The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

Change your image, reduce age, cheer up – all this can do a simple hair coloring. When choosing a dyeing agent, it is necessary to understand that the main thing is not only a thorough painting of the initial pigment, but also minimal damage to the hair.

The best ammonia-free hair dyes

The hair dye used at home should not only uniformly stain them, but also, if possible, cause minimal damage to the hair structure. One of the best products are ammonia-free paints, which practically do not have hazardous components in their composition.

Lasting Creme Gloss by L’oreal

Lasting Creme Gloss from L’oreal is one of the leaders in the number of positive reviews about the results of its application. The wide color gamut of the product has 30 original tones, ranging from natural blondes to saturated dark shades. There are also trend colors containing red and blue pigments.

The product from L’oreal contains royal jelly, so that even at the dyeing stage, the hair care process begins.

This proprietary component has the following effects:

  • restorative;
  • nourishing;
  • moisturizing;
  • firming.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

As a result, the hair acquires an elegant shine and silk softness. The strands are evenly colored and restored. The original perfume gives the hairstyle a light aroma of wild berries.

Estel Sense De Luxe

Paint Estel Sense De Luxe allows you to achieve a salon result at home.

Its main advantages are:

  • high technical characteristics;
  • gentle composition;
  • reasonable cost;
  • the richest palette (75 shades).

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

The formula of this product contains pantheonol, ceramide, avocado extract and healthy olive oils. The paint is evenly applied, it lays well when stained due to the creamy structure. Shades of Estel Sense De Luxe give the hair a natural color with soft radiant tints, restore and heal the hair, preserve the hydrobalance of the scalp.

For gray hair

As you know, gray hair is a decoration of a man, but for a woman it is a real headache. The lack of melanin in the body immediately affects the appearance, as a result, not only does gray hair appear, but the hair itself also weakens. The latter become more fragile, brittle split ends.

Matrix Dream Age Socolor Beauty is considered one of the best coloring products. It gives a rich and stable color, completely covering the structure of each hair. A small amount of ammonia in the formula of the product causes a minimum of harm, while ceramides and healing oils are engaged in healing and restoring the scalp.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

Despite the small palette (only 17 shades), the most popular colors are presented in the lineup. The paint was created using innovative technologies, it is easy to use at home and it is suitable for the most “capricious” hair. Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Absolutes hair dye is considered one of the best products suitable for both salon and home use.

The palette has 15 tones: from natural golden to elegant purple shades.

The composition contains vitaminB, preventing premature removal of pigment from the hair. Cream paint is easy to apply, evenly distributed and allows you to not only paint over the gray hair, but also to achieve a clean, even tone along the entire length of the hair.

Natural compounds

In our century of healthy lifestyle, great attention is paid to the naturalness of the components in the composition of both food and cosmetics. Natural paints not only protect the health of the hair, but also make it possible to more often carry out dyeing procedures.

Schwarzkopf Essential Color is more than 90% organic. This hypoallergenic product with a fruity odor contains lychee fruit oil that improves the elasticity of properties and white tea. The latter is an excellent antioxidant that protects against ultraviolet radiation. The paint dyes hair well, but does not lighten it by more than 4 tones.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

The palette has 20 colors, mostly natural natural shades. Garnier’s Olia product has a unique formula that contains essential oils, olives, sunflowers, camellias and argan trees. Thanks to this, the hair is not only perfectly moisturized, but also acquire a magnificent shine, softness and silky structure. The Olia line has over 28 shades.

Paint of this brand:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • safe
  • stable (lasts 7-9 weeks);
  • perfectly paints gray hair;
  • It has a pleasant floral-fruity smell.

Also worth mentioning is the affordable price of products from Garnier. The most natural paint can safely be called Rainbow Research. It contains only natural henna grown on environmentally friendly plantations. A small palette is offset by the absolute safety of the product.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

To obtain shades in henna, natural additives are added:

  • chamomile;
  • cinnamon
  • coffee;
  • linden tree.

Rainbow Research lasts up to 3-4 weeks, strengthens hair well and is inexpensive.


Paint Matrix Socolor Beauty belongs to the professional line, however, judging by the mass of positive reviews on the Internet, many women successfully use it at home. A balanced palette includes over 100 tones.

Special Color Grip technology allows for perfect staining and consistent color. The composition, for the most part, contains natural ingredients, so the paint is suitable for people with sensitive scalp.

The product paints the gray hair well, and the Cera Oil complex nourishes and moisturizes the hair, evens out its structure. The average price for a product is $ 5,44, which is an affordable price.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

The best hair dye for home use should be easy to apply first. Wella Professional’s Color Touch contains natural beeswax, so it evenly lays down and evenly envelops hair. Excess coloring matter on the skin is easily removed with a special liquid.

The product is distinguished not only by the absence of ammonia in its composition, but also by its impeccable durability. The palette of the Color Touch line has 83 shades. This is enough to find the tone for the most fastidious client. The main advantage of the brand is the receipt of a deep multi-faceted lasting color.


Safe paints include coloring products with the most gentle composition and the absence of ammonia. One of the most famous is Syoss Professional Performance. This product was developed by the company’s specialists s
pecifically for home dyeing.

Syoss paint does not contain an ammonia component, but you can find wheat protein and vitaminBIn it. This combination of components allows you to get not only high-quality staining, but also to achieve healthy shine, strengthening, hair restoration.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating
Syoss Professional Performance is the most famous safe hair dye in the ranking of the best dyeing products.

The Syoss Professional Performance palette has 29 shades. You can buy it in most specialized stores at a very affordable price.

Revlon Young Color Excel is one of the most persistent and at the same time environmentally friendly paints, since it does not contain ammonia, but at the same time it contains:

  • arginine;
  • wheat proteins;
  • hydrobetaine;
  • keratin;
  • horse chestnut;
  • microlipids.

