Non-injection carboxytherapy of the face. Sets, price and reviews

Carboxytherapy will help a woman return to her former attractiveness, which is laid down by nature itself. A non-injection method of supplying carbon dioxide under the skin does not leave scars, as with the invasive method, due to which it is possible to obtain the desired effect of rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck without significant side effects.


Non-injection carboxytherapy is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation technique based on the effect of carbon dioxide on its cellular structure. As a result of exposure to carbon dioxide, active acceleration of metabolism, improvement of blood microcirculation and saturation of cells with useful microelements take place in tissues.

The procedure is a fairly simple and safe way to care for your skin. Even high doses of carbon dioxide entering the cell structure are not dangerous and are eliminated from the body without significant harm to health. It can also be performed along with other procedures, including massage.

Non-injection carboxytherapy has a number of distinctive advantages. Unlike the use of most injection methods, it can be carried out at home. The absence of a recovery period and serious side effects makes it possible not to depart from the usual way of life.

Non-injection carboxytherapy of the face. Sets, price and reviews

The duration of use is determined individually, which depends on various factors, including the general condition of the skin. On average, the course consists of 4-8 procedures, a break between which can be up to one week. To maintain a positive effect, the technique is prescribed 1-2 times a month.


Specialists in the field of cosmetology recommend using carboxytherapy as a preventive measure for age-related changes, as well as for the general strengthening effect of skin immunity.

Indications for the procedure are:

  • various symptoms of photoaging of the skin;
  • the presence of facial wrinkles;
  • decrease in elasticity;
  • spider veins;
  • inflammatory processes, enlarged pores;
  • elimination of acne or acne;
  • normalization of the natural shade of the skin;
  • elimination of puffiness.

Also, the procedure is actively used as a recovery after exposure to various injection methods of rejuvenation.

In some cases, it can significantly remove fat folds or hide an existing scar. Non-injection carboxytherapy for the face can be used, starting from the age of 18, as a prophylaxis of predisposed inflammatory processes, as well as for general care for problem skin.

Non-injection carboxytherapy of the face. Sets, price and reviews

In adulthood, a modern technique is used to eliminate the initial signs of age-related changes. After 40-50 years, it promotes skin rejuvenation.


Regardless, carboxytherapy is carried out under the supervision of a professional or at home, all kinds of complications that may be caused by one or another contraindication should be excluded.

Using the procedure is not recommended when:

  • pregnancy
  • postoperative period;
  • oncological diseases;
  • acute or chronic subcutaneous inflammation;
  • a recent stroke or heart attack;
  • epilepsy.

Particular attention should be paid, despite the contraindications, non-invasive carboxytherapy can still be prescribed. This is possible only after contacting your doctor and with the full coordination of various nuances. The dosage of carbon dioxide in this case is selected strictly individually.


Depending on the cosmetology company, a non-injection kit may include certain components. The most popular products are available in the form of foam, gel or intensive mask.

Commonly used biocomponents:

  • Hilauric acid – helps restore hydrobalance, normalizes the natural functioning of the secretion glands, improves skin elasticity;
  • ANA acids – eliminate hardened cells, promote the penetration of beneficial elements, including carbon dioxide molecules;
  • Aloe – has anti-inflammatory, tonic and antiseptic effects on the skin, eliminates increased dryness of the skin;
  • snail mucus – a known component that has a regenerating effect on the skin, straightening wrinkles;
  • antioxidants – contribute to the removal of toxic substances from the body, activate metabolism in the tissues.

In addition, the composition often includes various vitamins that provide active cellular nutrition with useful substances and trace elements, as well as help moisturize the skin.

Varieties of kits and home use

Non-injection carboxytherapy for the face involves the use of various sets that differ based on the components of the composition, method of use or price category.

Non-injection carboxytherapy of the face. Sets, price and reviews
The photo shows a kit for conducting non-injection carboxytherapy for the face.

