Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

Today, almost any woman who answers the question of what will quickly restore her hair will answer that burdock oil can do this. And it turns out to be 100% right. But before using a natural remedy, it is necessary to learn in more detail what burdock oil for hair is, what reviews prevail on the network and how to use it correctly.

The composition of burdock oil

Burdock oil is an amazing product created from a fairly common plant – burdock . In the process of preparation, the plant insisted on any basic cosmetic oil, gains valuable qualities, this explains the popularity of its use for cosmetic purposes.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

The product is saturated with vitamins, minerals, among which are trace elements such as copper, iron and calcium. Oil is also rich in so-called fatty acids, on which hair nutrition depends. In addition, it contains inulin of natural origin, a beneficial effect on the hair.

Useful properties of burdock oil for hair

The most valuable oil in terms of nutrients is an excellent product in the treatment of hair, and is also useful to those who dream of clean healthy skin and eyelashes.

According to reviews, you need to start using burdock hair oil as soon as the following symptoms occur:

  • hair falls out and does not recover;
  • hair grows slowly, become brittle and dull;
  • split ends appeared;
  • scalp began to peel off, dandruff appeared.

When one or more of the above symptoms appear, cosmetologists recommend starting to use this remedy, taking into account your hair type. Thanks to him, without enormous financial costs, in a fairly short time the scalp will improve its condition, and due to increased blood circulation, the hair will become stronger.

How burdock oil saves hair from falling out

If your hair thinns, a simple recipe will help. It is necessary to use slightly warmed oil, applying it from the roots in the direction of the tips. After this procedure, it is recommended to cover your hair with a headscarf or hat for a greater healing effect.

After half an hour, you can remove the scarf and wash your hair. The course of such treatment is about a month, however, if the hair is prone to oily, then this procedure is best done only once a week.

Burdock oil for hair growth

The burdock oil for hair is very popular, judging by the numerous reviews, since thanks to the use of cosmetic masks based on it, one can achieve not only enhanced hair growth, but also “awakening” of sleeping bulbs.

The substances contained in the product enhance blood circulation and metabolic processes, and the hair, receiving the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, grows and acquires a delightful, well-groomed appearance.

Where to buy and how much is burdock oil of different manufacturers

The price of oil varies from $ 0,41 – $ 13,6, depending on the manufacturer.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

It is better to buy burdock oil in pharmacies or cosmetics stores, and the price also depends on where the oil was bought.

Lower prices for this product will be in drugstores, where oil is often presented by domestic manufacturers, such as Evalar ( Los Angeles), Viteks (Belarus), DR.SHUSTER ( New York) .

These funds have a price of up to $ 1,36. And vice versa, the most expensive product can be purchased at a cosmetics store, where such brands of burdock oil as Golden Silk (USA) and Chistaya Liniya ( New York) are popular.

Prices in cosmetics stores on average from $ 3 – $ 14. Often the price of this product is not directly proportional to quality, the brand is almost always more expensive than the product itself.

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Burdock oil for hair. Application

According to reviews, the rules for using burdock oil for hair are completely simple and do not require special skills.

How to apply burdock oil to wet hair

To achieve the best effect, it is important to know some rules for applying the product. One of the most important principles in this cosmetic procedure is that the product is applied to slightly moistened hair, as if they are excessively wet, then the oil simply drains from them without ever soaking.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews
According to reviews of how to use burdock hair oil, it is recommended to apply only to wet hair

In addition, it is better to use oil heated in a water bath, but it is important to understand that it should not be hot, otherwise a scalp burn will occur. The easiest way is to heat the product by lowering the bottle into hot water.

How to usd burdock oil in hair roots

Rubbing oil, it is better to retreat a little from the roots.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

After the oil has saturated all the hair, it is better to put a shower cap on your head, or wrap your head in a plastic bag, and then a warm towel.

How to use oil for hair ends

The most problematic area of hair is the ends, especially when they are long, respectively, and the ends need a little more nutrition than the roots. You should not forget about this when using masks, evenly distributing the product throughout the head, moisten the tips liberally.

How much to keep burdock oil on hair

Unlike conditioners and balms, which begin to act after 5-10 minutes, burdock hair oil (considering the reviews on how to use it) shows its properties after at least 20 minutes, however, the best treatment effect is achieved when the mask lasts about an hour .

Beauticians advise to be careful in observing the time interval, since keeping a mask of oil for more than 1 hour on the hair is harmful.

How to wash burdock oil from hair

Surely everyone who at least once tried to apply this cosmetic product to their hair was faced with the fact that it is almost impossible to wash it off to the end. On the one hand, it’s okay that some of the oil is still left, but on the other hand, it doesn’t look quite aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, you can wash your hair several times with ordinary shampoo, but in this way you can minimize the benefits of the entire procedure.

Therefore, it is better to use some simple recipes for those who want to quickly wash their hair after an oil mask using simple products:

  • yolk;
  • mustard powder;
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice;
  • infusion of herbs.

