Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

Anna Khilkevich is a popular actress of contemporary American cinema. She gained wide fame thanks to the role of student Masha Belova in the television series “Univer: New Dorm”. Changes in the appearance of the actress become an object of discussion. Khilkevich’s photos give rise to rumors about plastic surgery and make him appreciate the difference in her appearance before and after the alleged operations.

Anna Khilkevich – a little biography

Film and television actress, DJ, entrepreneur.

Year of birth – 1986. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

Star projects: TV series “Univer: New hostel”, “Barvikha”.

Figure parameters (approximate values):

Height Weight Chest circumference Waist circumference Hip girth
5’3 foot 99 -104 pounds 33’5 inch 23’2 inch 33’9 inch

Education and career start

Anna was born in Leningrad in the family of a military man (later an entrepreneur). The actress is the youngest child in the family. Anna has an older brother and sister. In 1996, the family moved to New York.

The future actress received secondary education in a gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages. Later, in connection with the relocation, the parents transferred their daughter to a school with a physical and mathematical bias.

As a teenager, Khilkevich studied piano and mastered acting at a school at the Higher School named after Schepkina.

In 2003, the future TV star entered the Shchepkinsky school. At the same time, Khilkevich began her career on TV, playing at the age of 17 in episodes of the series “Lawyer”, “I Designed an Escape”, etc. The ban on Sliver students from participating in filming during their studies forced Anna Khilkevich to leave the university after 1 year.

Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography
Frame from the series “I Conceived the Escape”

Parents insisted that the daughter receive a serious specialty. At their initiative, Anna entered the Plekhanov Academy of Economics and successfully completed a training course. Today Khilkevich is a graduate in advertising and marketing.

In addition to acting and economic education, the TV star graduated from DJ courses.

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Films with Anna Khilkevich in notable roles

Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery was a sought-after actress. To date, the filmography of the actress has nearly 40 works, among which there are both series and feature films. Khilkevich appeared in episodes and major roles of domestic melodramas and comedies on television and on the big screen. The main acting work:

“Red” (2008). Sasha Tarasova performed by Khilkevich is the heiress of the family fashion business. On the eve of the wedding, she accidentally learns about the betrayal of the groom, for whom marriage with her is a way to get rich. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

“Do not try to understand a woman” (2009). The series was Anna’s first notable work in multi-series projects. Julia, the character of Khilkevich, becomes the lover of a married man and enters the struggle for the heart of the chosen one with his wife.

“Barvikha” and the sequel “Golden” (2009-2010) – a multi-part TV film about the life and relationships of students of the prestigious school. Khilkevich in the role of Vicki is the spoiled daughter of rich dad, a typical representative of the young generation of the prestigious village.

“Univer. New hostel “(since 2011) – the series. Anna Khilkevich plays the role of student Masha Belova. This is one of the central figures of the project. Masha Belova is a pretty blonde who jealously takes care of her appearance, has a weakness for shopping and dreams of making a career on television. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

“Firs”, 2-5 parts (2011-2016) – in a series of New Year’s comedies, the heroines Khilkevich are tormented by the choice of the groom. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

“Island of luck” (2013) – a comedy where Anna Khilkevich in the image of an anecdotal blonde fights for victory in a beauty contest in a tropical resort.

“Snegurochka” (2013) – a melodrama about a love triangle with the participation of a respected official and student of the provincial Svetlana (Khilkevich), who moonlights as Snegurochka on the eve of the holidays.

“What Men Do” (2013) – a romantic comedy. Tatyana (Khilkevich), a girl from a wealthy family with high moral views, becomes the heroine of the show with a sex award for the winners.

“All About Men” (2016) – a comedy on the topic of generational conflict. Valya performed by Khilkevich is a young companion of the respectable head of a travel agency.

Zomboyaschik (2018) is a collection of comedy sketches that make fun of modern television. Anna became Snow White in a modern interpretation.

To date, “Univer: New Hostel” is the most successful project in the career of Anna Khilkevich.

Student Masha brought recognition to the actress and assigned her the role of a beauty who constantly gets into funny situations.

The series and the heroine Khilkevich deserve different ratings from the audience. Fans celebrate Anna’s excellent external data and comedic talent. Critical viewers say that the student, performed by 32-year-old Khilkevich, looks unconvincing. The actress continues to act in the usual way, but says that she does not intend to be an artist until old age.

Projects behind the scenes

In today’s career of Anna Khilkevich, the actress’s creative and economic education are in close interaction. The big name that the actress owes to filming in the series, she uses to promote her undertakings in other areas.

