Oval facelift – lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

A facelift is a change in the contours of the face surgically or non-surgically, allowing you to preserve youth and beauty for a long time. It will not only change the contour of the face, but also allow the patient to be younger for at least 10 years.

Indications for a lift

Experts recommend resorting to such an intervention in the presence of the following problems:

  1. A serious change in the lower contour of the face with sagging cheeks and the formation of a second chin. Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo
  2. Lowering of the skin of the lower and upper eyelids.
  3. The formation of deep facial wrinkles: longitudinal folds on the forehead, deep grooves between the eyebrows.
  4. The presence of vertical wrinkles in the cheek area.
  5. Deep folds around the eyes with the closure of the outer corner of the eye or its lowering.
  6. Change in face shape. Visually, the circuit begins to resemble a wave.
  7. Hanging eyebrows over the eyes. Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

A facelift procedure will eliminate these signs of aging. This procedure can be used by women and men of any age, if indicated.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo
Changing the contours of the face after a lift.

It is especially recommended for those people whose facial epithelium is prone to sagging.


In the presence of the following diseases, the face contour lifting procedure will be refused:

  • serious kidney and liver disease;
  • malignant tumors or suspicions of them;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammatory skin diseases, eczema, wounds, allergic rash;
  • exacerbation of any chronic diseases;
  • serious abnormalities in the work of the heart;
  • poor blood coagulation.

A plastic surgeon approaches individually each patient, therefore this list of contraindications can be expanded

The doctor conducts a survey and examination of the patient, prescribes the necessary examination and only after that makes a prediction on the possibility of the procedure.

The patient, under the signature, gets acquainted with all the possible risks and agrees to the operation. Even with perfect health, there is the likelihood of various complications.

Non-surgical face and neck lift

An ideal way to get an excellent rejuvenation result is a non-surgical facelift and neck lift. It stimulates intercellular metabolic processes, as a result, skin regeneration processes improve. Epithelium under the influence of stimulants produces its own collagen.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Non-surgical procedures can be divided into the following 3 types:

  1. Chemical. Facelift occurs with the help of special acids.
  2. Mechanical. There is a mechanical effect on the upper layer of the epithelium.
  3. Laser For the procedure, special devices are used that smooth the skin.

Non-surgical tightening gives a good result, which will improve even after the end of the course of procedures.

Laser facelift

A unique feature of the laser is the ability to activate the internal reserves of the body for its own rejuvenation. Laser flashes stimulate cells that begin to actively produce collagen. The skin renews faster, the complexion improves, the skin becomes more elastic. Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

This method is approved for use if the patient’s age is from 18 to 70 years. It is best to resort to the procedure at the age of 35-40 years, when the first shallow folds of skin appear.

Before carrying out the rejuvenation procedure, the client should refrain from visiting the SPA salon, sauna and exposure to direct sunlight on the skin.

Before the operation, it is necessary to prepare the skin:

  • cosmetics eliminates dirt, sweat;
  • the keratinous layer of the skin is removed;
  • the skin is covered with a special cooling gel;
  • eyes are protected by special glasses.

After the procedure, the patient does not have to go through a long period of rehabilitation. Restoring the skin will take several days. The result can be estimated after 6 months, when the production of your own collagen begins.

After the operation, the client can get the following result:

  • expressive contour of the face;
  • elastic skin, on which wrinkles and pores are almost invisible;
  • healthy, even skin tone.

There are two ways to laser skin rejuvenation:

  • The method of ablation is layer-by-layer scraping of cells.
  • Non-ablative method.

Classic Laser Lift

A classic laser facelift is a serious risk-taking procedure. To cope with severe age-related changes, an in-depth effect on the skin is necessary.

If it is necessary to treat the entire surface of the face, the patient is given general anesthesia, and local anesthesia is used for small areas.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Using thermal radiation, a specialist first acts on the upper, then on the lower layers of the dermis. Removing the deep layers of the skin allows you to get rid of scars, deep folds, even out the contour of the face.

