Hair coaching. What is it, benefits, reviews, how to do it right, which conditioner and balm is better

In the field of hair care, an alternative to salon treatments has appeared. This is co-shaving hair – a new-fashioned way to wash your hair without using shampoo, which has received numerous positive reviews in a short time.

Cowing – what is it and what is it for

Cowing is based on the allegation of the dangers of aggressive sulfates in traditional shampoos that disrupt the hair structure and deprive them of natural lubrication.

The claimed effect of co-caching is impressive and comparable to the results of salon care. His supporters argue that if the procedure is carried out in the right sequence and with the help of correctly selected means, the hair will recover, gain smoothness and shine, stop falling out, and dandruff disappears.

Varieties of procedure

Depending on the means used, the co-caching procedure can be divided into 2 types:

  1. Using conventional air conditioners.
  2. With the help of special tools.

Conventional conditioner-rinses, as a rule, do not contain cleaning agents and are not designed to remove dirt from the scalp. Their main purpose is to facilitate combing of hair by closing the hair shaft, adding smoothness to the hair and removing the electrifying effect.

Hair coaching. What is it, benefits, reviews, how to do it right, which conditioner and balm is better

Therefore, in order to achieve a good result, a thorough mechanical effect on the hair is required with the help of a long massage of the skin. Special conditioners for co-caching are good in that they include ingredients for cleansing the scalp and removing plaque, which is why the shampooing procedure is faster.

Who is suitable for

Hair coaching (reviews received on the Internet, mostly positive) are most suitable for those who have the following types of hair:

  • dry (dried) and damaged;
  • painted (highlighted);
  • curly (curly);
  • age;
  • tough.

Cowing is a gentle method of washing your hair. Dry and damaged hair with the help of it is carefully washed, its structure is restored by obtaining the necessary nutrition and treatment.

Cowing helps to preserve the color of dyed and highlighted hair, as the conditioner absorbs pigment much more slowly than shampoo.

Curly naughty hair is constantly affected by styling products, which causes it to dry out and become brittle. This hair is especially recommended for gentle co-shaving care.

With age, a woman’s hair loses the necessary moisture, looks drier and lifeless. Washing with conditioner moisturizes and restores them. Hard hair is naughty, with difficulty combing. Shampoo dries them, and co-shaving helps them become soft and silky.

Hair coaching. What is it, benefits, reviews, how to do it right, which conditioner and balm is better

Cowing hair (reviews can be negative) does not always cope with the removal of sebum, so hair can look dirty. For oily hair, it is best to try specialized cleansing conditioners for coaching.

Opponents of this method of hair care argue that coaching should not be used for any type of hair, because due to insufficient cleansing, the pores will continue to clog with sebum and the hair will not be able to develop and grow in its natural way. This can cause hair loss.

Pros of the procedure

  1. The scalp and hair receive nutrients, and are not exposed to the aggressive effects of lauryl sulfates contained in shampoos.
  2. Hair becomes more docile and easier to style.
  3. With the help of co-shaving you can restore hair at home without resorting to the help of expensive salons.
  4. The procedure includes a scalp massage, which improves blood circulation, nourishes the hair, stimulates their growth.

Cons of the procedure

  1. You have to wash your hair more often due to the minimum amount of cleaning agents in the air conditioner.
  2. A large amount of conditioner is required for one procedure, the cost of water for washing the hair increases.
  3. Special means for co-caching, allowing to get the maximum effect, are expensive.
  4. The procedure takes much longer than with a traditional shampoo.
  5. Hair after drying is longer, even with a hairdryer.
  6. Hair loses volume by smoothing it with conditioner.
  7. From the constant use of co-caching, you can “overfeed” your hair and it will look untidy.

Differences of balm from the conditioner

In most of the available descriptions of the co-caching procedure, no distinction is made between the means for its implementation. In some instructions, balm is mentioned, in others, air conditioning, in third – conditioner.

Hair coaching. What is it, benefits, reviews, how to do it right, which conditioner and balm is better

Conditioner – this is a type of balm, but with some differences:

  1. The purpose of the conditioner is to glue the flakes of hair uncovered during washing, and the balm not only glues, but also nourishes the hair.
  2. The effect of the conditioner is achieved faster, it is not necessary to withstand it on the hair, and it is advisable not to rinse the balm for a while.
  3. It is better to distribute the conditioner along the entire length of the hair, except for the roots, otherwise a voluminous hairstyle will not work. On the contrary, the balm should be applied to the roots in order to obtain nutrients.

In order to understand which is better to use, it is worth trying to alternate both means.

2 in 1 Tools

If you want to thoroughly approach coaching, it is better to use professional modern 2 in 1 tools created specifically for this procedure. They contain soapless cleansing and conditioning ingredients, as well as a light consistency, thanks to which the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair.

This is especially true for damaged hair, as additional mechanical friction during head massage can harm them even more. Modern co-shaving products are suitable for daily use. Their main disadvantage is a higher price, in contrast to conventional balms and conditioners.

