Tai Chi – Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials

Tai chi (or tai chi) is a method of rhythmic martial gymnastics originally from China, combining the “soft” movements of the body with breathing and achieving internal balance of a person. Tai chi for beginners is a morning complex of simple exercises to perform, which allows you to train various muscle groups without giving a serious burden to the heart.

The essence and basic principles of Tai Chi

The origin of tai chi gymnastics is supposedly attributed to the 12th century. It is believed that its founder is the Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng, who, having left the monastery and becoming a hermit, developed a new type of struggle.

Some sources claim that this technique appeared about 2500 years ago from the older art of Qigong, which allowed controlling and influencing various internal processes of the body. Gymnastics is based on ancient eastern philosophical, healing and spiritual practices, on belief in Confucianism and Taoism.

In the modern world, Tai chi art is comprehended by people from various countries, including USA, and its importance as a mechanism of self-defense is replaced by a healing, strengthening mind and body. A moderate load on the heart allows you to practice tai chi not only in sports centers, but also in hospitals.

This art is a complex of exercises, which is carried out measuredly, without sudden movements and stops.

The main principles of tai chi are:

  • Slow pace
  • softness;
  • relaxedness;
  • smoothness;
  • coordination.

For the correct performance of gymnastics, beginners should first of all learn the correct position of the body parts in various types of exercises, only then the exercises are repeated non-stop and coordinated with breathing.

Concentration on the internal sensations during the exercise and removal from external problems can normalize the functioning of the nervous system, moreover, the flexibility of the body is increased, the work of the brain and heart is improved.

Indications for use tai chi

As a result of many years of observations and scientific research, the medical community has come to the conclusion that performing Tai chi gymnastics , including as a preventative measure, will be useful:

  • with osteoporosis (a disease that affects the connective tissue, in which the bones lose strength) – since patients are prohibited from any heavy physical exertion, strictly dosed physical exertion is recommended, which must be performed while lying or sitting to reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system; Tai Chi - Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials
  • when restoring the body after various injuries, fractures – because gymnastics strengthens muscle tissue without overloading the body;
  • in Parkinson’s disease (a disease of the central nervous system, which is characterized by slow motion, impaired reflexes, trembling at rest), it is necessary to maintain the maximum level of motor activity as long as possible, and since the average age of onset of this disease is 57 years, then as one of the components its treatment, it is necessary to include just smooth and measured gymnastics, which does not harm people with impaired reflexes;
  • with heart failure , moderate activity aimed at strengthening the muscles should also be encouraged, while intense exercise is not recommended – tai chi exercises stimulate the blood supply to organs;
  • for diseases of the respiratory system – the tai chi technique is based on proper breathing, therefore it can become an additional method to the main treatment of the disease;
  • in case of stress and depression – since this gymnastics helps to concentrate on one’s “I” and to distance oneself from external stresses;
  • overweight people – since increased cardiac load for obese people can negatively affect heart function and damage health, they are advised to start physical exercises with gradual muscle strengthening, so tai chi is one of the most suitable options.

Tai chi for beginners is a morning set of exercises that is performed taking into account the severity and nature of the disease for the treatment of which it was prescribed. For tai chi classes, special training is not required, so anyone can do gymnastics.

Contraindications tai chi

There are several situations in which tai chi is not recommended:

  • at elevated body temperature; Tai Chi - Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials
  • with exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • children under 6 years of age, since a child at this age only has a musculoskeletal system.

Tai chi cannot replace medical care for a serious illness. If this is the case, you should consult your doctor and instructor about health problems.

Useful recommendations for patients

To practice Tai Chi for beginners, the morning complex provides the most simple exercises to perform that will prepare the body for moderate exercise. Gymnastics classes can be started both in a special sports club and at home, by purchasing books and videos for beginners.

It is preferable to start mastering this technique under the supervision of a master, even in a group lesson with the help of a qualified instructor, you can learn how to correctly perform the basics, in the future you can move on to individual practice.

When preparing for gymnastics, you should remember about nutrition – before class, you should not eat heavy foods (fatty, smoked).

Tai Chi - Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials
Before tai chi, it’s best not to eat fried foods.

An ideal option is to work on an empty stomach, but if you feel discomfort from an empty stomach, have a light snack. It is also not recommended to take any food or drink, smoke for the next half hour after the end of the session, which will allow internal energy to flow freely throughout the body and consolidate the beneficial result.

An important aspect for beginners to understand the art of tai chi is the choice of clothing and a place for training. Clothing should not constrain movement, like any traditional Chinese costume. The most suitable option is natural fabric (cotton, linen) and loose fit. The choice of a place of practice depends on whether you go to group classes or study at home.

If there is a choice, give preference to fresh air, a city park, where the noise of cars and the attention of passers-by will not distract. If this is not possible, do it at home, in a previously ventilated room, and make sure that the surface of the floor is not slippery.

Before doing the exercises directly, it is very important to warm up, this will avoid injuries. When warming up, th
e muscles are saturated with oxygen, stretch and prepare for more intense movements, blood circulation improves, and the temperature in the muscle tissue rises, so further work on burning body fat becomes more effective. Tai Chi - Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials

With proper gymnastics, consciousness should not be distracted by the outside world, the practice of breathing helps in this. The body should be relaxed, but at the same time ready to perform exercises.

