Armpit algel. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Algel is an antiperspirant for the armpits whose active components are ammonium salts. The composition also contains substances with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Given the product reviews and the diverse composition, in its application should be cautious to those who are prone to allergies.

Forms of release and composition of the drug

Algel is manufactured and manufactured by Farmtek Green Dubrava CJSC. It has a unique form: there are no such drugs on the market.

Available in 3 forms:

  • Ball antiperspirant.
  • Deodorant Maximum.
  • Gel for the feet. Armpit algel. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

The capacity of the product is usually 1,69 fluid ounce. An exception may be foot gel, it is sold in both large and smaller packages ( 0,68 fluid ounce or 2,54 fluid ounce).

The drug is based on ammonium salts, and contains a lot of water. There is no alcohol in it, which greatly reduces the risk of irritation, so the tool can be recommended for people who have sensitive skin. The exact content of metal salts on the packaging is not indicated. The recommended dosage is 15%.

The armpit gel is distinguished by the content of substances with moisturizing and antiseptic characteristics, and the absence of synthetic dyes. Some buyers speak of him as a hypoallergenic drug, but in fact he is not.

Allergic reactions can cause the antibacterial substances that are part of the composition and some auxiliary components of the agent.

It includes:

Components Description
Cyclopentasiloxane It is a synthetic silicone. Its main distinguishing features are viscosity and reduced volatility. Add to the composition so that the drug can be distributed on the skin without the formation of a sticky film. The component does not interact with other substances in the composition
Dimethiconol The substance is a silicone polymer. Its main positive property is the ability to repel water. It creates a protective barrier through which H2O molecules do not pass. Other substances, in particular oxygen, overcome this barrier.
Glycerol His task is to moisturize the skin.
Phenoxyethanol Acts as a disinfectant
Lemon extract Acts as an antiseptic, deodorizing and tannin
Bisabolol It has anti-inflammatory effect and has antibacterial properties.
Green tea extract Appreciated for its tanning qualities.
Chamomile extract Helps relieve irritation
Menthol It has a calming and refreshing effect.
Armpit algel. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews
The composition of Algel cream is suitable for armpits

This product is not without its various preservatives that extend the shelf life, stabilizers and emulsifiers.

Pharmacological properties

With proper use, Algel does not interfere with the work of the sweating glands, on the contrary, it is able to bring it back to normal. The fluid produced by the body, which did not pass through the channels blocked by an antiperspirant, is evenly distributed over areas of the skin that have a not too pronounced tendency to sweat.

As a result, the area of the skin after Algel remains dry, but there is no intense sweating in other areas. The advantage of Algel over other antiperspirants is that it acts only on the surface of the skin, without penetrating the body. It is suitable for long-term use.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Algel acts as follows: as soon as the substance appears on the skin, the interaction of its aluminum salts with proteins begins. As a result, the so-called metal-protein complexes appear. They clog perspiration canals. Armpit algel. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviewsMost antiperspirants act on a similar principle, however, according to manufacturers, the resulting protein-protein complexes that clog up the channels are insoluble and therefore do not enter the bloodstream. They are in the channels for several days until they are removed when the skin is peeling.

Indications for use

Algel is used:

  • to combat the effects of hyperhidrosis in cases where the use of conventional antiperspirants does not help;
  • as personal hygiene during active training;
  • with high sweating in hot weather;
  • those who tend to sweat profusely with nervous tension.


The armpit gel, which user reviews are mostly positive, has one of the main differences – it has virtually no contraindications. The drug is not recommended only to those who are allergic to any of its constituent substances. Since there are many components, contraindications concern a considerable number of people. Armpit algel. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Before use, it is imperative to make sure that there is no allergy to any of the substances contained in the product. As for pregnant women and nursing mothers, then they can use this tool provided that there is no allergy to any of the components.

Algel should also not be used by those who have skin problems, for example, a tendency to irritation and the presence of microtraumas.

At what age can the drug be used

It can be used by men, women and children. The main thing is to make sure that the child is not allergic to the substances that make up the product before use.

Instructions for use, dosage of the drug

Armpit algel (reviews indicate the need for strict adherence to the rules prescribed in the instructions) must be used in accordance with the manual, only in this case the drug will be effective and will not harm health.

It is important to remember the followi

  • After an evening shower or bath, the skin needs to be dried. Before application, it should be not only clean, but also dry. At night, the sebaceous glands do not work too actively, so an antiperspirant will better perform its main function.
  • You can not apply it on wet skin, otherwise water will contribute to the destruction of the resulting metal-protein molecules. This will not give the desired effect and can cause irritation, burning and other unpleasant phenomena. You can use a hairdryer to speed up drying.
  • The dispenser needs to be carried out on the skin, evenly dispensing the product. When applying the product, it is important to remember that large areas of skin cannot be treated. If this rule is not observed, then a large number of sweat glands will be blocked immediately. This will negatively affect the body’s natural thermoregulation. Armpit algel. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews
  • After the product is applied, it is necessary to wait a while until it is absorbed. Until the product dries, you can not touch the skin. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to dry.
  • When the skin is completely dry, you can put on your pajamas and go to bed.
  • Contact with water should be avoided. For 4 hours, it is impossible to moisturize those areas of the skin that have been treated with Algel.
  • In the morning you can take an ordinary shower. Antiperspirant is easily washed with soap. After the procedure, wipe off with a towel.