The procedure ends with the application of a mask, which should soothe the skin and relieve inflammation.

Non-ablative lifting

Non-ablative lifting is a type of laser method of facial rejuvenation. Its peculiarity is the thermal effect of the laser on the deep layer of the epithelium. The cells start the production of elastin and collagen.

The method is used to treat shallow facial wrinkles in patients aged 25-40 years. In cosmetology it is used to maintain the elastic state of the skin, as is the prevention of aging.

After completing the course of procedures, the client may not immediately detect positive dynamics, since cells need time to saturate with useful proteins. The effect can be observed no earlier than 10-14 days. A full-fledged result from non-ablative f
acelift appears in 3 months.

The general course takes 4 months, one procedure per month. Session duration no more than 90 minutes.

Fractional laser

The fractional procedure does not remove the entire surface layer of the epidermis. Eliminates 25-30% of the skin in small areas, that is, pointwise.

The procedure will require local anesthesia. It can be injected or apply a special cream. With a laser gun, thousands of small rays penetrate the inner layers of the dermis. Some cells are damaged by heat rays.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

A feature of the method is the general interaction of healthy and damaged cells. Healthy ones begin to actively produce antibodies, and damaged ones form collagen, which quickly penetrates into the “old” cells.

Such a lift can be carried out even on very sensitive skin of the eyelids. After the procedure, reddening of the treated area is observed, after a while it darkens, and then is updated.

A lasting effect is obtained after several procedures. Between skin resurfacing, a gap of one month should be observed. It is used for customers aged 25 to 55 years. Fractional tightening perfectly copes with deep folds and scars.

Thread Lift

The most effective and long-term way to preserve youth is with thread lifting. It avoids serious surgical intervention. This procedure is a cross between plastic surgery and cosmetic skin rejuvenation procedures.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

A thread face lift allows you to permanently protect the skin from sagging, to maintain attractiveness and a clear oval face. First of all, technologies differ in the ways of fixing the threads and their composition.

There are two main ways of fastening:

  • Fixed . The ends of the threads are fixed in the temporal. This technology not only helps to eliminate sagging, but also forms an oval face. The anti-aging effect is pronounced.
  • Standalone . Threads do not have attachment points. This technique allows you to make the skin more elastic without providing perfect alignment. Completely sagging in this way cannot be removed. At the time, sagging of the skin is eliminated.

The duration of the anti-aging effect varies depending on the technology and material used. With a fixed method using a gold or platinum frame, the effect is fixed for at least 10 years.

Thread rejuvenation does not require deep cuts of the skin, the integrity of the cover is slightly disturbed by small punctures.

Which threads are best for a facelift: mesothreads, Aptos

The first thread lifting procedures were performed with platinum or gold threads. This material allows you to create a dense frame. But later it was discovered that if the client wants to resort to face plastic in the future, the presence of threads creates big problems.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The gold frame is widely used at present. The highest grade metal has a beneficial effect on the inner layers of the dermis, accelerates metabolic processes, regeneration and collagen production. Due to this, the skin acquires not only elasticity, but also a healthy, fresh look.

In modern cosmetology, Aptos threads have become very popular. The technology consists in using two types of threads:

  • absorbable;
  • non-absorbable.

A special composition of the absorbable suture – lactic acid and caprolactone stimulate metabolic processes, due to which the anti-aging effect is maintained for a long period of time.

Long-term threads are made of synthetic material and provide reliable fastening.

Aptos secures the skin in the right direction with small hooks at the ends. The duration of the procedure is not more than 1.5 hours. The effect persists for 2 to 3 years. To fix it, contour plastic is necessary.

Thread lifting using mesothreads is a real way to stop aging. Lead Fine Lift sutures are inserted under the skin using very fine cosmetology needles.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The material of the mesothreads is hypoallergenic. After their introduction, there is no swelling and redness, they are completely invisible under the skin. The effect after their introduction is visible immediately and lasts for 2 years.

After insertion, a flexible framework forms under the skin, which perfectly survives. After a few months, the skeleton begins to decay, as a result of which the internal tissues of the skin are saturated with metabolites.

