Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results

Squats – this is one of the main and most effective strength exercises, the foundation of which is perseverance and self-confidence. Women most often perform squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, men – for the general strengthening of the muscles of the back, hips and abdomen.

The essence and basic principles of squats for weight loss

Squats are included in all the basic physical training programs that everyone faces in one way or another – gymnastics in sports clubs in childhood, morning exercises, training in the fitness room.

The correct technique of squats allows you to tighten the muscles of the buttocks, abdominals, back and legs, at the same time, metabolism is accelerated, calories are spent, and blood is saturated with oxygen due to increased heart rate.

Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides to achieve maximum effect must be performed in accordance with the compiled program, which should include regular exercises with a variety of sets of exercises.

Trainers recommend doing exercises in several approaches with an interval of 3 to 5 minutes, starting with 15-20 squats and gradually increasing their number. In order not to harm your health, you should not immediately start with 90 times. The best option is to increase the number of squats by 5 times a day, however, if the sensation exercises do not cause difficulties, the figure can be increased.

As a result of each approach, tension should be felt in the legs, buttocks and all involved muscles. When severe pain occurs, attention should be paid to the technique of performing the exercises and to the amount of load – perhaps an illiterate program is taking place.

Basic principles of correct squats:

  1. In the initial position, the legs are put straight, the heels are pressed to the floor, hands can be bent at the elbows, lowered to the hips or stretched forward. The head should not fall, and the gaze rushes forward. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results
  2. The hips should be parallel to the floor when lowering, as if they had sank into an invisible chair. The angle between the lower leg and thigh should be straight.
  3. Squatting is performed slowly, the weight of your own body and the work of each muscle should be felt. It is necessary to linger for 2-4 seconds and also gradually rise. The back during the exercise should be flat and straight, the knees should not diverge in different directions, and the heels should always be pressed to the floor.
  4. Squat breathing should be consistent with movement – this principle works with any physical activity. When lowering, a breath is taken, when lifting – exhale. Deep and measured breathing will allow the heart to calm down.

Indications for squats for weight loss

As a result of many years of observation and scientific research, the medical community has come to the conclusion that doing squats, including as a preventative measure, will be useful:

  1. With heart diseases (ischemia, arrhythmia) – because during physiotherapy exercises training of the heart muscle occurs. However, given the severity of the disease, squats should not be performed without medical supervision.
  2. With arthrosis of the knee joint, rehabilitation after a knee injury – due to improved blood supply to the thigh muscles, nutrition of the knee joint improves, internal tissues are restored. Squats for this disease should also be done under the supervision of a specialist.
    Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results
    Squats are useful not only for losing belly and sides, but also for maintaining healthy joints.
  3. For the prevention of fatigue, leg pain, varicose veins – since the blood flow velocity in the blood circulation from the heart to the legs increases, the elasticity of the vessels increases.

Contraindications to doing squats for weight loss

Squatting affects many body systems. Therefore, in the event of a malfunction of any of these systems, you should limit the load from this type of exercise or even completely abandon them, since there is a risk of further aggravating the situation.

Squats are not allowed in the following cases:

  • the presence of injury, fracture;
  • muscle inflammation;
  • with diseases of the joints, in particular, knee, and musculoskeletal system;
  • back pain, spinal injury, scoliosis or other spinal deformities;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • hernia.

The limitation regarding deep squats or intense loads concerns:

  • pregnant Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results
  • people with exacerbation of any disease at elevated body temperature;
  • persons overweight more than 66 pounds;
  • with menstruation, menopause;
  • with insufficient flexibility.

If there are any doubts about the harmlessness of performing squats, you should consult with a therapist or with a narrow specialist if he is registered.

Useful Tips

The most competent and accurate advice on the performance of any exercises can be given by a qualified trainer or doctor, since they examine each person (patient) individually and help to choose the most suitable and effective options for squats and other exercises.

If possible, it is preferable to start playing sports under the guidance of a trainer who will help in drawing up an individual training program, verify the correct implementation of the technique and correct mistakes.

Before starting the lesson, you should take care of the equipment. Clothing should be comfortable, not restricting movement. It is best to give preference to natural tissues that will allow the skin to breathe.