As a result of the procedure, a bright color is achieved, the structure is restored, and the hair acquires a unique softness. This paint is suitable for sensitive skin, easily solves the problem of gray hair, protects against ultraviolet radiation. Revlon products are well known among stylists. The quality of this brand is confirmed by the time of its use.

Lightening for blondes without yellowness

Blondes are always in trend. However, to achieve a beautiful light tone without the vulgar yellowness of the house is not so simple. One of the conditions for the success of this enterprise is the choice of a high-quality coloring agent. The best hair dye for home use should include not only a brightener, but also elements that restore the structure after the lightening procedure.

Schwarzkopf Color Mask allows you to perform a clarification procedure for 6 tones, while avoiding the effect of yellowness. The composition of the paint contains royal jelly, whose biologically active substances favorably affect the structure of the hair. Vitamins nourish the strands and give them a beautiful soft shine.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

The Schwarzkopf Color Mask palette includes 22 shades, the most popular of which are exactly blond. Garnier Color Sensation has 32 shades in its palette. A third of them are blondes.

The most requested tones:

  • platinum;
  • sand;
  • pearl;
  • iridescent blond.

Garnier Cream Paint is a household paint. It is easy to use at home, it is easy to operate and convenient to use. It contains olive oil and jojoba oil, which effectively soften the hair after lightening.


Professional hair dyes, as a rule, are more expensive, but the result of their use as they say “on the face.” Wella’s Koleston Perfect is a long-established product from a well-known German manufacturer.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

It is this paint that is preferred by many professional stylists. A palette of more than 120 shades allows you to achieve the most original color or effect. There are both natural tones and unusual shades, such as bright pink or turquoise. Koleston Perfect formula includes beeswax, thickening and smoothing the hair structure.

The Italian Farmavita brand is becoming more and more popular in the professional environment of hairdressers, thanks to the composition with nutritious oils, oligopeptides and a base in the form of medicinal plants. Deep color is achieved using a palette of 110 shades. This gentle and resistant paint is suitable for women who do not have time for frequent stains.

Majirel is the result of the development of L’oreal specialists. The patented product formula does not violate the complex structure of the hair, but allows for high-quality and uniform dyeing. Revel Color technology prevents the rapid washout of color pigments.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

A palette of 101 tones makes it possible to get any shade: from natural to the most creative. This is one of the most persistent dyes that make it easy to solve the problem of gray hair.


The best hair dye for home use should have a diverse color palette. Cream-paint from Germany Keen is presented in almost 100 tones from natural light brown to copper red.

The polypeptides and keratins in the composition of the product are designed to maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin and hair, as well as restore their firmness and elasticity.

The undeniable advantages of the product can also include an affordable price. A large amount of paint in the bottle allows you to dye long and thick hair without purchasing an additional set. Another example of German quality is Indola Zero Amm Color.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

The gentle formula allows people with hypersensitivity to apply the paint. Despite the absence of ammonia-containing components, the paint is persistent, lays well and carries out care (contains oils) during staining. The product is inexpensive and fully justifies every ruble. There are 30 tones in the palette.

Premium class

“Premium” paints can be safely attributed to Selective Professional Evo, which can not only radically change color, but also protect the structure of the hair shaft. The palette includes more than 100 tones and their correctors.

As a result of use, the hair gains shine and smoothness. The main minus is the price (from $ 8,16). However, this disadvantage is compensated by the deep color after staining and the large amount of dye in the kit.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

Dye L’Oreal Professionnel Majiblond ultra is a little more expensive (from $ 9,52). This is a great way to get any shades of blond. Cream paint brightens up to 4 tones, while it does not dry or injure hair. The palette of the line contains 11 pure tones, which are most in demand. To obtain a lasting effect, the paint is used in conjunction with a 9% oxidizing agent.


Paint Lisap LK Creamcolor can be attributed to the mid-price segment. The composition contains coconut oil, which softens and protects the hair structure. Also, the paint provides 100% coverage and uniform staining.

The brand’s palette features over
100 tones.
The product has excellent moisturizing properties, making hair healthy, soft and docile. The measuring scale and clear instructions make the dye convenient during home use.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

Silk and rice proteins in the Italian dye Kaaral Silk Hydrolyzed Hair Color Cream allows you to preserve the intact structure of each hair. A palette of 78 shades makes it possible to get an intense and rich tone.

Moisturizing ingredients contribute to a natural, healthy glow. The paint is easy to apply, does not flow due to the creamy consistency. It can be used both at home and in the cabin.


The best hair dye for home use in the budget segment should have not only a low price, but also an acceptable quality. Schwarzkopf’s Palette range is one of those products.

The composition of the paint includes essential and vegetable oils, medicinal herbs that provide protective and regenerative care. The Schwarzkopf kit is easy to use at home, and it costs quite a little up to $ 2,72.

The best hair dye for home use, without yellowness, professional. Rating

The paint evenly lays down and lasts up to 4-5 weeks. The palette is conditionally divided into several groups, which include more than 130 shades. This brand has been known to Europe since the 60s, so we can safely say that the brand has passed the test of time.

The Kapous Professional line is the result of domestic developments. Creamy paint is easy to apply, and more than 100 shades in the palette make it easy to choose the right tone.

The Kapous product contains:

  • rice proteins;
  • ginseng extract;
  • keratin;
  • molecules of hydrolyzed silk.

The paint gently affects the hair, allowing you to get a luxurious natural shine and deep pure color.

It’s rare for anyone to immediately choose the best hair dye. Much depends not only on the product formula, but also on the initial state of the hair structure. When choosing a product for use at home, you need to pay attention not only to ease of use, but also to the composition of the dye, the reputation of the manufacturer and user reviews.

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