After the complete disappearance of the threads in their places, a small seal forms, which prevents the skin from sagging for 1.5-2 years. After this period, the procedure should be repeated.

Radio wave facelift

Radio wave lifting is a gentle skin rejuvenation procedure using special equipment. The device has a thermal effect on the upper layers of the skin and deep dermal layers.

Such an effect on the tissues contributes to their rejuvenation, the skin of the face is smoothed, becomes more elastic, acquires an even tone and fresh look.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The essence of the method is that radio waves are used to affect the skin. They activate youth cells – fibroblasts. Despite the pronounced thermal effect, you should not be afraid of skin burns.

The number of sessions the cosmetologist selects for each patient individually. If age-related changes are pronounced, up to 10 procedures may be needed. The best effect is observed for clients aged 35-40 years. The procedure is not prohibited for patients who have crossed the 60-year mark.

Facelift Fillers

The procedure for lifting the facial contour with fillers is offered in almost any reputable cosmetic salon.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Filler is a drug used to inject under the skin of the face or body, due to which small cosmetic defects are corrected. Filler is used to form the contour of the chin, remove small wrinkles, and form a clear outline of the lips.

Hyaluronic Acid Facelift

The introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin allows you to rejuvenate aging skin quickly and relatively inexpensively.

The procedure refreshes the complexion, removes small folds and wrinkles and helps to cope with sagging skin. Such plastic gives an instant result, and the effect lasts for 24 months.

SMAS (SMAS) facelift (types)

This is a special technique for influencing the tissues responsible for the appearance of the skin. The SMAS lif
ting procedure affects not only the upper layer of the epidermis, but also the subcutaneous tissue.

A special technology stimulates a deeper layer of muscle-aponeurotic structure, which is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

The modern beauty industry offers the following types of procedures:

  1. Classic – the doctor cuts off unnecessary tissue.
  2. Endoscopic. Less traumatic way. Micro incisions are made on the skin.
  3. Ultrasonic. This is a non-surgical way to rejuvenate your face with ultrasound waves.

Classical and endoscopic surgical methods contribute to the tension of the facial frame, so that the effect lasts up to 15 years.

Endoscopic facelift

This is a surgical procedure that has gained popularity due to the least injuries. A feature of endoscopic tightening is a small number of incisions 13/32 inch long. An endoscope is inserted into the holes, with the help of which unnecessary tissues are cut.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

A good surgeon makes incisions in “invisible” areas:

  • scalp;
  • the area behind the ears;
  • mouth.

This procedure is called “seamless”.

Surgical facelift

Surgical facelift is a plastic surgery. When it is carried out, a skin tightening occurs by removing excess tissue and fat.

The degree of surgical intervention can only be determined by a specialist. This is the most radical way of rejuvenation, which allows you to get a wonderful effect that lasts for many years.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo
Surgical facelift is a radical method of rejuvenation, in which excess tissue and fat are removed. Photos before and after lifting the lower third of the face.

The doctor may advise to introduce facial implants, make a thread frame. All these manipulations are optional. Plastic surgery can cope with serious aging of the skin, eliminate deep folds and wrinkles.

Thread surgical facelift with gold threads

Filament surgery is the procedure of implanting filaments of gold of the highest standard. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. From the finest golden threads a frame is created that “holds” the face. The process takes no more than two hours.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Previously, the surgeon determines the most “problem” areas, draws the contours of the location of the threads. Threads are introduced into the skin. After the operation, the skin is covered with a cream that has a healing and antiseptic effect.

It is best to decide on such a procedure before the age of 40 years. It is guaranteed to suspend the aging process.

Circular facelift: types

A circular lift is a surgical procedure that provides a deep impact on the skin. With the help of a surgical instrument, peeling of some sections of the epidermis is performed. Then the skin, as it were, “stretches” to the neck, cheeks and chin.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The whole procedure is carried out along the lines indicated by the surgeon. Typically, incisions are made in areas inaccessible to the eye. The patient does not feel anything during the procedure, as he is under anesthesia.

