What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin

Stripplasty is a symbiosis of aerobics, gymnastic exercises and a seductive dance. Beginners can learn the graceful and sensual art of striptease at home. To do this, you need to know the basics of the dance direction, skillfully choose the right clothes and shoes, as well as follow some simple recommendations for home training.

What is striplasty

Fashionable modern direction is a unique mix of movements of professional choreography, plastic and fitness, with a drop of sensuality and the ability to control the body.

Striptease and stirlipplastics have very few common features in common:

  • The basis of striptease is sexuality, the art of outright seduction through the prism of gradual slow exposure. Striptease can be bright, artsy, showgirls-style, or classic pylon performance.
  • There is no place for vulgarity in strip-plastic ; dance is not associated with seduction or undressing.
  • Demonstrated grace, sexuality, but going beyond the bounds of decency.
  • In strip plastic, it is important to prepare the body for the dance, great attention is paid to stretching and practicing movements.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    Stripping for beginners at home will give not only a beautiful body, but also the pleasure of the process

Strip plastic is work on oneself, on one’s body and emotions. It is important not only to learn basic movements, techniques, but also to find your own individual style.

The benefits of striplasty

Dance is not about age or social status, but an internal feeling of harmony and freedom.

In addition to aesthetics, stripplastic for beginners at home has a lot of advantages:

  • Powerful fitness effect. In the classes on strip-plastic, emphasis is placed on physical activity, so the effect on the face will not be long in coming. Dance helps to make the figure precise, feminine, more plastic and flexible. Classes are also aimed at strengthening all muscle groups, which allows you to get rid of sagging skin, return the body to tone.
  • Losing weight. The intensity of striplastic for the loss of kilocalories is equivalent to fitness, pilates or shaping. Performing exercises even at home helps to get rid of a few extra pounds.
  • The formation of a feminine silhouette. Dance allows you to use all muscle groups, as a result of which the body is tightened, a beautiful relief is formed.
  • Possession of your body. Dance helps to achieve harmony and harmony of the inner world, aspirations and individuality with one’s own body. After a few classes, the back straightens out, the habit appears to hold the posture correctly, to stead smoothly and smoothly. The gait of the girls who are engaged in strip plastics is more feminine and confident.
  • Stress prevention, solving psychological problems. Classes of strip-plasty help women become more confident, get rid of many complexes. Dance makes it easier to tolerate stressful situations, relieves stress after a hard day, gives a charge of vivacity and a positive attitude. Moving, not only the body relaxes, but also the nervous system, which also sometimes needs rest. What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin

In addition to the benefits for psychological health, classes improve blood circulation, have beneficial effects on joints, the cardiovascular system.

How to choose a place in the room

For beginners, it is especially important to achieve an atmosphere of immersion, the surroundings for doing striptyplasty even at home should awaken sensuality, positive emotions.

When choosing or equipping a room, it is necessary to take into account a number of requirements:

  1. Space. The room should be spacious enough so as not to restrict movement. Dance is freedom, so there should not be any foreign objects or excessive piling in the room.
  2. Mirrors This is an indispensable element in the room for practicing strip-plastics. A full-length mirror wall or full-length mirror will help you immerse yourself in the process of training, observing yourself, control movements.
  3. Design. To add passion, expression, you need red color, and pink will bring notes of romance, help rapprochement. Lighting is an important component, you can use fluorescent lamps. The right atmosphere will help create a series of bulbs along the mirrors.

It is advisable that the classroom be separate so as not to disturb the intimacy of the process. The room should be well ventilated, and the surroundings and decoration themselves should be suitable for striptyping.

The choice of comfortable clothes and shoes

Stripping for beginners at home involves a choice of clothes and shoes.

Clothing requirements are as follows:

  • Convenience, comfort and practicality. It can be top and leggings, short shorts and a tank top. Clothing should give self-confidence, not interfere with freedom of movement, and not cause discomfort.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    Clothing and shoes should be comfortable.
  • Form. In simple home clothes it is difficult to feel like a vamp or seductress. The outfit should help the dancer to get used to this or that role.
  • The cloth. The movements in strip plastic are coupled with stretching elements, so it should be strong, flexible, smooth.

There are also a number of requirements for shoes:

  • Comfortable shoes with flat soles, for example, Czechs, are better for warming up.
  • The sole should not slip on the floor, it can lead to injuries during training.
  • After gaining the first experience, you can start dancing in shoes with a small heel. The foot should be well fixed.
  • Dance steps in striptease suggest emancipation. To fully demonstrate your skills, you can dance in high-heeled shoes. The main thing is to feel convenience and comfort.

