Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues

Xeomin is a drug that is used for intramuscular injection. With its help, skin rejuvenation is performed. The main component of the drug is butoloxin. This is an effective tool in the fight against age-related skin changes.

The composition of the drug Xeomin

One unit of the drug contains 100 IU of botulinum type A toxin, 1 mg of human albumin, 4.7 mg of sucrose.

Release form

Available as a lyophilisate. It is a white powder (slight color deviations are possible). Vials of various dosages: 50 or 100 units. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analoguesEach bottle in a separate package. A box contains up to 6 packaged vials.

Pharmacological properties

The drug has a muscle relaxant effect. A study of botulinum toxin was not conducted, since the composition of the drug instantly connects to the nerve endings.


The composition of the drug selectively affects the nerve endings of cells, while inhibiting the appearance of acetylcholine.

The connection of the drug with the nerve endings of cells is characterized by several stages:

  1. Connection of a chain of neurotoxins with nerve endings.
  2. The process of transition of a neurotoxin into the internal state of nerve endings.
  3. The light chain of neurotoxin moves into the fluid contents of nerve endings.
  4. Protein digestion process: SNAP 25 and target protein. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues

As a result, muscles prone to Xeomin injection relax. A noticeable result occurs 4 to 6 days after the administration of the drug. The effect of one procedure lasts 3 to 4 months. Perhaps a longer effect of the drug. For each person it is individual.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive aspects of Xeomin for cosmetic use:

  1. Availability of the drug. The price is much lower than that of analogues.
  2. Profitability. To achieve the goal, a minimal amount of Xeomin is enough.
  3. Minimum side effects. Unlike analogues, it is possible to use for women with impaired integrity of tissue barriers.
  4. The drug retains its properties during prolonged storage at room temperature.

Of the negative aspects of the drug, only a short period of exposure to the body can be distinguished. Compared to peers, the result from Xeomin’s injections is shorter. Xeomin has positive reviews from doctors and patients. In their opinion, the drug meets the declared characteristics.

Indications for use in cosmetology

In cosmetology, Kseomin has been successfully used since 2008. The developer was the German pharmaceutical company Merz. The main purpose of the drug is the introduction of small muscles. In the field of cosmetology, Xeomin is used to rid the skin of facial wrinkles. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues

Analogs are Botox and Dysport. Xeomin has an improved formula. It blocks the contraction of injected muscles. They become relaxed and motionless. As a result, the skin acquires a smooth structure, wrinkles disappear. The drug is the safest in the line of botulinum toxins. It preserves the natural facial expressions. Muscle relaxation occurs gradually over a period of 14 days.

Xeomin, the instructions for use of which will be described later, is widely used in cosmetology.

Facial areas for which botulinum therapy is applied:

  • Vertical folds appearing on the cheeks over time;
  • sagging tissues;
  • skin changes in the eye area, crow’s feet;
  • age-related changes in the skin in the mouth;
  • various kinds of creases.

Xeomin, the instruction for use of which contains a wide list of indications, is intended for women 30 – 40 years old. The drug is well absorbed at this age. For patients older than 40, the use of other drugs will be required. Xeomin’s injections in this case will serve as an auxiliary measure.

Indications for use in neurology, dosage

Xeomin, the instructions for use of which will be discussed later, is used for patients with diseases of the nervous system. It is used to treat diseases such as blepharospasm, post-stroke conditions, cervical dystonia.

Cervical dystonia (torticollis)

With this disease, the drug is injected into the small muscles responsible for the position of the head or the muscles that raise the scapula. If necessary, the specialist prescribes injections in other muscle groups. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues

At each point in the muscle, 0 – 0 fluid ounce of Xeomin is usually accounted for. At the place of one injection, no more than 50 units of the drug are administered. The use of more than 200 Xeomin units in one procedure is contraindicated. A specialist can increase the dose to 300 units only in rare necessary cases.

In the treatment of this disease, electromyography is often used. It helps to identify the area of affected muscles.


Xeomin injections are used for the circular muscles of the upper and lower eyelids. Dosage starts from 1.25 units. In case of visual impairment, additional injections of the drug are prescribed.

For one procedure, the dosage cannot exceed 100 units. The effect of the drug can be observed after 3 to 4 days. If necessary, reappointment of the course is possible. The minimum time between treatments is 6 weeks. Repeated injections are prescribed by a specialist individually for each patient.

Stroke Recovery

Therapy of post-stroke conditions is a long and laborious process. Dosage and number of procedures depends on the number of affected muscles. For each patient, it is individual. Xeomin is used for spasticity of the muscles of the hands after muscle damage due to a stroke. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues

Average dosages for lesions of different muscle groups (UNITS):

  • ulnar muscle – 40-50;
  • carpal – 40;
  • brachioradial – 60;
  • biceps – 80;
  • finger – 10-20.


