Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense – for all muscle groups

Circular training for girls in the gym is a good opportunity, both for burning fat, and to increase the stamina of the body and strengthen the heart muscle. There are many options for circular training, the main thing is to choose it correctly (for a beginner or for an experienced one) and competently perform it.

What is circular training

Circular training is a complex (circle) of exercises (from 4 to 12) that are performed sequentially one after the other without interruptions or with a minimum break (20-30 sec.). There can be 3 to 5 such repetitions of circles. At this time, all the muscles of the body are worked out, and not its individual groups. Rest between circles is longer – 2 – 5 minutes, so that the pulse normalizes.

Who needs a roundabout training

Circular training is suitable for beginners, for those who already have some experience in the fitness room and want to maintain their normal weight and their muscles in good shape. It should be borne in mind that the circular workouts for girls in the gym are of high intensity and high heart loads.

Positive and negative sides

Positive sides:

  • increased stamina;
  • fat is burned;
  • in a short time the whole body is pumped;
  • maximum oxygen consumption increases;
  • metabolism increases;
  • capillarization of all muscles increases;
  • possible to combine with cardio;
  • more calories are consumed in a short amount of time. Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups

Negative sides:

  • You can not deal with people with cardiovascular disease;
  • it is worth choosing the time for classes so that the necessary simulators are free;
  • monotony of training.

Circuit Training Efficiency

For maximum weight loss, it is due to fat, and not due to muscles or internal organs, it is necessary to supplement cardio with strength exercises. Due to strength training, glycogen (carbohydrate) reserves will be burned. In this case, the muscles will not be subject to growth, they will simply strengthen and become elastic.

During physical exertion, the human body is saturated with oxygen, which leads to the oxidation of fat cells and their destruction.

You should not burn fat very quickly, because it can lead to hormonal failure. The basic principle of fat burning: you need less calories than you consume them. There must be proper nutrition. With a lack of carbohydrates (energy), the body tries to take them from fats. The tangible results of stable weight loss are observed after 1.5-2 months.

Round robin options

A circular workout for girls in the gym has several options:

  • Beginners, classic;
  • Enhanced fat burning using simulators;
  • Directional study of specific muscle blocks on individual days of the week.

Features of a circular workout for girls

In girls, in general, the main fat accumulations are distributed in the areas of the abdomen and hips. It is provided by mother nature for the birth of a child. But often these reserves exceed the “allowable” ones. A feature of the circular training for girls in the gym for burning fat is to perform more exercises on the blocks of abdominal muscles and hips. Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups

It is better for girls to abandon the gym on the first day or two of a month, so as not to provoke a cycle violation. But if you wish, you can do it by excluding strength exercises for the abs and squats. Before class and immediately after graduation, his food is not taken. The effect of training is reduced. With colds and temperatures, training is not performed, because the body needs strength to fight the disease.

Drinking during classes is not recommended, you can only rinse your throat or mouth with plain water .

Beginner Circuit Training

Better for beginners is the classic complex of circular training without the use of simulators. For novice girls during a circular training session, simulators should be used that will maximally properly secure the body during power loads. It is better for beginners not to include free weights in the program, since they are designed for a trained person. Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups

The duration of classes at first should be 30-40 minutes, in the future it is increased to 1 hour. More than an hour to continue the circular training is not worth it, because the heart muscle is overloaded and problems can occur.

Circular training for enhanced fat burning

Unlike conventional strength training, a circular training session with the use of strength exercises on special simulators allows you to burn fat 25-30% more.

For enhanced fat burning in training centers, the following simulators are provided:

  • The pull of the upper muscle block behind the head.
  • Leg extension with weights on the simulator sitting.
  • Thrust block narrow handle to the stomach.
  • Lunges.
  • Exercise machine with upper handle for triceps.
  • Dumbbells 4 -11 pounds for lifting the biceps. Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups

The mat is used for exercises on the abdominal muscles during twisting.

Everything is done intensively, 16-24 times, without rest. It is enough to do 3 circles for one lesson, with breaks between them up to 5 minutes. End with an elliptical trainer, leading the heartbeat to normal. To get the desired result, it is enough to visit the gym after 1-2 days. This break allows the muscles to relax and recover.

Full body circular workout

At the beginning of the circle, light exercises are performed that will prepare the body for heavy loads. In the middle of the circle – heavy. Before training, it is good to perform cardio for 15 minutes to prepare the body for the main complex. The first 3-4 exercises are carried out for the thoracic muscle block, after which a short 60 second break. Circular trainingfor girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups

Then 3-4 more for squats and loads on the legs, followed by a short rest of 60 s. Last load press. Everything is performed from 10 to 12 times. So at a fast pace exercise 4 laps. Rest between circles 2-5 minutes. Finish the complex of a circular workout for the whole body with a calm hitch on an elliptical trainer.

Rest between circles and the number of circles

The number of training laps varies from 3 to 5 and depends on the intensity of the loads and the physical condition of the girl. Beginners need to start with 3 circles, gradually increasing the number to 5. Rest between circles is required. It will normalize the pulse and give a little relaxation to the body. Usually this period for a person is 3-5 minutes.

The most effective fat burning exercises

Circular training in the gym encourages the girl’s body to accumulate energy for muscle energy, and not to drive extra calories under the skin. The most effective fat burning exercises are power with light weights ( 4 -11 pounds). They must be performed with the maximum number of times.

For one circle, you can include 7 of the following exercises:

  1. Pulling on the bar;
  2. Push-ups from the floor or from the bench (triceps work);
  3. Lunges with a jump up;
  4. Lunges with 11 pounds dumbbells;
  5. Squats – arms with 7 pounds dumbbells are extended in front;
  6. In a prone position, twisting (squeezing) the press;
  7. Jumping rope.

