Kantoplasty – what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery

The female look has always attracted and fascinated the male half of humanity. With what only eyes can not compare: with lakes, a mirror, lightning. But merciless time and gravity make their own adjustments to the appearance of a person – and now the eyelids are hanging down, and the corners of the eyes are pulled down, making the face sad and tired, as if all the problems of the world are too heavy a burden.

Cosmetics in this case are powerless, it can mask only minor flaws, and I want to stay beautiful at all times!

Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
Megan Fox is a prime example of successful cantoplasty.

Eyeballs are attached to the orbit by two elastic ligaments, the elasticity and strength of which are not always sufficient. And with age, they weaken even more, adding gravity to the look, making the face gloomy.

Sometimes a person is born with already lowered corners of his eyes, with a “sad” look. An operation that is called cantoplasty will help a person change the situation and correct the shape of his eyes.

What is cantoplasty, the essence and features of the operation

Kantoplastika – an operation of plastic surgery , aimed at correcting (changing) the eyes, skin lifting eyelids, angles to achieve sight rejuvenating effect. The effect of tightness is achieved by changing or removing ligaments, fixing the muscles of this area in the desired position.

Photos before and after the operation to change the shape of the eyes indicate excellent results that can be achieved by trusting yourself to highly qualified specialists in cantoplasty.

Often famous people in the acting environment, trying to enlarge their eyes or raise their temples, resort to this operation when they are very young. This can be seen by comparing their photographs at different time periods. An example is Megan Fox – a famous Hollywood actress.

When a person is young, his elastic skin is able to keep the outer cantus (corner) of the eye in line with the inner, and sometimes a couple of inch higher. When anatomical changes are observed, then cantoplasty can help.

The benefits of cantoplasty – what results can be achieved

Photos before and after cantoplasty are a vivid demonstration of how it can transform a person’s face, erase traces of aging and fatigue, and make it more beautiful. Since the ocular skin is very thin, the skin is sensitive.

This area is characterized by the absence of supporting muscles , therefore, it is more susceptible to age-related changes faster than others due to mimic load and anatomical features.

In addition, negative effects on the skin around the eyes can have:

  • damaging ultraviolet rays on collagen;
  • insufficient skin elasticity, possibly hereditary;
  • alcohol, smoking;
  • various pathologies of a physiological nature.

In this case, modern plastic surgery offers a good solution to this problem by performing operations that correct the shape of the eyes, change their incision, and raise the dropped cantuses – the so-called corners of the eyes . Hence the name of the operation – cantoplasty.

Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
Kantoplasty helps eliminate age-related sagging eyelids.

Photos before and after the procedure indicate that this operation leads to an aesthetic, anti-aging effect . She makes her look cheerful and open, which gives her face freshness and youth. Sometimes patients are asked to change the section of the eyes from round to oriental, almond-shaped and vice versa.

Cantoplasty can help not only aesthetically, but also eliminate some medical problems in various inflammatory diseases, to relieve pressure on the eyeball, etc.

It allows you to solve such medical problems as:

  • eversion of the lower eyelid;
  • asymmetry due to paresis of the facial nerve;
  • eyeballs;
  • bags and sagging eyelids.

The result of the operation eliminates these problems, and also allows the operated person to maintain the achieved effect for 10 years.

Indications for cantoplasty

Indications for plastic surgery are mainly the need or desire for aesthetic changes in appearance:

  • desire, regardless of age, to change the location of the outer corners higher by a few inch of the inner ones (the desire for an eastern shape of the eyes).
  • the desire to change the narrow section of the eyes, closer to the European;
  • the desire to get rid of the lowered outer cantus, the sad look of the St. Bernard, leads the person to a plastic surgeon. In this case, cantoplasty will help. Photos before and after it show positive changes in the patient’s appearance;
  • overhang of the upper eyelid under the force of gravity (ptosis);
  • correction of previously unsuccessful operations on the eyes.

Objective medical indications are as follows:

  • the presence of a birth defect in which a narrowing of the palpebral fissure is observed;
  • traumatic eye damage, burns;
  • congenital asymmetry or acquired as a result of paresis;
  • turned out eyelid (ectropion), as a result of which the mucous membrane is exposed due to the fact that the eyelid does not fit snugly against the eyeball;
  • bulging (“owl”) eyes, as a result of various diseases of an endocrine nature or myopia.

