Sweat pads for armpits – how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices

The chemical industry offers consumers increasingly sophisticated sweat remedies, but the problem of wet armpits is still relevant for many. A possible solution may be special absorbent pads – a thing as simple as it is ingenious.

What are sweat pads for armpits

The shape of the product resembles a butterfly with small semicircular asymmetric wings. The inside of the pad is an absorbent surface, and the outside is coated with a sticky adhesive with a thin paper protection.

Between the semicircles, at the narrowing point, there is a fold line separating the protective paper into two separate parts – this is done for the convenience of fixing the pads on clothes.

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
Armpit pads appearance

If the gasket is designed to be attached to the body, an adhesive strip borders its inner side around the perimeter. Reusable liners have special straps that cover the shoulders, thus pressing the absorbent surface to the armpits.

The principle of the liners

The action of the gaskets is based on the absorbent properties of the material from which they are made. They do not affect the amount of sweat released in any way, but at the same time delay it, preventing it from penetrating clothing.

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
Sweat pads for armpits to help you forget about wet spots on clothes

Sometimes disposable pads are impregnated with a deodorant that helps mask an unpleasant odor. Inserts containing silver ions and having an antibacterial effect can completely neutralize the smell.

When liners are needed

No matter what means people use to combat sweat, sometimes you just need to absorb it.

Armpit pads are shown in the following cases:

  • with hyperhidrosis – inserts increase the quality of life both when used autonomously and in combination with other means;
  • in the presence of allergies to deodorants, the absorbent surface of the liners is hypoallergenic, as it is made only from natural materials;
  • during puberty of adolescents;
  • in hot weather;
  • during sports activities;
    Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
    Hyperhidrosis contributes to the loss of self-confidence
  • during long trips;
  • for important events related to excitement – for example, exams or conferences;
  • so as not to spoil clothes that can not be washed – for example, fancy dresses, especially rentals, evening dresses, expensive designer dresses for fashion shows.

In addition to these cases, sweat pads are also worn in everyday life: they will extend the wear time of any clothes, including outerwear, for which stains are not as bad as an unpleasant odor.


To meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers of armpit liners offer a variety of types for any occasion.

Gaskets are divided into:

  • by type of use – disposable and reusable;
  • by origin – factory and home-made;
  • in size – large, medium and small;
    Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
    Before buying, it is important to determine the correct size of gaskets.
  • by type of attachment – glued to clothing, to the body or straps;
  • by color – white, black or flesh.

Criteria for choosing liners

In order to determine which pads better protect armpits and clothing from sweat, one should proceed from the conditions under which the product will be used.

  1. The size. It is recommended to choose a gasket that will overlap the sweating zone by no more than 6/32 inch, otherwise it will be too noticeable under clothing. The liner should not be too small – in this case, its area is not enough for the whole armpit, and sweat will appear outside it.
    Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
    Gaskets glued to the body are small, so they do not cause discomfort
  2. Thickness. For those who do not suffer from a violation of sweating, but use liners from case to case, disposable pads with a thickness of 3/32 inch are suitable. People with hyperhidrosis are shown specialized fabric liners on reusable straps.
  3. Type of fastening. The most common pads with the ability to fix on clothes – they hold well, are convenient to use and universal. Their disadvantage is that when removing the liner, tissue damage, especially fleecy, is possible. Gaskets attached to the body do not spoil the clothes, but are able to create discomfort during use and do not last very long – within 4-6 hours. Straps are attached to more massive reusable pads, which, when used correctly, fit snugly against the armpit and reliably protect clothing from sweat, but are visible under clothing made of thin or translucent fabrics.
    Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
    Transparent silicone straps are invisible under clothing.
  4. Terms of Use. In winter, when there are a lot of clothes and it is made of thick fabrics, it is reasonable to use pads thicker – under the clothes they will be invisible, and at the same time the skin will breathe thanks to the air gap. For playing sports you will need wider and thinner liners with antibacterial effect and reliable fixation. In hot weather, thinner pads will also be needed to be less noticeable under clothing.

