Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life

American movie star and producer Jennifer Lawrence fell in love with the audience after the release of the adaptation of the famous C. Collins trilogy “The Hunger Games”.

The photos of the brave hunter and face of resistance Katniss Everdeen, performed by a talented actress , adorned the multi-million dollar circulation of the novel, television screens and spreads of glossy publications, allowing fans to admire the luxurious, athletic body and the drowned beauty of Mockingjay.

short biography

Jennifer Lawrence (actress photo below in article) hails from Louisville (Kentucky). The girl’s father owned a construction company, her mother practiced as a teacher. In addition to the future movie actress, 2 Jennifer brothers also grew up in the family. The girl has always been a very athletic child: she played field hockey, softball, and was part of the cheerleader school team.

In addition to sports, Jennifer was interested in design and play in school productions, but the girl dreamed of connecting her future life with medicine.

Spending her spring break in New York, Jennifer, 14, is interested in a stranger who first asks her relatives for permission to take photos of the girl, and then sends her an offer to participate in the casting of an advertising clip for a fashion apparel brand. Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life

Next July, the future star first appears on the screen, and in 2005 Lawrence and his family moved to Los Angeles, where he began to actively appear on television (appearing in Medium, Detective Rush) and try his hand at the cinema (““ Poker House “). 2009 was marked for Jennifer by asserting her first big role.

The psychological drama “Winter Bone” gave the actress the role of an early-growing 15-year-old girl, forced to raise her brothers alone and solve adult problems on her own, becoming Lawrence’s first serious success and having received nominations for the Oscars and Golden Globes. From 2009-2010 the actress has acted in films a lot.

Among her works, Beaver is especially distinguished, where the girl was lucky to work with M. Gibson and People Suit: First Class. 2011 was a landmark for Lawrence, giving rise to the main (today) creative project in her life. Initially, the role of 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, the girl who won the terrible “Hunger Games” and became the face of the liberation movement, was destined for Hayley Steinfeld.

The director of the picture wanted to find an actress by type as close as possible to the character described in the novel, but Lawrence liked the author of the trilogy Susan Collins, who later did not see anyone else at this place, insisted on the approval of the candidacy of Jennifer.

The movie, which was released in 2011, forever connected the name of the actress with the hunter Katniss, bringing Lawrence worldwide love and the status of one of the highest paid Hollywood stars. In 2021, the actress participates in the movie “My Boyfriend is Psycho”, who presented her with an Oscar and made one of the few 22 year old stars who rightfully deserve the highest Academy Award.

Now Jennifer is at the peak of her career. The girl is actively acting in films.

Among her recent works should be highlighted:

  • “Mom” with H. Bardem;
  • “Passengers” With B. Cooper.

Achievements of the 29-year-old actress:

  • 4 nominations and an Oscar;
  • BAFTA Award;
  • 4 nominations and 3 statuettes of the Golden Globe;
  • 2 awards of the “Screen Actors Guild of the USA”;
  • Saturn Award.

Body options and appearance

Jennifer Lawrence (movie stars do not leave the covers of glossy magazines, demonstrating the beautiful shape and beautiful face of one of the leading movie stars in America) is by nature a natural blue-eyed blonde. Performing Katniss, the actress constantly dyed her hair auburn, trying to resemble the gray-eyed and dark-haired heroine of the novel as much as possible.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life

Shape Parameters:

Height 5’7 foot
Weight 139 pounds
Chest-Waist-Hips 91-66-92
Bust 90C (3rd size)
Clothing size 6 (US), which is equivalent to 10 (UK) or 38 (EU)
Foot size 10.5 (US) or 42 (EU)
Hair Bright
Eye color Blue
Nationality American
Appearance European

The magnificent figure of Lawrence is the result of her love for a variety of sports training.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life

The star loves her acting work, believing that it was thanks to them that she was able to learn a lot and actively work on the body. So, for the role of Katniss, the girl was constantly engaged in shooting, and led an active lifestyle, which allowed her not only to look organically in the role of a 16-year-old hunter and inspirer of the revolution, but also to amaze fans with a sports, trained body.

