Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure

The human body has a network of meridians along which vital energy moves. For about 6 millennia in eastern medicine, a method has been practiced for treating and healing the body through exposure to special points on the body that are connected with these energy channels.

Acupuncture is one of the techniques carried out using needles. Due to the fact that the method has a fairly strong effect on the body, it should be carried out only by professionals.

How acupressure works

Acupressure is an absolutely atraumatic and softer analogue of acupuncture, in which hands are used instead of needles. Chinese doctors also use other massage tools, such as sharp bamboo sticks, beans, and even rice.

Correctly selected effect on the necessary points saves you from pain, stimulates the body to recover, restores the functions of internal organs, exciting or calming them as necessary. The method also works well with all kinds of nervous and psychological diseases, in particular with depression and insomnia.

Varieties of points in acupuncture, classification

Acupuncture points on the human body are associated with meridians, so you should first study the main energy channels.

Oriental medicine knows a lot of them, but distinguishes 2 main and 12 main:

Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure
Acupuncture points on the human body of the first meridian, lungs.
Title Location Amount of points Area of responsibility
Yin Meridian Along the body on its front surface, begins in the pubic and ends in the eyes 24 Spine
Jan Meridian Behind the spinal column, begins in the perineum, rises to the brain, then descends through the crown of the eye 28 Replenishment of energy
Lung meridian It starts from the stomach, through the large intestine rises to the lungs and neck, descending along the outer surface of the hand to the thumb 11 Metabolism, respiratory system
Large intestine meridian Passes from the index finger, rises along the arm, then to the lung and intestines 20 Highlight Functions
Stomach meridian It starts at the wings of the nose, rises in the face to the back of the head, descends to the collarbone, then goes down through the stomach to the foot, ending with the 2nd finger 45 Stomach
Pancreas and Spleen Meridian Passes from the big toe to the spleen, diaphragm and larynx, ending under the tongue 21 Promotion and digestion of food, obtaining nutrients
Heart meridian From the heart it goes down through the diaphragm to the small intestine, rises to the lung and passes along the arm to the little finger 9 Consciousness, brain activity, emotions, circulatory system
Small intestine meridian From the little finger goes to the collarbone, goes down to the heart, diaphragm, stomach, ending in the small intestine 19 Absorption of nutrients from food
Bladder Meridian From the corner of the eye passes through the brain, down the spine to the kidneys and bladder 67 Regulates the activity of the bladder and kidneys
Meridian Kidney It starts on the little finger of the foot, rises to the kidneys, liver, diaphragm, lung, ending in the root of the tongue 27 Store of vital energy for organs, growth and development
Pericardial meridian From the pericardium descends to the lower part of the trunk, the branch goes along the arm to the middle finger 9 Heart protection
Meridian of 3 heaters From the ring finger rises to the shoulder, lowers to the diaphragm and lower torso. Branches run through the facial area 23 Function of all organs, nervous irritability
Gallbladder Meridian It originates from the outer corner of the eye and, descending along the whole body, ends in the 4th toe 44 Works in conjunction with the liver meridian
Liver meridian Passes from the first toe to the genitals, liver, gall bladder, diaphragm and rises to the crown through the throat and back palate. 14 Metabolism, center of chemical processes

Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure

A human disease is in most cases stagnation, blocking, lack or excess of energy in organs. Acupuncture points on the human body are classified according to their belonging to a particular meridian, effects on the organ or malaise.


  • Soothing. The effect on them is pleasant for the patient, suppresses excessive activity of the corresponding organ, and relieves nervousness. On each meridian there is only one such point.
  • Exciting . Also, one on each channel. Stimulate tired organs, activating their work.
  • Harmonizing . These points are located at the end and beginning of each meridian and balance the energy of organs and systems.
  • Signal or “Mu points” . Assigned to a specific authority. Extremely effective for “first aid” and the rapid removal of pain.
  • Special, working with a specific disease.

In total on the human body there are more than 700 active points.

Contraindications to acupressure

Despite the fact that acupressure is a very mild technique, there are a number of contraindications to it:

  • Severe, organic heart disease and circulatory system.
  • Any pathology of pregnancy.
  • Acute skin diseases, cuts, burns, ulcers at massage sites.
  • Diagnosed depression.
  • Oncology also sometimes refers to contraindications.
  • Strong overwork.

Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure

In case of a sudden change in the patient’s well-being during the massage, he should be stopped immediately.

How to find the right acupuncture points, atlas

The points used for massage are located on the skin and have a diameter of about 0’4 inch. Their approximate location is described in atlases and descriptions for acupuncture. You can find the points with the index finger, placing it in the proposed area and following the change in sensations.

The skin and body lines, such as folds, protrusions, pits, can serve as a guide, having thickenings or different densities with surrounding tissues. In addition, at the location of the point, the patient may feel a slight soreness, tingling, or numbness.

In atlases, a measure of length is often used, called the “cun” —the distance between the folds on the second phalanx of the patient’s middle finger when it is fully bent (women use the right hand, men use the left). For clarification, there are two more landmarks: the combined width of the index and middle fingers is one and a half tsun, all fingers except the thumb – 3 tsun.

How to do acupressure

Acupressure, like regular massage, involves the use of a number of movements, for its use the pads of the thumb, middle and forefinger, palm of the hand.

There are several types of exposure, among which:

  • Pressing with one or several fingers perpendicular to the skin surface or with the base of the palm for deeper and stronger pressure.
    Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure
  • Trituration. The finger, producing constant pressure, describes circles with a diameter of about 6/32 inch clockwise or counterclockwise at a speed of about 2 rotations per second.
  • Vibration – rhythmic strong pressure on a point with a finger or palm edge at a speed of 2-3 movements per second.
  • Stretching the skin with two fingers along the line of the necessary impact.
  • Gripping, in which two or 3 fingers capture the skin, easy rotation, repeated 3-4 times.

Acupuncture points on the human body are mainly collected in the following areas:

  • Feet.
  • Hands.
  • Spine.
  • Chest.
  • Face.

On the feet

Foot massage works out all body systems, improving metabolic processes, the condition of the skin and psyche, strengthens the immune system, and improves muscle tone. You need to start it by steaming or lubricating the feet with cream. Then, active stroking of the feet and massage of the fingers from the nail plates to their base are performed. Next, we proceed to the study of biologically active points (BAP).

According to the theory of acupuncture, the human body is projected onto the foot in 5 zones:

  • fingers and their bases – organs of the head and neck, in particular, the elaboration of the pads of the thumbs stimulates the brain well;
  • the part that captures the beginning of the arch of the foot is the chest;
  • the middle part of the arch is the stomach;
  • closer to the heel – large and small intestines;
  • the heel itself is the genitals.

Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure

Paired and centrally located organs have points on both feet, the rest are located on the corresponding leg (for example, the heart is on the left, the liver is on the right). Stimulation of points is done with the thumbs by rubbing.

It should be borne in mind that the appearance of pain indicates problems with the organ that projects into this place. Having felt this, you should change the massage method: you must alternately press on the point and let go, repeating each movement for 30 seconds until the pain disappears.

On hands

Massage and self-massage of hands is an alternative to working out the legs, moreover, it is convenient to do it anywhere. First you need to warm up the brush with intense circular grindings, then work out each finger from the nail to the base.

To work with the BAP with your right hand, grab the left hand so that the thumb is in the palm of your hand. It is he who must perform all massage movements. You can find and study all active points on your hands in special atlases. It is worth noting that the fingers are responsible for the head (large), legs (anonymous and middle) and hands (pinky and forefinger), and the palm for internal organs.

On the ear

Ears are another cluster of useful points. Rubbing them helps to bring a person out of a state of fainting or heavy alcohol intoxication. The development of points should be done simultaneously on the right and left ear, capturing them between the first and second fingers, pressing and rubbing with the forefinger.

Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure

The following points are of interest:

  • In the fossa near the lobe, there is an endocrine point that normalizes metabolism, which helps with allergies and inflammations.
  • In the upper fossa of the ear is a point of the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for the intestines, kidneys, blood vessels and helps with menopause.
  • At the base of the earlobe, you can find the point of the cerebral cortex, the impact on which increases the body’s ability to recover itself.
  • The point of the heart and lungs is located in the depth of the ear just above the ear canal. Its stimulation prevents heart attack and stroke, helps with tachycardia, bronchitis and inflammation. People who want to quit smoking need to massage this point several times a day.

