Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy

Innovative developments facilitate a person’s life not only at work, but also in relaxation, personal care, treatment of diseases and unpleasant symptoms. Recently, more and more often on the cosmetic and medical market portable devices for personal use appear to improve health and well-being.

The Bliss massager for feet, legs and ankles , presented by the international company of innovative ideas BRADEX (head office in Israel), allows you to conduct therapy sessions at home, and helps:

  • in the fight against feelings of fatigue, fatigue, insomnia;
  • different types of pain;
  • pinching and swelling of the legs;
  • improves the digestive and circulatory systems;
  • has a calming effect;
  • promotes tissue regeneration.
Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
Appearance of the Bliss massager for legs, feet and ankles.

The device is an elongated device with a control panel (5 buttons) in the center and universal-sized recesses on the sides for simultaneous foot massage.

The rollers embedded in the inner part of the Bliss platform have an effect on the biologically active points of the human foot , each of which, as the Chinese method says, has a connection with a specific organ throughout the body.

They intensively stimulate the work of vital systems. The pressure rollers on the sides wrinkle the feet, imitating the palms of a professional massage therapist, and the lower rollers, rotating, copy the movements of his fingers.

The speed and direction of movement of the mechanism depends on the mode used (independent change is possible manually). Elastic pads on the sides help to fix the foot, and soft tissue makes the process comfortable. Ankle airflow helps relax.

Instrument Specifications

The parameters of the device indicate the quality and safety of the device:

  • full name – “Bliss” Bradex, part numbers KZ-0125, KZ-0182;
  • base colors – black, red;
  • size 23’2 x 12’6 x 9’8 inch, weight 15 pounds 500 g;
  • 40 W of power, operates 200 V from the mains;
  • the norm of the heating temperature of the working device is 50 – 104°F;
  • 2 removable pads with zippers (allowed to wash, clean), wire 4’7 foot;
  • metal mechanism;
  • the body is plastic, non-toxic, durable, sloping, smooth;
  • rollers made of thermoplastic rubber;
  • niches for placing the feet are created taking into account the structure of the foot;
  • the control panel has an on-off sensor, a mode unit and 2 plates for controlling the rollers.
Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
A brief description of the massager, the principle of operation and operating modes.

At first, the massager may smell like rubber and plastic. If this symptom does not disappear within a few weeks, the purchased device may be fake .

Advantages of the device over analogues

The Bliss massager for legs and feet differs from analogues in such features:

  • the ability to customize the massage program;
  • procedures for different parts of the body and work with them daily;
  • ease of control, mode selection;
  • silent operation (but a loud sound signal);
  • simultaneous foot massage;
  • compactness;
  • heating function;
  • treatment of a wide range of diseases and permission to use the majority of the population – athletes, women wearing high heel shoes, people who walk a lot;
  • the existence of a warranty period of 0.5 to 3 years or more;
  • material of rollers (Bliss rollers are made of thermoplastic rubber, and competitors have them made of foam, which contributes to their crumbling and breakdowns in the future).

Functions and features, beneficial effects

Thanks to the device:

  • The blood circulation of the legs improves, the supply of cells with oxygen and other substances accelerates, edema disappears.
  • Migraines, a feeling of fatigue, fatigue, pain after physical exertion or wearing uncomfortable shoes (heels, thin soles) are eliminated.
  • The walls of blood vessels are strengthened.
  • The problems of stiffness of the shoulder girdle, pain in the cervical spine and toothache are solved.
  • Blood pressure normalizes.
  • The digestive system begins to function properly, excess weight is reduced.
  • The likelihood of muscle cramps, flat feet, arthrosis and varicose veins, as well as foot deformities due to age-related changes, is reduced.

Application Areas – Efficiency

During the procedure, the position of the legs can be changed depending on the purpose of the massage.

Zone (the lower surface is considered as the foot, other parts of the leg are indicated separately) Effects on the human body
Big toes Relief of headache, fight against migraine, dizziness, depression, stabilization of the nervous system. Frequent massage of this zone helps to improve overall well-being, strengthen immunity, remove swelling of the legs, and relieve foot pain due to the different load on the thumbs when walking


Narrow strip under the toes (without the big toe) Elimination of a feeling of heaviness in the shoulders and cervical muscles by stimulating blood flow
The part between the stripe and the heels Beneficial effect on the upper girdle of the extremities, the fight against pinching of the neck (for example, after sleep), the symptoms of a cold, the return of a cheerful mood, relieving tension in the muscles, improving blood circulation.