When the omission of the external cantus is corrected as a result of an operation that corrects the section of the eyes, this is called lateral cantoplasty, and when the internal canthus is medial.

How exactly is the operation, stages


Cantoplasty is a surgical intervention, therefore, it requires careful preparation to minimize and eliminate various complications and risks.

A routine examination should include:

  • consultation with the therapist;
  • examination by an allergist;
  • visit to the cardiologist.

If there is an allergic reaction to certain drugs, be sure to inform the surgeon and anesthetist about this.

Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
Before cantoplasty, it is imperative to undergo a medical examination and pass the necessary tests.

In addition, it is necessary to provide the results of the analyzes:

  • blood tests: general and biochemical;
  • an analysis that shows blood coagulability;
  • blood tests for immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • electrocardiogram.

Before the operation, it is necessary to exclude the use of blood thinners , as well as notify the doctor about all the medications and multivitamin complexes taken to adjust the intake.

It is possible that some drugs will need to be canceled or a new regimen taken.


Cantoplasty is usually performed using general ane
, as well as intravenous sedation – modern anesthesia, when “in a dream” especially emotional patients do not experience pain and fear, which allows the surgeon to perform a number of prescribed necessary actions and the patient to recover quickly in the subsequent period.

The operation is a modern corrective procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia, and its duration varies within 2 hours, depending on each specific case.

Surgical intervention

When performing cantoplasty, individual characteristics are taken into account and different techniques are used, which are determined by the doctor in each case.

Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
It is forbidden to use cosmetics on the day of surgery.

On the day of surgery, the use of decorative cosmetics is prohibited.

Since the skin around the eyes should be cleaned of any contaminants, and the working surface is decontaminated.

Starting the operation, the doctor outlines a cut pattern on the skin of the operated person. Subsequently, tendons will move through the incisions and then be fixed in a different position.

During the operation:

  1. On the upper (lower) eyelid, an incision is made, one inch long. In order for the suture to be invisible after surgery, the natural skin fold is usually cut on the eyelid.
  2. Through the formed section, the cantal tendon, which supports the external cantus, is removed. Part of the tendon is excised or fixed without resection using a ligature, pulling and fixing it in the desired position on the periosteum.
  3. Tightening and attaching the eyelid, remove excess skin.
  4. Then a cosmetic suture and an antiseptic dressing are applied to the eyelid.
Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
After the operation, the patient must undergo a rehabilitation course.

If blepharoplasty is performed simultaneously with cantoplasty, then the patient receives double benefit – one incision and two operations, as well as a gain in the cost of services and postoperative recovery.

Features of the recovery postoperative period

The duration of the operation depends on a number of objective and subjective reasons, but usually it lasts about 2 hours, no more. With a favorable outcome of the operation , after a couple of hours after completion, the patient can go home , as inpatient treatment is not necessary.

However, in the postoperative several days, it is necessary to be observed by a doctor who performed cantoplasty.

In the photo before and after the operation, for the first time, you can notice some unpleasant phenomena in the form of hematomas, redness, swelling in the places of surgical intervention. The patient may experience discomfort associated with some irritation of the mucous membranes, feel moderate pain, increased sensitivity to light, lacrimation.

During this recovery period, the doctor may prescribe the use of special emollient drops. At this time, the eyes need absolute peace . Doctors recommend not overworking them after the operation, refraining from watching TV, not working at the computer, especially since the recovery period does not last long and the discomfort will soon disappear.

Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
After 2-3 weeks, you can see the effect of cantoplasty, which is confirmed by the photos before and after.

In addition, during the rehabilitation period, which takes from 2 to 3 weeks , it is necessary not to use contact lenses, glasses, and not to use decorative cosmetics. It is forbidden to visit the gym, pool, saunas, weight lifting.

Bright lighting should be avoided; sunglasses must be worn when going out. During sleep, you must lie on your back with your head up on a pillow.

Risks and possible complications

With such a seemingly easy operation, it is not always possible to do without complications . Certain features of a specific organism, as well as medical negligence can lead to them.

There were situations when the patient was dissatisfied with the result.

