Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices

Every woman dreams of having a perfect figure. One slender body is given by nature, others have to sit on strict diets and exhaust themselves with physical activity in order to keep fit. When a healthy diet and active sports for body shaping is not enough, hardware cosmetology comes to the rescue .

Body correction using hardware cosmetology. Indications

Hardware correction is one of the progressive directions of aesthetic cosmetology, the task of which is to correct figure flaws without surgical intervention.

Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices
Body correction hardware cosmetology. Types and features of procedures

The following indications may serve as the basis for its use:

  • structural changes in the subcutaneous layer (cellulite);
  • localization of fat accumulation in places that are difficult to adjust by physical activity or diets;
  • stretch marks and sagging skin caused by a rapid decrease in body volume;
  • decreased tone of the anterior abdominal wall, gluteal muscles and mammary glands.

Body correction (hardware cosmetology offers a comprehensive solution to aesthetic problems) requires financial investment. One session to achieve the desired result is not enough. Before paying for a course of expensive procedures, it is necessary to find out the causes of overweight and the formation of cellulite.

If the deviations are associated with a malfunction in the endocrine system, hardware correction will be useless. you must first solve health problems, then proceed with the fight against their consequences.

Benefits of the procedure

Most women who have used one or more methods of body shaping appreciated all their advantages. This is a great alternative to grueling workouts, strict diets and dubious fat burning medications. They do not require special preparation and subsequent rehabilitation.

The long-term effect is achieved due to the following factors:

  • excess fluid is removed and the body detoxifies;
  • due to the effect on the deeper layers of the skin, fat is broken down, wrinkles and the effect of the “orange peel” are removed;
  • muscle tone increases, which helps to tighten the skin and adjust the contours of the body.

The procedures do not cause discomfort, and positive changes are noticeable after just a few sessions. The result will be even more impressive if you adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and do a small charge on various muscle groups, at least 4 times a week.

Limitations and contraindications

Correction of a figure (hardware cosmetology affects not only appearance, but also the functioning of internal organs) has a number of contraindications and limitations, which are common to all methods. The optimal program for weight loss and the fight against structural changes in the skin should be determined by a highly qualified specialist.

When choosing, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the body and the state of health of the patient. All types of hardware correction are effective, but some of them give a big load on the kidneys, liver and lymphatic system. Therefore, before starting the course, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and obtain permission to use one or another technique.

Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices

General contraindications for hardware figure correction are as follows:

  • pregnancy, lactation, menstruation;
  • oncological diseases, malignant and benign tumors in the area of exposure;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • pathology of the liver and kidneys;
  • the presence of hepatitis, diabetes mellitus, HIV infection;
  • damage to the skin in the treatment area;
  • inflammation of the walls of blood vessels (thrombophlebitis, thrombosis) and lymph nodes;
  • hypertension, angina pectoris.

AC procedures are contraindicated in patients with pacemakers or metal implants.

Each technique of hardware correction of a figure has a number of its own additional restrictions, which a specialist must warn the patient before the start of the course.

Types and features of hardware procedures

Hardware cosmetology aimed at adjusting the body contour includes several types. They have a common concept of the fight against excess weight and cellulite, but differ in the way it is implemented.

Electric impulses, radio waves, ultrasound, vacuum and thermal effects, as well as biomechanical stimulation are the basic elements of facial and body skin rejuvenation programs. To make an informed choice of a technique, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its features.

Electrical stimulation

The procedure is aimed at restoring muscle tone, stimulating the breakdown of fats, reducing edema, combating cellulite and smoothing the fat folds.

Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices

Characteristic Description
Models of devices
  • Beurer EM37 The best lumbar muscle stimulator for working out abdominal muscles;
  • Sport-Elec Body Control DUO for the abdomen and buttocks;
  • Slendertone Bottom – myostimulator shorts for working out the hips and buttocks;
  • OMRON E4 – the best mobile device for all problem areas;
  • VUPIESSE X-FORMER EXE is the best stationary electrical stimulator. Professional equipment for medical centers and sports clubs.
Operating principle The principle of action is based on the contraction of muscle fibers under the influence of short-term electrical impulses. The intensity of contractions depends on the strength of the discharge. The effect of the procedure is similar to the result of intensive training.
Procedure To carry out the procedure, cutaneous electrodes are applied to the location points of the motor nerves, through which an electrical impulse is supplied. For better conductivity, the work surface is treated with a water-based gel. Under the action of the discharge, the muscle begins to contract. The session begins with a minimum load, which gradually increases until the pain threshold is reached.
Duration The duration of the session is 30 minutes, the recommended course is 15-20 procedures.
Patient feeling At the beginning of the procedure, a slight pinching is felt. With an increase in discharge strength, it seems that hundreds of thin needles stick into the skin and cause the muscles to contract. Visually, it resembles a cramp. The greater the tension, the more effective the training, but pain should not be there. If discomfort occurs, you must ask to reduce the impact.
Impact result
  • increased muscle tone;
  • increase in muscle mass;
  • stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • normalization of blood flow and outflow of lymph;
  • activation of the breakdown of subcutaneous fat;
  • smoothing the skin.
Effect Retention Period The duration of the effect depends on the patient. Save the result will allow proper nutrition and preventive procedures.
Reiteration Supporting procedures are recommended at intervals of 5-7 weeks for 1-2 sessions
Complications Allergic reactions associated with the individual characteristics of the body, slight redness of the skin in the area of application of the electrodes are possible. Poor contact of the electrode working surface with the skin can cause electric burns.


Correction of a figure (hardware cosmetology, developed on the basis of the technique of Louis Paul Gite) is carried out to tighten the skin that has lost its elasticity.

Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices

Characteristic Description
Models of devices
  • Vortex (produced in USA with the participation of German developers) – an active fight against cellulite and skin tightening.
  • Gellu m6 Integral (France) – it is possible to use not only for body correction, but also for correction of facial skin defects;
  • B flexy (France) – effective lymphatic drainage, removal of excess fluid from the body
Operating principle The principle of operation of the vacuum-roller LPG massage is the deep study of subcutaneous tissue while massaging the upper layer of the skin. The procedure is carried out in a vacuum created by the manipulator of the apparatus.
Procedure The patient puts on a special microfiber suit with polyamide, on which problem areas are marked with a marker, and lays on a massage table. The specialist selects the mode necessary for study and starts the procedure. Before massage, you need to drink 2 glasses of water without gas at room temperature.
Duration The average duration of the session is 35 minutes The full course is from 6 to 15 procedures
Patient feeling During the procedure, unpleasant sensations are not excluded. First, the manipulator of the apparatus sucks in the skin, a vacuum is created. Then, the compressing, kneading and smoothing skin rollers are taken for work. Excessive exposure can cause pain. However, thanks to the costume, no trace remains.
Impact result
  • removal of edema;
  • removal of signs of cellulitis;
  • smoothing scars, softening scar tissue;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • increase skin tone.
Effect Retention Period If the diet is observed, the result lasts from 6 to 8 months
Reiteration The optimal schedule for corrective LPG massage is 6-8 procedures with a frequency of 3 times a week, then 4-6 sessions with an intensity of not more than 1 time per week. The frequency and timing of preventive courses are determined by a specialist, depending on the result
Complications Pain that may be associated with incorrect settings of the device. In patients with weakened capillaries, hematomas may appear that pass through after some time without additional intervention. After the first procedures, swelling may be present due to an increase in the functioning of the lymphatic system and an excess of intercellular fluid. People with autonomic dysfunction may experience chills after the procedure.


Correction of a figure through the action of electromagnetic pulses on adipose tissue is called electrolysis. This is another area of hardware cosmetology that is actively used to combat cellulite.

Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices

Characteristic Description
Models of devices
  • Galatea (Israel) – can be used for both needle and electrode lipolysis;
  • Energenic (South Korea) – a unique device that operates at high frequencies, which allows more effective effect on adipose tissue. It is used only for electrode lipolysis;
  • Osmolyse Active Line (Italy) is a high-frequency device used for both types of procedures.
Operating principle Under the influence of electromagnetic pulses on the tissue, the size of fat cells decreases. The procedure helps soften and break down fats. It simplifies and accelerates the process of their excretion through the lymphatic system. In hardware cosmetology, needle and
electrode lipolysis is used.
Procedure The specialist attaches the electrodes to problem areas, previously treated with a conductivity-increasing gel, and connects the device. Fatty tissues are actively exposed to alternating current, as a result of which they are split into metabolites, water and fatty acids. Then, a lymphatic drainage procedure is performed, which helps to eliminate decomposition products into the lymphatic system. The program is selected individually based on the results of the patient examination.
Duration The duration of the procedure is determined by a specialist, but on average it takes from 1 to 2 hours. Between sessions, it is necessary to make an interval of at least 7 days so that the lymphatic system can completely cleanse the body of the end products of the decay of fat cells.
Patient feeling The procedure is absolutely painless. The only discomfort the patient may experience is a slight tingling, which is easily removed with a decrease in pulse intensity.
Impact result
  • weight loss and body volume reduction;
  • detoxification of the body;
  • elimination of edema and the effect of orange peel;
  • decrease in porosity of the skin, increase its elasticity;
  • improvement of blood circulation and lymph outflow.
Effect Retention Period The effect of a correctly conducted course persists for several years.
Reiteration To maintain shape, experts recommend conducting preventive sessions at intervals of 1-2 times a year.
Complications Violation of the technology of needle lipolysis can cause the formation of hematomas and seals on the skin. If the patient has abnormalities in the kidneys, the procedure can cause an exacerbation of the disease.


Body correction (hardware-based cosmetology based on the principle of biomechanical muscle stimulation) is called Sharm body. This technique is unique. It combines such methods of influence as vibration, biomechanical stimulation, mechanical dermotonia, magnetotherapy.

Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices

Characteristic Description
Models of devices CHARM-body (Sharm-1T) (USA). It is used for mechanical dermotonia of the body. The manipulator of the device consists of a nozzle with ebonite fingers. To simplify the regulation of the intensity and amplitude of their movement, the module is equipped with additional buttons.
Operating principle The apparatus is based on the principle of biomechanical action on muscles, as well as the lymphatic and circulatory system, which improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolic processes. Special nozzles of the device produce reciprocating movements with different intensities, providing an effective massage of muscle tissue.
Procedure During the procedure, only problem areas are processed. First, the master applies massage oil or gel on them to improve the glide of the head of the device. Then he kneads the tissues, and only after that proceeds to massage. Ebony finger nozzles begin to make rotational movements with the frequency and amplitude that the specialist sets. They capture the skin and intensively work out each fold.
Duration The course consists of 7-15 procedures that must be performed at intervals of no more than 2 times a week. The duration of the session depends on the study area and ranges from 20 to 45 minutes.
Patient feeling The procedure is carried out without vacuum or electromagnetic effects, so the patient does not experience any negative emotions during the session. The sensations are the same as from a manual massage.
Impact result
  • reduction of swelling, increased skin elasticity;
  • improvement of blood microcirculation, restoration of damaged tissues;
  • activation of fat burning and breakdown, stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • increased muscle tone;
  • relieving headache, improving the digestive tract.
Effect Retention Period The result is noticeable after the first procedure. The effect persists throughout the year.
Reiteration You can repeat the course only if there is evidence with a frequency of no more than once a year.
Complications The method of biomechanical action on muscles is considered absolutely safe and in the absence of contraindications the patient will not have any side effects and complications.


Ultrasonic cavitation is a relatively young method to combat overweight. For cosmetic purposes, this method began to be used only 5 years ago. Previously, it was widely used in medicine.

Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices

Characteristic Description
Models of devices
  • Cosmetic device 3 in 1 Slimming Box (USA) – for ultrasound cavitation and RF lifting. There is a function of regulating the intensity of cavitation and focusing of the ultrasonic wave;
  • PMG-i7. (USA) – a unique development that has no analogues. In one of the maniples, focused ultrasound is combined with an emitter of radio wave energy, which makes it possible to carry out two procedu
    res at once: removing fat deposits while simultaneously tightening the skin.
Operating principle The effect is achieved due to the low-frequency ultrasonic effect on the subcutaneous fat. Under the influence of cavitation in the fluid that the tissues contain, air bubbles form. The impact of ultrasound distills them into a high-pressure zone, where they are deformed and destroy the membranes of fat cells. Most of the split fats are excreted through the lymphatic system. In the process, the largest fat cells are broken, so the procedure is most effective in the fight against cellulite.
Procedure Before the start of the procedure, the specialist identifies the problem areas, conducts a preliminary warming massage and applies a special gel, which ensures a tight fit of the manipulator to the skin. Sometimes, to increase the effectiveness of the procedure, the treatment area is injected with saline to saturate the fatty tissues with liquid. The effect is carried out by smooth movements along the massage lines towards the points of location of the lymph nodes. After the session, a cream is applied to the skin, which enhances the effect.
Duration Session duration from 30 minutes. up to an hour. The course is 5-6 procedures, which should be carried out with a frequency of no more than once every 7-10 days.
Patient feeling The procedure may be accompanied by an unpleasant whistling sound created by ultrasonic waves. In the treated area, a sensation of burning and tingling is not excluded.
Impact result
  • weight loss and body volume;
  • cellulite elimination.
Effect Retention Period The result is noticeable after the first procedure. The effect lasts up to 1 year.
Reiteration If the result is insufficient, the course can be repeated no earlier than 6 months after the last procedure. The duration of an additional course should not exceed 3 procedures.
Complications As a result of prolonged exposure to ultrasound, dizziness, lack of appetite, and muscle pain may occur. Also, itching and redness in the area of the treated area are not excluded.

RF lifting

RF (radio frequency) lifting is considered one of the most effective methods of non-surgical rejuvenation. It aims to stimulate the production of our own collagen, which is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Correction of a figure by methods of hardware cosmetology. Types of procedures, photos before and after, prices

Characteristic Description
Models of devices
  • Gezatone m1601 (Taiwan) – a device for home use. Affects the skin with radio frequencies and vibration;
  • Px-3000 (Czech Republic) – professional equipment used in salons and medical centers. RF exposure only.
Operating principle The essence of the method is the symbiosis of radio wave and thermal effects on tissues. As a result of uniform heating of the treated area, the process of decay of fat deposits is launched, and the radio wave exposure stimulates collagen synthesis.
Procedure The specialist cleans the area of the skin that will be exposed to processing. To increase efficiency, light peeling can be performed. A conductivity increasing gel is applied to the cleaned surface. First, the skin is heated to a temperature of 41 – 32°F, and then it is worked out by radio wave radiation. After completion of the procedure, excess gel is removed. To enhance the effect, an anti-cellulite cream is applied to the treated area.
Duration The duration of the session depends on the amount of work and ranges from 30 to 90 minutes. The recommended course is 6-7 procedures, which should be done no more than 1 time per week.
Patient feeling During the procedure, the patient feels pleasant heat in the treatment area.
Impact result
  • elimination of edema and cellulitis;
  • saturation of cells with oxygen;
  • improvement of blood circulation and acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • smoothing wrinkles, increasing skin tone.
Effect Retention Period The result has a growing effect and lasts for 2-3 years.
Reiteration It is recommended to carry out 1 preventive procedure once every 2-3 months, and a repeated course no more often than 1 time per year.
Complications Possible side effects: swelling, redness, and a decrease in the thickness of the skin at the treatment site.

Prices of various methods of hardware correction

Prices for hardware correction of a figure depend on the type of procedure, the class of the medical institution and the equipment used.

Average prices for procedures in Los Angeles:

Name of procedure The cost of 1 procedure, usd. Course cost
Electrical stimulation From 650 to 1000 for 1 zone From 9500
LPG From 800 From 8000
Electrolysis Electrode – from 1850 for 1 zone

Needle – from 3000 for 1 zone

Electrode – from 9000

Needle – from 15000

SHARM-body From 600 From 4000
Cavitation From 2000 From 6000
RF lifting From 600 From 6000

Correction of a figure with the help of advanced techniques of hardware cosmetology is not a panacea for all ills. Despite their effectiveness in the fight against excess weight and cellulite, maintaining the result completely depends on the person.

A balanced diet, adequate fluid intake and moderate physical activity will allow you to enjoy a toned body for a long time without expensive procedures.

Video review of hardware correction techniques

What are the best apparatus for body shaping:

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