Plastic surgery actress

Jennifer Lawrence (photos of the actress, made in recent years, demonstrate the unique transformation of the pretty teenager Katniss into a spectacular Hollywood movie star, an idol of millions) likes to repeat what concerns film actresses who fashioned themselves on their own. After success in the Hunger Games and an Oscar, the girl earnestly took up sculpting her face.

According to rumors, the actress was seriously interested in plastic surgery, having spent more than $ 5 million on the services of doctors. USA. The movie star herself denies most of the operations attributed to her, but photographs of different years reliably indicate a skillful plastic correct
ion. The following are the operations that are attributed to the actress.


In the early pictures, it is clearly visible that the nose of the actress by nature has a wide back and a rounded tip. Brilliantly playing the role of Katniss, the actress briefly disappeared from the camera lenses, appearing at the premiere of the film with an updated appearance. Fans noticed that the star’s nose became much narrower, and its tip lost its former roundness.

Plastic surgery specialists also noticed these changes, authoritatively declaring that Jennifer no doubt turned to the services of a specialist who formed a new thin and elegant respiratory organ for her. The actress herself denies the operation, referring to the competent work of her makeup artist.


Photos taken before 2021 show that Jennifer Lawrence has a few overhanging eyelids, giving her look a heavier look and some drowsiness to her face. With age, this situation should only worsen, but in the pictures of 2021, the actress appears with a perfect almond-shaped section of wide-open eyes.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life
Jennifer Lawrence. Photos before and after blepharoplasty.

The previously observed overhanging eyelid suddenly disappeared somewhere, and the look became wide open. Plastic surgery experts authoritatively argue that this effect cannot be achieved using contouring, and despite her statements, Jennifer resorted to blepharospastic surgery, which allowed her to eliminate the overhanging eyelid and correct the natural incision of the eyes.

Other operations

In search of perfection, the actress did not stop at the achieved effect.

Specialists claim that Lawrence:

  • Repeatedly injected botulinum toxin, which allowed to significantly raise the initial position of the eyebrows.
  • I resorted to plasmolifting, which allowed to significantly rejuvenate the skin of the face.
  • Removed Bisha’s lumps. The chubby cheeks that suddenly appeared in the ever-hungry Katniss Everdeen were repeatedly criticized by fans of the novel S. Collins, who argued that this could not be the case with a girl constantly struggling with hunger. In the photos of 2021, the grown Katniss lost her natural puffiness. The cheeks of the actress clearly became more sunken.
  • She made facial contouring, changing the shape of her cheekbones. Pictures of Lawrence of different periods clearly demonstrate the constant strange changes in the cheekbones that have occurred over the past few years. Such changes can occur only in the case of periodic administration of hyaluronic fillers, the volume of which changes over time.
    Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life
  • Corrected lip volume with fillers. Jennifer’s mouth in recent years has acquired a previously uncharacteristic puffiness.

Have there been any body surgery

Jennifer’s luxurious neckline has repeatedly provoked rumors about the actress performing mammoplasty, but plastic surgeons persistently reject such gossip. Consultants believe that the bust, which is the pride of Lawrence, is of natural origin. In the photographs of different years, it is noticeable that the star always had a large neckline.

The shape of the mammary glands clearly proves that the 3rd breast size was given to the actress from birth and was never amenable to correction.

In the actress’s artistic pictures, her body is always in perfect shape, but amateur photos taken by friends Jennifer and paparazzi clearly show that although the actress likes to experiment with her face, her body was not subjected to plastic correction.

On the hips of the star, you can see signs of cellulite, suggesting that the beautiful figure of the actress is the result of sports training, and not the achievements of medicine and cosmetology.

