5 pearls – exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors

Physical health is inextricably linked with spiritual health, so in many countries of Asia, including among Tibetans, gymnastics is combined with spiritual practices. Such is the practice of “The Eye of the Renaissance” or “5 Pearls” – Tibetan gymnastics exercises developed by yogi-monks from Tibet.

5 pearls of Tibetan gymnastics – the history of ancient practice

It is difficult to say by whom and when the exercises “5 pearls” (ritual actions) were created, however, it is believed that this practice is at least 2500 years old. Gymnastics is not one of the branches of yoga. This is an independent direction, developing not only the body, but also the spirit.

The monks believed that 7 vortex flows are concentrated in the human body, which slow down over time, which provokes the occurrence of various ailments. Exercise helps to increase the speed of each vortex, which contributes to the overall improvement of well-being, rejuvenation of not only the body, but also the spirit.

In Europe, they learned about the “Eye of the Renaissance” thanks to the book of P. Kalder of the same name. In this book, the author talks in detail about 5 exercises, as well as how he learned about Tibetan gymnastics. P. Kelder met a colonel in the British army who, while serving in India, found out about a group of monks who discovered the source of eternal youth.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors

When the colonel retired, he went to Tibet to learn a unique spiritual practice and improve his health. When he returned to England, the colonel was unrecognizable: he was younger, became full of energy and strength.

This circumstance served as an occasion for the author to write a book so that as many people as possible could learn about the “Eye of Renaissance”, and the colonel himself began to teach everyone who wants to rejuvenate gymnastics. Further, Tibetan practice spread throughout the world and took a worthy place among other areas that positively affect both the physical and spiritual health of a person.

Tibetan gymnastics exercises: who is suitable

5 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics (among Tibetans they are common among men) are suitable for both men and women, have no age restrictions. In time, gymnastics takes no more than 15 minutes a day, so the complex is also suitable for those who do not have time to visit the fitness center or spend more than 30 minutes on training.

In general, gymnastics is recommended in the following cases:

  • general weakening of the body, weakened immunity;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • disorder of the reproductive function of men and women, irregular menstrual cycle;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system, even with arthrosis and arthritis;
  • diseases caused by various types of chondrosis.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors

Also, the “Eye of Revival” helps with depressive disorders, psychological stress, stress.


In order not to harm the body, it must be borne in mind that Tibetan gymnastics, like any sport, has its contraindications:

  • fever;
  • the presence of heart disease, the risk of heart attack;
  • hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • during the period of expectation of the baby and breastfeeding;
  • menstruation;
  • the presence of intervertebral hernia;
  • arthritis in acute form.

It is important to remember that before starting training it is recommended to undergo an examination and get advice from a sports doctor. This will help to avoid complications when doing exercises.

How gymnastics works 5 pearls

Tibetan gymnastics is based on the teachings of the monks that 7 main chakras are concentrated in the human body:

  • crown located in the upper part (head);
  • the third eye is the frontal;
  • throat located in the throat;
  • heart – in the heart;
  • solar plexus – in the same part of the body;
  • sacred, located in the navel;
  • root – at the base of the spine.
5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors
5 pearls – Tibetan gymnastics exercises are based on the teachings of the monks that 7 chakras are concentrated in the human body.

These chakras are associated with all energy systems located in the human body. The coordinated work of all chakras contributes to a uniform distribution of energy in the body, which ensures its healing and rejuvenation.

The 5 Pearl exercises are designed to develop and maintain these chakras. Each exercise starts one or another chakra, coordinating their interaction. Consequently, the necessary vortex flows are launched, which, distributing energy through the endocrine system, help the body get rid of various diseases, restore vitality and good spirits to it.

At the same time, in order to activate the work of the chakras, one must not only perform exercises mechanically, but also learn to control one’s thinking: completely relax, discard worldly problems and achieve harmony with oneself.