  • DJing Since 2014, Khilkevich appears as a DJ at club venues in New York and other American cities. The first experiments were amateurish, then the hobby began to generate income. Anna won the Celebrity DJ Prize, becoming the best star DJ of 2014.
  • Design. Anna Khilkevich tries herself in modeling women’s clothing. In 2014-2021 She has released several collections under her own brand “Hilly Shop”. Today, the TV star creates a personalized line of outfits for the Gepur brand and appears in the company’s advertising photo shoots. Models from Khilkevich – bright evening toilets with expressive textures and finishes.
  • Wedding agency Wedding Hills. The actress co-founded the company for organizing weddings at the end of 2021. Among the clients of Wedding Hills are Vitaly Gogunsky, Khilkevich’s colleague at Univer and her on-screen boyfriend. The ceremony was held in April 2021, the concept and design was invented by the Khilkevich agency. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography
  • Nail Salon ”
    Culture”. In an interview, Anna Khilkevich repeatedly spoke about plans to open a beauty salon. The star’s dream came true in November 2021. The institution provides manicure, pedicure and hair removal services. Khilkevich focuses on a wide audience and offers quality work of craftsmen at affordable prices.

Personal life

Anna Khilkevich is of great interest to the public. The personal life and appearance of the attractive actress aroused the curiosity of the fans before and after the star role in “Univer”. If Khilkevich’s plastic is an occasion for gossip and speculation, then Anna willingly talks about her chosen ones.

The first husband is the administrator Anton Pokrep, a member of the crew of the TV shows Barvikha and Zolotie. Future spouses met in the process of working on a television project and met for several years. The wedding took place in the spring of 2011.

After a year and a half, the marriage broke up on the initiative of Khilkevich. After the divorce, she said that relations with Pokrep were rather friendly and partner. Love and passion in their union was not enough. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

The current husband of the actress is an entrepreneur Arthur Volkov. The couple met in 2013. The reason for the acquaintance was a collision of cars at the entrance to New York Gorky Park. Relations quickly took on a romantic tinge. In the summer of 2021, lovers registered a relationship.

Spouses bring up a two-year-old daughter. In the spring of 2021, information about the second pregnancy of the actress was confirmed.

Filming for the magazines “Maxim” and “Playboy”

Anna Khilkevich before and after plastics enjoyed success with a male audience. In the series “Barvikha” and “Univer”, the actress repeatedly appeared in a half-naked form.

Outstanding external data made Anna a desirable model for candid photo shoots and covers of men’s magazines. Khilkevich twice became the girl of the month Maxim and once – the American Playboy.

The first magazine photo shoot and cover of Anna Khilkevich appeared in the Maxim issue for December 2011. The filmmakers beat the serial image of the actress in Univer and Barvikha. According to the plot of the photo shoot, Khilkevich is a student who comes to the library of the respectable dad to prepare for exams and encounters a young man here.

The result of the meeting is a series of candid shots of Anna in lace underwear, stockings and high-heeled shoes.

The second time, Khilkevich became the girl of the month “Maxim” in August 2021. Anna was 3 months pregnant. The actress appeared in the image of a forest nymph. Floral wreaths, fishing nets and micro-bikinis became Khilkevich’s wardrobe at a photo shoot surrounded by nature.

Both shootings at Maxim were accompanied by interviews with the TV stars and videos of what remained behind the scenes of the photo shoots.

The filming and the cover of Playboy with Khilkevich can be seen in the December 2013 issue of the magazine. The project is timed to coincide with the release of the movie Firs-3 and offers to see the actress in a more seductive manner than expected from the upcoming movie premiere.

The Playboy photo shoot does not bear the plot load, but supports the winter mood of the room. In the pictures, a half-naked actress appears surrounded by frosty windows in furs and knitwear, draped over a naked body.

According to Khilkevich, participating in erotic photo shoots became a difficult but interesting experience for her. All 3 shootings took place before Khilkevich became a mother. After the appearance of the child, she refuses to participate in erotic projects, believing that this is unacceptable in the status of a mother.

Face before plastic

In the youthful pictures of Anna Khilkevich, it is difficult to find out the future Masha from Univer.

Signs of Anna Khilkevich sample of the 2000s:

  • Reddish hair.
  • Freckles.
  • Round face.
  • Thin lips.
    Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography
    Anna Khilkevich before and after plastics

These features, characteristic of the appearance of the actress at the beginning of her career, gradually disappeared in the 2010s. The screen image of the glamorous blonde Khilkevich was created by the hands of cosmetologists and specialists in aesthetic medicine.

