Simone Halep. Photos before and after surgery, weight and height of a tennis player

The famous Romanian tennis player Simone Halep amazed everyone with her successes on the court. What she had to do for the sake of sports can be seen in photographs taken before and after plastic surgery.


Simone Halep has long been known as “2-player tennis player.” In 2021, the athlete showed brilliant results at the Grand Slam tournament, and this was the moment of her triumph. Simone Halep is a real fighter and never gives up.

On the day of the death of her beloved grandfather, she went to court and defeated her rival. Simone never spends energy on worries about lost matches, and spends all her time in training.

Childhood and youth

Simone was born on September 27, 1991 in an ordinary Romanian family in the port city of Constanta. Father Stelian Halep, head of the dairy, mother, Tatyana Halep is a housewife. Parents from childhood dreamed of a sports career for children. In addition to Simone, the family brought up brother Nicolae, who is 6 years older than her.

On her 4th birthday, just like her brother, her father gave Simone a tennis racket as a present. The brother was already engaged in tennis, and it was he who brought the younger sister to the sports section. In addition to tennis, Simone was fond of the game of handball, but at the insistence of the coach she was forced to leave classes and devote all her time to tennis.

Simone Halep. Photos before and after surgery, weight and height of a tennis player

Thanks to her innate abilities, Simone immediately proved to be an excellent player. When the girl won the game of tennis with her older brother, it became obvious to the parents which of the children was more talented. Parents selflessly supported their daughter, a not-so-rich family was forced to take numerous loans to cover current expenses.

Sports career

Without being distracted by anything else, Simone completely surrendered to training, and at the age of 13 she was the leader in her 1st junior tournament. Over the next 2 years, Simone continues to perform among juniors, but then turns her attention to adult singles.

  • At the age of 15, Simone brilliantly wins the match in Bucharest.
  • In 2008, he holds the match with dignity in Belarus. Is Spain in La Palma coming out in finals, then plays in finals with rival Sasha Dulgeru in the prestigious ITF tournament (Rimini).
  • In 2010, as part of the international tournament WTA plays finals with Flavia Penetta.
  • In the summer of 2013, Simone Halep wins 4 tournaments that took place in Nuremberg, Budapest, New Haven, and Hertogenbosch.
  • In 2021, the athlete won several matches in Shenzhen and Dubai. In the same 2021, he won in Indian Wells, participated in the final in Toronto and Cincinnati and took 2 titles.

In between sets, Simone never drinks water, like other tennis players. She sits and looks at one point, thus tuning in to a future game.


By the age of 27, Simone has achieved great success in sports:

  • Becomes 1 racket of the world in the ranking of juniors.
  • Gets the title of 1 active racket of the world in singles.
  • Gains the top GA title in Milan.
  • Becomes the winner at Roland Garros.
  • Receives an award from the WTA Women’s Tennis Association “Tennis Player of the Year”.
  • Becomes the winner in the singles category of the Junior Grand Slam tournament in 2008, which was held in France.
  • In 2010, he was in the TOP – 150 of the most famous tennis players of the year.
  • In 2013, it ranks 14th, the record WTA ranking line for itself.
  • At the end of 2014, Simone Halep receives the status of “The universally recognized 3 racket of the world”.
  • Participates in and finals in the Grand Slam singles tournament in France in 2014.
  • Participates and enters the final at the Grand Slam singles tournament in Paris in 2021.
  • Participates and finals in the Grand Slam singles tournament in Australia in 2021.
  • Winning 19 WTA tournaments, of which 18 are singles.
  • Simone becomes the winner on the official website of the WTA in the vote “Favorite Tennis Player”

Personal life

Despite the rigidity on the court, in Simon’s life is touching and calm. She really loves the hometown of Konstanz, which she tries to visit as often as possible. According to her, she is nowhere to rest as in her native walls. She loves the sea and spends a lot of time on the coast. She loves watching movies and often spends time at the cinema; her favorite genre is melodramas and comedies.

Simone Halep. Photos before and after surgery, weight and height of a tennis player

According to the tennis player herself, her favorite film is Beauty.

Simone likes to spend time with gadgets, she has thousands of followers on social networks with whom she is happy to share the latest news from her life, mainly communicating with her family, or preparing for the next matches. Despite her attractive appearance, the girl still has not met her soul mate.

She is fully committed to sports, but in the future she plans to have a family and give birth to 3 children. Simone does not plan to play on the court until the age of 35 and promises to leave the sport much earlier.

