Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues

Melsmon (Melsmon) is a modern preparation of Japanese scientists, which, according to many world doctors and cosmetologists, has become a real breakthrough in the fight against old age. The drug, created from the human placenta, is appreciated in cosmetology for the complex effect of rejuvenation without surgical intervention.

What it is

Melsmon is a medical and cosmetic product of the Japanese company Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co., created on the basis of a substance invented in 1956. The component is used for beauty injections and is included in the composition of caring cosmetics. By origin, the drug is a purified human placenta.

The substance is produced in the body of pregnant women and is necessary for the development of the unborn baby. Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues

Through the placenta, the embryo breathes and receives nutrients. The placenta contains particles that are structurally related to young tissues.

Elements with a charge of youth are embedded in the body, stimulate the growth and renewal of cells. The placenta, thanks to its ability to nourish and restore, has found application in medicine and beauty procedures.

What is it needed for

Melsmon is a medicine used in cosmetology to rejuvenate and improve the quality of skin, hair and nails. Melsmon injections accelerate recovery from traumatic beauty procedures such as plastic surgery, deep peeling. laser resurfacing of the face.

Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues

Indications for use:

  • wrinkles;
  • decrease in skin elasticity;
  • swelling, blue, and bags under the eyes;
  • acne
  • dark spots;
  • dilated vessels on the face;
  • hair loss;
  • brittle nails;
  • scars and scars after acne and aesthetic procedures.

How is the drug made

Melsmon producers take the placenta from donors – women who gave birth to healthy babies. Participants in the program do not leave the country during pregnancy. After childbirth, donors undergo a medical examination and questionnaire, confirming their lack of sexually transmitted diseases and diseases, infections, and genetic abnormalities. Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues



Extraction of the placenta takes place under sterile conditions.

Further, the raw materials go to the pharmaceutical production of Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. where the substance is purified from enzymes and hormonal impurities. The finished drug is packaged in ampoules. Over 60 years of use, Melsmon has established itself as a safe solution that does not affect the genetic and hormonal background of patients.


The beneficial properties of the placenta are explained by the saturated mineral composition. In the body of a pregnant woman, the components work as a building material for embryo tissue.

The nutritional complex is preserved after cleansing the placenta and in the Melsmon preparation works as an activator of youth:

  • peptides improve the condition of connective tissues;
  • the mineral complex with iron, zinc and selenium nourishes, helps to build young cells;
  • unsaturated fatty acids strengthen the protective functions of the skin;
  • polysaccharides form connective tissue fibers;
  • nucleic acids activate metabolism;
  • protein complexes – the main building material for tissues and cells;
  • vitamins C, group B, D – antioxidants, food sources.

Melsmon manufacturers use benzyl alcohol as a preservative and stabilizer for the solution. There are no allergens, hormonal and toxic components in the preparation.

Drug action

Melsmon is a medicine valued in cosmetology for its mild effect and comprehensive rejuvenation effect. The components of the placenta are related to humans and do not cause rejection. Melsmon integrates into metabolic processes and provides the internal needs of the body.

Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues

Healthy cells receive nutrition and protection from adverse external factors; damaged areas are overgrown with new tissues.

The drug relieves inflammation, accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin – protein fibers responsible for youth and elasticity of the skin.

Melsmon regulates the production of glutathione – a “shield” of the skin, which protects against ultraviolet radiation. Melsmon gives the effect of rejuvenation from the inside out.

External effects of therapy:

  • skin firming;
  • wrinkle smoothing;
  • tone leveling, getting rid of redness and age spots;
  • acceleration of hair and nail growth;
  • narrowing of pores;
  • getting rid of acne;
  • lightening and smoothing scars and scars.

The placenta extract has a positive effect on reproductive health and the nervous system. Melsmon injections increase attention span, improve sleep quality and delay menopause. A person feels a surge of energy after 1 procedure. In the long run, disease resistance improves.

In what form is produced

Melsmon for injection is a liquid, transparent substance with a yellowish tint. The drug is packaged in glass ampoules with a capacity of 2, 0,1 – 0,2 fluid ounce. The average cost of 1 piece is $ 82. The medicinal composition in ampoules is sold by prescription. Original products are supplied by the Japanese company Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues

The drug is packaged in cardboard boxes with a seal containing 10 or 50 ampoules. For the American market, Melsmon is issued with instructions for use in American. On ampoules there is a tear-off sticker with a series number and information about the expiration date. Nursing cosmetics with Melsmon – cream, liquid essences, fabric masks.