Circular massage of the inner edge of the zone stimulates the digestive system, helps fight constipation without harming other organs, and helps to lose weight with constant sessions

Center of foot Cleansing the body of toxic substances by stimulating the excretory system
The beginning of the thumb and ankle Toothache relief
The space under the big and second toe Blood pressure normalization
Center of the heel, center of the big toe, lateral parts of the foot Relieving the condition during menopause, critical days, with gynecological diseases, helping to restore the menstrual cycle
Left side of thumb Insomnia control
Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
Biologically active points of the foot and their relationship with the human body.

Some use a massager for the forearms, elbows, and joints of the hands. The result of the massage in this case is the release of tension and muscle tone. However, this method of application is not described in any way.

Work programs

The Bliss device massages in 2 modes – manual and automatic. In the first case, control of the direction of movement of the massage rollers kneading legs and feet (Direction button) is carried out independently.

Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
The appearance of the control panel of the massager.

The rotation speed (“Speed”) can also be selected:

  • low – to combat fatigue and relaxation;
  • medium – to improve the condition of the muscles and circulatory system;
  • high – for directed stimulation of the organs through the
    impact on the points of the legs.
Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
Massager features are shown in this image.

In automatic mode, 4 programs are presented:

  • “P1” for general recovery;
  • “P2” for the points of the cervical spine, shoulder girdle;
  • “P3” to normalize the digestive system;
  • “P4” for the fight against cellulite, problems of the spine, musculoskeletal system as a whole, reproductive health and excretory system.

Instructions for use

The device usage algorithm is as follows.   It is necessary:

  1. Connect the massager to the network by plugging the plug into a power outlet.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. Select the operating mode – “Manual” (manual) or “Auto” (automatic). Set the roller operation parameters using the lower buttons in the first case or select the program in the second.
  4. Fully place the legs in a horizontal position in the recesses, without straining the muscles, without pressing on the bottom of the device and without twisting the foot.
  5. If you need to massage your forearms or elbows, you should put the device on the table (another tall, strong and well-standing support) and put the containing part of the hands in the niches. In this case, you can not move the entire body weight to the device.
  6. During the procedure, horizontally move the feet (ankles) along the platform, stopping in such a way as to solve the problem of pain and stiffness in separate places.
  7. Immediately terminate the procedure when pain or discomfort, atypical sounds of the massager or liquid getting into it appear.
Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
Proper placement of the foot in the recess of the massager.

To pause the work, you need to press the power button. If the session does not resume within 10 minutes, the massager will turn itself off. To turn off the device, hold your finger on the same button a little longer. To prevent breakage, it is important to first turn it off, and then remove the cord from the outlet.

In automatic mode, the session is programmed to last 15 minutes. Then it beeps and stops. A manual massage is recommended for 30 minutes, no more. The manufacturer offers a use case of 15 minutes. 2 times a day: in the morning (against pinching and to get rid of drowsiness) and in the evening (from fatigue, against pain in the legs).

Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
Proper placement of ankles for massage.

The Bliss massager for legs (feet, hands) is best used in 30 minutes. before or 1 hour after eating, so as not to provoke excessive acidity of the stomach. During the massage, you can not drink alcohol, coffee, it is better to refrain from any type of liquid.

Features of use during rehabilitation after injuries

In the case of a recent injury, prior to use, you need to consult a treating traumatologist. The massager accelerates the restoration of soft and bone tissues after fractures, cracks and sprains, you can start using it during rehabilitation (at the end of the acute period) and only if there are no open injuries on the skin.

Security measures

To extend the duration of the massager and avoid negative consequences, you need:

  • Act only in a dry room.
  • The keypad controls clean and dry hands. Feet should not be wet at the time of the procedure.
  • Do not rely on the platform, it may not support the weight of a person. Do not place foreign objects between the rollers.
  • When using the appliance, do not cover your legs with anything; this may lead to overheating of the appliance.
  • Monitor mains voltage.
  • It is not recommended to massage the legs for more than 30 minutes.
  • Wipe its body with a dry or slightly damp cloth (cloth), without adding chemicals, alcohol. Cleaning is only possible when the power is off and the plug is unplugged. If liquid gets in, immediately stop the procedure, press the power button, deprive the device of power, and dry the device thoroughly.
  • Follow the hygiene rules when using the massager by several people, so that the device does not become a source of foot diseases (nail fungus) transmitted by contact-household means.
  • Do not disassemble the device by yourself. In the event of a breakdown, have the supplier repaired (by warranty card, if it has not expired).

