Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

Leg extension using a simulator it is an isolated practice aimed at developing quadriceps. Thanks to such techniques, it is possible to exert a directed effect on certain muscles of the body. Often during exercise, the muscles grow unevenly and asymmetry is very noticeable.

To build ideal proportions, isolating exercises will help, allowing you to work out a specific area of the body. Experienced trainers note that if you regularly use the leg extension on the simulator as a warm-up at the beginning of a workout, and then at the end of a workout to refine muscle fibers, then soon the result will surprise anyone.

It is very important to immediately start with a minimum weight, and after every 3-4 minutes to increase it. Smooth movements, uniform loads allow you to work out all the muscles of the thigh.

The essence and basic principles

Leg extension in the simulator allows you to create a load on the quadriceps, and is this one of the largest muscles in the human body and its main function extension of the knee joint and straightening of the limb. Partially, this muscle is also involved in the flexion of the hip joint. The simulator is an ordinary horizontal bench, divided into two parts.

Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

One of them this is a chair, and the second back. The most useful element in this design is the corner, fixed from the horizontal edge of the bench. Directly attached to it are structural parts with side fasteners (left and right) covered with soft material. On this simulator, you can perform bending and extension of the legs in a sitting and lying position.

Advantages of leg extension using the simulator:

  1. It is possible to work out purposefully and in isolation all the parts of the quadriceps completely.
  2. It is possible to achieve serious increases in strength indicators of the muscles of the bird.
  3. The relief improves significantly, the muscles become more pronounced on the body.
  4. Ligaments are strengthened.
  5. Increases Stamina.
  6. Performance is improved when doing basic exercises.

Professional athletes say that without leg extension on the simulator, training would not be complete. This set of exercises helps to warm up before the main workout, and after exertion, also carry out refinement, having worked well each muscle with maximum weight. The main thing is not lazy, do 3-4 approaches 20 times each, beginners can do it 10 times and increase with each workout.

Indications for exercises

The quadriceps muscle of the legs consists of 4 small muscles:

straight covers the thigh in front
intermediate located in front under a straight line
lateral from her formed outer thigh
medial located in the inner thigh
Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work
Leg extension in the simulator helps to work out 4 types of muscles, improves the shape of the legs.

Raising the legs on the simulator in a sitting position helps to work out all 4 types of muscles at once, helps to better draw the relief and improve the shape of the legs. Performing such an exercise also improves other indicators with basic movements, for example, when squatting or spinning with legs.

Leg extension in the simulator is recommended to be carried out as a warm-up before starting intensive training of the leg muscles, in order to preliminarily tire the limbs or to finish off the quadriceps after performing basic exercises. Such an exercise may be suitable for beginners who want to strengthen their muscles if basic squats are still difficult for them.

Also, it is these extensions that have a positive effect on the knee joints. When the legs bend and unbend under weight, the load goes directly to the cruciate ligament. This can be dangerous, there is a risk of injury. Therefore, it is important to strictly observe the technique and moderate weight during classes.

Leg extension in the simulator is suitable for beginners or experienced athletes.

Often on this simulator you can see the girls. For the fair sex of a thin physique, such exercises will be of particular benefit. During squats, such exercises can prepare the knee joint, protect it from injuries, improve the performance of basic exercises.

Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

But for girls who are professionally involved in sports and have well-fed forms, such a complex would be superfluous. The thing is that the muscles on the legs work actively and in the basic exercises and additional load they do not need. If you still include them in your workout, you can greatly increase the volume of your hips.

This set of exercises is perfect for men who seek to improve their performance, build muscle, make their muscles more prominent and symmetrical. Exercises on the leg extension trainer are an excellent rehabilitation method after injuring your legs.

Contraindications to exercise

Leg extension on the simulator does not occur in everyday life, since it is not a physiological factor. That is why the knee joint without additional training is not designed for such loads. Even light weight can make your ankle heavier. That is why, without preparation, there is a risk of severe damage to the knee joint.

Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

People who have previously experienced problems with the joint, it is better to exercise on the simulator, choosing a less traumatic set of exercises. Leg extension using the simulator cannot be used by people who have suffered a spinal injury. As well as those who have arthrosis.