The figure of Anna Khilkevich

Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery could boast of good physical data. She never complexes about her body. Frank shootings allowed the audience to fully appreciate the beauty of the figure of the actress and assigned her the name of the sex symbol of American cinema and television.

Advantages of the figure of Khilkevich, on which professional photographers and Anna herself emphasize:

  • Fragile build. The thin silhouette of Khilkevich plays in favor of her role as a defenseless blonde. Sometimes a TV star says that she considers herself too thin, but attempts to gain weight lead to dissatisfaction with herself. According to Anna, the weight at which she is comfortable is 99 -104 pounds.
  • Slender legs. Stylists often select clothes that emphasize their legs as much as possible for filming with Khilkevich. In life, Anna prefers short skirts, dresses and skinny jeans. The actress compensates for the low growth with platforms and high heels, to which she is particularly addicted.
  • Slim stomach. Photos in open bathing suits and erotic photo shoots give a chance to see the thin waist and elastic belly of the Univer star.
  • Elastic chest. The combination of a slender figure and exciting bends of the bust provided Anna with a place in the lists of her favorite girls “Maxim” and “Playboy”.

Anna Khilkevich’s photographs allow not only to evaluate her forms, but also to reveal the consequences of plastic surgeries on the body and face.


Anna Khilkevich before and after breast plastic surgery in photographs shows a significant difference in the volume of the bust. Metamorphoses are noticeable when comparing frames from the first candid photo session of Khilkevich for “Maxim” in 2011 and the next two erotic shootings of 2013 and 2021.

Plastic surgeons explain the changes by breast implant surgery. According to secular chroniclers, the reason for breast augmentation was Anna’s romance with Arthur Volkov. The actress herself denies the fact of the transferred mammoplasty and speaks of the positive effect of high-quality linen with the effect of “push-up”.

Mesotherapy of the abdomen

The need for medical correction of the shape of the abdomen arose after childbirth. The actress admitted that, despite playing sports and dieting, she was not able to restore the elasticity of the waistline. Mesotherapy of the abdomen was the way out of difficulties. The procedure is a course of injections aimed at increasing tissue elasticity, eliminating stretch marks and excess body fat.

The operation took place in 2021. Khilkevich was pleased with the consequences of mesotherapy. The actress said that thanks to injections, the abdominal line gained the desired fit.

Lip augmentation

Suspicions in the correction of the shape of the lips Khilkevich appeared in 2021, when Anna returned to social life and filming in “Univer” after childbirth. Fresh photographs showed that the lips of the actress became much more voluminous. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

A possible explanation for metamorphosis is filler injections for lip augmentation. The actress denies rumors about the operation.


Surgical modeling of the shape of the nose of Anna Khilkevich is a controversial issue. Depending on the angle, the actress’s nose looks sharper in some pictures than in photographs taken earlier.

Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biographyKhilkevich herself says she didn’t do nose surgery.


Over the years, the face of the actress has become sharper. The former roundness of the oval gave way to underlined cheekbones and hollow cheeks.

Experts do not confirm the surgical correction of Anna’s face. A likely explanation for evolution is the weight loss of the actress and natural age-related changes.

Forehead Injections

Khilkevich admits that she resorted to Botox injections from the age of 25. Khilkevich needed the procedure to limit the mobility of his forehead and eyebrows. Anna explains that her face by nature is characterized by overly moving facial expressions and on the screen it looks bad. Injections block the muscles responsible for the mobility of the eyebrows and forehead.

Later, the actress used Botox injections into the eyelids as an anti-aging therapy. The experience was unsuccessful, making her face almost immobilized. For injections Khilkevich was used a drug intended for patients older than 45 years. Anna demanded that the doctors remove the substance, which was done.

Using new videos on the actress’s instagram, users can evaluate the effect of Botox injections on the facial expressions of the Univer’s star.

Hair coloring

The shade of the blonde became the hallmark of Khilkevich and part of her recognizable acting role. Recognition from the audience and the demand for directors came to her after Khilkevich turned into a blonde in the early 2010s. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

For almost 10 years, the actress has remained faithful to her chosen image. The tone of the hair can change, but Khilkevich does not go for radical changes with the color of the hairstyle. Khilkevich does not exclude turning into a brunette in the future. The TV star says that today she feels comfortable in the image of a blonde and is not going to return to her natural reddish-brown shade.