Using one of the components after the main shampoo wash, you can easily burdock oil
for hair (reviews advise how to use them correctly). But if none of the listed products were in the house, then adding soda or vinegar to your shampoo, you can achieve exactly the same result.

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Recipes for hair masks with burdock oil

There are quite a lot of recipes for hair masks using burdock oil, but it is not always easy to understand which one is suitable. The very first thing you need to start with in choosing a mask is the type of hair.

Mask for dry hair with burdock oil

In case of dry hair, you can use the mask 2-3 times a week. With this type of hair, it is necessary to choose masks in which a product is added that additionally moisturizes the hair. One of these products is kefir.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

To prepare a moisturizing mask with burdock oil for hair and kefir, according to reviews of those who know how to use it, it is not difficult, for this it is necessary:

  • mix kefir and hot oil in 1 to 1 proportions, pour egg yolk into the resulting mass;
  • distribute the mixture evenly through the hair, then cover it with a scarf and rinse the mixture after an hour.

Thanks to this mask, the hair follicles, the root zone of the hair will be strengthened, the hair will look better along the entire length, since after application there is a film on them that protects the hair from external influences. The only thing that is a contraindication in the use of such a mask is its use for colored hair, because kefir can act as a clarifier.

Mask for oily hair with burdock oil

For oily hair, you can use a mask with the addition of mustard powder, because mustard will perfectly help to cope with such a problem as hair that quickly becomes oily.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

To prepare it, you must perform the following steps:

  • mix 2 tablespoon. l mustard powder and exactly the same amount of burdock oil;
  • add 1/2st to the resulting mixture. l sugar, 1 egg yolk and about 1,01 fluid ounce. hot water;
  • apply a mask to hair, wrap, rinse off after half an hour.

The effect of such a mask is manifested due to the combination of mustard, due to which there is a rush of blood to the hair follicles, which strengthens the hair on the one hand and, on the other hand, takes control of the appearance of excessive greasy and greasy.

Mask for hair loss

Honey is a very useful product not only for the body when it is consumed, but also in a situation where hair loss occurs. He is simply necessary.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

Burdock oil with honey is the best helper. To prepare such a mask you need:

  • honey should be mixed with the same amount of oil;
  • introduce one egg into the mixture and mix everything again;
  • distributing the mask along the entire length of the hair, paying particular attention to the roots;
  • cover your head first with cellophane, and then with a towel, and after half an hour wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Mask for strengthening hair

To strengthen the roots, a mask with burdock oil and chamomile broth is perfect. To cook it, you must:

  • prepare a decoction of chamomile leaves and let it brew, after 30 minutes such a decoction must be filtered;
  • add 2 tablespoon in herbal infusion. l oils and apply to hair;
  • cover your hair with a towel and rinse the composition after an hour.

Hair Growth Mask

A mask with burdock oil, honey and cognac will help strengthen hair growth. To cook it, you need:

  • 1 tablespoon. l castor oil and 1 st. l mix burdock with 60 g of honey, teaspoons brewer’s yeast and teaspoons cognac;
  • warm the resulting mixture and add 2 egg whites there, previously whipping them;
  • shaking the mixture well, apply it to your hair and keep under a towel for about an hour.

Mask from split ends of hair

After using the product, the split ends are saturated with the nutrients they need, and after a month of using such a mask, they will become elastic and their structure will level out.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

To prepare such a mask, you need to mix olive and burdock oils in equal proportions, warm up a little and apply to the hair, after using the comb to distribute the mask, you need to wrap the hair with a towel.

Burdock oil with pepper for hair

To completely restore hair, a cosmetic product like burdock oil with red pepper is suitable. Buying a product is much easier than preparing it yourself, and the effect of treating hair with this tool will delight you. It is known that red pepper is a natural irritant, due to which it improves blood circulation, which causes hair growth.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

Interestingly, burdock oil is used not only by women, but also by men, actively using it for a beard.

Burdock oil with nettle for hair

Burdock oil with nettles is traditionally a American way of hair restoration, it was used in USA, the recipe is popular now. You can prepare such oil at home by mixing the nettle infusion with burdock oil, or buy a ready-made oil in a pharmacy.

Nettle enhances the effect of oil, helps accelerate hair growth, and this recipe also helps to cope with dandruff.

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How to use burdock oil for eyebrows and eyelashes

Make cilia lush and strong, and burdock oil will help to give healthy eyebrows. Apply oil with a brush or cotton swab. You can also add various ingredients to the oil, such as almond oil or carrot juice.

It is not necessary to wash off the oil, if too much oil is used and a significant amount of product remains on the eyelashes, you can carefully remove it with a cotton pad.

Burdock oil for hair. How to use, method of application, photo, reviews

Use burdock oil for hair is necessary. This is an inexpensive tool that helps solve many hair problems, make them beautiful and silky.

Video clips about the benefits of burdock oil for hair

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