Everything must be repeated up to 20 times. After the circle do relaxation (rest) up to 2 minutes. Perform 2-3 laps in one workout. This set of exercises is carried out in one of the 3 days of circular training, thereby adding variety to the classes.

Circuit Training Program: Example

The proposed circular training for girls in the gym affects the muscles of the back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs. It is intended for both beginners and girls with little experience in the gym. To optimize the time, the working area is prepared first.

Block simulators are selected for working out all muscle groups with the right technique:

  • Horizontal traction for the back;
  • Bench;
  • Mat;
  • Dumbbells of 11 pounds per bench;
  • 4 pounds dumbbells for raising arms through the sides or swing;
  • Dumbbells of 7 pounds per biceps;
  • Rope for triceps extension of arms.

Before starting the most circular training, do walking on a treadmill for 7 minutes at a speed of 4 mile per hour to bring the pulse to working condition. Then, in order to prevent the troubles (injuries, sprains and dislocations) associated with joints, ligaments and muscles, they warm up the body from top to bottom.

Starting position – hands on the belt, feet shoulder width apart, belly retracted:

  • tilting the head to the right and left shoulders;
  • turning the head to the right and left;
  • circular head movements in turn in both directions.
    Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups
    Circular training for girls in the gym should begin with a preliminary warm-up.

Starting position – feet shoulder width apart:

  • Hands are placed on the shoulders, rotation of the shoulders forward and backward (elbows should go at maximum amplitude);
  • Spins of straightened arms with maximum amplitude forward and backward ;;
  • Hands to the sides at shoulder level, circular motion of the elbow joint in and out.

Everything is done 8 times. The next stage is the exercises of the circular training itself.

1st – lunges with 11 pounds dumbbells:

Lunges deliberately work on the gluteus maximus, thigh biceps and triceps. From a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, take a wide step backwards with the right foot. Squat with a straight back, leaving a distance of 3’9 inch from the knee of the hind leg to the floor. The knee of the other leg should not extend beyond the toe of the foot. Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups

In order for the gluteus muscle to work better, the hind leg should rest on the toe, and not on the entire foot. The front knee during squats is not fully extended so that the load remains on the gluteal muscles. Breathe standardly: while lifting, exhale, while lowering, inhale. Squats are done 10 times with each foot.

2nd – working out the middle bundle of the delta muscle and restoring a calm breathing rhythm.

Use dumbbells 4 pounds. From the main position with arms down, the dumbbells are spread along the body through the sides to the height of the shoulders – breath. For a second they hold such a pose and return the dumbbells down – exhale. When executed, the diaphragm and intercostal muscles are activated. Do 10 times.

3rd – horizontal thrust.

With a flat back, they take weight and collect the shoulder blades. The working area is the back muscles, they perform exactly not very fast 10 times.

4th – study of the upper chest and triceps.

Used bench and dumbbell 7 pounds. They lie down on a bench and bend their arms with dumbbells 10 times and unbend. Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups

5th – triceps, spinal muscles.

7 pounds dumbbells are used. The case is vertical with arms bent at shoulder level. Raising your hands up – inhale, returning to your shoulders – exhale. So do 10 times. Deflection of the spine is unacceptable.

6th – work on biceps.

7 pounds dumbbells are used. The position of the body is vertical with arms down and outward. Bending the arms with dumbbells at the elbows, they touch their shoulders – inhale. Dumbbells are returned to their initial position – exhalation. And so 20 times.

7th – extension of the arms by grabbing the rope on a simulator with a weight of 22 pounds.

Triceps works. They make sure that the elbows do not go forward, but keep in place, pressed to the body. Only elbows work – up and down 20 times.

8th – compression, in which the entire muscle part of the abdomen works.

Lying on the rug, they lock the hands on the back of the head with a lock, and the legs are bent and crossed. Exhaling air, perform compression (twisting), inhaling return to their original position. Repeat 10 times. The first lap is completed by walking on a 3 mile per hour track for 3-5 minutes. Watching the breath: inhale through the nose, exhale throu
gh the mouth. Then stretch the muscles. Circular training for girls in the gym and at home. Fat burning and intense - for all muscle groups

The initial position is vertical with legs shoulder width apart:

  • Taking a deep breath, they pull their hands through the sides up. Then, on exhalation, lowering them forward to the height of the shoulders, the spine bends with the wheel, the more the better. All this allows you to stretch the spinal muscles.
  • Taking a deep breath, they spread their arms to the sides, palms facing inward. Exhaling air clasps the hands behind the back, while simultaneously stretching the pectoral muscles.
  • Stretch the biceps by grabbing the forearm with the other hand.
  • Stretch the front thigh. One of the legs is brought back, bending at the knee joint, and with a hand pull it to the body.
  • The gluteal muscle is pulled crouching on one leg, the other is placed over its knee. It is worth helping yourself, holding on to a support so as not to fall.

The circle is over. Repeat a circular workout up to 3 times. Upon completion of the third round, they go on to a hitch. This will help restore breathing, calm down and bring the pulse back to normal. Its intensity is less than at a workout. Perform a hitch on an elliptical trainer for 15-20 minutes.

Any circular training for girls in the gym solves not only her weight problems, but also improves her mood and improves her mental state. To get the best effect of weight loss, review the diet and the amount of food consumed.

Video: Circular training for girls in the gym

Lap training for a beginner, see video clip:

Circular training exercises for all muscle groups:

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