Since the obtained eye section did not meet his expectations, therefore, the choice of clinic and surgeon should be approached with all responsibility.

Illiterate cantoplasty can give not only a visible defect, but also cause infection of the body, which becomes dangerous to the health of the patient.

What problems may arise It could be:

  • suppuration and inflammation of the eyes due to infection of the wound;
  • coarse, ugly scars;
  • postoperative suture sealing.

To avoid hypothermia, which can also affect the rehabilitation period, it is better to plan the operation in the warm season .

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In the photo before and after the cantoplasty performed, it is seen how not only the cut of the eyes changes dramatically, but the whole face is miraculously transformed .

Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
The effect after cantoplasty depends on the area of surgical intervention.

The effect of the operation is noticeable after 2 weeks:

  • tightened corners;
  • elastic skin;
  • a younger look.

The eyes become more open, the seal of fatigue disappears, the face looks much younger and more cheerful. Providing a significant elimination of all unpleasant defects, cantoplasty will erase the traces of the past years from the face , help to feel healthier, more attractive. The result of the operation is enough for an average of 8-10 years, then it needs to be repeated.

Contraindications for surgery

Contraindications for cantoplasty, as well as for other surgical interventions exist.

First of all, it is:

  • the presence of various kinds of endocrine diseases;
  • progressive myopia;
  • oncology;
  • insufficient blood coagulability;
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • pregnancy, as well as the period of feeding;
  • the presence of dry eye syndrome;
  • the presence of high intraocular pressure.

What is important to know about cantoplasty

How long does the operation

The duration of cantoplasty is 1.5-2 hours . This time is enough for a highly qualified surgeon to successfully perform an operation in the area of the fiber of the eyes, because this area requires careful and responsible work, an error is unacceptable here.

The operation can be performed on an outpatient basis. If necessary, the patient stays in the hospital for several days , but, usually, after a few hours the patient can go home under the supervision of a doctor.

Does it hurt and is anesthesia used

Despite the fact that cantoplasty is a fairly easy operation, it is still a surgical intervention in the body, so pain during surgery is present , which is easily removed either by general anesthesia or local, as the patient wishes.

Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
During surgery, the method of intravenous sedation is used, which in addition to anesthesia inhibits the patient’s sense of fear.

Recently, the method of intravenous sedation has become widespread, when the patient, along with anesthesia, has a fear syndrome, which allows the operation to be successfully performed.

When the stitches are removed

After about a week, the external seams are removed. Before removing them every 8 hours, it is recommended to take analgesics prescribed by a doctor. For internal sutures, special surgical sutures are used , which are able to dissolve on their own, without causing problems and any inconvenience to the patient.

As a rule, healing of sutures after cantoplasty occurs in a short period of time without any problems.

In the photo before and after cantoplasty, it is clearly visible that the stitches from the operation are almost invisible , as they are hidden in the natural skin fold of the eyelid. After a while, they brighten, and then completely disappear.

Are there bruises or swelling after cantoplasty

During the recovery process , the patient may experience bruising , swelling, tearing, irritation of the mucosa, and a feeling of tightness in the corners of the eyes. These discomforts will soon disappear if the patient follows the doctor’s recommendations.

What do cantoplasty scars look like

After 2-3 weeks, the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation will be apparent. The postoperative scar at this time has not yet resolved , but soon it will brighten and at the end of the healing process will become completely invisible.

How suitable are you for cantoplasty

Kantoplasty can be performed at any age . However, it should be borne in mind that how quickly the rehabilitation process will go on the condition of the skin, the age of the patient and other subjective reasons.

Kantoplasty - what is it, before and after photos, price. External medial surgery
Before performing cantoplasty, you need to familiarize yourself with the possible risks and make sure that you are suitable for the operation.

If cantoplasty is performed in combination with blepharoplasty or a facelift, it helps to get rid of many unpleasant age-related changes , returning youth and freshness to your face.

Photos before and after cantoplasty and blepharoplasty show dramatic changes in appearance that give a person the opportunity to feel more confident, younger and more beautiful for a long time.

Useful videos, photos before and after

How is eyelid lift surgery performed Watch the video clip:

Kantoplasty. Photos before and after, see in a unique collection:

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