Useful Tips

For leg extension to benefit, it is important to follow some guidelines:

  1. Starting to perform a set of exercises, you need to configure the simulator for yourself. Correctly adjust the position of the backrest as well as the foot roll. The back should be positioned so that the entire thigh rests on the seat. Position the roller so that the lower part of the lower leg rests against it.
  2. All exercises should be performed at a slow pace, no sharp intense movements, so as not to cause injury to muscles and joints that are not yet prepared. Focusing on the work of the muscles located on the front of the thigh.
  3. Be sure to breathe properly, in no case hold your breath. During leg extension, inhale while bending the exhale.
    Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work
  4. If you slightly expand the toes of the feet to the sides, then in this way you can slightly shift the load on the inside of the thigh. And if you turn the stupas in the opposite direction, then the load will shift and it will be possible to work out the external muscles.

  5. It is necessary to hold the legs at the upper point of the amplitude for 2-3 seconds, in this case it will be possible to achieve a peak contraction of all the muscles of the thigh.
  6. It is better to carry out leg extension at the end of the workout after the squats and leg presses have been worked out.
  7. The weight on the simulator needs to be increased gradually, so it will be possible to prepare the muscles for more serious loads and protect them from injuries.
  8. Be sure to use the handle of the simulator. They will help to keep the buttocks and hips on the bench, not allowing them to come off during the implementation of approaches.
  9. Professional athletes often alternately perform extension on each leg. This allows you to concentrate on the work of the muscles of each leg separately. But for beginners, this approach will not bring positive results.
  10. Extension using a simulator This is ideal for beginners. This complex is suitable for preparing for intense training. At the end of a workout, a similar set of exercises can be used to fully work out muscle fibers.
  11. During exercise, the angle at the bend of the knee should be straight.
  12. To reduce the load on the joints, you do not need to put the shin behind the seat of the simulator.
  13. No need to stop at the lower mark, fully extend your legs.
  14. During lifting, the sock should be pulled over so that the medial muscle is contracted as best as possible.

Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

It is worth mentioning that the simulator for performing leg extensions can look different:

  1. This can be a simplified design, which is a regular chair with a roller for resting legs. The weight on such equipment is adjusted by adding special pancakes.
  2. The more expensive model is a comfortable chair, also complemented by a special block with pancakes for convenient weight adjustment.

Today, there are many types of simulators, but they all have one principle for doing the exercises.

The main set of exercises

Beginners in sports, at the sight of a simulator, may think that they will definitely not be able to do all the exercises the first time. But this is not quite so. If you follow the instructions, then after the first exercise, you can feel that all the muscles of the legs are well developed. As mentioned earlier, the simulator before you start working with it, you need to install under your personal parameters.

Adjust the backrest, roller position and weight:

  1. The backrest is set so that the thigh rests fully on the seat. Knees lie on its edge, and the sacrum is pressed to the back.
  2. The second roller, for which the legs will wind up, needs to be installed so that the lower part of the lower leg rests on it. The knee should be bent 90 degrees.
  3. Set weight. It depends on the level of training. It is necessary to set such a weight that it is convenient to do 3-4 approaches with it, each 15-20 times. Gradually, it will be possible to increase weight with each new workout, but only slowly.

Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

When the simulator is configured, you can begin to perform a set of exercises:

  1. Sit on the simulator, the back should be firmly pressed to the simulator, legs put behind the roller. Hands grab special handles on the sides of the simulator. Raise the socks of the feet up.
  2. While exhaling, straighten your knees. As much as possible at this moment, tighten the thigh muscles at their upper point, linger for 2 seconds.
  3. While exhaling, lower your legs down, but do not bend to the end. The muscles in the lower thigh should be in tension. Be sure to monitor the sensations in the knee joint, do not lower your legs sharply down.
  4. Repeat this exercise several times.

You can also accurately perform the exercise, but only with each leg separately. This approach allows you to better feel the work of the muscles. It can also be used by athletes who have asymmetries. You can perform the same exercise, but only when the legs are straightened, turn the socks in different directions, thereby straining the inner or outer thigh muscles.

There are also simulators that allow you to do leg extension while lying on your stomach. A similar complex allows you to pump the upper and lower thigh zones. To enhance the effect, experienced trainers advise to spread the toes to the sides.

Do the exercise as follows:

  1. The back of the simulator must be tilted to the limit so that you can conveniently sit on it lying down, face down. The waist should be on the line that separates the top of the seat from the bottom.
  2. Place the tibia by the rollers, with your hands grasp the handles located on the sides.
  3. Using the biceps to bend the knees and bring the weight to the buttocks. At the most critical point, linger for 2 seconds and slowly lower your legs to their original position.
  4. During the exercise, in the supine position, the knees should not be straightened to the end, the rollers need to be kept on weight throughout the training.

Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

You can also perform exercises with the simulator in a standing position:

  1. It is necessary to face the simulator, the ankle of one of the legs rest against the roller, and the second to the floor. Be sure to ensure that the hips are adjacent to the back of the simulator.
  2. Grasp the handles, exhaling deeply to bend the working leg and raise the foot as high as possible until the roller touches the hip.
  3. On exhalation, you need to return to the starting position, but at the same time, the limb must not be fully extended, passing into the positive phase.

If the gym does not have a special simulator designed for leg extension, then you can diversify the program and perform a special complex on a crossover at its lower block.

Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

And you can do it like this:

  1. Put on the ankle cuff, which is fixed on the cable of the lower block.
  2. Become straight, grab the h
    andles of the crossover with your hands, unless they are provided for in it.
  3. After exhaling, bend the leg, which is attached by a cuff to the equipment. Hold in this position for 2 seconds.
  4. Return by inhaling to the starting position, but do it slowly, controlling your movements and feeling how tight the muscles located on the back of the thigh are. The knee at this time remains motionless, in no case, it is not necessary to move it to the sides, forward or backward.

If there is no exercise machine, then it can be easily replaced with an ordinary bench and a dumbbell.

The exercise in this case is performed as follows:

  1. Lie on a bench so that your knees hang slightly.
  2. Clamp the dumbbell between the feet.
  3. Hands to grab the edge of the bench.
  4. Exhaling bend the legs in the knee joint, while the biceps should be very tense.
  5. After returning to the starting position, but do not unbend the legs to the end.

When it is already felt that the muscles are very tired, when the leg is extended to its full amplitude, you can also perform an approach with several repetitions with partial amplitude. The main thing is not to throw weight, but to do everything smoothly.

In order for the muscles to work harmoniously, a beautiful relief is drawn, it is imperative to supplement the leg extension exercise with other exercises designed to train the muscles of the back of the thigh. If the knee joints hurt as a result of the fact that the exercise actively affects the ligaments and tendons, then in this case you will need to find an alternative.

For the strong half of humanity is an option suitable deadlift, squats with a barbell, leg presses. But as for the beautiful half, they can take not a barbell, but a bar, weighing 11 -22 pounds. A very good alternative is simply lunges or squats, thanks to which you can not only perfectly work out all 4 thigh muscles, but also buttocks.

Result fixing

In order for sports activities to bring maximum benefits, and the result was good, it is definitely worth doing basic, additional and several isolating exercises. Basic exercises should come first.

To workout brought maximum effect, you need to work with the body like this:

  1. Carry out a warm-up without using any weighting agents.
    Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work
  2. After doing a few squats, armed with a barbell.
  3. Next is the leg press.
  4. After that you can proceed to leg extension while sitting on the simulator.
  5. Deadlift.

Must use a linear weight gain system start with less and gradually increase. If everything is correctly distributed, taking into account the sequence of the exercise, then the results can be achieved very quickly.

When to expect an effect

If you follow all the recommendations: correctly set the simulator, start with less weight, constantly increasing it, do not make sudden movements, then the result will not be long in coming. Beginners say that after 2 weeks of classes, and this is 3 times a week for at least an hour in the gym, the first positive results are noticeable.

Maximum results can be achieved only if you regularly visit the gym, well, and adjust the power. Basically, protein food should be present in it.

Beginners need to remember:

  • no sudden movements, jerks lead to serious injuries;
  • incorrect parameters of the simulator, to engage in it, should be comfortable and convenient;
  • first you need to warm up, for example, you can perform walking on the simulator.

Leg extension in the simulator sitting, on quadriceps, lying down. Use, technique, which muscles work

Beginners who just decided to make their body beautiful, note that extension helps to remove the asymmetry of the thigh muscles, they strengthen the knee joint well, make the legs more resilient. The main thing is to carry out the first complex with the trainer so that he points out mistakes, and beginners make a lot of them, and after that, independently improve their forms step by step.

Leg extension in the simulator with improvised means This is a universal exercise that can be used by both men and women during training. With the help of such exercises, it is possible to make the relief of the hips more pronounced and aesthetic.

You can also carry out drying due to the targeted isolation of the quadriceps. If the main goal increase in muscle mass, you need to perform more difficult basic exercises, for example, squats. Beginners should consult an experienced trainer. so as not to make mistakes and not get hurt.

Video about leg extension in the simulator

Leg extension in the simulator. Video tutorial:

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