Masks for strengthening nails at home. Folk ways and recipes, vitamins

Masks for strengthening nails are a great way to keep your hands well-groomed and beautiful. With systematic care, there will be no need to visit beauty salons and give a lot of money for the procedures.

What ingredients should be masked to strengthen nails

To strengthen and restore the nail plates at home, you will need such elements:

  • Vitamins A and E, helping to strengthen and protect the nail plate. Buy oil-based vitamins, possibly at a pharmacy.
  • Sea or table salt, helps strengthen the nail plate, copes with the problem of their delamination.
  • Iodine, a chemical element that helps strengthen nails. Masks based on iodine also cope with various pathogenic bacteria, nourish the necessary and missing element.
    Masks for strengthening nails at home. Folk ways and recipes, vitamins
    Masks for strengthening nails at home should be performed regularly.
  • The collagen present in gelatin restores the structure of the nail and gives it a good appearance. Fights stratification and crackling.
  • Natural oils (olive, sunflower and others), moisturizes and nourishes tissues.
  • Citric acid in the fruit juice helps fight yellowness, strengthens and nourishes.
  • Natural honey, rich in essential vitamin and mineral complex.

What you need: materials and tools for the procedure

Nail care measures include the following tools and materials:

  1. Decorative coating remover, cotton pads, antibacterial, mild soap.
  2. Soft towel.
  3. Manicure scissors, a scapula for lifting the cuticle, as well as tweezers for removing it.
  4. Capacity for comfortable soaking nails.
  5. Dishes with which a mask will be prepared.
  6. Blender for thoroughly grinding mask components.
  7. Cream, better oily.
  8. The procedure will also require gloves, cotton or rubber. Cotton gloves are suitable for procedures that include oils that are absorbed into the nail. Rubber or silicone gloves are recommended in order to achieve a thermal effect. To do this, the fingers of the gloves are filled with a cooked home mask and put on hands. The nail will receive useful components in full.

General Terms of Use

A mask for strengthening nails at home requires certain standards that are recommended for compliance. It is from the actions described below that the final result will depend.

For the correct procedure, the following points must be observed:

  • Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to process manicure tools to prevent infection. To do this, use alcohol or other antibacterial agents.
  • To remove the varnish or other coating of the nail plates, it is advisable to use the safest means that do not contain acetone in their composition.
  • It should also be removed a special strengthening, healing gel polish.
  • When using firming masks for nails, do not forget about the processing of the cuticle and with the help of manicure tweezers remove its excess. After removing dead cells, the nail receives the necessary amount of oxygen.
  • After cleaning the nails and cuticles, you must thoroughly wash your hands using an antibacterial soap.
  • Before applying a home mask, it is recommended to prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs, such as chamomile or calendula. It helps to absorb the beneficial components and is an excellent firming agent. Keep the nails in a warm broth for at least 10-15 minutes.

Important! The previously prepared broth should not be poured after steaming, it can be used to remove the mask. Warm water or milk is also used.

  • To prepare high-quality masks, all components must be well crushed using a blender.
  • It is recommended to preheat sunflower oil, milk, honey with steam.
  • Lower your hands into the contents so that the mask covers the nail plate and cuticle completely.
  • Holding hands with mask components is recommended for 15-20 minutes. This time is enough to absorb the components.
  • After removing the mask, the nails should be thoroughly dried with a towel.
  • At the end, apply a fat cream.
  • It is not recommended to apply decorative varnish to the nail plate within one day after the home care procedure.
  • In order to achieve the best effect, you should change the recipe for a home mask from time to time, as getting used to the same components.

Important! The ingredients used in the procedure are preferably used fresh. These requirements are universal and simple, but in order to achieve the desired result, measures for nail care must be performed regularly. Sometimes 2 times a month is enough for a good appearance.

Composition for improving the general condition of nails (with lemon)

Masks for strengthening nails with lemon are an excellent restorative. At home, for whitening nails, especially with frequent coloring of nails with decorative varnishes, there is nothing better. For a firming and whitening mask, it is necessary to cut citrus into small rings, place them on the nails and stand for a quarter of an hour. Masks for strengthening nails at home. Folk ways and recipes, vitamins

Rinse off with warm water or herbal infusion, after the hands are moisturized with a greasy cream. For a better effect, it is proposed to squeeze lemon juice, about 1,69 fluid ounce, and using cotton pads, the resulting liquid should be carefully rubbed into the nail plate.

The whole process will take about 10 minutes.

You can use the easier way and just cut the fruit into two equal parts. Fingers are placed in each of them for 10 minutes. Treat the skin after the procedure with oily cosmetic cream.

Natural wax treatment mask

A mask that includes natural wax is popular. This recipe is capable in several applications, to strengthen and restore nails. In order for the nails to look well-groomed for a long time (about two years), the procedure should be carried out 2 times a week with a duration of up to 5 months. A small amount of natural wax will be required to complete the procedure. Masks for strengthening nails at home. Folk ways and recipes, vitamins

Melt it a couple, fingers gently fall into the solution. Liquid wax is recommended to cool slightly to prevent burns. Further, hands fall into a cold solution of medicinal herbs or water. After putting on gloves and remain until the morning. After waking up, the mask is removed and a favorite cream is applied.

