Omorfia (Omorfia). Free plastic surgery. How to get, make, photo before and after, promotions

Omorphia is an unusual project that gives everyone a chance for free plastic surgery. There are people who are not satisfied with their own appearance, on the background of which self-esteem is underestimated. Omorphia will help correct the situation and look at life with different eyes. Aesthetic surgery will get rid of any shortcoming.

About the project Omorphia. Area of activity

Omorphia is translated from Greek as “beauty.” The goal of the project is to conduct various plastic surgeries for free. Each project participant submits an application for participation in the action, taking into account the necessary type of surgical intervention. Omorphia demonstrates the real possibilities of modern plastic surgery.

The project is attended by numerous qualified surgeons at the SPIK Beauty Institute. Despite the many advantages, there are not only positive, but also negative aspects of the project, which many users talk about.

Plastic surgery

Omorphia – free plastic surgery, which is the only chance for many to correct the shortcomings of their appearance. Most girls and women, even men, use the services of plastic surgeons.

Omorfia (Omorfia). Free plastic surgery. How to get, make, photo before and after, promotions

High-quality plastic surgeons perform the following operations:

Title Description
Mammoplasty The procedure provides for breast correction (reduction, enlargement, tightening, recovery after partial or complete removal of the mammary glands). Female breasts become aesthetic, toned, elastic. Thanks to mammoplasty, she takes on seductive forms and looks young.
Face and neck plastics A set of operations with which doctors improve the proportions and contours of the nose, eyelids, cheekbones, chin, jaw and forehead. Facial plastic surgery also provides for transgender changes in a person’s appearance. Frontoplasty is used to correct forehead. With its help, strongly protruding eyebrows are reduced. Rhinoplasty helps to change the appearance of the nose.
Body plastic The operation helps to eliminate various physical defects on the body (drooping skin, folds, stretch marks, flabby muscles, a large amount of subcutaneous fat). Partially such defects can be hidden with clothing. But to completely get rid of the shortcomings will help body plastic.
Intimate plastic Modern plastic surgery eliminates congenital or acquired problems that affect the human genitals. You can change the size and shape of the labia, make the entrance to the vagina narrower or wider. The operation to restore virginity is very popular.

Thanks to a well-developed area in medicine, patients get a safe and effective result. This is evidenced by numerous positive reviews, photographs before and after operations.

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Cannula – what it is, as it is used in cosmetology and medicine.


Correct expressed age-related changes and visual imperfections will help modern aesthetic cosmetology. Omorphia – free plastic surgeries that are performed under certain conditions.

The following services are offered to participants of actions for the correction of appearance:

Omorfia (Omorfia). Free plastic surgery. How to get, make, photo before and after, promotions

Title Description
Injection cosmetology The procedure allows you to reduce and prevent new external signs of skin aging (wrinkles, gravitational ptosis). Injection cosmetology is also called “beauty injections.” The advantage of the procedure is that there is no risk of skin damage. Many skin imperfections are purposefully eliminated. The habitual life of the patient continues, without significant changes.
Hardware cosmetology Modern cosmetologists use special devices in their work to correct the face and body (ultrasound, microcurrents, infrared and radio frequency radiation). Hardware cosmetology allows you to remove various age-related changes, restore the electrical balance in the cells. Also remove fats, scars, age spots, restore the skin and saturate it with hyaluronic acid.
Laser cosmetology Laser techniques are absolutely safe and effective. The procedure is carried out at any age. The risks of complications or an allergic reaction are minimal. During the procedure, laser beams are used that penetrate deep into the skin and activate its natural processes without damaging the cells.
Comprehensive rejuvenation Comprehensive procedures for rejuvenating the face and neck are recommended after 30 years. In cosmetology, injections of botulinum toxin type A and injections with drugs that contain hyaluronic acid are used for this. For complex rejuvenation of the neck and decollete, contour plastic surgery, plasmolifting, fractional photothermolysis are used.
Thread lifting The procedure allows you to adjust or tighten your face with mezzanines. Resorbable sutures are implanted into the skin using microinjections. Pronounced nasolabial folds, wrinkles near the lips, eyes and between the eyebrows are removed. Thread lifting also allows you to cope with the asymmetry of the face, even out the skin texture.
Permanent makeup The service is suitable for women who do not want to spend their time applying daily makeup. Colored pigments are used that are not smeared or washed off. Permanent make-up evens out the contour of lips and eyebrows, and corrects appearance. To achieve maximum results, you should adhere to all the recommendations of a cosmetologist:
  • on the first day, apply Bepanten cream to the treated skin;
  • do not strip off the crust after the procedure;
  • 2-3 days do not use cosmetics.

After a month, if necessary, you can make a correction.

Professional beauty care Popular procedures help maintain skin and body in excellent condition, care for them with peeling, masks, cleansing, wrapping.

Omorfia (Omorfia). Free plastic surgery. How to get, make, photo before and after, promotions

A modern and well-chosen operation for the skin also helps to slow down the aging process.


