Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices

Plastic surgeries for breast augmentation and correction are very popular, especially in such large cities as New York, despite their high cost.

Indications and contraindications for surgery

Indications for gland correction can be cosmetic:

  • not comfortable with the size;
  • asymmetrical arrangement; Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices
  • deterioration in appearance associated with ptosis.

And they are forced or direct:

  • recovery after mastectomy;
  • severe abnormality or atrophy;
  • significant asymmetry.

Plastic surgery is a cavity procedure and has a number of contraindications, ignoring which leads to a loss of health and quality of life.

An absolute limitation to surgical exposure will be:

  • minor age;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • infectious diseases;
  • immunodeficiency;
  • oncological disease or the risk of its occurrence;
  • dysmorphophobia and other mental disorders;
  • bleeding disorder.

Despite the impressive list of reasons why the medical institution refuses to carry out correction, only 3% of applicants receive a categorical “no.”

Breast Enlargement Methods

Breast enlargement, the cost in New York of which is more dependent on the popularity of the surgeon and the class of the medical institution, may differ in the method, type of operation and price of implants. The cost of the procedure can be significantly reduced by making it in another city.

Most often, the price includes:

  • staff consultations;
  • testing;
  • examinations in the postoperative period;
  • compression underwear.

There are two types of intervention:

  1. Endoprosthetics – breast augmentation with the establishment of a round or natural drop-shaped endoprosthesis. Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices
  2. Lipofilling – resizing upwards with the help of the client’s body fat.

Only a surgeon, based on structural features, skin conditions, can recommend the type of surgery with the installation of a prosthesis under the gland, muscle or fascia.

Breast augmentation with implants

Implants solve the problem of lack of their own tissue, forming the necessary completeness and volume. After passing through the preparatory stage, consisting of consultation, examination and conducting the required studies, medical tests, the patient is recommended the type of endoprosthesis and the method of its introduction with the placement option. Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices

Depending on the desired correction, anatomy of the body and breast, the choice of access for the introduction of prostheses is made: under the breast, along the areola of the nipple or through the armpits. The location of the implant also depends on the client’s wishes and physique: between the muscle and the gland, muscle fascia and gland with a partial incision of the lower part of the muscle, or without dissection.

Types of implants

An increase, as well as any change in the shape of the mammary glands, is not an easy decision for every woman. Given the cost of this procedure in New York, you need to carefully prepare and collect as much information as possible about the details of the plastic, and yet there is no need to navigate in the brands and features of a particular implant.

The choice, as a rule, remains with the surgeon, who needs to coordinate a series of data to obtain a qualitative result.

Implants have differences in shape:

  • round;
    Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices
    Various types of implants are used to enlarge the mammary glands.
  • anatomical.

By filler:

  • gel;
  • saline;
  • silicate balls.

Type of surface:

  • smooth;
  • matte.

In addition, endoprostheses vary in size, calculated in fluid ounce, depending on the amount of filler. The size can be fixed or variable during plastic surgery.

Breast lift

Mastopexy in its demand is in second place after the breast augmentation procedure. This type of correction is shown during ptosis and is used both as a separate type of plastic and in combination with the classic magnification. Breast lift is performed by excising excess tissue, skin and strengthening the mammary gland in an elevated state. Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices

There are 3 types of mastopexy, characterized by 3 types of incisions:

  • vertical: used with a significant excess of tissue. The incision is made from the areola to the fold under the chest with a cosmetic suture;
  • with anchor: it is produced with severe sagging and the need for significant removal of tissues: fatty, connective, skin, parenchyma;
  • the periareolar lift is characterized by subtle traces of surgical intervention, since the incision is made along the areola of the nipple.

The operation lasts from one to two hours, depending on the chosen technique, and after 6 hours, in the absence of complications, the client can return home.