On the face

Facial massage helps maintain youthfulness and beauty of the skin, eliminates insomnia and headaches.

Key points for acupressure:

  • Third Eye. Located just above the bridge of the nose, improves the liver and endocrine system.
  • The points of youth responsible for vision are hidden near the inner corners of the eyes on the nose.
  • Points located near the wings of the nose that improve the sense of smell, and help fight colds.
  • A point in t
    he middle of the chin will save you from poisoning and intoxication.
  • You can fight headaches while improving vision and blood supply to the brain by rubbing your temples.
    Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure
  • Points near the ear tragus, which are easy to find in the dimples that appear when the mouth opens, will restore hearing and strengthen the vestibular apparatus.

Bracing points

Acupuncture points, stimulation of which helps to strengthen the human body:

  • The point of longevity . If you take a sitting position, put your palms on your knees, then the little finger will indicate the direction, and the middle finger the height of the location of this point. In this place there is a deepening, pressing is moderately painful. According to legend, massage of this zone in the first week of the lunar cycle helps to preserve youth and prolong a healthy life.
  • Point Nei Guan , located 3 fingers above the wrist, is responsible for the harmony of the nervous system and heart, relieves nausea.
  • Stimulation of Wei Zhong points located in the popliteal fossa allows maintaining the health of the urinary system.
  • Sheng Men points on the outside of the wrists help the heart. In addition, they are used in the treatment of mentally ill people.
  • The Bai Hui point located at the intersection of many meridians on the top of the head has a very wide range of effects.
    Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure
  • The “Youth Channel” is located at a distance of 4 fingers above the inner bone of the ankle, helping to maintain the female body in its young state for a long time.

Other useful points on the body

There are a number of points that help you quickly get rid of sudden problems:

  • Headache, toothache, malaise with arthritis, constipation, a hangover are healed by rubbing for several minutes the points at the junction of the thumb and forefinger.
  • Massage for 2 minutes with the thumbs of both hands, folded in a prayer position, the middle of the chest in place, 4 fingers above the end of the bone, helps to get rid of nervous excitement, depression, anxiety. Such movements also enhance the immunity and resistance of the body as a whole.
  • To improve concentration and memory, get rid of headaches and fatigue, you should stimulate a point on the back of the foot twice a day for 2-3 minutes at the intersection of the 1st and 2nd fingers.

Weight Loss Massage Techniques

Acupressure is widely used to help people who want to lose weight. To select the desired points, before the sessions, you must determine the cause of excess weight.

Hormonal disbalance

With such an anamnesis, working out lying down for 30 minutes in the Guan Yuan point, located at a distance of 3 tsuns below the navel, helps well.

Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure

Then the massage of the points of Zi Gong is connected, which can be found by stepping back 1 na from the navel and then 3 tsun to the left and right. The study of these places is best combined with rotational movements of the hips in a standing position.


Nowadays, it is difficult to observe the correct diet and nutritional composition.

If the cause of completeness lies in this problem, then you can use the following acupressure technique:

  • The Lin Quan point under the patella is massaged for 30 seconds to combat cellulite.
  • “Channels of youth” should be worked out with thumbs at least 40 times on each foot.
  • The Tien Shui points , located in 2 tsuni to the right and left of the navel, are massaged in a standing position, slightly bent by pressing for 5 seconds, 20 times.

Repeat this massage 3 times a day until the condition improves, then for prevention 1 time per day.

Stress state

To relieve nervous tension, the Nei Guan point from the general strengthening section should be stimulated for 5-10 minutes. You also need to use the Bai Hui point, rhythmically resting against it with your thumb.

Insomnia and chronic fatigue

To eliminate these unpleasant symptoms, an hour before bedtime should be stimulated points in the following order:

  1. Press and massage the point of the “third eye”.
    Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure
  2. Gently, avoiding severe pain, work out the point between the 1st and 2nd fingers of the hand.
  3. A point from insomnia is also on the inside of each foot, on the heel closer to the arch of the foot.
  4. And already lying in bed, it is convenient to massage the dimples behind the earlobes and the point on the top of the head, which will quickly calm and relax the body.

Within 7-9 days, sleep improves markedly.

