Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies

Oily skin gives a lot of concern to its owners, so it requires constant care. Only regular cosmetic procedures will help to avoid oily sheen, porosity and premature aging of the skin.

Why the skin becomes oily

Increased production of subcutaneous fat becomes the main cause of increased oily skin.

The development of this pathology is preceded by certain factors:

  1. Hypersecretion of the sebaceous ducts.
  2. Thickening of the upper layer of the epidermis – hyperkeratosis.
  3. Intoxication due to the vital activity of microorganisms.
  4. Inflammatory processes in the body and in the stratum corneum of the dermis.

The amount of subcutaneous fat increases when its composition changes. With a decrease in the concentration of linoleic acid, the acidity of the fat decreases. This contributes to the multiplication of pathological microorganisms in it, which is why hypersecretion of the fatty ducts occurs.

The main causes of oily sheen:

  • inadequate hygiene;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • passion for sweet and spicy food;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • polluted environment;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • stressful situations;
  • poor-quality cosmetics.

The effects of increased greasy skin appear in the form of seborrhea and acne.


It is possible to determine whether oily skin or not is by the following signs:

  • the skin resembles a crust of citrus, the pores are enlarged;
  • soon after washing, the face begins to shine, especially the nose and chin;
  • small purulent rashes often appear on the face;
  • pores are clogged, black dots appear; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • after ulcers, scars remain on the skin;
  • does not hold on the face, cosmetics floats.

If you apply a paper towel to your forehead or nose an hour after washing, and a greasy mark remains on it, then your skin type is oily.

Proper care

A person with oily skin type is always subject to inflammatory processes, therefore, it should be treated with care.

In order not to provoke the development of various diseases, the following rules should be observed:

  • do not touch your face with dirty hands during the day, microbes can easily get into open pores;
  • always wash off cosmetics at night; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • review your diet, exclude sweet, spicy, fatty;
  • give up alcohol and smoking;
  • do not squeeze acne with dirty hands;
  • avoid stressful situations, this provokes a hormonal imbalance.

Daily care

Oily skin should have thorough care. It should become mandatory and familiar, the only way to reduce the risk of pathological changes in the face and coarsening of the dermis.

There should be daily facial cleansing with:

  • soap designed for oily skin;
  • lotion for deep cleaning, but not destroying the stratum corneum of the epidermis;
  • mousse, gel for washing with neutral acidity.

It is also necessary:

  • use skin tightening tonics;
  • apply cream without the content of fatty components;
  • apply masks, including therapeutic mud and clay, porous film masks.

Cleansers must be applied 2-3 times a day, to prevent pores from accumulating sebum clogging, while regularly moisturizing the skin with a special tool.

Winter oily skin care

In winter, the human body is rebuilt. Less fat is released at this time of year, and skin type becomes combined.

To minimize exposure to cold, you must:

  • regularly moisturize the skin;
  • cleanse the face with peeling; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • on sunny winter days, use a cream with UV protection;
  • on frosty days, use a protective, multi-layer makeup or replace it with a wax-based cold cream;
  • After staying in the cold, wash off makeup and soften the skin with a nourishing, moisturizing cream for oily skin.

Oily face skin care in summer

Oily facial skin care requires more thorough, because in the summer, subcutaneous fat is allocated intensely.

It is very difficult to achieve perfect skin condition. In the summer period it is necessary:

  • protect your face from ultraviolet radiation;
  • protect the skin from direct sunlight;
  • use only protective cosmetics;
  • clean skin in time, prevent hardening of sebaceous plugs;
  • for washing, use products that do not dry the skin;
    Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
    With oily skin, care implies the use of products that do not dry the skin.
  • before going to bed, cleanse the face with a tonic containing salicylic acid, this helps to remove dead epidermal cells;
  • use glycolics to exfoliate;
  • regularly moisturize the skin with a special cream and lotion for oily skin.

In adulthood, you can not use cleansers designed for adolescents, as they contain hormonal drugs to combat acne.


Facial cleansing should be given special attention. If this is done irregularly, roughness, compaction, and bumps will appear. During the procedure, you need to be very careful about the skin, do not stretch it, use a special milk to remove makeup.

The most optimal option for cleansing is foam and micellar gels. As necessary, but no less than twice a week, it is worth doing a deep cleansing of the face.

Purification Requirements:

  • the amount of washing is determined individually;
  • the cleanser should not overdry the epidermis;
  • When washing, you can not usd the skin intensely;
  • wash your face with a special brush every other day, this will help to peel off keratinized particles; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • for washing, choose an emulsion that narrows the pores;
  • When choosing soap, it is better to stop at the nursery, with sparing properties.