Music selection

You can dance to any music. Traditionally selected playlist in the style of R’n’B. The rhythm of rhythm and blues, juicy vocals , a special direction and the whole philosophy that the musical style conveys, helps to demonstrate skills, to open as much as possible. The tracks Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Simpson or Rihanna can accurately convey the mood of the dance.

If the dance is stylized, you can choose the soundtrack for the film to create a beautiful performance. Music should correspond to mood, fantasies, but not principles. This is the only way to achieve the effect of complete emancipation.

To relax in dance, surrender to music, demonstrat
e plasticity and grace, you can choose slow relaxation compositions. Enigma sensual rhythms, seductive voice of Milen Farmer, compositions of Touch And Go, Madonna or Christina Aguillera will help to open emotionally.

Strip Training Program

Stripping for beginners at home is a step-by-step system program that includes the following classes:

  1. Stretching exercises , preparing the body for the dance.
  2. Defile. In order to learn how to move gracefully, you need to draw or conditionally present a straight line. Take your shoulders slightly back, proudly raise your head up. To complicate the task, you can put a book on his head. Now, having risen on his toes, it is necessary to step forward gracefully along the conventional line, slightly shaking his hips. It is important not to cross the line between a seductive step and vulgarity.
  3. Acting skills. Such exercises are needed to remove the stage clamp, to relax, to feel like a diva on stage.
  4. Plastic training on the floor. To learn plasticity on the floor will help a simple exercise. Sit on the floor as if in twine, but bend one leg under you. The back should be straight, and the hips should not turn. The free leg stretches up, the heel tends to the buttocks. Stretching is performed for 30 seconds, then change legs.
  5. Plastic training near the wall and pole. A simple exercise for beginners: stand facing the pole, holding his hand at a height of growth, put one foot at its base and bend back. Take the second leg to the side and scroll around the pole. To diversify the exercise, you can hold on to the pole with one leg or together with the hand and perform rotations. First, it is enough to complete 1 – 2 turns, gradually increasing the number.
  6. Work with the subject, dance near the chair. In the dance you can use any props, the main task is the organic and lack of discomfort. A staged chair can replace a pole, creating an equally exciting atmosphere.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    Strip plastic is a multicomponent process that involves the use of props
  7. Private dance staging. Private dance consists of 3 main stages: a graceful exit, dance progress to demonstrate oneself in all its glory. The second part is creating contact with a man in a dance. The third is a beautiful completion of the composition. You can take the idea of staging a movie motif or plot from a book.

The load and complexity depends on the level of the dancer. Since teaching dance style is a long process, you need to approach it with all seriousness. Before starting classes, an emotional mood, a sense of vitality and a desire to comprehend new facets of a seductive dance are important.

Standard warm-up – basic elements

A standard warm-up before doing striplasty is necessary for both beginners and experienced dancers. In order to make it difficult to complete complex ligaments at home, it is necessary to warm up the muscles.

There are a number of simple exercises for this:

  1. The legs are spread across the width of the shoulders, hands on the waist, circular movements of the head, rotation, and then turns back and forth, to the sides. An exercise in 4 counts is performed.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    You need to start the workout with light exercises
  2. Exercise for the shoulder girdle. The shoulders rise alternately, and then together, gradually increasing the amplitude.
  3. Chest warm up. Rotate points forward and backward and to the side, and then circular, connecting the points.
  4. Warm up for the back. Standing position, hands along the belt. The mixing of the shoulder blades is performed, rounding and straightening the back. An effective exercise for stretching your back is a kitty.
  5. Charge for the spine. Put your hands forward, and then perform the inclinations, reaching for your hands. The back position is straight.
  6. Workout for the thigh muscles. The body in the hips moves alternately left and right, stretching the muscles as much as possible.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    Exercises for warming up before stripping are no different from warming up before any other workouts
  7. Exercise “8” hips. It looks like the hips are a pencil that draws the number 8 in the air.
  8. Exercises for the legs. Squats in the sumo position are performed. Legs are wide apart, socks are turned outward.
  9. Lunges with legs forward and to the sides. Take the leg forward or to the side, do a squat on the allotted leg, then lift and return the leg to its original position.
  10. Performing a wave to prepare the body for the smooth execution of elements. Lie on the floor, bend your knees, place your feet at the width of the hips. Stretch out your hands, pressing your palms to the floor. As you exhale, draw in your stomach and raise your pelvis and back from the floor. On inspiration, straighten the body, forming a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. On the exhale, take the starting position.

The duration of the warm-up is about 30 minutes. It is necessary not only to warm up the body, but also to give a load to the muscles.

Stretching exercises

Stretching helps prepare the body for dance training, relieve muscle tension, restore flexibility and lightness. Preparing for the dance involves a warm-up, which includes stretching exercises, to develop movement dynamics and statics.