Endoscopic breast augmentation

The introduction of implants using endoscopic instruments provides a reduction in the number of risks when changing the volume of the glands due to a short dissection line of 1’2 inch. There are two options for incisions: in the fold of the skin of the armpit or in the area of the nipple. Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices

This type of operation lasts 50 minutes, significantly shortens the rehabilitation period and leaves behind an invisible scar, absorbable after 5 months.

It is required to take into account the possibility of complications with periareolar access in the form of loss of sensitivity of the papillary. This type of risk will be decisive for a woman who wants to become a mother in the future.

Often, with endoscopic breast enlargement, in addition to the endoscope, a coagulator is used – a kind of scalpel with the ability to seal vessels after dissection.
Thus, it is possible to prevent excessive blood loss.

Breast augmentation or restoration after mastectomy

Based on the course of the disease, removal of the gland can be performed in various volumes: partial, simple or radical. Mastectomy is a low-risk surgical intervention and the percentage of complications after it is low. The most severe are delayed complications, the number of which depends on the type of operation performed.

Common to all is postmastectomy syndrome. The need for breast reconstruction after removal is dictated by cruel necessity and is a direct indication.

Mastectomy entails psychosomatic disorders and plunges a woman into a depressed state, in this regard, rehabilitation, as a rule, is accompanied by mammoplasty with simultaneous restoration of the areolar complex. A well-proven alternative is tattooing of the nipple area.

Operation Methods

In case of insufficient body weight, the patient will undergo preliminary lipofilling, in which the missing amount of fat cells is introduced into the area of the affected breast.

For recovery, several techniques are used:

  • using a silicone bag – expander – a physiological sterile solution is injected into it in small portions for 6 months, gradually stretching the skin flap to the desired size;
  • with the installation of an implant inserted into the pocket formed with the help of an expander; Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices
  • using your own skin and tissues removed from the back and abdominal wall. To use this method, an adequate supply of skin and adipose tissue is required.

Preparation for surgery

The initial stage of preparation for mammoplasty will be the initial consultation of a plastic surgeon. This meeting discusses general issues related to the woman’s expectations, examines the breasts, tries on sizers, selects implants, and the method of their introduction.

It also stipulates the conditions for preparatory activities. For this meeting, the client is advised to prepare in advance a list of issues of concern to her related to upcoming procedures.

The second step is to undergo examinations with tests. As soon as the admission to the operation is agreed, the date is set, the future patient should begin preparation.

Period Actions
30 days before surgery
  • eat balanced, give preference to fresh plant foods and freshly squeezed juices;
  • quit smoking and alcoholic beverages;
  • do not take medications;
  • take care of purchasing a pair of sets of compression underwear in advance: the center specialists will help you pick it up.
in 14 days
  • donate blood for a general analysis;
  • urine – for standard analysis;
  • test for possible pregnancy;
  • prepare everything you need in the apartment, taking into account the physical condition after discharge: sleeper, food from semi-finished products;
  • to warn the “support group” that you will need to meet and escort to the bed, if possible, provide care.
in 1 day
  • wash the body and hair;
  • trim the nails briefly and remove the varnish;
  • to prepare comfortable clothes, shoes for wearing in the clinic;
  • take off jewelry;
  • stop eating 12 hours before the procedure.


The postoperative period passes under the vigilant supervision of a surgeon prescribing dressings and additional meetings until complete recovery. The quality of healing of sutures and fixation of implants depends on the recommendations of the attending physician correctly performed by the patient.

Recommendations for this period:

  • exclude sports and weight lifting for a month and a half;
  • Do not visit the bathhouse and sauna for 60 days;
  • Do not raise your hands and do not make sudden movements for 3 weeks;
  • do not smoke, do not drink alcohol about 14 days after mammoplasty;
  • continue to eat balanced to accelerate tissue repair;
  • walk in the air for at least half an hour every day;
  • take medications in accordance with the prescription sheet; Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices
  • wear a compression bra for 4 weeks, removing it only to put on a replaceable one.

Possible negative consequences

The occurrence of postoperative complications is due to the qualification of the doctor, the peculiarities of the woman’s body, and her strict observance of rehabilitation measures.