You can not wash your face with hot water, it stimulates the sebaceous glands to increase fat production.

Toning and antiseptics

A tonic with a minimum alcohol content slightly dries the skin and eliminates oily sheen.

It should include:

  • lemon;
  • sage;
  • chamomile; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • white and green tea.

These components tone the skin well, fill it with vitamins, and improve metabolic processes. Fatty pores of the face secrete a lot of fat, and this is a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms.

You can stop their reproduction by disinfecting the epidermis with an antiseptic:

  • microcracks, minor injuries are disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexine;
  • salicylic alcohol disinfects a specific affected area;
  • wipe the face with tincture of calendula, diluting it with a decoction of chamomile 5 times;
  • zinc ointment is applied to the inflamed skin with acne;
  • Antimicrobial gel Regicin is used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Often you can’t use alcohol tinctures, they dry the skin and destroy the capillary network.


Peeling is the most effective method of rejuvenation, it improves blood microcirculation and stimulates cell division. After it, the skin is renewed, refreshes, tightens, and its tone increases. According to the depth of exposure, peeling is divided into several types. Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies


  • mechanical – using a scrub removes dead skin cells of the epidermis;
  • chemical – gentle, apply light acids for peeling;
  • physical – cleaning using special equipment;
  • enzyme – exposure to the skin with enzymes of animal or plant origin;
  • combined – combine several cleaning options.

Shallow, gentle peeling is used for acne and as a prophylactic against aging.


  • mechanical – use abrasive products and vacuum to remove dead cells from the surface of the dermis;
  • chemical – affect an expanded assortment of fruit acids;
  • physical – with the help of a laser, thermolysis, diamond thermabrasion, deep layers of the epidermis are cleaned;
  • combined.

Deep effective, but difficult to use – chemical peeling. They are carried out in stationary conditions, with anesthesia, strictly under the supervision of a doctor. Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies

The active ingredient in this procedure is toxic phenol. It features a long rehabilitation period – up to 6 months, and an excellent final result. The skin is completely renewed, it becomes perfectly smooth, wrinkles and bumps disappear.

Home peeling

Oily face skin care should receive, first of all, at home.

There are good methods for home cleaning:

  • scrubs;
  • fruit peeling;
  • mud;
  • honey;
  • and all.

The main thing in conducting peelings is regularity. If you cleanse your face twice a week with the chosen method, the skin will always look well-groomed and fresh.

Steam baths

Steam steaming is a necessary intermediate step between cleaning procedures:

  • removes black dots;
  • reveals clogged pores;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • softens the upper layer of the epidermis;
  • promotes cell regeneration;
  • helps better absorption of nutrient solutions.

Before the procedure, cleanse the face from contamination with a special tool. Heat water to 70 degrees, tilt your face over the container, cover your head with a thick cloth. 10-15 minutes are enough. steam exposure. Instead of water, it is better to make a decoction of chamomile or a string. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies

When finished, pat your face with a clean cloth. Steam baths should be done no more than once every 10 days, otherwise a violation in the capillary grid may occur. In order not to injure the delicate skin around the eyes, it is necessary to smear it with a fat cream before the procedure.

Face masks

For each type of face, the mask is selected individually, taking into account the condition of the skin. In the presence of inflammatory processes on the face, masks should be with a disinfecting effect, with enlarged pores – with the addition of soda.

It is important to follow these rules:

  • all components must be fresh, of good quality;
  • products included in the mask should not cause allergies;
  • Before applying the mask, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the face, if necessary, steam it out;
  • do not overexpose the mask on the face, 15 minutes is enough. to obtain the necessary impact;
  • apply regularly, 3 times a week, until the normal functioning of the fatty ducts;
  • in the absence of contraindications, take a two-month course of procedures without changing the components;
  • gently remove mask residues with a tissue without stretching the skin.


Oily skin of the face, the care of which thins the epidermis, requires additional protection from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In the sun, pores secrete even more subcutaneous fat, which glistens and shines. Given these factors, a sunscreen is selected that will hide these shortcomings.

It must meet the following requirements:

  • the cream should be with a high sunscreen level; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • for oily skin, you need to choose a sunscreen with synthetic filtration, it is safe for the body, it has a stronger protective function;
  • the consistency of the cream should be in the form of a gentle emulsion;
  • the cream should lie on the face with a thin layer, be non-comedogenic;
  • An ideal sunscreen should have a matting effect;
  • the presence of an antiseptic will reduce the risk of inflammatory processes.

Apply sunscreen only on a clean face, wash off before bedtime. With prolonged exposure to the sun, regularly update the protective emulsion on the face.