Hair coaching. What is it, benefits, reviews, how to do it right, which conditioner and balm is better

According to the results of price monitoring for specialized means for coaching, the most inexpensive balm of the NANO-Organik brand (USA) costs from $ 4,76. for 10,14 fluid ounce. Given that each procedure takes an average of 1,4 – 2 fluid ounce of balm, such a jar is enough for only 5-7 procedures.

Types of Hair Conditioners

  1. Rinses – close hair scales and eliminate the electrifying effect. The composition of the rinse agents most often has a silicone base, which gives the curls shine and silkiness.
  2. Express conditioners do not need to be washed off, they are applied to both dry and wet curls. Their main ingredients are keratins, proteins and glycerin, which give moisture to the hair and form a protective film on them. The main purpose of express conditioners is to protect curls from the harm of UV radiation, hair fixation products and blow dryers.
  3. Specialized conditioners – products designed for hair care according to their types and solutions to specific problems. For example, for colored hair conditioners contain protective ultraviolet filters, for split hair – moisturizing oils, as well as proteins and keratins for hair reconstruction and nutrition.

Rules for choosing hair conditioners

Based on the purpose of co-caching, it is better to dwell on specialized air conditioners for its implementation.

But here there are some nuances that should be taken into account:

  1. Silicone should not be present among the ingredients of the conditioner, because it envelops and makes curls heavier. After such washing, the appearance of the hairstyle may have an untidy appearance. Tools with silicones are all that end with _cone: dimethicone, cyclomethicone and others. Silicone gradually builds up on the hair and if you constantly use such a conditioner, you can only wash it off with a deep cleaning shampoo. Now there are water-soluble silicone conditioners, which are designated as follows: Trideceth-12, Dimethicone Copolyo, Dimethicone copolyol / HWP, Hydroxypropyl, Polysiloxane, Lauryl methicone copolyol. Choosing an air conditioner without silicone would be the best option.
  2. It is advisable that the air conditioner lack mineral oils, wax and paraffin. Clogging the pores of the skin, these substances do not allow hair to breathe and grow.
  3. The conditioner must be non-greasy. It is important that the conditioner is easily applied and distributed over the entire length of the hair.

Varieties of balms

Cosmetic – these are balms that help improve the external condition of curls, adding shine, softness, volume to them and remove the electrifying effect.

Hair coaching. What is it, benefits, reviews, how to do it right, which conditioner and balm is better

These tools include:

  • rinse conditioner;
  • conditioner balm;
  • tint balm.

The purpose of the first two of them is similar to conditioners with the only difference being that the balms have a thicker consistency and contain concentrated useful ingredients that restore hair.

Therapeutic ones are balms (masks), the composition of which penetrates deeply into the scalp. They are divided into types of hair and the problems for which they are created. In order for the healing balm to produce an effect, it should be left on the hair for 10-30 minutes.

Rules for choosing a balm

It is important to choose a balm necessarily taking into account your hair type.

However, the following must be considered:

  1. For thin hair, a light, indelible balm or mask balm is best suited not more than 1-2 times a week.
  2. Moisturizing balms are good for dyed hair.
  3. Damaged and dry hair is preferable to restore moisturizing and nourishing balm containing keratin.
  4. Oily hair, as well as normal hair, should choose the lightest balms, so as not to overfeed the hair with intense nutrients.

Cowing – step by step instructions

To obtain the desired effect, you should prepare for a difficult and time-consuming procedure:

  1. Comb dry hair thoroughly.
  2. Moisten a lot of curls with water and pat them dry with a towel.
  3. Squeeze on the palm of the conditioner (balm) in an amount approximately the size of a tennis ball and gradually apply it along the entire length of the hair, carefully distributing it over each strand. The amount of conditioner used depends on the length of the hair. Here are recommendations for hair below shoulder length.
  4. Carefully massage the hair, rubbing the locks of hair between each other. After 5 minutes massage again lightly wet your head and continue rubbing for another 5 minutes.
  5. Rinse the head in the shower with a very large amount of water until a characteristic creak of hair.
  6. Dry your hair by patting it with a towel first. For best results, blow dry is not recommended.

Hair coaching. What is it, benefits, reviews, how to do it right, which conditioner and balm is better

This is the general procedure for co-caching. The procedure may vary depending on the type of hair.

Additionally recommended:

Hair type Recommendations
Damaged Do not usd your hair hard during massage, as the condition of the hair may worsen. After a head massage, the conditioner must be left on the hair for another 10-15 minutes.
Normal with split ends Massage your head for about 5 minutes, then rinse off the product, and apply oil to the tips.
Thin and normal It’s not worth leaving the air conditioner for a long time even after 5 minutes. Massage should thoroughly rinse your head.
Dyed hair, oily at the roots Restoration of hair damaged by dyeing is carried out by applying a conditioner to the entire hairline, and the roots are pre-washed with shampoo.

Do not rinse dirty hair and styling products with co-shaving, and this should be borne in mind before proceeding. The purchase of a conditioner, given its type of hair, does not guarantee a successful result.