Simone is a very confident girl and practically does not use makeup, giving preference to her natural beauty. He does not like public speaking and putting his personal life into discussion. Interviews are given to her with great difficulty.

Simone Halep before the operation

Simone Halep (photo before and after the operation, which the girl decided to present below) is so devoted to big sport that she was not afraid to lie under the surgeon’s knife. As a teenager, Simone is a very pretty girl, fragile, slender, with dark brown hair and green eyes. The girl is not distinguished by a wide massive bone and looks thin.

Simona’s chest reaches the size of 6 by the age of 18, and soon she begins to experience serious problems associated with breast augmentation. From a lot of weight, the back begins to hurt. With a small growth of the athlete and low weight, the figure looks absolutely not proportional.

Simone Halep. Photos before and after surgery, weight and height of a tennis player

Parameters of Simone Halep’s figure:

Simone’s Growth 5’5 foot
Weight 123 pounds
Waist circumference 26 inch
Hip girth 35 inch
Chest circumference 37 inch
Foot size 36 – 37 or 6 (US)
Clothing size 44 or 8 (US)

Tummy tuck Simone Halep

Simone Halep (photos before and after the operation can be found on the Internet) among fans and fans caused an ambiguous attitude to reducing the size of her chest. The large bust of Simone caused delight in the male half of the fans and envy in the female. In the history of sports, tennis players with such magnificent forms have never been. Simone herself considers large breast size an unnecessary gift of nature.

By the age of 18, the weight of Simone’s bust reached 26 pounds. During training and playing on the court, she experienced obvious discomfort, she was hardly able to quickly change her body position. It didn’t work out to be sharply rebuilt, turned around and run fast. Simon was greatly offended by the talk that the fans did not come to look at her game, but at her chic forms.

Simone for a long time did not dare to undergo a breast reduction operation, fans in letters implored her not to do this. But the passion for sports and the desire to get rid of the psychological discomfort that she experienced turned out to be more important than the opinions of others. Simone decided to undergo surgery in 2009, when she reached the age of 18.

Simone Halep. Photos before and after surgery, weight and height of a tennis player
Photo by Simone Halep before and after breast reduction surgery.

The operation was performed flawlessly, the excess soft tissues of the mammary glands were removed, her breast was reduced from size 6 to size 2. Rehabilitation after the operation was quick, and after a few months Simone returned to the court.

Simone Halep (photos before and after the operation show a significant reduction in her breast) is very pleased with the result, her activity has increased, it has become easier for her to work on the court. Hence good results in games. From this moment, obvious shifts appeared in the athlete’s career, she took part in all major world tournaments.

What does Simone Halep look like today

Thanks to the operation, which Simone decided, she not only improved her athletic performance, but began to look even better. The reduction in breast size did not make her less attractive and sexy, she still collects thousands of fans in games.

On June 6, 2021, the tennis player’s dream came true, she finally won the Grand Slam tournament, and according to Simone, with 6 breast sizes, she would never have been able to do this. On June 11, 2021, Halep was 32 times the leader in the weekly new rating – the WTA list.

Simone Halep due to the ease with which she performs after plastic surgery, is listed as the best tennis player from the speakers on this tour in the “Roland Garros”. Before breast reduction, as can be seen in the photographs, due to excess weight, Simon could not play at full strength.

Simona’s rival in the semifinals in 2021, Spaniard Garbigna Mugurus, explained in an interview that Simone won thanks to her lightning-fast start, which she did not expect. After the operation, the rivals do not have to rely on a calm and measured game with Halep.

Simone Halep. Photos before and after surgery, weight and height of a tennis player

Despite the fragility of the girl, her strikes reach 106 mph and, with a sharp blow, immediately put the enemy out of action.

Having won the title, for which Simon worked so hard and even did plastic surgery, she could not restrain her emotions, and right from the court with the help of a guard she went up to the podium, began to hug her parents and coach Darren Cahill. Despite an unsuccessful performance in Beijing, a loss in the final of the tournament, on October 9, 2021, Simon was announced the new first racket of the world.

At the Open Championship in France, Halep won 75% of the matches, won 24 and lost 8. The third time, Simone reached the final and 3 times the game with her participation was stretched for 3 sets. According to statistics, since 2002, only 1 match without Simone’s participation lasted 3 sets.

The legendary personality Simone Halep, who entered the world history of sports with her achievements in tennis, both before and after the operation, shows outstanding results. And as you can see from the photos, it remains modest and cheerful.

Author: Zhanskaya Olga

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