises with Margarita Levchenko

Begin exercises by choosing the right posture. Raise your hands up, then close and pull back. Repeat 4 times.


  1. The first exercise for the muscles of the frontal area. The palm holds the middle part of the forehead, counteracting the movements of the muscles of the frontal. Movements are slow, eyes can be closed. Repeat 4 times for 10 seconds. Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
  2. The fingertips hold the eyebrows, and the eyelids effortlessly close their eyes. In the squeezed state, pause for 2 seconds. Ten repetitions, then the same series with a 10 second delay.
  3. Further exercise for ever. Use your fingertips to press the lower periocular. Keep eyes closed for 10 seconds. 4 repetitions are enough.
  4. Then hold the upper and lower eyelids with your fingers, and squeeze your eyes with force for 10 seconds. Repeat 4-6 times.
  5. Relax, stroke your face, check your posture.
  6. Effects on nasolabial folds. Take air into your mouth and inflate the right and left sides alternately. Carry 6-8 times on each side until tired. Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
  7. Lip preparation. Lips must be pulled forward and 4-6 circular motions are made. Then pull first to the right, then to the left with 5-second hold.
  8. Exercise for the circular muscles of the mouth. The lips imitate the pronunciation of the “o” sound for 8 seconds. Then relaxation. Further, the pronunciation of the sound “a” with the mouth as wide as possible. 4-6 repetitions with 8 second delays.
  9. Fill the mouth with air and move the space behind the lips – first clockwise, then counter.
  10. The following exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck and the formation of the correct oval of the face. The lips imitate the pronunciation of the sound “y”, then the words “x” with an 8-second fixation. Repeat 4-6
    times. Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
  11. Lips stretch forward with the sound “s” with simultaneous tension of the cervical muscles. 8 sec delay 4 repetitions.
  12. Exercise to form a high neck. The chin must be pulled up, leading the lower jaw forward. Movement should resemble an attempt to pick an apple from a branch. Duration – 8 seconds., The number of repetitions – 4-6.
  13. Narrow your lips, close your lips, write an arbitrary word in the air (you can use your own name). Exercise to perform with maximum range of motion. Hereinafter, 4 sets of 10 sec.
  14. The next step is a very funny exercise for all the muscles of the face. It is necessary to stick out the tongue and eyes to look up.
  15. Strengthening the neck muscles. Bring your hands to the chin and clutch. The face presses on the hands, loading the front muscles of the neck.
  16. Hands to the back of the head and crush, controlling posture. In this case, the back muscles of the neck work.
  17. The lateral muscles are strengthened by resistance of the palm to the lateral movement of the head.
  18. In conclusion, pull your shoulders up, back and down. Then pull the neck up and feel the muscles of the face.

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Carrying out facial massage at home

Massage preparation:

  1. Massage the front of the neck from the bottom up with stroking movements, the side and back – on the contrary, from top to bottom. For the back, you can use the ribs of the palms. Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
  2. Then the palms stroke both shoulders in a downward direction in turn. Put your right hand on your chest and make movements towards the left shoulder. Similar movements to perform on the other hand.
  3. Completes the preparatory phase of the repetition of massage of the neck.
  4. Perform movements without effort 3-5 times each of the points.

The direction of movement corresponds to the physiological direction of movement of the lymph flow. Exposure to lymph removes excess water and relieves swelling.

Massage is performed by pressing the tips of the fingers:

  1. Fingers should be placed near the chin. The tips make pressing movements along the border of the oval from the chin to eye level. Then the palms sharply go down (in the direction of the lymph). Non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko. Video training lessons, the benefits of the method
  2. Then the fingers push the line along the cheekbones in the direction of the temples and lead it to the shoulders, then make movements along the massage lines. The forehead is gradually covered by movements from the bridge of the nose to the upper border of the face and temples. Each path ends with a discharge of lymph flow along the sides of the neck down. In total, it is necessary to complete 3 passes of 6–9 movements.
  3. Palms to perform stroking from the nose to the upper part of the ear and back.
  4. With the fingers of one hand, part the nasolabial fold, and with the fingers of the other, perform smoothing movements.
  5. At the end, use your palms to move from the middle of the face to the temples with a sharp drop down the outside of the neck.

Margarita Levchenko demonstrated the results of a non-surgical facelift on herself. At her 50 years of age, she looks like a young 30-year-old woman, which proves the effectiveness of the technique.

Video about non-surgical facelift with Margarita Levchenko

Description of required exercises:

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