Biorevitalization in the summer – is it possible Rules and contraindications

Summer is the time for vacations, light outdoor dresses and beach vacations. Often at this time of year, every woman wants a change in appearance. And modern cosmetology is ready to offer a lot of techniques aimed at rejuvenating the skin , fighting wrinkles, and overall improving the appearance.

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindications
Is biorevitalization possible in the summer We find out the answers of doctors and cosmetologists.

One of the procedures that is gaining more and more popularity, both here and abroad, is biorevitalization.

As you know, many salon procedures are prohibited during the heat and active exposure to the skin with ultraviolet rays. So is biorevitalization possible in the summer

Why cosmetologists do not recommend doing some cosmetic procedures in the summer

It’s no secret that in summer the intensity of ultraviolet rays increases sharply.

The sun not only gives us a full tan, it strengthens the immune system and the production of vitamin D, which is so necessary for our body, but also dries the skin, provokes the appearance of burns and age spots, and causes premature aging.

During the heat, perspiration intensifies, pores expand. They accumulate dust and dirt. All these processes reduce the protective functions of the epidermis and provoke the development of inflammatory processes.

The load on the skin increases. Therefore, in the summer, most popular cosmetic procedures are either strictly prohibited or have a number of restrictions on their implementation.

First of all, this applies to techniques that, albeit to a small degree, lead to a violation of the integrity of the skin (such as any aggressive cleansing of the face and body).

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindicationsIn addition, experts recommend refraining from such corrective procedures as laser and photoepilation, injections. Although in relation to the latest categorical contraindications there.

However, in any case, after such procedures, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun in order to avoid the appearance of burns and age spots.

In general, the following areas in cosmetology are distinguished, which are undesirable in the summer period:

  • any deep cleansing of the face (both mechanical and chemical);
  • acid peelings;
  • removal of moles and neoplasms, spider veins;
  • whitening masks;
  • laser and photoepilation;
  • botox injections;
  • liposuction;

Procedures that can and should be done in the summer

Despite the fact that many cosmetic procedures have to be abandoned in the summer , the beauty industry offers many other opportunities for caring for their appearance.

Beauticians recommend focusing on nutrition and hydration of the skin (especially prone to dryness), on an overall improvement in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

For face and body skin care, massage (both manual and hardware), various types of wraps, myostimulation, pressure therapy, microcurrents will be appropriate.

In general, the following areas are relevant in summer:

  • mesotherapy;
  • ultrasonic and vacuum cleaning without acids;
  • body and face massage;
  • lymphatic drainage procedures;
  • hydrotherapy;

One of the techniques recommended for improving skin nutrition and hydration is biorevitalization. But are there any restrictions on its holding in the summer Let’s first understand what the mechanism of action of biorevitalization is.

Biorevitalization – what is the essence of the procedure

Biorevitalization is a procedure that involves the introduction under the skin of hyaluronic acid, one of the most important components in our body. In particular, hyaluronic acid is part of the skin, provides moisture and elasticity, and also promotes tissue regeneration.

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindicationsIt is believed that after 25-28 years, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body is reduced. Biorevitalization makes up for its deficiency in the skin.

Accordingly, from this age the procedure can be shown both as a prophylaxis and as a solution to existing problems. The technique is recommended in the following cases:

  • dry skin, peeling;
  • the appearance of facial wrinkles, a decrease in the elasticity of the skin;
  • unhealthy, uneven complexion, swelling;
  • the presence of age spots, acne, scars, etc .;

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindicationsAfter biorevitalization, the skin becomes elastic and hydrated, small wrinkles disappear, and color improves.

There are 2 main areas of biorevitalization: injection and non-injection.

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindicationsInjection biorevitalization is an intradermal injection. Non-injection involves the saturation of the epidermis with hyaluronic acid without injections. The methods in this case are laser radiation, oxygen therapy, iontophoresis, and a number of others.

The advantages of a non-injection procedure include the following:

  • as comfortable as possible, does not cause pain;
  • practically does not injure the skin, and therefore complications are unlikely;

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindicationsHowever, according to experts, injection biorevitalization has a more pronounced effect, since in this case hyaluronic acid is introduced into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

The effectiveness and benefits of biorevitalization in the summer

Since the skin in summer often needs additional hydration, biorevitalization is just the technique with which you can solve the problem of excessive dryness, protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation and give the skin the necessary degree of hydration.

The advantages of the procedure include the following:

  1. the use of a natural moisturizer natural for our body, which, as a rule, does not cause allergies;
  1. antioxidant properties of hyaluronic acid, due to which the production of melanocytes is inhibited (and as a result, hyperpigmentation of the skin under the influence of sunlight is reduced);
  2. long and lasting results, visible, often after the first procedure;
  1. relatively fast recovery period;

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindicationsAccording to the opinions of cosmetologists, this therapy in the summer period reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, and therefore prevents the blockage of pores, reducing the manifestations of acne.

All these advantages of biorevitalization allow the patient to quickly get the desired effect on rejuvenation and nutrition of the skin on the eve of summer vacation and to protect the skin as much a
s possible in the heat.

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindicationsThus, there is no ban on biorevitalization in the warmest season of the year.
Moreover, many cosmetologists agree that the procedure is not only possible, but also necessary in the summer. But is everything so simple

Is it worth it to worry: possible side effects

Like many cosmetic procedures, biorevitalization, despite all its advantages, implies a recovery period.

After the course is prohibited:

  • use any cosmetics (both decorative and care products);
  • touch the skin with your hands;
  • abuse alcohol and smoking;
  • visit the solarium, sauna, bath.
  • engage in active sports, including in the gym;
  • sunbathing, and, in principle, stay in the sun for a long time;
  • undergo other cosmetic procedures;

The patient should be informed about all these restrictions in the cabin. Terms for recovery can be individual, therefore, they should be appointed by a specialist.

Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindications
Facial biorevitalization course

Is biorevitalization possible in the summer, taking into account the rules of the rehabilitation period Are they applicable to all methods of the procedure

Opinions of beauty salons differ on whether restrictions apply only to injection therapy or apply to non-injection types. Some sources claim that after laser biorevitalization, a recovery period is not required.

Other experts are of the opinion that even if this is a non-injection procedure, the underlying processes in the skin that occur at the cellular level are still affected, and therefore it is advisable to follow the above recommendations for at least a few days.

In any case, it is important to know that if certain violations were made during the procedure, or the patient ignored the rules of behavior during the recovery period, the result from biorevitalization can be not only unpleasant, but also disastrous.

In some cases, you may need qualified medical attention. A long-awaited summer vacation will be spoiled.

Complications include:

  • hyperemia; Biorevitalization in the summer - is it possibleRules and contraindications
  • the presence of puffiness, which does not subside a few days after the procedure;
  • allergy;
  • infection of the skin by infections;
  • the development of inflammatory processes;
  • the appearance of so-called papules – seals under the skin (their presence after the procedure is the norm, but if they do not pass for a long time, then this is a deviation);
  • scarring, etc.

But most often, saturation of the skin with hyaluronic acid has extremely positive consequences. Is biorevitalization possible in the summer

Most cosmetologists are unanimous in the opinion that it is advisable to do this procedure in the spring or at least two weeks before going on vacation (then this will be a great way to prepare the skin for the sun).

In addition, a course of biorevitalization after 2 weeks after a vacation will be a good prevention of sunburn and photoaging.

And in order to avoid any unpleasant consequences and the result pleased for a long time, it is advisable to go through the procedure regardless of the time of year only from experienced specialists in proven cosmetology salons.

Take care of yourself and be healthy, dear women!

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