Xeomin has a number of contraindications, in which its use
becomes impossible:

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.
  2. The presence of various pathologies in acute forms.
  3. Individual intolerance to the components that make up the drug.
  4. The presence of inflammation at the sites of the alleged injection.
  5. Patient under the age of 18 years.
  6. Disorders associated with the neuromuscular system.

Instructions for use

Treatment is carried out by a doctor who has experience working with botulinum drugs. Before use, the pharmaceutical product must be dissolved. This action is carried out using a solution of sodium chloride 0.9%. To restore Xeomin, you need to spread a sterile towel (preferably paper) on any plastic surface. The syringe is used with a mild needle of 20-27 gauge and an oblique cut.

Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues
According to the instructions for use, diluted Xeomin can not be stored for more than 24 hours

The required amount of sodium chloride is collected in a syringe and injected into the vial with the drug Xeomin.

It is important that the needle is perpendicular to the rubber stopper.

The formation of foam inside the vial is unacceptable. To completely dissolve the drug, the product is gently inverted several times, avoiding sudden shaking. Then they take a needle suitable for injection, and use it to obtain a Xeomin solution.

The syringe must be new, sterile. If the solution is not sucked into the vial in a vacuum, the medicine must be disposed of and a new packaging used.

After recovery, the drug solution has a clear color without any impurities. Apply Xeomin within a few minutes after its dissolution. The use of one solution to several patients is unacceptable. Diluted drug storage is not possible. Recovery of the drug should be carried out strictly according to the instructions.

Side effects

Xeomin, the instructions for use of which are discussed above, can cause various side effects. Promotes the appearance of a negative result of neurotoxin. The severity of the side effect depends on the areas into which the drug is administered. Also from the disease itself.

Adverse reactions in the treatment of blepharospasm:

  • dry mouth
  • various rashes on the body;
  • headaches; Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues
  • tearing of the eyes or solar intolerance;
  • drooping eyelids;
  • weakening of the muscles of the motor apparatus.

Perhaps the development of glaucoma, while there is eye swelling.

Side effects in the treatment of torticollis:

  • disorders associated with the musculoskeletal system: pain of various kinds (back, legs, etc.);
  • disorders in the intestine and digestive tract: colic, abdominal pain, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting is possible, problems with swallowing food;
  • redness and inflammation at the injection site are possible;
  • various rashes on the skin: psoriasis, rash, exfoliation;
  • increased sweating;
  • respiratory disorders: bronchitis, runny nose, voice changes, shortness of breath;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system: heart attack, change in blood pressure, arrhythmia;
  • disorders of the nervous system: complete or partial numbness of the limbs, severe pain in the head, the presence of general weakness;
  • various allergic reactions: urticaria, Quincke’s edema, anaphylactic shock, etc.

Side effects in the treatment of post-stroke conditions:

  • severe headaches;
  • general muscle weakness;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • worsening mood, depression is possible;
  • sleep disturbance, insomnia; Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues
  • impaired coordination;
  • various rashes on the body;
  • hematomas may occur at injection sites.

Side effects during cosmetic procedures:

  • headaches;
  • itching at the injection site;
  • swelling of the eyes;
  • visual impairment;
  • bronchitis;
  • a feeling of a cold;
  • dry eyes and intolerance to bright light;
  • loss of vision;
  • nausea or vomiting.

Side effects associated with cosmetology occur within a few days after the procedure.


In cases of exceeding the dosage of the injected injection, the body’s reaction can be unpredictable. In order to avoid an undesirable effect, the drug should not be used on its own.

Overdose is expressed by the following symptoms:

  • increased sweating; Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues
  • violation of swallowing functions;
  • difficulty speaking;
  • paralysis of the muscles of the respiratory system;
  • the development of pneumonia of the lungs.

In case of paralysis of the muscles of the respiratory system, you must immediately contact a medical institution. The patient is connected to a ventilator. Disconnection from the device occurs when the patient reaches a normal state.

In order to avoid a negative effect, side effects of the drug or serious allergic reactions after the procedure, it is necessary to remain under the supervision of the specialist who injected for some time.

special instructions

The introduction of the drug Xeomin can be carried out only by experienced specialists.

Before the appointment, the doctor should carefully examine the patient’s medical history, the presence of allergic reactions, the presence or absence of surgical interventions. Avoid getting the drug into the blood vessels. When applying Xeomin to get rid of wrinkles, you can not inject into the places marked with ink. The effect of a permanent tattoo is possible.

In the treatment of post-stroke conditions, care should be taken to places such as the carotid artery, esophagus and upper lung.