The surgeon individually approaches each client. Only with serous physiognomic abnormalities can a general lift be shown.

Plastic surgery identifies the following problem areas:

  • top;
  • lower;
  • average. Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The upper zone starts from the eyebrows, the lower – from the nostrils. Everything else is the middle zone.

Lower face lift

Surgeons call it a lift of the lower third of the face. It allows you to form a clear contour of the chin. Tissues are dissected along certain lines and extra sites removed. In a number of procedures, an excess layer of fat and muscle tissue is removed. After that, the skin “stretches” under the chin.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Plastic surgery of the lower zone allows you to improve the condition of the neck, remove the second chin, highlight the lower jaw .

Mid face lift

The operation allows you to get rid of age-related changes on the cheeks, cheekbones and the area between the lips and nose. It is believed that this area is primarily susceptible to aging.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Doctors recommend correcting the area up to 40 years. Incisions are made in the temporal and behind the ears. Excess tissue is removed.

Upper face lift

This area includes the forehead, eyebrows and eyelids.

The basis for surgery is the presence of:

  • pronounced folds on the forehead and nose;
  • overhanging eyebrows and their “rapprochement” with the upper eyelid or shift to the nose;

The surgeon makes an incision at a distance of 2 – 2’8 inch from the hairline. The technique of “tensioning” the skin with cutting off unnecessary areas is used.

Which lift is better

Only a plastic surgeon can answer this question, having become acquainted with the condition of the patient’s skin and its age-related changes.

Before deciding on cardinal surgical intervention, procedures with injections of hyaluronic acid are recommended. The stronger the wilting process, the more serious procedures should be resorted to. At the age of 50, you can do lifting. The type of procedure will be prompted by a cosmetologist. Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

When the skin has strongly lost its elasticity, there is a strong sagging and deep wrinkles – the best option is thread lifting or a circular facelift.

How much does a facelift cost surgically: price, cost

It is difficult to clearly determine the cost of a facelift surgically. It largely depends on the prestige of the clinic, its location and the methodology used.

It is
necessary to prepare for the fact that the amount will be very high.
An operation performed inal clinics will cost less than in the capital. In addition, the price depends on the number of cuts and seams.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

An individual approach is applied to each patient, therefore, each individual case has its own cost. On average, it varies from $ 816 – $ 4760.

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Postoperative period and rehabilitation after facelift

The more serious the intervention, the longer the recovery period will be. In some cases, the patient is advised to stay in the hospital of a plastic surgery clinic, and after certain procedures, skin restoration occurs within a few minutes. Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The rehabilitation period after operations is as follows:

  1. Laser lift. After classical exposure, it will take at least 3 weeks to recover with careful care of the treated areas.
  2. Non-ablative lifting . The recovery period is not more than 2 weeks, depending on the depth of exposure and individual skin sensitivity.
  3. Fractional laser. Rehabilitation will take several days, during which a slight reddening and itching will be noticeable on the face.
  4. Thread lifting. All swelling and redness at the puncture sites completely disappear after a month.
  5. Radio wave lifting. The convenience of the method is that after it there is no recovery period. The treated area of the skin may temporarily turn red. After a few minutes, there is no trace of pigmentation.
  6. Facelift fillers. From injections on the face there will be no trace for 1-2 days. The general rehabilitation period is 1 month, during which you can not do facial massage.
  7. Facelift with hyaluronic acid. Traces of injections disappear within 2-3 days.
  8. SMAS (SMAS) facelift in the classical way . With this method, the patient will need about 2 months for rehabilitation. Usually you have to spend some time in a hospital.
  9. SMAS (SMAS) face lift endoscopic method . After this less traumatic method, rehabilitation will be needed from 3 weeks to one month.
  10. SMAS (SMAS) facelift ultrasound. Recovery will take no more than 2 weeks.
  11. Thread surgical facelift with gold threads. Skin restoration takes 2-3 weeks. During this time, there is a slight swelling in the puncture sites, bruises. After a month, all problems disappear.
  12. Circular facelift. It may take several months to fully recover. All depending on the technique of incisions, their quantity and the ability of the skin to regenerate.