Basic stretching classes:

  • Standing straight, legs apart, bending a little knees. The head tilts slightly, one hand reaches up, as if behind an imaginary object. Repeat the action several times, alternately changing the hand.
  • Having become close to the wall, lean your hands on the wall. Perform a slow squat, sliding your palms along the wall, after fixing the position, slowly rise.
  • Lunges forward. In this case, the right hand should be wound behind the head, and the left hand to the side. At a smooth pace, perform tilting, fixing the pose, and then return t
    he body to its original position.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    Stretching helps prepare muscles for further exertion.

Static exercises are workouts in which all the muscles of the body are activated, while the parts of the body remain almost motionless.

A few statics exercises for striplasty:

  • Stand ballerinas. In a standing position, with your feet wide apart, perform toe squats, while raising your heels as much as possible. Squat is performed to parallel to the floor position.
  • Incomplete swallow. In a standing position and straight alternately one, and then the other leg is bent back to the maximum angle. The pose must be held for 5-10 seconds.
  • Plank on one leg. The body, as in the standard bar, is held parallel to the floor, but one leg stretches up.

Dynamic warm-up includes exercises in which these or other parts of the body are involved:

  • swings, circular rotation of the legs and arms;
  • tilts to the side and forward;
  • squats.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    Stripping workouts include dynamic exercises

Each time, stretching the muscles, the result needs to be fixed, gradually increasing the load.

Coordination work

After the first step to success in strip plastic surgery – stretching, you can proceed to the coordination training:

  • Tree pose. To straighten, bend the leg, pressing the sole of the foot to the inner surface of the thigh, fingers to point to the floor. Raise hands with joined palms up or hold in front of you.
  • Slopes. Spread your legs 2 times wider than your shoulders, extend your arms to the sides and leaning to the left, fixation for 3 respiratory cycles. Then tilt to the other side and down, touching the ankles with one hand and pulling the other up.
  • Holding the body in the “birch” position. Shoulders, nape and neck should be on the floor, the body is raised in an upright position. Hand help is allowed.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    Stripping requires perfect body coordination
  • Stand on one leg in the “heron” position. One leg is raised so that the thigh is in parallel with the floor or higher. Pull the sock on yourself. The arm of the same name should not be fully extended. The palms of both hands are pointing down, as if rested by 2 balls. Keep your balance with your eyes closed. At the end of the exercise, climb 3-5 times on the toe.

The result of regular work on coordination will be full possession of the body in the dance: beautiful jumps with a confident landing, graceful walk of the dancer, the ability to balance, performing pa in strip plastic.

To train coordination at home, it is enough to perform the following exercises daily:

  1. Standing with your feet apart, spread your arms to the sides. In this position, freeze for half a minute, closing your eyes.
  2. Rise as much as possible on socks, close your eyes, throw your head back and stand for 30 seconds.
  3. Cat gait. Put a ribbon or rope on the floor, and walk along it, rearranging the feet in front of each other.

Plasticity development

Striking plasticity dancer’s striking skills include striking plasticity.

To develop it, you must regularly perform the following exercises:

  • Rotation of the housing. Perform the movement of “8” with your whole body. Move smoothly, gradually engaging the whole body. Make sure that the rotation starts from the chest, and not from the lower back.
    What is striplasty. Classes for beginners at home. Movement, music, clothes. Where to begin
    High ductility is another requirement
  • We develop the plasticity of the hands. The Swan Wings exercise is a basic element of the dance. Initial posture – arms extended along the body. First you need to slowly rotate the brushes. Then increase the amplitude and connect the elbow joints. At the end, slowly raise your hands, using your shoulders.
  • Wave. Base element. The wave movements of the hands are performed, and then the body is activated. To complicate the element, you need to add a graceful advance forward.

How to learn to dance on video lessons

Stripplasty is hard physical work, you should not wait for lightning miracles, but if you exercise regularly even at home, you can achieve amazing results. For beginners there are manuals and training video lessons.

Frequency of classes

To achieve a positive result, classes of striptyplasty should be carried out regularly. Training should be carried out at least 2-3 times a week.

After a few workouts, a feeling of fit, full body control will appear. After 3-6 months, subject to a systematic implementation of the training program, you can perfectly learn how to dance strip plastic at home.

As if the artist paints a picture, the dancer creates a small performance, a celebration of grace and seduction. It is even possible for beginners to learn how to strip at home without the help of a professional trainer. Beautiful music, smooth and precise movements, the flexibility of a cat, a romantic atmosphere – all this is a celebration of a beautiful dance in the style of seductive strip plastic.

Useful videos about strip plastic

A set of movements for striplasty:

The basics of striplasty for beginners:

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