Jennifer Lawrence before and after plastics

Plastic surgery of the actress is undoubtedly carried out very professionally. Jennifer’s face was noticeably transformed, without losing its characteristic zest. After all the changes made in 2021, a completely different Lawrence appeared to the world. The angular teenager was transformed into a confident beauty with thin, refined features and a gorgeous figure.

The new spectacular appearance of the movie star instantly paid off. The girl constantly receives offers from the best filmmakers, is the idol of millions and is always on the top lines in the lists of “The most beautiful film actresses of our time”.

Secrets of a beautiful appearance

Jennifer Lawrence (photo by Katniss Everdeen, performed by the actress, has been the main decoration of all editions of the Hunger Games trilogy since 2011) can not stand the imposed standards of beauty and grueling sports training.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life

The opinion of the actress completely coincides with the opinion of her trainers, who argue that if classes in the gym cause a girl to have a toothache and dancing – a dreamy smile, then you need to replace the necessary classes with a load of 1.5 hours of dancing and the result will not be long in coming.

The actress, like her Katniss, has a athletic, toned body, which she tries to support with the help of alternative sports. For the role in The Hunger Games, Lawrence had to master the skills of archery and rock climbing.

The daily many hours pulling and holding the bowstring allowed her:

  • strengthen the muscles of the back and sternum;
  • work out the press, hips, buttocks, calves;
  • learn to control breathing;
  • pump up the triceps on both hands.

Studying the basics of climbing helped to develop small muscles throughout the body that stay away from normal strength training and learn to master the body well. The release of more than 100 arrows daily for 6 weeks allowed Jennifer to fully get used to the role of the unsociable hunter. Now Lawrence continues to monitor her body, regularly running, doing yoga and Pilates.

Jennifer Lawrence hates diets and has repeatedly admitted in her interviews that she absolutely does not know how to adhere to food restrictions. The actress is enraged by the beauty standards imposed by Hollywood, forcing girls to refuse their favorite food, provoking the occurrence of stress in the body. Lawrence claims that by the standards of Hollywood she is very fat.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life

At the very beginning of her career, she was repeatedly advised to lose weight, showing problem areas in nude photographs, which brought the girl to tears. Despite the pressure, the actress did not lose weight, claiming th
at she can not eat, because she feels very unhappy from this.

Jennifer flatly refused to lose weight for the role of Katniss Everdeen, who lives in the hungry district, fearing that if the painting was successful, the girls would refuse food, trying to resemble the beloved heroine.

Proper nutrition and your own secrets help maintain a figure in the form of a movie star:

  • The actress loves spaghetti, fried chicken and pizza, but she tries to allocate no more than 1-2 days a week for junk food.
  • For one meal, Jennifer tries to eat a portion not exceeding 2 of his fists.
  • From time to time, the movie actress can afford a little dark chocolate with at least 75% cocoa, but it should not be a whole bar.
  • Unlike other film actresses, the girl is not an ardent supporter of a non-alcoholic lifestyle, noting that the rejection of friendly gatherings with wine provokes stress that negatively affects the figure and skin. Jennifer is not addicted to alcohol and tries to give preference to wines and vodka, refusing beer and sweet cocktails.

Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life

An approximate diet of Jennifer Lawrence:

  • 2-3 boiled eggs;
  • chamomile tea.
  • Vegetable soup;
  • Steamed turkey breast;
  • Ginger carrot juice.
High tea
  • Protein cocktail
  • Baked Asparagus with vegetable salad.

In addition to the rules of nutrition, the actress drinks several sips of modified drinks at least 1 time per hour.

Jennifer does not like plain water, preferring:

  • salt water dissolved in ordinary in a proportion of 1:10;
  • water with lemon;
  • Coconut water, well moisturizing the skin.