Specialists distinguish 12 types of possible delayed effects of the intervention:

  • numbness of the areola with loss of sensitivity is associated with a violation of the area of the nerve endings of the gland tissue;
  • wrinkling of the skin of the bust is caused by the flow of saline in the endoprosthesis; Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices
  • rupture of the implant is accompanied by the simultaneous expiration of the gel and the further formation of a fibrous capsule. In case of violation of the shell of the salt endoprosthesis, ingestion of a physiological solution into the body does not entail serious consequences;
  • capsular contracture is characterized by the formation of dense scar tissue, leading to a change in the shape of the prosthesis;
  • displacement is possible with mechanical action or under the influence of growth of fibrous tissue;
  • infections are expressed in suppuration and are caused by bleeding around the wound, violations of antiseptic rules;
  • seroma makes itself felt by the accumulation of serous fluid in the tissues, occurs when there is insufficient drainage and violation of the settings of the memo according to discharge from the clinic;
  • a hematoma can form after a mammoplasty procedure due to changes in blood pressure, differences in the size of the implant and the pocket in which it is placed;
  • keloid scars look like a tumor of red or bluish color and are located both in the area of damaged tissue and in areas of healthy skin;
  • the appearance of an allergy to suture and endoprosthesis material;
  • the deposition of calcium crys
    tals with the further formation of seals in the chest;
  • the inability to conduct a complete mammographic study.

Plastic Surgery Clinic in New York. Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast enlargement, the cost in New York of which varies significantly even in the districts of the city and ranges from $ 1360 – $ 4624, can be done cheaper not in the central clinic. The average cost in a metropolis is formed at the level of $ 2992.

Clinic of Plastic Surgery Dr. Shikhirman tops the price list for endoprosthetics – $ 4624. with the inclusion of the price of implants. In second place is the clinic of Grigoryants V.S. with a price of $ 4352., RossClinic, which – in the South-West of the capital – and Frau Klinik offers a similar set of $ 4080.

Doctor Plastic, a large center located on Myasnitskaya, offers a procedure for breast augmentation for 237000 without the cost of endoprostheses. The Sirius Clinic declares its proposal for augmentation from $ 3128.

On average, when planning costs for mammoplasty in New York, we can proceed from prices for:

  • surgeon’s work – $ 1061 – $ 2312;
  • anesthesia – $ 68 – $ 136;
  • a day in a hospital – $ 41 – $ 82;
  • breast implants – $ 272 – $ 680.

Clinics of Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles. Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast enlargement, the cost in which in New York and Los Angeles is formed according to similar principles, is recommended to be done after collecting data on the practice and experience of a plastic surgeon. Breast enlargement. Cost in New York, Los Angeles. Types of implants, prices

In the northern capital, such an operation will have to pay an average of $ 1510.

The system of clinics “Medi” offers prices from $ 1360, and “Longevity” from $ 2258. at a discount from the original price of $ 2380 “turnkey”. OrKli Hospital declares prices from $ 1156, but without the cost of prostheses. Offers from Los Angeles institutions are characterized by the use of promotions and numerous discounts depending on the method of implant placement.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery in the

Breast enlargement, the cost in New York of which is significantly different from the prices prevailing in the, can be done without compromising quality, for example, in the Ural Federal District for $ 1306. average. In the cities of Atlanta, Atlanta, you can get the whole range of services to increase the mammary glands, but this price is without the cost of implants.

The Siberian Federal District is even lower in the price rating – $ 1034. The capital of Eastern Siberia is the city of Dallas from $ 816. without the cost of dentures. The Far East offers prices from $ 1142. The most attractive price for mammoplasty is declared by the Volga Federal District – $ 813.

It is worth noting that the initial consultation of plastic surgeons in the capital and cities of the country costs the same – $ 14.

With the development of surgery, the possibility of training and practice ofal specialists in foreign clinics and New York, the increase and reconstruction of the mammary glands became widely available in terms of cost and geography for women in the American countryside.

Breast Enlargement Video

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