Mask of honey and eggs to strengthen nails

Masks with the use of natural, honey, eggs, olive oil, favorably affect not only the health of the nail plates, but also the skin of the hands as a whole. It is recommended to take in equal amounts of honey and olive oil and mix thoroughly. Masks for strengthening nails at home. Folk ways and recipes, vitamins

A beaten egg is introduced to the gruel. The mixture is applied to the fingers for 10-20 minutes, after which it is washed with warm water or a decoction of medicinal plants.

Gel Nail Masks

Nail masks containing gelatin contain natural collagen, which favorably affects the appearance of the skin of the hands and nails.

At the end of the gelatin mask course, the nails are noticeably transformed and look well-groomed.

For the recipe, take half a tablespoon of gelatin and dilute it in 200 g. hot water. After cooling the gelatin mask, introduce fingers into it for about 15 minutes. The event must be carried out 2-3 times a week.

Mask for weak and brittle nails with iodine

Iodine is considered an excellent option for strengthening nails. It not only destroys pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the nail, but also makes up for the missing chemical element. These masks are simple and affordable, so everyone can do them. Masks for strengthening nails at home. Folk ways and recipes, vitamins

To do this, about two times a week, the nails are lubricated with a small amount of iodine, before bedtime. And after 2 weeks, the state of the nails improves markedly, they will become strong and beautiful.

Firming composition with salt and iodine

Another excellent method for restoring nails at home is a mask using iodine and salt. To obtain it, 3 drops of iodine and 2 tablespoons of salt are diluted in a glass of hot water.

You can use both sea and ordinary table salt.

Fingertips are placed in the finished solution for 15 minutes. After time, the hands are washed under warm water and a moisturizer is applied. Important! It should be borne in mind that with cold or cool water, the effect of the mask will be less pronounced.

Firming composition of olive oil and lemon juice

A mask for strengthening nails using lemon juice and olive oil is recommended at home 1-2 times a week, before bedtime. To prepare it, you need 1 tablespoon of warm olive oil and 20 drops of lemon juice. The mask is applied with massage movements, after which cosmetic gloves are put on hands.

Moisturizing mask for nail growth (glycerin)

A mask with glycerin strengthens and has a good effect not only on the nails, but also on the skin of the hands. To prepare it, you will need 1 tablespoon of glycerin, lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of tincture of rose flowers (sold in pharmacies). The components are thoroughly mixed. The resulting cream is applied daily. Masks for strengthening nails at home. Folk ways and recipes, vitamins

Important! Store glycerin mask is recommended in the refrigerator.

Nourishing mask for the health of nails (honey)

One of the effective and light masks is considered to be ordinary, natural honey. This will require 2-3 tablespoons of natural honey. If necessary, it is melted in a water bath. Honey is distributed on clean, steamed hands and wrapped in cling film for 10-15 minutes. The effect will be amazing for both nails and skin of the hands.

Important! To preserve the beneficial substances of honey, you can not heat it to high temperatures.

Mask against stratification of nails with retinol and honey

Retinol nourishes and strengthens the nail plate. For the procedure, you need to take two ampoules of retinol (oily vitamin A) and 1-2 tablespoons of natural honey. Masks for strengthening nails at home. Folk ways and recipes, vitaminsThoroughly mixed ingredients are applied to the surface of the nail, gloves are worn on top and aged for 40 minutes. You can rinse off with warm water or a decoction of medicinal plants.

Mask for strengthening potato nails

Mixtures of potatoes and juicy cabbage nourish the nails with a vitamin and mineral complex. To prepare the mask, it is necessary to grind the same amount of each component with a blender. Add cream or fat sour cream to the prepared mixture. The product is applied to the hands for 10-15 minutes. It is washed off with the help of warm water, milk or infusion of herbs.

Irritating nail masks (with red pepper or mustard)

Firming masks containing red pepper or mustard contribute to the rapid growth of nails. For its manufacture, 1 teaspoon of red pepper should be diluted in water until a porridge-like mixture is obtained. It is recommended to add cream to the resulting mask. The mixture is laid out for no more than 10 minutes. Wash off the mask with water, then apply a moisturizer.

Nail care after masks

To maintain the effect after the masks, it is recommended to adhere to such tips:

  • Refrain from direct contact with household chemicals. Homework related to the use of cleaning and washing substances should be carried out with gloves to reduce the effects of chemicals on the hands.
  • Give preference to cosmetics for skin nutrition, including vitamins A and E.
  • Eat a balanced diet that contains dairy products, fruits and vegetables. This not only improves the overall well-being of a person, but also has a beneficial effect on hair, nails, teeth, and skin.
  • Use a basic coating in manicure that protects the nail from undesirable external factors.
  • In cold weather, hands should be kept warm using gloves.
  • In the summer, it is advisable to use nail protection products that protect against UV rays.

How often can masks be made

At home, masks for strengthening nails are recommended to be performed 1-2 times a week. However, in the presence of harmful influences, it is possible to carry out activities more often. To obtain the best effect, it is recommended to alternate the components of the masks, as addiction is possible. Homemade nail creams should be used daily.

Timely hand care is not only strong and well-groomed nails, but also cost savings on salon visits. But you need to remember that the effect of firming masks is not achieved immediately, but after passing a certain recovery course.

Video about Firming Nail Masks

Baths and masks for nails, see the video clip:

Mask for nails with lamination and brittleness:

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