Depending on the method of facelift, various complications are possible. Very rarely, their manifestation is possible due to the individual characteristics of the body.

In most cases, irreversible complications arise when contacting an incompetent specialist or violating a doctor’s recommendations during postoperative rehabilitation.

The main complications after the laser skin tightening procedure:

  • prolonged redness and inflammation in the treated areas;
  • dark spots;
  • swelling;
  • hematoma;
  • hair loss followed by restoration.

Complications after thread lifting:

  • partial loss of facial abilities;
  • damage to the facial nerve (a very rare consequence);
  • puffy appearance (too pronounced cheeks, raised eyebrows, extended eyes and the like);
  • allergic reactions.
Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo
This is how the face looks after the procedure of thread lifting. Redness of the skin, hematoma and some swelling of the treatment area are visible. These effects of the intervention pass over time.

Complications after a circular facelift:

  • visible scars and scars that do not disappear on their own;
  • loss of symmetry, sensitivity of fragments of the face. Numbness, lack of facial expressions;
  • damage to the facial nerve. Possible distortion of the face.

In most cases, bruises, hematomas, swelling pass over time. All other consequences are very difficult to eliminate.

How to tighten your skin after losing weight

Very often, after a sharp weight loss, the skin loses its elasticity. It seems that several years have increased by age.

To restore skin elasticity, it is necessary to carry out a number of measures:

  1. Gymnastics for the face.
  2. Contrast shower, that is, alternately dousing the face with warm and cold water.
  3. Baths with infusions of medicinal herbs – sage, chamomile, rose hips and others.
  4. Nourishing masks with vegetable oils.
  5. Home peeling. For this, natural ground coffee with various additives is used: yogurt, olive oil.
  6. Massage in a beauty salon.

In order not to face the problem of sagging skin after losing weight, you should avoid a sharp change in weight, do not give up sour-milk products and fish, saturate the skin with nutrients using creams and masks.

How to tighten face skin at home

Some facelift procedures carried out in beauty salons can be successfully repeated at home. At the same time, a woman saves her time and money.

The following home procedures can restore elasticity to the skin of the face:

  • tightening masks;
  • massage;
  • physical education for the muscles of the face.

If these actions are carried out regularly, the result will be noticeable in a month.

The mask is selected individually for each type of skin. It should be applied at least 3 times a week. You should alternate nourishing masks with moisturizers.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Massage is carried out with fingertips. It should be noted that with a tendency to rosacea or increased skin sensitivity, this procedure is contraindicated.

Exercises should be done in front of the mirror. Effective is the tension of the neck muscles by stretching the chin or articulating the letters “U” and “I”.

Facelift Exercises

Exercises should be performed every day, allocating for this
10 – 15 minutes of free time. If you do not stop the exercises, a clear effect will appear in a couple of months. Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Gymnastics is performed separately for each facial zone:

  1. The area between the eyebrows. To remove the folds from the bridge of the nose, press the index fingers of both hands to the folds, try to frown, then relax the muscles. The exercise is repeated 10-15 times. Then with folded 3 fingers, lightly tap the area between the eyebrows.
  2. Forehead. In a lying position, with the help of index fingers raise eyebrows, fix the position. Now they press on the arcs with your fingers and sharply lower them down. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  3. Cheeks. To strengthen the muscles in this area, you should smile. The more times you succeed in doing this, the stronger the effect. Ideally, the exercise should be repeated at least 30 times. Have a little rest and puff out their cheeks, trying to hold their breath for 30 seconds. Then slowly blow out the air. Repeat 20-30 times.
  4. Chin, neck and lips. They try to tighten their lips so that the corners tighten. Fix the position for 20 seconds, then relax the mouth. Then they put their lips in a tube and pull them forward for a few seconds, then they smile, repeat the exercise 20 times. They push the lower jaw forward, trying to tighten the muscles of the neck as much as possible, repeat at least 15 times.

