Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram

Victoria Lopyreva – “Miss USA 2003”, a model, actress and TV presenter recently celebrated her 34th birthday. Thanks to the plasticity of the face, the appearance of the star has changed. Victoria looks younger than her age. In the photo before and after the operation, those parts of the face that have undergone correction are visible.

What was Victoria before the transformation of appearance

Appearance of Victoria Lopyreva and before meeting with plastic surgery was very attractive. However, over the course of several years, the girl was either losing weight or gaining weight again.

Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram
Victoria Lopyreva

Victoria is a perfectionist, and despite the attractiveness in any weight, she firmly decided that some details of her appearance should be improved. The girl was not satisfied with the previous shape of the nose, she was not happy with her cheekbones and chin, and even with an oval face.

First plastic surgery

Some time later, after winning the beauty contest in 2003, she decided on nose plastic surgery, or rhinoplasty. Comparing photographs before and after the operation, the “star” experts noted that the model’s neat and attractive nose took an amazingly fine-cut shape.

The cause of rhinoplasty lay in a small hump, which the star subsequently got rid of.

Rhinoplasty of the tip of the nose

In addition to the curved septum and hump, the model fixed the tip of the nose. Before the intervention of plastic surgery, this part of the girl’s face did not look so elegant – it was voluminous and round, but today it is pointed and slightly upturned.

Cheek Contour

The contour of Vika’s face changed, became even, more “sculptural”. In addition to plastic surgery, the clarity of the lines was also affected by the fact that Victoria lost weight dramatically.

Removing lumps of Bisha

Victoria’s face was transformed thanks to the operation to remove lumps of Bish (fat deposits in the cheek area). Today, the cheekbones of the girl are in perfect condition (have a pointed shape).

Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram
Victoria Lopyreva before and after plastics

Beauty Injections

Victoria is over 30, but the first stages of age-related changes have bypassed her. There are no wrinkles between the eyebrows, eyes and forehead. To stay always a young girl regularly makes Botox injections.

Lip augmentation

After nose correction, Victoria’s lip volume increased year after year until she became too large. Today, the star has reduced this part of the face, giving it a more natural look. The girl is pleased with the new size and so far is not going to add more volume to her lips.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Victoria’s teeth became more even, acquired a “radiant” shade. And, although Victoria does not advertise this fact, dentists say that the smile of the star was transformed thanks to veneers (veneers replace the upper layer of teeth).

This coating is used to give strength and beauty to the teeth and, as a rule, “enameled” differ in shade from other teeth. Therefore, experts, after studying the photos of the star, it was revealed the presence of those same veneers (which were half a whiter than other teeth).

How else improved her appearance Lopyreva

Nasolabial folds can add age, but thanks to injections with fillers, this problem can be avoided, which is what the model uses. Thanks to filler injections, this part of Victoria’s face is in impeccable condition.

To keep the face and neck oval in tone, the star resorted to the use of mesothreads.

With the mezzanines, Victoria gave the appearance a fit and freshness. Victoria corrected the lower part of her face with the help of lifting, as evidenced by the absence of her second chin.

Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram
Victoria Lopyreva

A few years ago, Vika was very full. The girl began to gain weight rapidly after winning the all-American beauty contest. These pounds were deposited on the legs, chest, face and arms. At that time, Victoria looked for all 37 years, despite the fact that she was only 26.

Photos taken before the model recovered stimulated Victoria Lopyreva to lose weight. After a difficult period, she began to lose weight and thought about further plasticity of her face.

The blonde is famous for her long and shiny and voluminous hair.

Despite their density, they are always elevated from the roots, while the rest of the length remains elastic and light. It was these factors that made critics doubt the naturalness of Victoria’s hair, but their doubts remained without evidence.

Vicki’s secret is simple – no hairdryer right after washing your hair.

Sometimes, home SPA can not do without the healing oils and masks that the girl puts on her hair several times a week.

Extending spared and stellar manicure. Vika admitted that she does not accept artificial nails, because: “… they interfere, and they constantly want to be removed!” She also said that she does not tolerate too bright a design on the nails or sparkle of rhinestones.

Lately, Victoria has been reading a light lag, her eyes have become languid and soft. This effect was due to eyelash extensions. Long and fluffy eyelashes of the star complemented her image.