The most popular manufacturers are presented in the following table:

Set Name Features average price
Baviphat South Korean kit that comes in the form of a mask or gel. The composition includes citric acid, caffeine and plant extract. Increases the elastic properties of the skin, eliminates pigmentation problems. Of the side effects, redness should be noted, which is a natural process. The duration of the course is 5-8 sessions. $ 6,39 for 1 session
Tete CO2 carboxy Swiss kit, which is available in the form of a helium solution and a mask. It has a lymphatic drainage property and helps to eliminate pigmentation. The duration of the course for preventive purposes is 5 sessions. In the treatment of rash or rejuvenation, from 8 to 10. $ 56. for 5 sessions
Aravia professional The American kit includes a carbon dioxide gel and an intensive exposure mask. Promotes microcirculation of the blood, improving the trophic properties of tissues and the overall strengthening of the immune system. $ 33. for 30 sessions
Estesophy CO2 Korean version of carboxytherapy, available in the form of an elastic mask. Used to give freshness and elasticity to the skin. $ 8,57
Mediblock The set of the South Korean manufacturer includes a helium solution, as well as a mask for the face and neck. It has the following components: seaweed, biocide and beneficial microminerals. Great for eliminating various aesthetic problems. $ 109.
Dj carbon therapy Available in th
e form of a gel and an elastic mask for the face and neck. It is used to heal any type of skin, especially with acne. The composition includes various herbal extracts, glycerin and caffeine.
$ 68 for 10 procedures
Daejoomedical Professional kit in the form of a helium solution and powder. Indications are: the presence of wrinkles and signs of photoaging. Also have a softening property and eliminate puffiness. $ 88.

Non-injection carboxytherapy, although it has a rather mild effect, cosmetologists do not recommend the use of kits without special preparation. Despite this, manufacturers are putting detailed instructions for home use into the product. Failure to follow these tips can lead to various complications on the face and neck.


First, the cosmetologist conducts a face-to-face conversation, within the framework of which the skin is examined and contraindications are revealed. Then, one or another set is selected individually and the course duration is determined.

Non-injection carboxytherapy of the face. Sets, price and reviews

Then the following steps are performed:

  1. Cleansing the face or neck from cosmetics and skin using professional products.
  2. Heating with thermal compresses or towels for the best opening of pores.
  3. Application of the selected gel with a special spatula or thin brush. It is important to evenly distribute over a given area without touching the lips.
  4. Applying a fabric mask over a helium solution. A slight pressure is applied for deeper absorption;
  5. Holding the mask for 25-30 minutes while performing massage procedures;
  6. Apply a moisturizer in accordance with the type of skin, which also helps close the pores that have formed.

Using a home is not much different from a professional, but home use is more simplified. Manufacturers take into account the views of customers and put in individual recommendations for use. Also, some of the cosmetology companies produce gels and masks in the form of a syringe.

Advantages and disadvantages

Non-injection carboxytherapy, like many therapeutic or prophylactic methods, has its advantages and disadvantages.

So, it is customary to highlight the following advantages over other cosmetic methods:

  • the safety of conducting without a significant violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • relative availability and low cost of most kits;
  • quick result;
  • versatility for almost any skin;
  • lack of age restrictions.

Non-injection carboxytherapy of the face. Sets, price and reviews

The disadvantages include the mandatory completion of a training course before carrying out the procedure at home.

Also, to obtain the most effective result, 10 to 15 sessions are required. With serious age-related changes, including a shift in the natural line of the face oval and pronounced sagging, carboxytherapy shows effectiveness only when used simultaneously with other methods, which involves the introduction of injections.

Non-injection type carboxytherapy is a very simple and safe method of caring for female beauty, which allows you to restore the former elasticity of the skin of the face without resorting to surgery. The application of the procedure is possible even at home, but it is important to always remember about possible complications if used improperly.

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Carrying out the procedure by a specialist:

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