In appearance, the preparations do not differ from similar beauty products without a placenta. The cosmetics have a light melting texture, the cream is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky film.

Means can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. The average price of masks is $ 41, the cream costs $ 109 – $ 122. Melsmon’s bioactive supplements are available in capsule form for oral administration. The average cost of a package of 120 capsules is $ 159.


Melsmon is a
drug approved for use in USA. In cosmetology, a substance is referred to as non-surgical means of placental rejuvenation.

Melsmon is used in 3 ways:

  • subcutaneous injections;
  • caring cosmetics: masks, cream, serum;
  • bioactive nutritional supplements.

Beauty injections are the main use of Melsmon. The introduction of the drug under the skin gives the most pronounced anti-aging effect. Superficial cosmetics and capsules are recommended to maintain and enhance the result of injections. The rules for injecting with Melsmon depend on the state of health and age of the patient.

For adults

Melsmon is injected under the skin by micro-injection with a thin needle. The cosmetologist makes multiple injections in the face, covering large areas of the skin in 1 session. Melsmon’s intravenous injections are not allowed.

The procedure does not bring strong pain. If necessary, the doctor does local anesthesia. The session lasts 30-60 minutes, 1-3 ampoules of the drug are administered in 1 procedure. The doctor determines the dose size individually, according to the results of a patient’s skin examination.

Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues
Melsmon drug in cosmetology helps to tone the skin and has a positive effect on the body.

Clinics offer 3 schedules of anti-aging treatments with Melsmon:

Nature of the course Duration Treatment schedule
shock 1 day a large dose of the drug is administered in 1 session
throbbing 14 days 1 injection in 2 days
intensive therapy 3 months 1 injection per week

A noticeable effect will be given by a program lasting 6-10 sessions with a schedule of 1-2 injections per week. During the injection period, you can lead a familiar lifestyle: work, play sports. The injections do not cause drowsiness, therefore, with a course of treatment they are allowed to drive a car. The day before the injection, you need to abandon alcohol.

On the day of injection, it is prohibited:

  • drink blood clotting medications;
  • take a hot bath;
  • do deep skin cleansing;
  • apply masks with collagen.

After the injection, you can not sunbathe in the sun for 5-7 days, visit the solarium and steam in the bath.

For pregnant

Injection of a placental preparation is prohibited during pregnancy.

For the elderly: anti-aging therapy with Melsmon

Melsmon is a drug used in anti-aging cosmetology for the prevention of aging. In Japan, placental therapy is part of the pension insurance program. People who have tried procedures with Melsmon look and feel 15 years younger. Anti-aging therapy is recommended for men and women over 35-40 years old.

Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues

How is the external and internal effect of injections manifested:

  • skin firming;
  • face color alignment;
  • prevention of age spots and wrinkles;
  • getting rid of insomnia;
  • the patient feels a surge of strength;
  • postponement of menopause in women;
  • increased potency in men.

Anti-aging therapy involves treatment with courses of 8-10 sessions with a schedule of up to 2 injections per week. To consolidate the result, the program is repeated 2-3 times in 12 months. Women during menopause who are injected with Melsmon are recommended to undergo a physical examination once every 6 months.


Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd produces placental extract products for everyday care. Cream, essences and masks give a rejuvenating effect and are designed for women over 30-35 years old. The composition is enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and collagen with high penetration.

Cosmetics works in 4 directions:

  • moisturizes and softens;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • protects from adverse external influences;
  • evens out the tone, gives the face a radiance and tone.

The manufacturer recommends using a cream, mask and essence in a complex to get a visible result of radiance and hydration.

Nutritional supplements

Melsmon capsules support youthfulness, strengthen immunity and improve blood circulation. A high degree of purification of the placental extract ensures good absorption of dietary supplements by the body. In addition to Melsmon, the capsules are enriched with vitamin C and pygnogenol. Both substances are powerful antioxidants that help to remove toxins.

Supplements with Melsmon can be purchased at the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. A food supplement is taken 2 times a day after meals. The course of treatment and lasts for 2-3 months.


The placental substance for injection, despite its natural composition, actively affects the body. The weakened condition of the patient is an occasion to limit or exclude the use of Melsmon.

Contraindications to placental injection:

  • age under 18 years;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • disturbances in the endocrine system;
  • hypertension;
  • individual intolerance to Melsmon’s components.

Injections are permitted with restrictions on diabetes and cholelithiasis. A doctor’s consultation is required if there is a malfunction in the liver, kidneys or organs of the cardiovascular system.


