Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

Anesthesia in cosmetology is used both in the form of injections, and in the form of local, application means. For permanent make-up, the second type of preparations is preferable, since they cause the least number of complications.

In the market for tattoo products there is a large selection of such anesthetics in various price ranges. There are specialized tools that apply only to the area of the lips or eyes, are used as primary or secondary pain relief.

The need for anesthesia for tattooing

With permanent makeup, unlike classic tattooing, the penetration of a needle with pigment occurs in the more superficial layers of the skin. On average, dyes are introduced to a depth of 1/32 – 1/32 inch. Due to this, the staining resistance can be 1-4 years, and it can be removed using laser resurfacing and other procedures.

Despite a milder effect on the skin, permanent makeup can cause pain. The most sensitive area of the face is the lips, as there are many nerve endings. The “drawing” of the arrow can also be uncomfortable, because the skin of the eyelids is thin and delicate.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

The least painful procedure is eyebrow tattooing, however, the appearance of unpleasant sensations depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the patient’s pain threshold.

Permanent makeup anesthesia with a small needle penetration may not be performed.

If the pigment is applied to a depth of more than 1/32 inch, then the use of anesthetics is necessary. Anesthesia also helps to create a calm environment during the work of a cosmetologist, helps to reduce the number of necessary passes, which ultimately affects the quality of makeup.

On the other hand, applying too much anesthetic reduces the effectiveness of color fixation. Determining the optimal ratio between these criteria is the key to achieving a good result.

Types of Anesthesia

Currently, there are many painkillers on the market for tattooing products, however, it must be borne in mind that they are all medicines and require caution in use.

The choice of anesthetic type depends on several factors:

  • Active components and their tolerance by the patient.
  • Pain threshold – the minimum level of irritation at which a person experiences pain. This indicator is strictly individual. In persons prone to increased nervous excitability, even a small effect leads to severe pain. In women, sensitivity also increases at the beginning of menstrual bleeding, so the permanent makeup procedure in this case is better to transfer to other days.
  • Penetration of anesthetic into the skin. Some components of the drugs cause loosening of the upper layer of the dermis. On the one hand, this contributes to a deeper absorption of funds and effective anesthesia. However, when ingested, such substances can cause burns and destruction. In particular, the use of such anesthetics for the eyelash line is not allowed, as they can damage the cornea.
  • Type of procedure, tattoo depth.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

Depending on the purpose and method of administration of the drug, primary and secondary, application and injection anesthesia are distinguished.

Conductor or Injection

Injection (conduction) anesthesia is a classic method of pain relief, in which anesthetic is injected with an injection.

The advantages of this method are the following:

  • deep administration of anesthetic, which contributes to the almost complete elimination of pain;
  • the effect comes faster (after 5 minutes) and lasts longer than with application anesthesia;
  • Secondary analgesia is not required.

The disadvantages include factors such as:

  • injection can only be done by people with a medical education, as this is an invasive procedure;
  • the formation of tissue edema, which prevents the drawing of the correct contour;
  • deformation of the muscles of the face, as a result of which, after the end of the action of anesthesia, asymmetry of the tattoo may occur;
  • active components penetrate the bloodstream, which increases the risk of systemic reactions from the body;
  • the appearance of hematomas with improper administration of the drug;
  • damage to the facial nerve is possible.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of this type is used only for lip staining, as in the eye area it has a high risk of unwanted side effects. This method is indicated if the patient has a very low pain threshold.

Applique for eyes and lips

Application (local) anesthesia is performed using gels, ointments, lotions, creams, sprays and napkins. It does not provide for a violation of the integrity of the skin, but is applied superficially.

The advantages of this method are:

  • fewer side effects;
  • lack of penetration into the bloodstream and into the deeper layers of the skin (low invasiveness);
  • light superficial effect, in which the tone of the muscles of the face is not disturbed;
  • lack of the need for medical education among staff;
  • long-term action (depending on the type of anesthetic);
  • a high degree of control of the skin reaction and the depth of pigmentation during the procedure;
  • lower risk of edema;
  • a small amount of the drug needed for pain relief;
  • the possibility of use in those areas where injections are not possible (eyelids and other sensitive areas of the skin).

The analgesic effect, as a rule, manifests itself 10-30 minutes after applying the product.

The disadvantages of application anesthesia include:

  • lower efficiency and duration compared with injections;
  • the possibility of local allergic reactions;
  • longer exposure time;
  • some components destroy the mucous membranes.
Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews
Permanent makeup anesthesia can be in the form of a cream.