Among the secrets of the beauty of the actress, one can distinguish:

  • Full sleep. Constant flights, filming and interviews give a huge load on the body, which helps a healthy rest cope.
  • Regular sports training , selected depending on the desire of the actress. The main task of such classes is not to be bored during their conduct. If the workload on the set does not allow to fully engage in sports, Lawrence tries to limit herself to stretching, meditation, which helps her to cope with stress.
    Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life
  • Constant work on posture . A beautiful figure is impossible without direct posture. Jennifer helped her get an exercise designed for her by a personal fitness trainer. During classes, the actress needed to connect her legs, bending them slightly in the knees, and then tilt the torso forward 90 degrees, cross, while keeping her hands behind her back, stretching them up. The body in this position is straightened, acquiring the correct position.
  • The desire to constantly enjoy life. Lawrence is a very positive person, trying to do everything with a smile. The actress believes that you need to relate to life exactly as you would like it to relate to you.

Interesting facts about Jennifer Lawrence

Interesting facts about Jennifer Lawrence:

  • At an early age, the future movie star because of her hyperactivity often faced problems in communicating with peers and teachers. Classes in the drama group, performances on the stage and active sports classes helped to save the situation.
  • The star is very fond of animals, especially horses. Love of equestrian sport played a cruel joke with the girl, leading to a fall that ended in a tailbone injury.
  • Jennifer is the youngest actress, 4 times nominated for an Oscar. The 4th nomination is due to the role of a single mother, Joy, who came up with a self-squeezing mop.
  • Lawrence is the face of the cosmetics company Dior. It is known that before inviting the actress to conclude a contract, the head of the concern thoroughly studied the filmography of the star, especially impressed with her work in The Hunger Games and X-Men.
  • Jennifer tries not to participate in erotic scenes and is one of the 250 stars affected by the “porn scandal”. As a result of the actions of the attackers, the actress’s home erotic photo shoot got into the global network, delivering the movie star many unpleasant moments and excessive attention.
  • The 90th annual Academy Award ceremony was remembered by the actress fan for her extravagant act. Hearing her name among the winners, Lawrence did not hesitate in a long dress to climb over several chairs, hug with the people around her, ending her way out with a grandiose fall on the steps in front of the stage.
    Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life
  • Jennifer never studied acting. The secret of her success is that she tries to get used to the role as much as possible, having felt all the hardships of the character’s life on herself. For the role in Winter Bone, Lawrence learned to freshen squirrels and cut trees. Katniss Everdeen demanded from the actress the ability to climb trees and masterly shoot from a bow.
  • The girl is considered one of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood and constantly amazes journalists and fans with her cheerful disposition and frank antics.

Personal life

Despite its positive character and amazing appearance, the darling of millions has not yet met her fate.

It is known that Jennifer met:

  • With a partner in the films “X-Men” N. Holt. The couple spent together about 3 years periodically parting, then converging again.
  • With singer and former husband G. Paltrow C. Martin, an affair with which lasted exactly one year.
  • With director D. Aronofsky.

The actress was also credited with novels:

  • With a partner in the movie Serena B. Cooper. The actor himself significantly rejected the rumors that, although he loves Lawrence more than life, he still considers himself a man more suitable for her fathers than lovers.
    Jennifer Lawrence. Photo, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography, personal life
  • With actor L. Hemsworth. According to rumors, the romantic line from The Hunger Games was to
    be developed in real life. But the actors themselves refused to confirm the gossip that arose.

Lawrence is now lonely and is very worried about this. The actress blames men for her personal failures, claiming that they really want to dominate, without caring about the feelings of a woman. Jennifer sincerely hopes to soon meet her soul mate and will try not to miss her.

The mysterious Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most talented movie stars in Hollywood, whose photographs are constantly on the list of “The Most Beautiful Movie Actresses of Our Time”.

Being the youngest 4-time Oscar nominee and the owner of many other awards, the girl does not stop improving, putting a lot of effort into transforming her appearance and being proud of being an actress who created herself on her own.

Video about Jennifer Lawrence

Biography of actress Jennifer Lawrence:

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