Cases of excessive consumption of Melsmon are not fixed and symptoms of overdose are not detected.

Side effects

Placental injections of beauty do not cause oncological tumors and hormonal changes, do not disrupt the functioning of internal organs.

Melsmon’s possible harm is manifested in the side effects of injections:

  • itchy rashes;
  • redness of the skin;
  • fever or chills;
  • pain at the puncture site;
  • slight swelling;
  • nausea;
  • pain in the mammary glands.

Adverse reactions are reported to the doctor, after which the course of procedures is interrupted.

Procedure compatibility

Melsmon therapy can be combined with surgical and cosmetic methods. Placental injections accelerate the healing of sutures and lesions; in beauty procedures provide a harmonious and natural appearance of the patient after surgery.

What techniques do Melsmon injections work with

  • contour plastic;
  • Botox injections
  • techniques related to controlled skin destruction: laser resurfacing, deep face cleansing;
  • procedures that stimulate collagen synthesis;
  • face lifting with mezzanines.

In complex rejuvenation programs, Melsmon’s injections and related procedures are recommended at intervals of at least 1 day.

The combination of Melsmon with other agents

The substance can be combined with medicines and dietary supplements in consultation with your doctor. The component does not react with drugs prescribed during menopause.

Terms and conditions of storage of the drug Melsmon

Ampoules with the drug are stored in a dark space, inaccessible to children and animals, at room temperature (not higher than 35,6 – 41°F). Shelf life is 24 months.


Melsmon is a drug in cosmetology that has 2 analogues – Laennec (Laennec) and Kurazen (Curacen). The drugs are made from purified human placenta and used for anti-aging injections.

Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues

Laennec and Kurazen are approved for use in cosmetology clinics of the American Federation. The substances are similar to Melsmon in their mild effects on the body and give a similar effect of rejuvenation from the inside out. The difference is manifested in the principle of the drugs, the appointment in cosmetology and cost.


The drug is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Japan Bio Products (Japan). Laennec contains low molecular weight peptides that contribute to enhanced nutrition and cell renewal. Along with skin rejuvenation, the substance improves muscle tone, strengthens disease resistance and improves libido.

Laennec injections are combined with body cleansing and body shaping programs. The drug makes the body fit and accelerates the elimination of cellulite.

Laennec’s injection procedures differ in the method of administration of the drug:

  • injections in bioactive points on the face;
  • intramuscular injections in the buttock;
  • Laennec dropper.

The average duration of the procedure is 60 minutes. Course treatment involves 3-10 sessions with interruptions of 7-14 days. The cost of 1 procedure – from $ 61. The effect of injections manifests itself within 2-6 months and lasts several years.

Differences Laennek from Melsmon:

  1. The composition and method of production . In the production of laennec, the placenta undergoes less thorough cleaning. As a result, the drug is cheaper than Melsmon, but it is more difficult for the body to absorb. When using laennec, allergic reactions are possible.
  2. The principle of work . Laennec acts on the muscle frame and fatty tissue, increasing their elasticity. This achieves the anti-aging effect of injections and droppers. Melsmon microinjections renew the skin, but do not affect the muscles.


The drug is manufactured by Japan Bio Products. Curacen is a solution consisting of purified placenta and a complex of peptides. The composition of the drug is an improved version of Laennec. Curacine is optimized for the composition of the skin and is absorbed by the body easier than the “older brother”.

Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analogues

Curacen is used in 2 types of procedures:

  1. Facial rejuvenation . Curacene injections are suitable for the area around the eyes, as they do not cause swelling.
  2. Rehabilitation therapy . Curacen injections are done after plastic surgery and deep cleansing of the face. The result is a quick recovery after active therapy.

Injections of the drug are done in 6 active points on the face. The course takes 3-8 sessions with interruptions of 7 days. The anti-aging effect is manifested 3 days after the injection. The results of the course therapy last up to 12 months. The average cost of 1 procedure is $ 95. Melsmon has all the rights to the title of elixir of youth.

In cosmetology, drug injections are considered a safe and effective alternative to plastic surgery.

Melsmon drug in placental cosmetology. Photo, instructions, application, how to stab, effect on the liver, price, analoguesThe substance is embedded in metabolic processes, forcing the body to “remember” youth. The results of the procedures with Melsmon: smooth skin, a surge of strength and mental activity – speak in favor of the fact that time can be reversed.

Video about the use of the drug Melsmon

Scheme for the introduction of the placental drug Melsmon:

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