The main set of exercises Tai Chi

Exercise number 1 You must sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Hands relaxed, kneeling. The back should be flat, the spine is straightened. The breath is deep. On inspiration, the abdomen should be rounded, on exhalation, it should be pulled in. It is necessary to take 15-20 deep breaths.
Exercise number 2 The situation remains as in exercise No. 1. Using the index and thumb, you need to usd the auricles. When a warm tingling appears, it is necessary to start rubbing the ears with the whole palm in an up and down movement. Repeat 20 times.
Exercise number 3 Sitting on the floor, straighten your palms. Run them along the head from the forehead to the back of the head and back. Repeat 15 times.
Exercise number 4 Exercise for the eyes – the head is straight, you need to move your gaze left and right, then down and up 15 times. Then you need to raise your hand and spread your fingers. The gaze is fixed at the fingertips and the hand moves horizontally, first one way, then another 10-15 times. The head should not move. Repeat the exercise with the other hand.
Exercise number 5 Sitting on the floor, one arm is laid back, the other is in front of you. Hands bend at the elbows 20-30 times. Then you need to change hands and repeat the same amount. It is important not to rush, over time it will be easier to maintain balance.
Exercise number 6 Starting position – hands joined in a “lock” behind the back. They must be stretched to the left and up. Then the hands change and the exercise is repeated, while the hands need to be stretched in the right-up direction. All you need to do 20 repetitions.
Exercise number 7 Exercise for the lower back should be done while standing – the body leans forward a little, the arms are moved to the lower back and knead the vertebrae with your fingers in an upward direction.
Exercise number 8 Standing straight, you need to put your hand on your stomach and rotate your hand clockwise from the navel in a spiral, while pressing with moderate force. It is necessary to make 30 rotations and repeat with the other hand.
Exercise number 9 Starting position – sitting on a chair. Hands are on the kneecap. It is necessary to rotate the knee joint in a circle – 20-30 times in each direction.
Exercise number 10 Starting position – sitting on the floor and spreading his knees. It is necessary to wrap one foot in your hand so that the thumb is on the inside of the foot, and the remaining toes are on the outside. Lightly pressing, massaging and rubbing the foot in one direction, then in the other. Repeat 20 times for both legs.

Tai Chi - Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials Tai Chi - Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials

These exercises and some other simple movements, such as light squats, moving the arms up and forward, above the head and others, are suitable for beginners, they provide moderate aerobic activity, develop the musculoskeletal system, promote relaxation.

Tai chi for beginners, a morning set of exercises designed for independent exercise, and more complex practices should not be done without the supervision of a qualified master.

Result fixing

To preserve the results obtained from practices and to further improve overall well-being, you should continue to do gymnastics, even if the desired result has already been achieved. The minimum number of lessons per week is 2 times.

Depending on the achievement of what result gymnastics is directed , it is necessary to provide for additional measures in your daily regimen:

  • A feast for attending classes in order to combat overweight, it is necessary to combine moderate physical activity with proper, fractional nutrition, walks in the fresh air, massages, and if necessary with taking medications; Tai Chi - Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials
  • in the fight against any of the listed medical diseases, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions, take the necessary medicines, undergo medical procedures, follow the prescribed diet;
  • if tai chi classes have as their main goal the achievement of harmony and internal balance, then it would be useful practice to study individual subspecies of this art, more intense exercises.

Opinions on the methodology of doctors and patients

The doctors who conducted studies on the effects of Tai chi gymnastics on the health of patients came to the following conclusions:

  1. Tai chi for beginners, the morning complex of exercises allows you to train the vestibular apparatus and orientation in space, so it is especially useful for the elderly. This practice helps maintain coordination in movements, minimize possible injuries from falls. People improve their sense of balance and flexibility.
  2. Tai chi can even significantly affect chronic pain (such as knee osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia). The pain decreases, the sense of balance and the condition as a whole improves.

The following information is available on the tai chi reviews web page from people who have directly tested this technique on their own: patients are easily addicted to unusual oriental martial arts, get to know a different culture, make new friends, including from other countries, and most importa
ntly, some of them claim that due to the precise and smooth movements of art, all internal processes in their organisms are adjusted and become more harmonious, manifestations of diseases of the nervous system, muscle and bone disorders act smoothly smoothed.

When to expect the effect of Tai Chi

Talk about the effect of tai chi gymnastics should be no earlier than 3 to 4 months from the start of classes, depending on the characteristics of the body, as well as on the degree of neglect of a disease from which a person is trying to recover. Tai Chi - Chinese gymnastics for beginners. Morning complex, video tutorials

At the initial stage of training, the body will get used to new movements, to proper breathing, blood circulation will gradually be stimulated, muscles will become stronger. For older people, the timing may be different, because the deterioration of some internal organs can inhibit the healing process.

To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of gymnastics, the factor of constancy is of no small importance. With regular practice, the body adapts to loads more easily, so it’s better to do it several times a week for half an hour. Chinese tai chi masters live a hundred years or more and retain energy and mental clarity for the rest of their lives.

The art of tai chi is an excellent solution for people who, for one reason or another, are forbidden to engage in intense physical activity, as well as for those who are interested in oriental culture, who are close to the wisdom of ancient China. Tai chi is suitable for beginners, because this complex of simple movements to perform, based on proper breathing, inner harmony, a smooth movement of energy from one part of the body to another.

This technique is most efficiently performed in the morning, when the city air is the cleanest and there is the opportunity to engage in fresh air. Your body will wake up from sleep and will be filled with energy for the whole day.

With the regular implementation of the above and other exercises, the likelihood in old age is not at all inferior to the eastern monks, who until the end of their lives maintain clarity of mind and vigor.

Tai Chi Gymnastics Video

Taiji for beginners:

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