Helmi Stay Fresh Inserts

This Finnish brand is one of the most popular armpit liners on the market; it has won the trust of consumers thanks to qualities such as softness, convenience, versatility and reliability. The composition of the products is natural , the shape is ergonomic, the adhesive layer does not leave marks on clothing after removal.

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
Natural connoisseurs will love Finnish-made liners

The aroma is fresh and unobtrusive. As a disadvantage, consumers often point out that products of this brand are difficult to find on the open market. Indeed, Helmi Stay Fresh gaskets are rare in stores, but they are easy to find and buy online.

1-2 DRY liners

The Dutch have taken care of the diverse needs of sweat pad users like no one else and created “1-2 DRY” for their armpits. These inserts are available in black and white, and the sizes are L, M and S – the latter for sleeveless clothes .

The surface adjacent to the skin is made of a non-woven cotton coating, under which there is a layer of cellulose, perfectly absorbing even with heavy perspiration. The adhesive layer is not satisfactory to consumers: it holds the gasket well on clothes and easily leaves after use without damaging the fabric.

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
The size of the 1-2 Dry pads allows you to use them with any clothing.

The only possible drawback is the lack of antibacterial treatment, which could reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant odor.

U-Dry Inserts

An environmentally friendly product from the UK, also having many positive reviews. Inserts of this brand are suitable for both women and men, do not cause allergies, are available in two sizes (L and M).

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
U-Dry Gaskets May Not Suit Odor Sensitive People

The absorbent surface of the gasket is white, which allows you to control the degree of contamination, and the adhesive is bodily, which makes it less visible under clothing. Users note only one drawback of these products: too strong flavoring.

Inserts Stop Agent

The stop agent, or Protection of stamp, is the earbud made in China. They are of universal size and are available in white and black, with both colors in one box.

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
The advantage of these gaskets is the presence in one pack of gaskets of two colors

In addition to hypoallergenicity, their advantage is the presence of silver ions, which prevent the growth of bacteria and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Cons – insufficiently reliable fastening to clothes and excessive thickness of the liners.

Purax Inserts

The Austrian manufacturer offers pads that are not fixed on clothes, but directly on the body. They perfectly absorb, having fleece in their composition, do not let the smell pass and are able to hold out on the skin for up to 8-10 hours. These advantages successfully compensate for some stiffness of movements.

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
According to the promises of the manufacturer, Purax pads stay on the skin until the evening

Magic sweat liners

Another Chinese product, solid, budget, but not taking into account all the wishes of users. It does an excellent job of absorbing moisture, but many people note that the liners are too large and too dense, which makes them stand out under clothing. The adhesive layer is not too reliable. This option is more suitable for outerwear and for lined items.

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
Underarm pads Magic sweat not suitable for wearing with light clothing
Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
Silver ions contained in these inserts have an antibacterial effect

Minimax Inserts

These inserts differ from the previous ones in many ways, although they are also available in China. Compact, they come in white and black and are suitable even for children.

They contain silver ions that provide gaskets with antibacterial properties. Cons – the presence in the absorbent layer of synthetic fibers and a continuous adhesive layer that impedes air circulation.

Japanese liners

Against the background of the products of the above manufacturers, the inserts of the Japanese brand JEX “ASENE” stand out.

They are made of artificial silk and other synthetic materials, and at the same time, their properties have a high absorption rate, reliable adhesion to clothing and antibacterial effect.

Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
For women in Japan, such products are no longer a novelty.

The color of the pads is solid, the thickness is less than 1/32 inch. Available in two versio
ns: with a cooling or deodorizing effect in packs of 20 and 40 pcs.

You can wear them with or without sleeves. The disadvantage is the almost complete lack of reviews on these inserts, which does not allow us to evaluate their true properties.