Slimming Abdominal Massage

The massage of the solar plexus in a clockwise direction while lying down is also effective. All painful sensations, hiccups, rumbling indicate the start of the process, but do not endure acute pain.

How is acupressure performed for various diseases

Acupuncture helps patients cope with many ailments.

With chronic gastritis

During a remission of the disease for a month or more, you can perform acupressure massage of the following areas in the morning:

  • Longevity points in the knee area.
  • Places 2 tsuni above the ankles on the inside and outside of each leg.
  • Points on the hands just above the base of the thumbs.
  • Tien Shui to the right and left of the navel must be massaged at the same time, and then pay attention to the point 2 tsun below the navel.

With osteochondrosis

To help with cervical osteochondrosis, you need to stimulate the following points for 2 minutes in slow circular movements, increasing intensity, then press for an instant and repeat movements in the opposite direction, gradually weakening the pressure.


  • Point Feng Fu, located under the occipital tubercle.
    Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure
  • Feng Chi points located at Feng Fu level towards the ears.
  • At a distance of 3 fingers below the first is the point I Men.
  • 7th cervical vertebra.

When coughing

It should be noted that acupressure is not recommended for allergic types of cough, if the disease is associated with a cold, then, regardless of its nature, relief comes quickly enough.

The listed points are massaged clockwise for up to 2 minutes each:

  • “Third Eye”.
  • The center of the forehead.
  • Seats on both sides of the nose bridge.
  • Base point of the nose.
  • Pit in the middle of the neck.
  • Subclavian fossa.
  • Point in the middle of the chest.
  • “Pain point” at the closure of the 1st and 2nd fingers.

With diabetes

It is almost impossible to cure diabetes with acupressure, but some self-massage techniques have a positive effect on maintaining the body in an active state and lowering blood sugar. Symmetrical points on the face and legs are stimulated simultaneously, the rest – alternately.

Useful points:

  • Dots on the nose near the corners of the eyes.
  • Deepening at the temples.
  • Points at the beginning of the fold formed by bending the elbows.
  • Deepening over the collarbone.
  • Longevity points.

With sinusitis

Acupressure should be carried out at the initial or final stage of the disease, as well as in its chronic course.

Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure

In acupuncture atlases, 5 main points are considered to help with sinusitis:

  • areas near the wings of the nose;
  • point above the upper lip;
  • the tip of the nose is worked out by light tingling;
  • the outer corners of the eyes are kneaded in a circular motion;
  • The massage ends with stimulation of the “third eye”.

The course of such massage must be carried out for 14 days. As a rule, improvement occurs in a week.

With bronchial asthma

Acupressure in bronchial asthma is carried out during the onset or during an attack. The points are divided into 3 groups, the first of which is carried out by a calming method (light pressure and stroking), the second – for people over 40 years old – tonic (rotation with deep pressure), the third during periods of remission.

For allergies

Prevention of seasonal hay fever should begin 7-10 days before the expected period. Massage is done twice a day: in the morning with a tonic method, in the evening – with a soothing method.

Acupuncture points on the human body to solve the problem:

  • Third Eye”.
  • Under the wings of the nose.
  • In front of the tragus ear.
  • On the back of the head in the area of the cavity.
  • “Pain point” on the brush.
  • Earlobe.
    Acupuncture points on the human body. Atlas, photo, how to do acupressure
  • Over the auditory canal.

If an allergy begins, then a massage is done every hour for 3-4 days, then – according to well-being.

For toothache

In case of acute pain, it is best to consult a dentist, but if a visit is not possible, you can relieve the pain for a while.

There are 3 points that should be stimulated on the side of the problem:

  • The “point of pain” or He Gu is massaged for 2-3 minutes until the skin becomes red.
  • The left corner of the nail on the index finger (Shang Yang) is rhythmically pressed until pain appears.
  • The jaw junction is studied by pressing the index finger 5 times, then 30 circular movements are made.

How often should massage be done

Stimulation of acupuncture points must be carried out in accordance with the method of treatment of specific ailments of the body. It may take only a few minutes to relieve acute pain, and for chronic diseases it may take days, weeks, or even months.

But in any case, this method deserves attention for its simplicity and accessibility, but each person can test its effectiveness on his own experience.

Video about acupuncture points on the human body

Acupuncture points on the human body in the video:

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