How and where to store the device

The storage method is simple, but requires attention:

  • The massage device must be stored in a dry place inaccessible to children.
  • It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and heat.
  • After the end of the session, the device must be disconnected from the power, and the wire carefully wrapped.


The massager for legs and feet is forbidden to use:

  • with violations in the structure and density of bones;
  • during pregnancy, as well as children;
  • in diseases where there is an excess of body temperature, fever;
  • with deviations in the psyche;
  • with allergies to the materials used in the manufacture of the massager;
  • with epilepsy;
  • with abnormal blood counts;
  • with heart diseases and stimulants inside the body for organs, implants;
  • with skin lesions.

Work with the device is allowed only if the consumer is sure that he does not belong to these categories of the population. The manufacturing company and the representative company are not responsible for the consequences of using the massager with existing contraindications.

Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
Box of the original massager.

Price and where to buy the original, how to distinguish from a fake

The Bliss Massager can be purchased from the official representatives of the Israeli company Bradex – in major cities of USA, on Internet sites, you can order it by phone.

The company’s products have the following features:

  1. Appearance. The device has a labeled packaging (box), it has the same, unchanging
    design (the girl in the foreground). The massager itself is presented in only 2 colors (red, black).
  2. Material and management. The massager for legs and feet is made of high quality plastic and has 2 main (mode) buttons (and not 3, as in some fakes) and 2 vertical blocks for controlling the rollers for manual control. A fabric overlay covering the rollers from the view of the wearer should be stretchable and easy to wash if necessary.
  3. Service life is up to 10 years, wear resistance of the original device.
  4. Permanent name (“Bliss”). If the box says something different from the one declared by Bradex (often English – Foot Massager, Massage Magic), such a massager is not a development of the company and may turn out to be a Chinese fake.
  5. The lack of a remote control. The kit includes a massager, a guide to the active (they are indicated as acupuncture) foot endings and instructions for use.
  6. All training materials are written in a language that corresponds to the country of the consumer (in USA, the text is in American).
  7. Fairly high price (a device for 3000 – 4500 time. Or at a discount at half the price is a fake).
  8. The trademark distributing the goods must be on the list of partners of the company. She must have a certificate for the device (the seller must present at the request of the buyer) and a guarantee.

The price of a real Bliss massager ranges from $ 68 – $ 109, but the product has a low% defect versus 20-30% for copies or analogues.

Analogs either simply do not turn on once, or cease to function in the event of a dropped plate, a broken button, or torn fabric. Sellers in such cases do not always accept claims and may not agree to repair the damage.

Doctors’ opinions on similar devices

Experts in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, trauma therapists and positive attitude to the massager, but claim that the device of this type should be used for prevention , not a full-fledged fight disease. The course of treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, and a massager can worsen the patient’s condition.

Bradex Bliss Massager for legs, feet and ankles. Instructions, reviews, price and where to buy
Indications for use of the massager.

They also mention that the basis of Chinese methods is the interaction of a specialist who changes the massage technique every minute (against 2 modes of the device) and the patient, and not the operation of the machine. For example, Thai massage involves rubbing in firming and moisturizing substances, and when using the device this is not possible due to safety precautions.

The physiotherapeutic effect cannot be considered the same for everyone, people have diseases that they don’t suspect, individual indications and body features, so doctors advise to be careful with massagers and use them without the thought that they can defeat any disease.

Some doctors believe that even a simple kneading of the foot with your own hands is better than using the device. Nevertheless, experts acknowledge that using the Bliss home massager is more profitable than sessions in beauty salons for a fee of $ 8 – $ 11. for the procedure.

In addition, such a service can lead to negative consequences for health: leg diseases, remaining pain after improperly selected feet regimen. Indeed, no one will be able to insure a person using the salon service against a fake and a lack of a positive result.

Advantages and rules for using the Bliss Massager. Video

How to distinguish an original massager from a fake:

Description of the massager, customer reviews:

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