If after the first application the effect was not obtained and high perspiration persists, it is necessary to carry out the procedure again the next day. When the drug begins to act, you can not use it daily. Repeat the procedure will need 1 time in 3-5 days. The duration of such use is unlimited.

Doctors recommend applying Algel in the evening, before bedtime. In this case, its action will be more effective and useful. If the antiperspirant is used during the day, you must wait until the substance is completely absorbed. Then you can wear casual clothes and continue your normal rhythm of life.

Side effects

An armpit gel, reviews of which are mostly positive, with proper use and compliance with contraindications, has no side effects. However, if the gel was applied to irritated skin, itching may appear after some time.

If there are skin diseases, Algel side effects can occur in redness and various irritations: rashes are possible. In this case, the use of Algel should be discontinued.


Excessive use of the drug can lead to a violation of the body’s natural thermoregulation. Algel should be applied at first to small areas of the skin.

special instructions

It is important to remember: Algel is not a simple deodorant, but a medical and cosmetic preparation.

The following features should be considered:

  • it can not be applied to the skin after irritation and injury and to areas where hair has been shaved recently. After this procedure, at least 48 hours should pass; Armpit algel. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews
  • if Algel is applied to the armpits, a frequency of several days must be observed. It is recommended that these areas of the skin be treated no more than 2 times a week. If you need to prevent excessive sweating on the palms and feet, then you can use Algel more often;
  • if burning begins to be felt after application, immediately rinse with water the area that has been treated with the product. Repeat treatment should be the next day, while proceeding with caution;
  • during the application of Algel, it is necessary to ensure that the substance does not get into the eyes;
  • the drug should be stored in places where children cannot reach;
  • Algel is intended for application to the armpits, palms and feet. Processing other areas is not recommended.

Drug interaction

Along with Algel, other deodorizing agents can be used. However, this makes no sense if the use of the drug gives the desired effect. If it turns out to be ineffective or causes an allergy, you need to completely abandon it and use another remedy.


Algel for armpits, user reviews confirm this, has an analog – “Dry Dry”. The main similarity is that its active substance is aluminum chloride. The volume of the latter may be different.

There are 3 of its varieties: Armpit algel. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

  • “Dry Dry Light.” The composition of this tool contains 16% aluminum salt.
  • “Dry Dry Sensitive.” It contains 24% aluminum chloride.
  • “Dry Dry Classic.” This drug consists of almost one third of the aluminum salt.

The manufacturer does not say how much aluminum chloride is contained in Algel, so it will not be possible to compare.

However, the fact that the same substance is used in both drugs suggests that the actions of the drugs are identical.
Unlike Algel, Dry Dry antiperspirant contains alcohol as a base instead of water. It has an antibacterial effect. The exception is “Dry

Dry Sensitive, which is based on water. Also, “Dry Dry” differs from Algel in that it does not contain so many additional components.

A significant difference between these two similar drugs is that Dry Drive is more expensive, but more economical. For example, if 1 pack of Algel with a volume of 1,69 fluid ounce can be used for 4 months, then the same volume of Dry Dry is enough for about 7 months. As for the safety of use, it is the same in “Dry Dry” as Algel.

Terms, conditions of sale and storage

The drug should be stored in places where children can not get. The optimum air temperature is about 33,8 – 41°F. In the place where the temperature is below + 41°F or above 35,6 – 41°F, it is not recommended to store the product. If storage conditions are met, then Algel can be used for 2 years from the date of its manufacture. After opening the package, the product can be stored for 12 months.

Price in pharmacies in New York, Los Angeles,

In the pharmacies of both American capitals, Algel can be purchased at a price of just over $ 4,08. Buying a 0,68 fluid ounce package in USA costs about $ 2,04. If you buy Algel for legs with a volume of 2,54 fluid ounce, then you will have to pay about $ 4,22 for this remedy. The drug has many advantages over other antiperspirants.

This too

  • safely;
  • does not cause irritation;
  • does not penetrate the blood (provided that it is used correctly);
  • economical: one package can last for 6 months. Despite the fact that its price is low compared to other antiperspirants, especially those that are actively advertised;
  • has an effective effect, lasting several days.

Algel for armpits is not hypoallergenic, therefore, before buying it, you should study consumer reviews and instructions with indicated contraindications.

Video about Algel

Algel or Rexon. What’s better:

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