Anti-aging creams

When choosing a face cream, you can not ignore the type of skin – the wrong choice will only exacerbate the problems. Usin
g the right cream, you can restore elasticity to aging skin, slow down the processes that destroy the epidermis.

Anti-aging cream should:

  1. Replenish the lack of fluid in the skin. This function is performed by fat tsiramid and hyaluronic acid; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  2. Stimulate metabolic processes. They activate their vitamins, amino acids, fruit acids, enzymes, herbal extracts.
  3. Improve microcirculation. For this, nicotinic and ascorbic acids, rutin, are added to the cream.
  4. Stimulate protective functions. The presence of antioxidants in the product will increase disease resistance.
  5. Fight age-related pigmentation. Azelaic acid, ascorbic acid stop the excessive synthesis of melanin.

Anti-aging products are released in the form of:

  • tonics for skin cleansing;
  • serum penetrating deep into the epidermis:
  • creams, day and night.

Anti-aging creams should be used constantly, with age, the skin needs additional stimulation and nutrition.

Caring for oily skin

A series of various cosmetics will help to give perfect condition to problem oily skin.

The cosmetics chosen for care should perform the following tasks:

  • help reduce the production of subcutaneous fat;
  • suppress the spread of pathogenic microflora, the source of inflammatory processes;
  • provide protective properties of the epidermis;
  • normalize keratinization of the skin;
  • soften comedones, cleanse pores.

For everyday use, such cosmetics are needed:

  • foam for washing;
  • healing cream, which is applied to clean skin at night;
  • moisturizing day cream;
  • sunscreen – if necessary;
  • foundation non-comedogenic cream – if necessary;
  • applicator for pinpoint exposure to inflamed areas;
  • scrub or peeling;
  • wet antibacterial wipes to remove excess fat on the face.

When buying cosmetics, it is advisable to stick to one series, the most suitable type of face.

Homemade Care

Oily skin, care for which requires considerable investment, becomes ideal with regular use of home cosmetics. At the same time, costs are significantly reduced.

You can make it yourself:

  1. Soap. It is made with the addition of cream, honey, essential oils, medicinal herbs.
  2. Tonic. Cleanses and moisturizes the face. Needles, decoction of herbs, fruit juice, aromatic oils are added to it.
  3. Scrub. To cleanse the skin using soda, sea salt, ground coffee, oatmeal, fruit seed crumbs.
  4. Cream. Nourishes, moisturizes the skin. The composition includes fresh products: egg, honey, fruit acids.
  5. The mask. Tightens, nourishes the skin, tightens pores, eliminates wrinkles. Clay masks are effective.

For home recipes, use only fresh, anti-allergenic foods. Home remedies have a short shelf life.

Home soap

The advantages of homemade soap is that you can add any ingredients to it at will. Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies

Recipe number 1:

  1. Coconut oil and olives – 20 g each
  2. Soap base, the best option – baby, 100g.
  3. Soda – 5 g.
  4. Glycerin – 5 g.
  5. Apple cider vinegar – 15 g.
  6. Lemon essential oil – 3 drops.

Grate the soap, mix the ingredients, melt in a steam bath, pour into molds, put in cold.

Recipe number 2:

  1. Soap – 100 g.
  2. Castor-10 g.
  3. Sea buckthorn oil – 10 g.
  4. Salicylic Acid – 10 g.
  5. Grapefruit Juice – 20 g.
  6. Alcohol – 5 g.
  7. Eucalyptus oil.

In order for the soap to melt faster in a steam bath, add 30 g of herbal decoction to the mixture.

Washing with home soap helps to significantly reduce pores, does not dry out the skin, and there is always the opportunity to experiment with ingredients, taking into account your needs.


Soft and silky make the skin a natural scrub. Hand-made from ordinary products, it gives an amazing result. The active component is abrasive particles, so you should carefully carry out this procedure.

It is not difficult to prepare a cleaning agent on your own, for it use:

  • sea salt; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • baking soda;
  • eggshell;
  • ground coffee;
  • ground grits;
  • crushed fruit seeds;
  • brown and white sugar.

Before use, cleanse and steam the face, mix the selected ingredient with a soapy solution to a mushy state, add 2 drops of essential oil. Gently usd into the skin for a minute with gentle movements. Rinse with warm water, apply anti-inflammatory, moisturizer.


The tool accelerates the metabolism, restores acid-base balance, soothes the inflamed dermis, removes toxins and disinfects. Miracle healing solution is quite affordable to do at home.

For a cleansing tonic, you must:

  • 20 g of grated ginger root; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • 50 g of micellar water;
  • 5 g of citrus essential oil.