Basic rules for gymnastics

5 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics (for Tibetans this is a prerequisite) must be followed by the following rules:

  • training is recommended in a quiet, peaceful place in which no one can disturb;
    5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors
  • the best time to exercise is early morning or immediately after waking up;
  • it is recommended to perform ritual actions on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal;
  • you need to train daily;
  • rest from training is allowed no more than 1 day and during menstruation;
  • thoughts should be focused on exercises, problems and other troubles should be left outside the body and mind;
  • the maximum number of repetitions of each exercise is 21, however, this maximum should be achieved gradually, but it is better to start with 3-5 repetitions;
  • between exercises it is necessary to take a short break, consisting of 3 deep breaths in a state of complete rest;
  • at the end of the training, you need to lie on a hard surface and rest for 5-20 minutes;
  • It is not allowed to take a cold shower immediately after training, contact with water is possible only after 1-2 hours.

You need to breathe during a workout calmly, evenly, moderately deeply. It is not necessary to hold your breath, it must be measured. The following exercise will help you to adjust for proper breathing: take a deep breath, hold the air for a few seconds without exhaling, inhale again, but not so deep, exhale and relax.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors

Please note that if the rest between workouts is delayed, then the entire accumulated process is canceled. It is recommended to start performing ritual actions again with a minimum load: 3-5 repetitions.

5 Tibe
tan pearls: thought forms

Tibetan gymnastics is aimed not only at improving physical condition, but also mental. Therefore, during the exercise, you need to switch your mind from everyday problems and questions to training.

Each of the 5 pearls has its own thought form, which helps to open the chakras and start the vortex flows:

  1. Energy of power . Our body receives streams of energy from space that permeate it, charging it with force. In order to feel this energy and let it through you need to visualize it, present it in the form of rays or luminous stripes.
  2. The joy of life . A person is happy when he feels the harmony of the World and the Universe. It is in this state that life is filled with meaning and joy. To feel and see the beauty around, you need to realize the joy of life, fill your thoughts with positive and enjoy the overwhelming happiness.
  3. Beauty and will . The world around is beautiful, man is a part of this world, therefore it is also beautiful. In order to feel your own beauty, you must accept yourself and love, understand your value, youth, uniqueness and originality, feel the vivacity and strength of mind.
  4. Love and peace . Waves of love and peace constantly accompany the body, in order to feel them, it is necessary to visualize the energy of love that goes from everywhere, learn to perceive and accept it.
  5. Harmony . Awareness of oneself and one’s body as a single whole, making up the harmony of the universe, characterized by a variety of faces, each of which is beautiful and unique.

Supporting each exercise with the corresponding thought form, gymnastics will help normalize the state of mind, find harmony, make the body more perfect.

5 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics: description, implementation

Tibetan gymnastics consists of 5 exercises:

  • energy rotation;
  • return of power;
  • the connection of the body and consciousness;
  • energy shower;
  • balancing of energies.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors

The complex developed by the Tibetan monks allows achieving flexibility of the body, increasing general endurance, gaining clarity of thinking, reducing anxiety and increasing the flow of energy.

Proper exercise will have the following health benefits:

  • getting rid of extra pounds;
  • general strengthening of the body;
  • improvement of the psychoemotional state;
  • body rejuvenation;
  • purification from slags, toxins, heavy metals;
  • improving memory and sleep.

It is important to remember that you need to start with 3 repetitions of each ritual action, gradually bringing them to 21.

Energy rotation

The first exercise will help to start the vortex flows. When it is performed, it is necessary not only physically, but also spiritually to feel the energy waves, being charged and nourished by their strength.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors


  • the body is straight, shoulders are straightened, legs are set along their width, the posture should be stable;
  • stretch your arms forward, then spread them horizontally, palms look down;
  • slowly turning your legs you need to start moving around its axis in the direction of the clock;
  • so you need to move until a little dizziness appears (if dizziness intensifies, then it is recommended to stop at the achieved result, over time this feeling will pass);
  • when making turns, you need to think positively, discarding all problems and difficulties, it is important to enjoy the workout.