Even after receiving a positive result, do not stop performing facial gymnastics. Daily physical education of the face will prolong youth for a long time.

Massage for face oval lift at home

A rejuvenating massage is a great way to bring your skin to an elastic state. Its main task is to influence the muscle tissue, which is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Result after massage:

  1. Full smoothing of small wrinkles, prevention of their formation.
  2. Perfect face contour.
  3. Improving complexion, the disappearance of circles under the eyes.
  4. Healthy skin color, perfect tone and relief.

After several days of regular procedures, a noticeable effect is manifested.

Before proceeding with self-massage, you should consult with specialists. According to the condition of the skin, it may be contraindicated.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The main rule is not to stretch the skin, the procedure is carried out only on massage lines with cleanly washed hands and in a good mood.

Massage lines for facelift

The massage line is the direction in which the fingers move, in which the skin is least stretched. Following the lines, you can perfectly tighten the skin, improve the contour of the face.

You can’t usd the cream or massage your face randomly, because of this the epithelium can stretch, as a result, the skin will become sagging, many fine wrinkles will appear.

Beauticians determine the following massage lines:

  • From the center of the chin to the cheeks and up.
  • From the corners of the lips to the ears.
  • From nose to face contour.
  • Line of nose from top to bottom, wings of nose from top to bottom.
  • On the forehead, the lines are from the center to the periphery.
  • Massage lines around the eyes begin from the inner corner of the upper eyelid to the outer, then from the outer edge along the lower eyelid to the inner.

Any movement along the lines should be light, sliding. It is more convenient to carry out the procedure using high-quality natural oil or cream.

Cosmetics for facelift

Cosmetic products should be selected based on age and skin condition. On the market, such products are presented in the form of creams, gels, masks and serums. The period of use of the product is important. Do not wait for the effect of a single or irregular use of the product.

The effect is given by long courses using a series from one manufacturer.

Lifting cream Black pearl

Products from Black Pearl are among the best-selling American cosmetics. Women note that it is ideal for the age category that is indicated on the package.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The manufacturer company promises to smooth out small and large wrinkles after 14 days of use. The contour and complexion should improve. It is indicated that the composition of the product is 100% natural.

The average cost of a jar with 1,69 fluid ounce of cream is $ 2,04. After using it, women noticed that the skin becomes more velvety and fresher, the complexion improves, and wrinkles are smoothed out.

Lifting Cream Garnier

Cosmetic product for women over 45. A feature of the cream is the acceleration of skin regeneration processes. The cream smoothes out fine facial wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic. Particularly suitable for dry skin.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

After using it, 85% of women surveyed have improved complexion. The skin becomes velvety, youthful and well-groomed.

The price of a jar of night cream varies in the of $ 5 – $ 5.

Lifting Cream

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The product is intended for women who are over 45 years old. Ideal for dry, aging skin.

The light texture of the cream covers the skin with an invisible film, which has a pronounced smoothing effect.

Women indicate that after prolonged use of Givenchy lifting cream, the facial contour is noticeably tightened, small wrinkles are smoothed out.

Givenchy produces several types of funds to combat age-related changes. One of the options for LIntemporel Givenchy cream will cost the buyer $ 128.

Lifting Cream Korea

Medical cosmetics from Korean manufacturers has gained great popularity among the women of our country. The peculiarity is that most of the series are produced with small probes and the buyer can try a small amount of the product before buying the full amount.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Natural ingredients, oriental youth recipes and affordable price attract customers. The most positive reviews received face cream Mizon Collagen Power Lifting Cream with the effect of lifting.

Buyers note that the cream perfectly tightens the skin and eliminates age-related changes. The only drawback is addiction. That is, you can not take a break in the use of the product, since the skin almost immediately becomes flabby and saggy.

For one jar of cream will have to pay about $ 9,52.