Mix all ingredients, insist for 3 hours. Strain, wipe face several times a day.

Tonic, narrowing pores:

  • grapefruit juice – 100 g;
  • lemon juice – 20 g;
  • vodka – 20 g.

The mixture is ready to use. Wipe clean face 3 times a day.


Oily skin requires constant care, and high-quality industrial creams are expensive. But at home, you can cook a natural, environmentally friendly cosmetic product that is in no way inferior to industrial. Choosing the components for the composition, you can get an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-aging cream and others.


  • salicylic acid – 5 g;
  • zinc ointment – 30 g;
  • starch – 30 g; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • petroleum jelly – 25 g;
  • castor oil – 5 g.

Mix the components, keep in the cold.


  • strawberries – 50 g;
  • vitamin E – 3 drops;
  • starch – 20 g;
  • olive oil – 5 g.

Apply to a clean face every other day.


The best mask that removes oily sheen is based on egg white and lemon. In addition, it is an excellent cleansing and whitening agent. Beat 1 small spoonfuls of lemon juice with egg white, apply on a clean face for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

The mask has a tightening effect. With porosity of the face, mix white clay with micellar water until the density of sour cream. Apply to a clean face. When the applied layer dries, peel off the film, rinse the residue with warm water.

Cosmetic ice

The invigorating coolness in combination with hydromassage gives a simple remedy – cosmetic ice. The skin will always be in good shape, have a fresh look and delicate blush if you wash your face with a frozen decoction of herbs. This means they wipe the face and neck, it must be done quickly, without lingering on one part of the body. Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies

Healing ice is frozen with any components. You can make ice from mineral water, a decoction of herbs, watermelon or fruit juice, from green tea and vegetable juice.

For cooking, take undiluted juice or dilute it in half with water.

Salon treatments for oily skin

Home methods have a positive result, but they will not replace salon procedures. It is necessary to visit a cosmetologist every month and conduct a deeper facial cleansing.

For oily skin, experts recommend salon procedures that will eliminate this drawback:

  1. Vaporization. A method in which deep pore opening occurs.
  2. Manual removal of sebaceous seals with a special spatula.
  3. Machine cleaning. Deep cleansing of comedones.
  4. Acid peeling. Eliminates porosity, reduces the production of subcutaneous fat.
  5. Pneumophototherapy. Phototherapy, combined with vacuum massage, will destroy bacteria and reduce rosacea.
  6. Biodermabrasion. The procedure cleanses the face, normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  7. Fractional laser. Eliminates skin irregularities, facial wrinkles, scars after comedones.

Daily home procedures, in combination with salon, will normalize the physiological processes of the epidermis and rid the skin of oily sheen.


Hypersecretion of the fatty ducts often results from malnutrition. No cosmetics will help if you do not clean yourself from the inside. Acne and increased greasy skin indicate problems in the gastrointestinal tract. You should know what foods you can not eat, having unclean skin.

You can eat:

  • turkey, veal, beef, chicken;
  • sea fish;
  • vegetables fruits; Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  • dairy products;
  • cereals;
  • ginger, garlic;
  • to drink a lot of water.

Do not use:

  • fat meat;
  • smoked meats;
  • sweets;
  • spicy, fried;
  • alcohol, nicotine;
  • carbonated drinks.

Mistakes in oily skin care

Not knowing the correct information on how to care for greasy skin, women often make mistakes that lead to poor health.

The most common mistakes:

  • self-squeezing acne without disinfection;
  • the use of cosmetics with a high alcohol content;
  • frequent washing with hot water;
  • abuse of scrubs and peeling;
  • a thick layer of cosmetics clogging the pores;
  • poor hygiene and moisture.

When is treatment necessary

If cosmetic care and diet does not help, then the problem is much deeper. An examination is needed to determine the cause of the disease.

Hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands can provoke such diseases:

  • endocrine system diseases;
  • obesity and diabetes;
  • hypertrichosis and hyperandroginism.

Clarify the diagnosis will help:

  1. Dermatologist. Oily skin care: daily, summer, winter. Features of the use of cosmetic professional and folk remedies
  2. Beautician.
  3. Gastroenterologist.
  4. Endocrinologist.
  5. Nutritionist. Adjust individual diet.

The following studies will help to confirm the diagnosis:

  • blood and urine tests general;
  • analysis of feces for the presence of parasites;
  • scraping from the skin of the face;
  • studies of the gastrointestinal tract and thyroid gland.

Oily skin requires daily, painstaking and thorough care. A competent approach to this problem, identifying the causes of the disease and their elimination will make the skin healthy, soft and young.

Video for oily skin

Basic rules for the care of such skin:

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