Return of power

The second exercise is performed immediately after the first, there should be no breaks (a little rest is allowed with severe dizziness in beginners). For this exercise you will need a small mat that should be soft and warm.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors


  • lying on your back, stretch your arms forward and press your palms to the floor (do not spread your fingers);
  • raise your head, reach your chest with your chin;
  • lift your legs up without bending, do not lift the pelvis (legs can be pulled over, most importantly, so that the pelvis does not come off the floor);
  • take a starting position, relax the muscles and repeat all actions;
  • while doing the ups, mentally you need to feel the energy enveloping and penetrating the body.

The main condition is to breathe correctly: they begin to perform ritual actions on the exhale, freed as much as possible from the air, then when performing movements they begin to inhale smoothly, deeply and fully, returning to the initial position – they exhale.

Please note, if it is difficult to raise the legs straight, then it is allowed to bend them at the knees, with regular exercise the muscles will stretch, and the exercise will make it easier.

The correct implementation of this exercise will stabilize the running vortices, while accelerating them even more.

The connection of the body and consciousness

5 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics (Tibetan monks have a measured life, which is reflected in the complex) are performed sequentially, slowly, with a clear rhythm of breathing. Therefore, after the second exercise, they move on to the third, which is aimed at working out the central axis of the body: the downward flows move to the sacrum, and the ascents rise along the spine.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors


  • starting position – on the knees, straight body, shoulders are straight, arms are relaxed;
  • while exhaling with your palms rest against the back of the thighs, tilt your head, trying to reach your chest with your chin, while your back should remain straight;
  • slowly bend back, leaning back your head, rounding your chest and arching your lower back (hands remain on your hips), at the same time you need to inhale as deep and full as possible;
  • return to the position with the head pressed to the sternum, exhale;
  • performing movements, you need to feel your personal will, to master it, to feel your individuality.

Energy shower

The fourth exercise is considered quite difficult, so it may not work out the first time. No need to be afraid of this, daily training will help you learn to perform all the movements correctly. For the exercise you will need a mat.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors


  • initial position – lying on your back, stretch your legs forward and spread across the width of your shoulders, press your hands to the floor, lower your head down, pressing your chin to the sternum;
  • throw your head back;
  • raise the body and hips horizontally to the floor;
  • upper and lower extremities – are supports, while the palms are looking forward;
  • fix the pose, first strain, then relax the muscles, return to the starting position.

You need to breathe as follows: the beginning of the exercise is exhalation, when all movements are performed, a smooth breath is taken, during the fixation of the posture is breath holding, the end of the exercise is expiration. This ritual action starts the vortices in the right direction, while at the moment of relaxation their rotation speed weakens, which allows you to create energy swings.

Energy balancing

The last exercise trains not only the physical body, but also the spirit, develops endurance, therefore it requires maximum concentration on energy flows and complete detachment from negative emotions and thoughts.

5 pearls - exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, yoga of 5 Tibetans for women. Video, reviews of doctors


  • initial position – support on the palms and toes, separated between each other a little more than the width of the shoulders, knees and pelvis remain on weight, the body is bent backward, the head is tilted back, the fingers are closed, they are directed forward;
  • to change the initial position, lifting the pelvis up, and lowering the head down, while the body looks like an acute angle with the top at the top;
  • upper and lower limbs should remain straight;
  • return to the original position.

At the beginning of the ritual action – exhale, while “folding” the body in half – a deep breath. You can complicate the exercise if you fix the position in both poses for a while, while it is recommended that you hold your breath.

What results can be achieved

5 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics (among Tibetans – pearls) strengthen physical and spiritual strength, which is manifested in a general improvement in the state of the body. The general endurance increases, the body becomes lighter and more flexible, there is a harmony in actions and thoughts.

A set of exercises helps to lose weight, strengthen muscle tissue, tighten forms, get rid of cellulite. However, the first results can be seen no earlier than after a month of daily training, a more noticeable effect will appear after 6 months – a year.

Tibetan gymnastics combines physical exercise and meditation, positively affecting human health. The main thing is to correctly perform the 5 ritual actions of the Tibetans, observing all the requirements, then a positive result will not take long.

Video about 5 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics

5 pearls – exercises of Tibetan gymnastics, how to perform:

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