Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gym

As you know, one of the most problematic areas of the female body, the most prone to fat deposits, is the outer thighs. But to imagine the ideal figure that every girl dreams of is impossible without elastic pumped buttocks.

You can give your hips the desired shape with the help of special exercises that can easily get rid of the hated “ears” on the sides.

Principles for effective training of the outer thigh

The thigh is located between the knee and the hip joint, it forms part of the lower limb of the human body.

The external part consists of muscles whose functions are to ensure the functioning of the leg back and to the side. You can see them as an attractive roundness on the side of the hips.

Starting to search and perform physical exercises, it is necessary to find out the basics of successful training.

The effectiveness of training is as follows:

  • regularity;
  • focus;
  • attention to details;
  • gradual increase in load.

The first thing to remember is regularity – it is this that is the most important factor in performance.

Ideally, you should be engaged every day, but in the absence of such an opportunity, you can allocate 3 days a week for this. In this case, it is necessary to understand that the result will be more long-awaited in time.

During training, do not forget to pay special attention to the work of those muscles that need to be tightened.

Here you just need to listen to your own feelings: if you feel that the load is directed more towards the desired areas, then you are going in the right direction.

When performing exercises on the outer thigh, the lateral muscles of the legs will maximize tension.

Important to remember! That little things often play a decisive role. Make sure that the squat is low enough, the feet do not come off the floor, the angle of elevation is held correctly, and the leg is raised as high as possible during the swing. Thus, it is possible to influence the speed of achieving the final result.

Over time, try to increase the load step by step. Here, again, the personal assistant will become the main assistant: if you feel that you need less effort to complete the exercise than before, raise the bar. For example, 10 mach over time should inevitably turn into 15, and later at 20.

Exercises for the outer thigh at home

Exercises on the outside of the thigh can be performed at home and even at work , if there is the necessary space and time, so they are a real salvation for women who do not have the opportunity to attend the gym. It will require dumbbells, a mat and a positive attitude.

Exercise 1. Mahi kicking

To complete the first exercise, you need to stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended in front of you . Feet should be parallel to each other.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gym
When performing leg swings, care must be taken that they do not bend at the knees.

Bend your right leg at the knee and swing to the side, trying to reach the elbow. The next swing is done also, only with a straight leg. You should start with 10 approaches for each limb.

Exercise 2. Raising the legs

Exercises on the outer thigh of the next type will require a similar starting position as in the previous case. The right leg should be placed on the toe, turning it to the right, and raise back as high as possible.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gym
To perform the exercise, you can use the support to maximize the leg backward.

Bringing the foot to an extremely high point, put it back. To begin with, 15 approaches for each limb will be enough, then their number should be increased.

Exercise 3. Squats

No set of exercises on the outer thigh is complete without squats. The main rule is not to stand on your toes. Try to squat as low as possible, with a straight back, keeping your arms bent in front of you.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gym10 squats are enough for a start. The main advantage of this type of exercise is that they are useful not only for the outer surface of the thigh, but also for the whole organism.

Exercise 4. Lunges

The leader among effective exercises are lunges. Take wide steps to the side, first with your right and then with your left foot , keeping your hands parallel to the torso. Use weights for weights.

Remember to keep your unused limb straight. You should start with 10 lunges on each leg for 3 sets.

Lunges can be not only lateral. You can run them forward alternately with each foot. At the same time, legs should be set as far as possible. Dumbbells that will only increase the effectiveness of training will be faithful helpers here.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gymPay attention to posture – the back should be perfectly straight.
Take a breath at each step. Do not try to lunge sharply, it is better to give preference to smooth movements. As for the number of lunges, experts recommend performing 3 approaches 10 times.

Exercise 5. Lifting the knees

For the next exercise, you need to kneel. For maximum efficiency, transfer the main weight to your arms and straighten your back. The knee rises upward at an angle of 90 °.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gymDo the same with the other leg. Muscles must be in constant tension. Experienced trainers are advised to start with 20 lifts of each knee with the condition of a subsequent increase in load.

Exercise 6. Climbing

Raising the legs is also quite effective if you do them to the side. To do this, lie on the mat, turn on its side and raise the limb lying on top, as high as possible.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gymThen you should turn to the other side and perform a similar operation with the opposite leg. You can start with 10 strokes with each foot.

Exercise 7. Holding the raised legs

You can complete the training and relieve tension from the muscles by turning on your back and lifting your limb up perpendicular to the floor.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gymExercises for the outer thigh in the gym

Some women prefer home gym workouts, considering them more effective and give quick results.

In addition to the loads on the simulators, exercises on the outer thigh on the fitball are very popular.