The choice of shoes is also strategically important, because the position of the entire upper body depends on the sole and comfort of the foot. Instead of a sneaker, it is better to wear sports shoes designed for jogging and other physical activities.

In the absence of contraindications and, if possible, weighting agents can be used. The extra weight in the form of dumbbells, a barbell or regular water bottles will increase the load on the back and legs, but you should be aware of a sense of proportion. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results

Recently, a popular trend is the use of special gadgets that keep track of lost calories, the number of heartbeats. These devices will help control overall well-being, but their absence will not affect the effectiveness of the workout, so you can do it without additional financial costs.

In order to directly prepare the body for intense and energy-intensive movements, it is necessary to do a warm-up. Tilts, turns of the body, head, arms, knees, running in place, a delay of several seconds in a shallow squat will help increase blood circulation in the limbs, warm up the muscles and prevent possible injuries.

Classes at home should begin only after studying the theoretical technique of squats, watching video lessons and training in front of the mirror. In order to develop the correct technique, you can practice crouching on a chair, but not touching its surface.

At the st
age of preparation for classes, you should decide on a training program in advance. Ready-made tables that indicate specific days of the month, the number of approaches and the nature of the exercises that need to be performed in them can be found on the Internet.

If you feel a strain during the program, you can reduce the number of squats. It is also necessary to provide for several days free from classes.

The table shows an example program for a month:

Men Women Men Women
Day 1 40 30 Day 16 110 100
Day 2 55 45 Day 17 90 80
Day 3 65 55 Day 18 120 110
Day 4 recreation recreation Day 19 130 120
Day 5 85 75 Day 20 130 120
Day 6 95 85 Day 21 100 90
Day 7 105 95 Day 22 120 110
Day 8 105 115 Day 23 120 110
Day 9 125 115 Day 24 140 130
Day 10 100 90 Day 25 105 95
Day 11 120 110 Day 26 recreation recreation
Day 12 150 140 Day 27 140 130
Day 13 105 95 Day 28 110 100
Day 14 110 100 Day 29 140 130
Day 15 recreation recreation Day 30 155 145

Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results

Gradually, you can reduce the rest intervals to 1-2 minutes, and increase the number of squats. The best option – the first approach to do more squats than the second, and with each approach to reduce this number. It is worth remembering that the most important thing is not the number of squats, but quality, i.e. the correctness of their implementation.

In total, the lesson should last about half an hour. In order to make the lesson more positive and energetic, it is recommended to turn on rhythmic music, which will not only provide moral support during intensive training, but also allow you to focus on breathing.

The main set of exercises

There are various types of squats, differing in the difficulty of performing and a certain part of the body, which accounts for most of the load. To bring the whole body to tone, you should combine different types of squats.


Starting position – standing, legs at shoulder level, arms bent at the elbows in front of you, your eyes fixed on your face, stomach tucked in. It is necessary to slowly start the squat, taking the tailbone back, the knees do not go beyond the line of the toes, and the heels do not lift off the ground, in the lower position linger for 2-4 seconds and straighten. Begin training with 15-20 repetitions of 3 sets. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results

The emphasis in this exercise is on the hips, on the buttocks, and calories are also burned. Beginners should start with them.


Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, as well as for working out the inner part of the thigh, must be performed as follows – in this embodiment, the legs need to be spread wider, the feet look on the sides. Squat is performed to the lowest possible position, when the angle between the thigh and lower leg is straight. Hands are located on the belt, you can bend them at the elbows or fold them at the back of the head.


Initial position – one leg crosses in front of the other. Hands can be lowered to the bottom or left on the belt. When squatting, the body moves back, the legs bend at a right angle, and the heels come off the ground. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, resultsThe main body weight falls on the front leg. It is necessary to freeze for 2-3 seconds in the lower position and rise to its original position.


Extra weight (dumbbells, barbell) when performing any of the proposed varieties of squats will help to tighten muscles more effectively. When using the bar, the hands are fixed at chest level or wound around the neck.

The back should be straightened, because an incorrect position can damage the spine. However, before increasing the load, make sure that the body is ready for this, the weight of the dumbbells should be increased gradually.


Starting position – standing on one leg next to a stable object (chair, table), resting on it with your hands. When squatting, the second leg is slowly and evenly led back, with a lift back to its original position. This squat tightens the inside of the thigh.