Every week a new promotion is published on the project website. Everyone can take part in it. One action lasts 3-4 months, starting from the publication of information on the site and ending with the selection of the winner. All participants of the action have real chances for a free operation.

The project is carried out in several stages:

  1. 2 people are randomly selected. The third participant is the user with the highest rating due to his activity on the project.
  2. The winner of the action is chosen by the doctor after consultation with people in the clinic.

Omorfia (Omorfia). Free plastic surgery. How to get, make, photo before and after, promotions

Take part in the project in 2 main ways:

Title Description
Permanently The participant is registered on the project website. Chooses the necessary operation, doctors, place and time of the procedure. The user’s application will be automatically submitted each time to a suitable operation.
One-time participation The person on the page of a specific operation is registered in the action.

The chances of winning increase if the user actively participates in discussions, leaves comments. He also creates blogs related to plastic surgery.

The doctors

Omorphia is a free plastic surgery performed by qualified and professional doctors.

Leading plastic surgeons and cosmetologists work in the project:

Doctor (F.I.O.) Direction
Arbatov Vyacheslav Vitalievich Plastic surgeon
Gladyshev Dmitry Vladimirovich PhD, surgeon of the highest category
Golovataya Irina Vyacheslavovna Plastic surgeon
Zakharov Anton Igorevich Plastic surgeon
Abolin Arvid Borisovich Orthopedic Traumatologist
Safonova Lyubov Nikolaevna Plastic surgeon
Omorfia (Omorfia). Free plastic surgery. How to get, make, photo before and after, promotions
Omorphia, plastic surgeries are performed by experienced doctors.

This is an incomplete list of doctors. According to the rules, experts transform for free every person who has shown the highest activity on the site and has become a winner.

How to make an appointment and get an appointment

Consultation with finalists is carried out in a specific clinical institution. The plastic surgeon conducts a conversation with each person individually. After consultation, makes a decision and selects the main winner.

Omorphia – free plastic surgery that everyone can afford today. Previously, there were few clinics; the quality of services did not satisfy patients. There was no clear control system over specialized agencies. People discussed unsuccessful operations and the poor results of doctors.

Today, thanks to the project, many girls and women have received real hope to become more beautiful. A plastic clinic signs a contract with each winner. It indicates all the details of the operation, as well as the patient’s responsibilities. The project participant needs to maintain his blog, write reviews on the clinic website, and talk about the results throughout the year after the procedure.

Competitions in Omorphia

Shares are carefully monitored by administrators. Separate projects are created for site participants, in which you should also take part in order to increase the rating and score more points. Victory will be ensured not only by luck, but also by high user activity. Even here you will have to face difficulties, as everyone seeks to win.

Omorphia is an honest project, with strictly enforceable requirements.

Omorfia (Omorfia). Free plastic surgery. How to get, make, photo before and after, promotions

Free plastic surgeries are carried out within the framework of the established rules. There are conscientious activists who comply with all norms and participate in contests, promotions, and help other participants. There are also provocateurs and arrogant users. They cheat to increase the number of their points, wind up a rating.

Customer reviews

Real user feedback is proof that free plastic surgery helps radically change lives. Given the financial situation, not many can afford to fix external flaws. Therefore, people choose the project “Omorphia”.

After the operation, the winner of the action throughout the year continues to share his feelings and pho
tos, which confirm the high quality of the surgeon’s work. The disadvantage is that you have to wait a long time, while leading an active life on the site in order to constantly gain a rating.

As the project continues, some users lose faith in a brighter future, give up and abandon the free opportunity. Winners are carefully checked before choosing the final. It is important that a person honestly gaining a rating, without cheating cheating fought for the right to become a finalist. Otherwise, it is removed from the action, reducing the number of points.

Omorfia (Omorfia). Free plastic surgery. How to get, make, photo before and after, promotions

Then you have to start all over again, earning yourself a good reputation and a high rating. Dissatisfied feedback from participants is based on the fact that it is not enough to register on the project. It is necessary to strictly follow the rules of promotions and competitions, visit the site more often. According to user reviews, it’s really possible to become a winner, there are even participants who won more than once in promotions.

Active users are given a discount (20%) on the necessary type of operation (rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, complex rejuvenation). To obtain it, you first need to score 200000 points.

Given the many positive reviews about the Omorphia project, we can conclude that it gives hope to many women and girls to change their future. This is especially true for young mothers, the body after pregnancy, which has changed dramatically. This also includes women who are faced with the natural processes of aging of their body, but they are full of desire to stay young.

The negative is based only on the fact that many participants have to wait a long time or a small rating does not allow them to break into the lead. Before deciding on a free plastic surgery, it is important to visit a specialized doctor.

You should also undergo a full medical examination, as there are certain contraindications. The project “Omorphia” is not recommended for users with heart, kidney, and liver diseases. The same applies to patients with diabetes, hypertension, allergies.

Video about Omorphia

Intimate plastic project Omorphia:

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