Terms of use

When using gaskets, regardless of their brand and type, several universal rules should be observed:

  • it is not recommended to use liners after the expiration date, since the adhesive coating loses its properties over time;
  • you need to take into account the length of the sleeve – it is desirable that it be at least 2’8 inch;
  • the product should be peeled off immediately after use, otherwise it will be difficult to remove glue residue from the fabric;
  • on knitted and other stretch fabrics, liners should be used with care so that they do not peel when stretched;
  • the gaskets must be glued evenly the first time, since when re-gluing, the fastening will no longer be reliable;
  • it is not recommended to use inserts with clothes that are worn over the head – in this case, the likelihood of peeling off or moving the product increases.

How to glue liners on the skin

To stick sweat pads on armpits directly to the body, you must perform the following steps:

  • make sure that the skin under the armpits is clean, dry, and there is no hair or traces of cosmetics on it;
  • remove the protective layer, trying not to touch the adhesive strip with your hands;
  • align the armpit with your hand behind your head;
  • gently apply the product to the skin, press along the perimeter and hold for 10-15 seconds.

In the same way, glue the liner on the second hand, after which you can dress.

How to glue liners on the fabric

The procedure for sticking pads on clothes requires some skill and may not work out the first time.

To minimize the risk of failure, you must strictly follow the instructions:

  • the clothes should be laid out so that the seam of the sleeve lies exactly under the side seam – in this case, it is enough to unfasten the shirt, and the t-shirt will have to be turned inside out;
  • prepare and try on a gasket: the smaller side will need to be glued to the sleeve, and the larger side to the armpit area;
    Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
    In order to attach the liner to clothes, it is necessary to remove the protective film
  • make sure that there are no wrinkles on the fabric, release one side of the liner from the protective layer and firmly press it to the fabric;
  • do the same with the rest;
  • the line dividing the semicircles should run along the seam of the armhole.

The more carefully the pad is glued, the less it will be visible under the clothes and the lower the likelihood of it being peeled off.

Ways to make yourself

Protective pads that protect the armpits from unaesthetic sweat stains are easy to make at home.

To do this, it is enough to have at hand the usual daily pads:

  • bend a thin gasket with a reliable adhesive layer in half with the absorbing side out and iron the fold line with your fingers;
  • make two neat cuts on both sides with scissors;
  • peel off half of the protective paper and fix part of the pad to the fabric;
  • remove the protective paper completely and stick the second half of the gasket;
  • if the width of the strip is not enough for the entire sweating area, two should be used, gluing them side by side with an overlap.
    Sweat pads for armpits - how to use, where to buy or do it yourself. Reviews and prices
    Someone prefers to make sweat inserts from ordinary women’s pads

You can also make fabric reusable liners.

To do this, select the appropriate natural material and perform the following steps:

  • cut out gaskets of the desired shape and size (a factory insert is suitable as a template);
  • cut several blanks, determine the number of layers;
  • stitch blanks around the perimeter;
  • you can attach such a gasket to clothes either with a regular thread or with double-sided tape.

Where can I buy and how much

You can buy liners for armpits at a pharmacy or in stores for pregnant women, as well as order online. Choosing the right option should be based on the brand of the product and the urgency of the purchase. Gaskets of the Stay Fresh Helmi brand in ordinary pharmacies are extremely rare, but their price in online stores varies from $ 1,09 – $ 4,1. for 12 pcs.

In city pharmacies, the following brands are popular:

  • U-Dry – $ 3 – $ 4. for 14 pcs.;
  • 1-2 Dry – $ 6 – $ 7. for 20 pcs.;
  • Stop Agent – $ 4 – $ 6. for 20 pcs.;
  • Minimax – $ 2 – $ 3. for 12 pcs.

Based on 1 gasket, the most affordable are the Minimax products. Even cheaper is the cost of a unit of the Japanese brand JEX “ASENE”, whose products can be purchased only on the Internet – $ 7,34. for 40 pcs.

To save on pads that help you deal with sweat in the armpit area, it’s best to take advantage of the popular joint shopping service. This will reduce the price of goods by 3-4 times. From the moment of ordering to receipt you have to wait, but for consumables, such as disposable liners, this is a reasonable choice.

Video about gaskets, which there are, how to use:

How to attach sweat pads to clothes:

The composition and principle of action of the pads from the Stop-Agent sweat:

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