Chanel lifting cream

Cream from the Chanel brand of the le Lif series does not set the lifting effect as the main objective. It can be used by women of different ages to provide perfect care. The active substance of the drug – the extract of the roots of edulis – perfectly fights free radicals and has valuable antioxidant properties.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

According to women, after the first application the effect of “polished” skin is created. The skin looks well-groomed, smooth, fresh.

The price of one jar is $ 75.

Vichy lifting cream

Most manufacturers of anti-aging creams insist on prolonged use of the product to obtain a good result.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Vichy developers claim that the visible effect will manifest itself on the fifth day of using the product. This result gives a unique, patented component of ramnose.

The cream returns the lost youth, smoothes wrinkles, the contour of the face takes on a clear outline.

Due to the unique composition of the product, restoration processes of the skin are activated.

As a result, the cells are rejuvenated. Most women experience amazing results from the first days of using the product.

The cost of the cream is about $ 10,88 per jar of 1,69 fluid ounce.

Lifting cream Lankom

Lancome has developed an excellent anti-aging agent that gives the face a clear contour, rejuvenates the skin.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Women note that after using the product, the skin becomes well-groomed, toned and glows with health.

Such an elite night-time anti-aging cream costs about $ 23 per pack in 1,69 fluid ounce.

Lifting cream mom and baby Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

The main component of the cream is collagen. It is a decrease in the amount of this protein that causes early withering of the face skin.

The tool perfectly tones and moisturizes the skin. It can be used not only for the face, but also for the body. The product is intended to prevent the formation of stretch marks in pregnant women.

According to women, the product slightly tightens the skin, not completely eliminating stretch marks.

Products are available in 5,07 fluid ounce plastic tubes. It is sold at a price of $ 1 – $ 2 apiece.

Lifting cream Loreal

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Well-known manufacturer of quality cosmetics. Reviews about the cream are different. But most women note that the age cream from Loreal helps get rid of deep wrinkles.

With constant use, the tone of the face is noticeably evened, the skin is tightened. This is due to exposure to hyaluronic acid and proxylan.

A jar of Revitalift lifting care cream, 1,69 fluid ounce, will cost about $ 8,16.

Cream lifting Bark with the effect of Botox. Price

Advertising claims that the cream has a Botox effect. The product has a unique composition of peptides of plant and animal origin, enriched with vitamins, extracts from medicinal herbs and hyaluronic acid.

Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

Users respond well to the tool. Most of the women surveyed say that the cream copes with almost all age-related skin changes. The general condition improves, the skin tightens, wrinkles disappear.

The cream is sold in containers of 1,69 fluid ounce, at a price of about $ 5,44.

Lifting Cream Clean Line Oval facelift - lifting, creams for the skin, threads, masks, exercises at home. Photo

In pure line cosmetics, only natural ingredients are used.

To combat age-related changes, a cream “strength of 5 herbs” with a pronounced lifting effect is recommended.

Natural composition promotes natural skin rejuvenation. Customer reviews indicate that the cream copes well with small wrinkles around the eyes, perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

With a lifting effect, an eye cream is produced. For a tube of 0,85 fluid ounce, you need to pay about $ 1,36.

Mask for facelift. Recipe

The simplest mask that perfectly smoothes the face can be made from ordinary chicken eggs. The effect of the mask is instant, but it lasts a short time. With regular procedures, you can fix it for a long period.

The egg can be used as a separate component, or mixed with lemon juice, honey, milk.

A one-component egg mask is done as follows:

  • Separate the yolk from the protein.
  • Using a fork, beat the yolk lightly.
  • Using a brush or cotton pad, apply it to previously cleansed face skin.
  • They are in a comfortable position for 15 minutes. In this case, you can not talk, smile and make any other facial movements.
  • The mask is washed off with warm water.

After it, you need to apply your favorite cream on the face. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week.

A facelift is the result that is achieved through diverse surgical and non-surgical procedures

They differ in cost, methods, duration of rehabilitation and effectiveness.

Useful face-lift videos

Home collagen mask for facelift:

A set of exercises for non-surgical facelift:

How is a circular facelift performed:

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