Therefore, it may not be possible to pick up the perfect air conditioner right away. Hair coaching (reviews about the tools used help determine the rating of the best) is grouped considering the types of hair and the price of the balm (conditioner).

Rating of the best funds

To moisturize your hair:

Name Act Price
1. WELLA Pro Series Active Moisturizing Balm Rinse It has moisturizing properties due to moringa oil. from $ 3,81. for 16,91 fluid ounce.
2. Natura Siberica Protection and Nutrition Balm Extracts of a large number of herbs and natural oils add shine and strength to the hair, and hydrolyzed keratin restores their structure. from $ 3,81. for 13,53 fluid ounce.
3. Gliss Kur Hair Restoration Balm “Hyaluron + Filler” The hair structure is fixed and restored from $ 2,52. for 6,76 fluid ounce.
4. Matrix Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner Moisturizes hair, prevents collagen loss due to the presence of argan oil in the composition from $ 10,06. for 6,76 fluid ounce.
5. Air conditioning Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Dailv Treatment It copes with smoothing curls. Having a melting structure, the product does not feel bold from $ 17. for 6,76 fluid ounce.

For oily hair type:

1. Balm L’Oreal Paris Elseve Balancing 3 Valuable Clays It is declared as a remedy for hair loss. It does not dry out the skin and makes the hair thicker from $ 2,39. for 6,76 fluid ounce.
2. Estel Curex Volume Balm It contains a balanced composition of vitamins that regulate sebalance and prolong the purity of hair. from $ 2,72. for 8,45 fluid ounce.
3. KeraSys Scalp Care Sebum Control Deep Cleansing Conditioner It eliminates the problems of excessive production of sebum, nourishes damaged hair and restores it. This tool for frequent use, protects hair from ultraviolet radiation and high styling temperatures. from $ 12,24. for 20,29 fluid ounce.

For weakened hair:

1. Agafia Thick Balm It is made on the basis of melt water, which is a natural conditioner. According to reviews, this balm works better on natural hair from $ 0,99. for 11,83 fluid ounce.
2. Revivor Recovery Balm It perfectly copes with the restoration of cuticles of overdried and damaged curls, smoothes and saturates them with nutrients from $ 1,96. for 15,22 fluid ounce.
3. Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Balm by Natura Siberica Form a protective film, moisturize and eliminate the harmful effects of styling products, and also add volume from $ 2,72. for 13,53 fluid ounce.
4. L’Oreal Professionnel Absolute Repair Lipidium Balm The lipid complex of the balm regenerates and nourishes the hair from the inside. Reviews about him do not recommend using it for thin damaged hair, since it makes them heavier and interferes with the volume of the hairstyle. from $ 12,24. for 6,76 fluid ounce.

After staining:

1. Natura Siberica Organic Balm Protection and Shine It protects, provides nutrition and hydration, and protein extracted from Daurian soybean, restores damage to colored curls. from $ 2,18. for 16,91 fluid ounce.
2. Kapous Professional Color Care Conditioner With its help, hair is nourished with many vitamins, and natural oils help maintain hair color and regenerate them. from $ 2,72. for 11,83 fluid ounce.
3. Ecolab Balm Strengthens hair from $ 2,72. for 6,76 fluid ounce.
4. Kaaral Purifv Colore Conditioner for Colored Hair Keeps color intensity for a long time, moisturizes hair, adding shine. from $ 7,34. for 8,45 fluid ounce.

Any other silicone-free conditioners marked on the Silicone-Free bottle are suitable for co-caching.

Procedure Repeat Rate

A big disadvantage of co-caching is the accumulation of funds on the hairline. The nutrients from the conditioners are not absorbed into the hair, but are deposited on the surface of the hair, polluting them.

Cowing hair (reviews of professional hairdressers help to get maximum results) is not recommended for permanent use. Approximately every 3-4 coaching procedures for prevention, it is better to include a shampoo shampooing session.

Hair coaching. What is it, benefits, reviews, how to do it right, which conditioner and balm is better
Photo review of hair co-caching.

You can apply the following scheme for shampooing:

  • 1 time – shampoo and conditioner;
  • 2 times – only air conditioning and a nourishing face mask;
  • 3 times – shampoo and conditioner;
  • 4 times – only air conditioning.

Cowing can be a great addition to regular hair care treatments.

Cowing Effect

You should not expect quick results from co-caching. But if the hair structure is not damaged, the cosmetic effect with the right products should appear immediately.

As a result, hair:

  • become less confused;
  • gain softness;
  • will cease to be electrified;
  • receive significant hydration and nutrition;
  • keep color longer;
  • gain natural shine and health.

The therapeutic result in the form of hair restoration and prevention of their cross-section will be noticeable no earlier than in a month.

You can relate differently to co-shaving. Someone does not get the desired result due to an unsuccessful choice of funds, someone simply does not want to spend their precious time on this procedure. However, numerous reviews of those who have tested this method claim that co-shaving hair replaces going to an expensive salon.

Posted by: Anna Lebedeva

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