You need to stand up straight, hands down. It is necessary to take one leg back so that the front leg forms a right angle, linger for a second to maintain balance, then lower the knee of the back leg to the floor, but so that there is no contact. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results

The heel comes off the ground, and the main body weight falls on the front foot. It is necessary to stay in this position, and then with one push to return to the original position.


Initial position – legs are widely spaced. Squatting, you need to climb on toes, and then quickly rise, again lowering the heels. Hands help the exercise, maintain balance. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, resultsThis type of squats additionally gives a load on the calf muscles.


This system assumes that you need to do 1000 squats per day. A day can be divided into any number of intervals and squat at any convenient time no more than 10 times per set.

1000 is a conditional number, it is not necessary to do exercises to achieve this mark from the last effort, but you need to get as close to it as possible. Such an intense complex should not be done more than 2 times a week.

To increase the effect of exercises in the daily complex, you can include squats with jumps, squats on one leg, with a turn of the body, with joined feet, with a gymnastic ball an
d many other elements that make more muscles work.

The best result will be achieved by combining some varieties of squats with a full workout.

Result fixing

To maintain the results obtained from practice and to further improve overall well-being, you should continue to squat, even if the desired result has already been achieved.

Depending on the main purpose of doing squats, you need to include additional habits in the daily routine:

  1. If the main purpose of the squats is to tighten the gluteal muscles, then you should, among other things, do leg swings, raise legs from a supine position, while doing this with weighting agents. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results
  2. To bring the whole organism into tone it is more expedient to carry out full-fledged workouts on all parts of the body.
  3. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides are desirable to combine with cardio, with proper nutrition, minimizing the consumption of fatty, smoked, flour products. In this case, one should not deplete the body with strict diets, the effect of which appears mainly due to the removal of water from the body and due to the loss of muscle mass, and, moreover, passes quickly. One option to limit your food intake is to count calories. Individual calorie intake can be calculated online in a special calculator.
  4. In the event that the squats were prescribed by the attending physician as one of the forms of physiotherapy exercises, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of a specialist, take the necessary medications, and follow the proper diet.

Opinions on the methodology of instructors and women

The use of squats is noted by both professional instructors and trainers, and doctors. 15 minutes of squats at an intense pace will help burn about 130 calories to a person weighing 132 pounds, and weighting can double the result. This type of exercise allows you to keep in good shape the whole body, strengthening the muscles of the back, legs, heart muscle, beneficial effect on the condition of the hamstrings.

According to women involved in individual squats, the effect of complex programs is not long in 2-3 weeks. Girls who alternately perform daily squats focused on different muscle groups, as well as additional exercises on the heart, manage to lose weight up to 33 pounds in 6 months, which is the optimal rate of weight loss. Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, legs, hips. The program for women. Photos, results

Squats for weight loss of the abdomen and sides without working out additional muscles (triceps, biceps, calf muscles), without cardio-loading, according to women, have a local effect. According to them, buttocks are tightened from such exercises, but the figure as a whole remains the same.

It is also noted that after pausing in training, it is much easier to start over again than at the beginning. So, the muscles get used to already familiar movements faster.

When to Expect Weight Loss Squats

The first results from classic squats will be noticeable after 2-3 weeks from the start of classes. Depending on the initial state of the body, on the percentage of muscle tissue and overall endurance, this period can be less or more.

A more visual result should not be expected before 1-2 months of classes. At the same time, work with dumbbells, additional bouncing during exercises will increase the effect. We should also not forget about regularity, and if possible, it is advisable to supplement the squat program with exercises for other parts of the body.

Squats are not only excellent prevention of heart disease, pain in the knee joints and feelings of fatigue in the legs, but also a way to improve the figure and well-being in general.

They contribute to the weight loss of the sides, the study of various muscle groups, including the rectus, transverse and oblique muscles of the abdomen, allow the body to spend a lot of energy and can improve the relief of the figure as a whole. Moreover, if the main purpose of training is a comprehensive muscle strengthening, you should include in the training cardio load (running, jumping, etc.) to accelerate the effect.

Weight Loss Squat Video

What happens if you perform 100 squats daily:

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