A set of exercises on fitball

Starting position Essence of the exercise Number of exercises
Back to fitball with arms extended forward. You will feel more comfortable if the ball is located in the corner of the room, because it will not slip out from under you. Bend one leg in the knee and lift it to a height of 5’9 – 7’9 inch above the floor. After that, without sudden movements, bend the other limb and perform squats so that the buttocks touch the ball. If you are no longer new to this type of exercise on the outside of your thigh, raise your knees higher or prefer a smaller ball. Also in this situation, dumbbells acting as a weighting aid will help you out. To begin with – 7-10 squats
The ball is between the wall and your body, which should be in contact with it in the lower back From the starting position you should raise your hips up. It is possible to understand that the end point has been reached and should be lowered back by the fact that the body extends into a straight line. To achieve maximum performance, pay attention to the muscles of the abs and legs – they must be tense. Bending the body with the right technique is present in the hip joint. It is worth noting that the haste here will be unnecessary and only the effect will be hidden, so try to hold the final position for 3-5 seconds. It’s worth starting from 10-12 times, then you can increase this amount to 20 times
Lying on its side resting on the elbow. The ball is on the floor under the feet. Inhale and tear your hips off the surface. The rise should be carried out until the body is completely straightened. To facilitate the exercise, you can use a smaller ball. 15-20 times per limb
Lying on my stomach. Fitball is located under the hips. In turn, lift the limbs up, holding the floor with your hands. As for the legs, you can keep them in a position convenient for you – straight or bent at an angle of 90 ?. 15-20 times per limb

In the gym, in addition to fitball, it is likely to find many other units that will help you bring the external thigh muscles into tone. It’s about simulators.

One of the most effective in terms of the load on the external surface is a simulator designed for mixing and breeding legs.

Exercise on the simulator 1. Mixing and breeding legs

Note! Improper use of this simulator may result in a null result. First of all, adjust it, take care of the weight of the working weight and the width of the seat.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gymWhen exercising on the outside of your hips, keep your back straight and your legs at right angles.
Exhale and slowly connect the legs until the rollers touch each other, and then slowly spread your legs apart.

Exercise on the simulator 2. Mixing and raising legs standing

Many fitness centers have simulators that allow you to perform a similar exercise in a standing position.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gym
Before performing the exercises on the simulator, the optimal load should be set so as not to damage the ligaments and muscles.

It is worth noting that the advantage of this unit compared to the previous one is that it not only affects the desired area in a necessary way, but also accelerates the blood flow and saturates the muscles with oxygen.

To fix the legs in the simulator in question, special steps are provided. You need to grab the handrail with your hand. Next , take your foot to the side.

Exercise on the simulator 3. Stepper

Important to remember! In addition to specialized gymnasiums, there are many universal simulators that allow you to maintain the outer thighs in an attractive way. One of them is the stepper.

Exercises on the outer thigh (ears) at home, the gymHe perfectly lifts the legs, buttocks and hips. However , it should be treated with caution and not overdo it , otherwise you will be provided with a sprain of the knees. This treadmill category also includes a treadmill and exercise bike.

Recommendations of specialists

Before starting the exercises, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations of experienced trainers, thanks to which your classes will be able to give you the most effective and fastest result.

To increase the effectiveness of training, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Combine regular workouts with a balanced diet – so your hips will get the desired look in a short time;
  • Do not neglect stretching , because it will help relieve tension from the trained muscles and get rid of painful sensations in the future. You can also avoid pulling pains by taking a bath with sea salt;
  • all sorts of massages and body wraps should be your best friends . Creams with a cooling or, conversely, warming effect, cling film and a brush with coarse bristles will come to the rescue. Massage should be from the bottom up, repeating the flow of lymph. Massage jars are no less effective in maintaining skin and muscle tone. For their use, you will need a cream or oil with which you need to lubricate the treated surface;
  • the effectiveness of exercises on the outer thighs directly depends on the inner mood . Elementary laziness often becomes the main obstacle to a beautiful body, so the issue of self-discipline is more important than ever. Try to create a clear training schedule , deviation from which
    should be perceived as personal weakness. Naturally, the decisive factor here is motivation, the correct designation of which is able to set in the right way and solve all problems with self-discipline. Thus, formulate for yourself a clear goal that must be achieved at all costs , and classes will bring exclusively joy and satisfaction.

It’s difficult to give the buttocks a perfect look, but it’s quite realistic, even if you’ve never practiced, but have a strong desire.

Regular training designed to work on the outer surface, combined with balanced nutrition and skin care, will help to achieve the desired results in the near future and not become the owner of the hated “ears”.

Exercise videos for the outer thigh

In this video clip, an experienced trainer gives recommendations that will help you learn how to correctly perform the exercises on the outer thigh in the gym:

Recommendations for performing exercises on the inner thigh using a fitball are given in this video clip:

A set of exercises that will help get rid of the ears on the hips at home is given in this video clip:

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