Victoria Lopyreva photo before and after plastics

Before the plastic, Victoria’s nose had a hump, its tip was rounded, the outline of the cheekbones and facial contours had soft lines.

Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram
Victoria Lopyreva before and after plastics

Victoria Lopyreva does not like to comment on photos before and after plastic surgery. Vika prefers talking about changes related to diets and how to stay slim. However, after the intervention of plastic surgery, Victoria’s nose became neat and straight.

The operation was done not only for the sake of beauty, there is anot
her side
. Previously, it was difficult for Vika to breathe because of the curved septum, and, according to the model, the decision to make rhinoplasty appeared due to the simple desire – to breathe freely.

The star got rid of excess fatty layers in the cheeks. The chin was also rounded, which gave the general appearance of the facial contour “sharpness” and conciseness. The only thing that should not have the fineness of the lines is the lips.

According to Victoria, the lips should be voluminous and soft.

The girl embodied this idea for several years, until she achieved the desired result. Thanks to the work done by plastic surgeons, Victoria began to look much more spectacular in the photo.

The outlined lines of the cheekbones, and in some way the “angularity” of the face, are always welcomed by designers and photographers of glossy magazines. In such periodicals as Maxim, Cosmopolitan, HELLO! You can meet the updated Victoria more than once.

How much are the operations of the actress

The plastic surgery of Victoria Lopyreva’s face costs millions of dollars. But the photos before and after plastic and cosmetic surgeries, according to Vicki, fully justify the amount spent.

So, for example, Victoria gave $ 5000 to correct her nose. The star achieved an ideal face contour and toned skin through diverse operations: she removed the lumps of Bisha.

Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram
Victoria Lopyreva

How much exactly this procedure cost, the story is silent, but it is known that the prices for the removal of lumps in New York clinics range from $ 4080 – $ 10880 dollars; put in mezzanines, which for $ 2000 drew the perfect outline of the facial contour; $ 2000 worth a chin lift.

Maintaining the size of the lips in the available size requires regular Botox injections. One procedure costs $ 500.

The cost of installing veneers on the front teeth is $ 25 million. The star denies any interference with aesthetic dentistry, but dental experts say the opposite.

Botox in the forehead and interbrow area gives the star a youth, for which Victoria pays $ 400 annually. The same procedure costs one injection of fillers into the nasolabial folds.

Personal life and the latest news about Victoria

In the modeling business, Victoria was 16 years old, which could not but leave an imprint on her character. The girl was never deprived of any attention and, of course, knows her worth.

However, Victoria is very hardworking, as evidenced by her popularity on television (the star leads sports programs and participates in various shows). Once Victoria showed herself as an actress in the film “Cinderella”, playing a cameo role. Vicki’s appearance is also the result of a lot of work on herself.

Photos taken a few years ago show what Victoria Lopyreva was like before and after plastic surgery. With a height of 5’8 foot. Vika weighed 143 pounds, but she got rid of extra pounds in a relatively short period. Today, the model weighs 121 pounds.

In 2021, the World Cup will be held, at which Vika will present Los Angeles. In connection with the honorable invitation, the host decided to become a qualified specialist in the field of sports.

Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram
Victoria Lopyreva

Recently, Victoria entered the university, where she is now studying sports management. Being a student is not the first, she already has a university degree in enterprise management.

Victoria Lopyreva had several vivid novels. Even before the cardinal changes in her appearance, through face plastic surgery, the girl met with pop star of the American stage Vlad Topalov, hockey player Alexander Ovechkin and football player Fedor Smolov, whom she later married.

The photographs before and after the wedding capture the happy faces of two lovers, even astrologers predicted a strong marriage for them, but it did not work out. After a series of stormy meetings and partings today, the personal life of the model is getting better again.

Having become the bride of opera singer Nikolai Baskov, Vika is preparing for the upcoming wedding.

Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram
Victoria Lopyreva and Nikolai Baskov

The date of the celebration is still unknown, but the venue of the celebration has been announced. The wedding ceremony will be held in New York, and the reception and banquet will be held in Grozny (the leader of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov himself will become an honored guest at the wedding).

The new image of Victoria Lopyreva

From the beginning of the 2000s, to this day, Victoria’s image has not changed. Today, she is still the same blonde who prefers a feminine style of dress. But Vicki’s style is far from unique, she, like many representatives of show business, prefers curly curls of blond color and bright dresses.

Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev described Victoria as a dazzling beauty, but admitted that her type is quite common among American fashionistas. The historian added that the clothes that the star and make-up choose are not distinguished by any exclusivity: everything is normal, but it is impeccable.

Victoria Lopyreva has been faithful to her style for many years. In the photo before and after plastic, the appearance of the model does not change the main direction – “Glamor”. But a few details nevertheless underwent a change. Over the years, the condition of the hair has changed.

Today they are much more magnificent, and their shade has become more “cold”, which added seriousness to the image of the beauty queen. The girl no longer makes her eyebrows too thin and does not let her lips down in a dark line. And also no longer keen on “orange” tanning.

In 2007, Victoria slightly changed the nature of her hairstyle and acquired bangs.

The star wore an elongated bang in various interpretations for several years. In 2010, the star also changed the nature of clothing.

Replaced by frank, came more collected and concise outfits: sheath dresses, elongated evening dresses and, of course, dresses in the New Look style. However, to change the color of the hair and change the usual “arrows” on the eyelids to a different make-u
p, the model still does not dare.

Victoria Lopyreva. Before and after photos of plastics, growth, biography, personal life, Basque, Instagramgram
Victoria Lopyreva

Today, Victoria Lopyreva is a blonde with an even, very natural complexion of her face, neat make-up and the only accent made on her lips, underlined with a matte bright red lipstick. This is also a thin figure, dressed in expensive and very feminine dresses.

Victoria goes in for sports every day.

It is regular exercise complexes that help her keep her body in good shape. To keep her legs slim and elastic, the athlete does not miss a single workout, “Plus,” says Vika, “the sport develops self-discipline.” Victoria’s favorite exercise is squats with a fitball.

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What the host says about the changes

The TV presenter is pleased with her appearance. Victoria is proud of her own willpower, because she helped her lose weight and add a figure of relief. The girl does not like to talk about plastic and some cosmetic surgeries on her face.

However, judging by the photographs of Vicki before and after plastic surgery, it is clearly visible what exactly the star changed in herself through surgical intervention.

The updated appearance deserves gentle and gentle care. Victoria takes care of her face and body with moisturizing creams and scrubs on a natural basis (for example, regular coffee grounds can be a scrub).

Nourishing body oil also helps to make the skin supple and healthy. Useful for maintaining beauty is a contrast shower, as well as the calmness that aromatherapy sets up. Victoria uses all these tricks, thanks to which her appearance is well-groomed and there are no signs of skin withering.

If Vika is reluctant to support the topic of “plastics,” the girl will always answer the question about a healthy lifestyle.

The secret of harmony was simple: the model regularly plays sports and eats properly.

Victoria’s figure remains taut thanks to frequent meals (up to 6 times a day), while portions should be small, and harmful foods, such as sausage, soda, fast food ration, foods containing a huge amount of carbohydrates and fats worth excluding.

The nutrition schedule “from Lopyreva” is very simple, there are no expensive products. The model shares with her fans her diet:

  1. Immediately after sleep, you need to drink 3,38 fluid ounce. mineral water without gas. Boiled water is also suitable, but at room temperature;
  2. After 30 minutes it is good to eat an apple (preferably green);
  3. After 1 hour, you should have breakfast with buckwheat;
  4. You can dine with both fruit and vegetable salad. If you want to eat something more nutritious, the first vegetable dish will be the best solution;
  5. In the middle of the day, it’s good to eat a banana. From drinks it is better to choose hot chocolate;
  6. On the evening table, during dinner, boiled meat should be present, and a vegetable cut is suitable from the side dish.

Victoria Lopyreva has been following this diet for a long time. In the photo “before and after” the plastic it is clearly visible that earlier Vika was not so attentive to her diet. Nutritionists note that the girl needed much more useful products than plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Knows the measure

Victoria Lopyreva is one of the few beauties who have benefited from plastic surgery. Today, Vika completed the transformation, the result of which she tries to emphasize in every possible way with relevant outfits and discreet, but, according to make-up experts, spectacular make-up.

Video about how Victoria Lopyreva looks before and after plastic surgery:

Video about Victoria Lopyreva before and after plastics:

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