There are several patient conditions in which Xeomin injections are administered with extreme caution:

  1. Patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  2. Patients who have muscle atrophy. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues
  3. Patients with injuries leading to increased bleeding.
  4. People taking blood coagulation drugs.
  5. People with neuromuscular dysfunction

Butolinic neurotoxin is able to temporarily block muscle groups. Therefore, in order to avoid a negative result, it is necessary to be serious about the injection site. Perhaps the spread of neurotoxin to far areas from the injection site. What causes a negative effect.

There are cases when, in the treatment of blepharospasm, cervical dystonia or post-stroke conditions, a fatal outcome occurre
d due to allergic reactions or improper use of the drug.

In case of side effects, a person undergoing Xeomin treatment, or people caring for a patient, should immediately seek medical help. The first signs for hospitalization are speech or swallowing disorders, respiratory failure.

In order to avoid severe muscle weakness in neurological patients, Xeomin treatment is carried out under the constant supervision of specialists. In such cases, the drug is administered only if the effect of the therapy exceeds the risks. With increased risks, Xeomin therapy is not possible.

Getting rid of wrinkles is prohibited for patients with a history of aspiration.

The occurrence of anaphylactic shock or any other hypersensitivity reactions means the need to stop treatment with this drug and conduct appropriate therapy.

Frequent use of the drug can cause the formation of antibodies in the body, which subsequently reduce the effectiveness of Xeomin. With the introduction of any therapeutic protein, there is a high probability of the appearance of immunogenicity. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues

The use of the drug often causes the development of dysphagia. The specialist must warn the patient about the consequences and possible medical intervention.

Patients at risk of developing glaucoma should know that Xeomin has an anticholinergic effect on the body. Particular attention should be paid to the introduction of the drug into the lower eyelid , as well as to avoid injections near the muscle, which helps to raise the upper eyelid.

The drug may adversely affect the ability to drive a car or when working in hazardous facilities. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, after injecting Xeomin, you should refrain from driving.

Pregnancy and lactation

The use of the drug Xeomin during pregnancy is strictly prohibited in the instructions in the instructions. Treatment during feeding is also not possible. If therapy with Xeomin is necessary, breast-feeding procedures must be discontinued.

Use in childhood

The use of the drug is unacceptable for persons under the age of majority. Before using Xeomin, you must read the instructions.

Use in old age

Elderly people over 60 do not need Xemin therapy. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analoguesThe drug has no clinical experience in the treatment of people in this category. Studies show that older people need to be prescribed treatment with other drugs, since Xeomin does not give the desired effect.

Drug interaction

This muscle relaxant should be used with caution. Contraindicated with drug groups such as aminoglycosides and spectinomycin. With simultaneous treatment with Xeomin and other drugs, the expected effect can be significantly reduced.


Analogs of Xeomin are such drugs as Dysport, Botox, Refinex, Zentox, Lantox. They are similar in principle. Produced by various pharmaceutical companies. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues

The price of these drugs is also different. All analogues are used both in cosmetology and in neurology. Cosmetology clinics use in their application absolutely all analogues of the drug, choosing the right one for each patient.

Terms and conditions of storage

The diluted solution is applied within 24 hours after preparation. When closed, the Xeomin bottles can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture. The temperature storage of the drug is from 35,6 – 46,4°F.

Pharmacy Vacation Terms

Xeomin is dispensed in pharmacies only with a doctor’s prescription.

Price Xeomin in pharmacies

In New York and Los Angeles, you can see different prices for the drug.

Dosage City name Price in usd
50ml New York $ 6009.00
3,38 fluid ounce New York $ 9880.00
1,69 fluid ounce New York RUB 6398.00
3,38 fluid ounce New York RUB 10698.00
1,69 fluid ounce New York $ 6623.00
3,38 fluid ounce New York $ 9800.00
50ml New York RUB 5960.00
10ml New York RUB 10475.00
1,69 fluid ounce Los Angeles RUB 6241.00
3,38 fluid ounce Los Angeles RUB 11129.00
1,69 fluid ounce Los Angeles RUB 6150.00
3,38 fluid ounce Los Angeles RUB 10240.00
1,69 fluid ounce Los Angeles 6364. $ 0.
3,38 fluid ounce Los Angeles RUB 11194.00

Reviews of cosmetologists about Xeomin

According to experts, the drug Xeomin, unlike its analogues, has the best composition. It causes fewer allergic reactions and has fewer side effects. Xeomin. Instructions for use in cosmetology, neurology. Price, analogues

It contains only purified components, which virtually eliminates the appearance of unwanted results. This drug has been used since 2001. Currently, injections with botulinum drugs have become very popular not only among women, but among men.

The tool is very in demand by cosmetology clinics. Beauticians prefer the use of Xeomin to other analogues, despite the many adverse reactions described in the instructions. They actively advise his patients. The latter also note the high effectiveness of the drug and leave good reviews about it.

Video about Xeomin

Xeomin injection for face:

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