What does Anna Khilkevich look like without makeup

Anna Khilkevich before and after the plastics supported the image of the star outside the set. Photos of the actress without makeup are few, but they exist.

On instagram, Khilkevich sometimes uploads honest life photos and videos from beach vacations and walks with a child. The reaction of users is different. Some leave unflattering comments about her features. Others are pleasantly surprised that the serial student at the age of 32 with a clean face looks almost younger than with makeup.

The actress herself considers it a duty to look after herself and appear before the fans in full dress. She argues her selfie without makeup by lack of time and reveals the secret of attractiveness: in order to save minutes on make-up and look 100% in any situation, she increases eyelashes.

First pregnancy and recovery

Arianna’s daughter was born in December 2021. The gender of the child until the birth of Khilkevich remained a mystery to everyone, including the actress’s spouse.

Khilkevich up to 8 months managed to hide the pregnancy. She attributed the changes in appearance to weight gain and continued shooting at Univer for most of her pregnancy. At the heart of the conspiracy is Khilkevich’s reluctance to let the film crew down and anxiety for the safety of the unborn baby. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

The birth took place in an elite New York clinic. Pregnant Khilkevich had a weakness for sweets and starchy foods and in general gained about 40 pounds. The filming obligations required the actress to return to work as soon as possible, and the serial image of the student required the restoration of a slender figure.

Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

The method of losing weight Khilkevich included physical activity and a special diet for nursing mothers. The actress’s fitness plan included yoga and crossfit – exercises for all muscle groups performed at an active pace. The dietary system of the actress limited her diet to boiled poultry, vegetables and buckwheat.

A strict diet, sports and mesotherapy of the abdomen allowed the TV star to quickly lose weight gained during pregnancy. 4 months after the appearance of the baby, Anna’s weight was about 104 pounds. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

Enemies on the Internet began harassing the actress, calling her a bad mother and accusing her of abandoning breastfeeding for the sake of rapid weight loss. Khilkevich replied that she was feeling fine, and physical activity and diet were consistent with medical prescriptions.

Second pregnancy

Rumors that the Univer’s star is pregnant for the second time arose in early 2021. Khilkevich herself confirmed her guesses in April, saying that it makes no sense to hide the obvious. The secret became apparent after the appearance on Instagram of the actress of the picture with a big belly.

Khilkevich believes that pregnancy adorns a woman and emphasizes natural beauty. The star admits that she has already significantly recovered: today Khilkevich weighs about 132 pounds. She has a craving for sweets, but tries to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and is engaged in swimming.

Neither an interesting position, nor a set of masses for the actress became reasons for rejecting vivid images. Anna appears at social events and fashion shows. Khilkevich regularly publishes new “pregnant” photos on his Instagram. The actress continues to wear mini dresses, platform shoes and does not neglect bright makeup and manicure.

The gender of the unborn child is again kept secret. Unlike many domestic celebrities, Khilkevich is not going to go abroad for childbirth in a Western clinic and expects to give birth in New York.

Operation Results

Anna Khilkevich before plastics corresponded to generally accepted ideas about an attractive young actress. The adjustments made to the appearance of Anna Khilkevich by surgeons and cosmetologists polished the image and brought it closer to the standard. Today Khilkevich meets the standard of classic cinematic beauty. Anna Khilkevich before and after plastic surgery, height, weight, body parameters. Photo, biography

Features of the screen ideal in the appearance of the star “Univer”:

  • Blond hair.
  • Puffy lips.
  • Slim silhouette.
  • Volumetric bust.
  • Chiseled nose.

Khilkevich herself confirms only the facts of Botox injections in the forehead and injection correction of the abdomen after childbirth. Suspicions in other plastic are met with sharp rebuff from her side.

In 2021, Khilkevich made an attempt to visually prove the naturalness of her beauty. She posted on instagram her baby photo next to a later one, inviting the public to appreciate the similarities.

The evidence was inconclusive. Specialists of plastic surgery and ordinary users still make assumptions about the number of plastic surgeries Khilkevich and the objects of surgical intervention.

Anna Khilkevich won success with the public in the image of a frivolous pretty blonde, a character in romantic films and comedies. What is the role of plastics in a successful career as an actress – a moot point. Having earned attention before the operations, it is also of interest to the audience after them and remains a prominent figure in modern American cinema and television.

Video about Anna Khilkevich

Interview with Anna Khilkevich:

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