Local products are applied by spraying (spray), a cotton swab (stick) or a small brush, the use of which is recommended for the area around the eyes, as it ensures accurate distribution of the drug.

The principle of application of anesthetics is as follows:

  1. Painkillers are absorbed through intact skin.
  2. The permeability of cell membranes is reduced.
  3. The conductivity of sodium and calcium, which are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, is reduced.
  4. The level of the pain threshold increases, signals from skin receptors are not transmitted to the brain, and the patient does not feel pain.

Primary and secondary skin analgesia

Application type anesthesia for permanent makeup can be of two varieties:

  • For primary anesthesia . Preparations are applied only before the procedure on intact skin and are the main tool. These anesthetics most often have a cream consistency and contain lidocaine.
  • For seco
    ndary anesthesia
    . The drugs of this group serve as additional anesthesia if the patient still felt pain during the procedure. They are applied to already “broken”, damaged skin. They provide an analgesic effect faster and contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels, but it is impossible to use them more often 3-4 times per session. Such drugs have a more fluid consistency.

Can I take analgesics after the procedure

One of the side effects of permanent makeup is the appearance of pain after the procedure. In this case, you can take any of the pain medications that are well tolerated and to which there are no individual contraindications (Nurofen, Acetisalicylic acid, Solpadein and others).

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

For faster tissue repair after tattooing, a cosmetologist may also recommend applying a small amount of regenerating agents (Bepanten, Actovegin gel or ointment, Solcoseryl).

Indications and contraindications for anesthesia

As mentioned above, the main indication for anesthesia is the low pain threshold in the patient. If possible, it is better not to use anesthetics at all, as they can lead to undesirable side effects.

Contraindications include the following factors:

  • increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • sepsis;
  • inflammatory changes in the skin.

The last contraindication is relative. After eliminating the inflammatory process in the treatment area, anesthetics can be used.

Side effects

Permanent makeup anesthesia can cause the following side effects:

  • change in the contour of the lips with injection;
  • swelling of the tissues;
  • pain;
  • burning sensation in the eyes, damage to the cornea;
  • poor fixation of the pigment in the skin due to a high concentration of anesthetic components or when the agent is applied excessively;
  • allergic reactions – from skin rash to anaphylactic shock with a fatal outcome.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

To prevent the latter type of complications, it is recommended to carry out an allergic test – 1-2 drops of anesthetic are placed on the wrist for 5-10 minutes. However, this is not an absolute guarantee of security. Allergies most often develop to lidocaine. For such patients, you need to choose drugs that do not contain this component (Ubistesin) or do without anesthesia.

The drugs should be applied in the minimum amount necessary for anesthesia, since the decomposition of their components produces toxic metabolic products. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water, drip preparations of a natural tear (tear substitutes).

Symptoms of corneal damage are the following signs:

  • pain;
  • hypersensitivity to light;
  • foreign body sensation in the eye;
  • visual impairment.

If they occur, you must immediately seek medical help.

Permanent Makeup Painkillers Review

Despite the presence of side effects, lidocaine is a traditional component of permanent makeup anesthetics. Almost all products are made on its basis.

There are the following recommendations for choosing drugs:

  • for lip tattooing, it is best to use liquid surface anesthetics, with intermediate anesthesia;
  • creamy formulations that do not spread are more suitable for the eyelid;
  • Sprays are used only for small areas of the skin and for short-term work, most often for subsequent correction.

Super trio

Super Trio Anesthetic Cream is produced by Face and Body Professionals, an American company that specializes in tattoo products. It is used only on intact skin.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

The analgesic effect occurs quickly (within 20-25 minutes) and can last up to 2 hours. Some patients may experience a slight tingling sensation after application. Suitable for permanent lip makeup and not recommended for eyelids and eyelashes.

The composition of the anesthetic includes the components listed in the table below:

The name of the active component Percentage,% Features
Lidocaine 4 It has an average duration of action – 45-90 minutes.

Rapidly absorbed into the blood

In patients with individual intolerance, it can cause anaphylactic shock, Quincke’s edema.

Contraindicated in elderly patients with cardiovascular diseases, as well as with myasthenia gravis

Tetracaine 2 It is easily absorbed through the mucous membranes, so it can not be applied if they are damaged.

Anesthesia occurs after 2-5 minutes. and lasts 30-90 minutes.

Highly toxic

May cause the following side effects: cytotoxic effect on cells, leading to their death, allergic reactions

Benzocaine 12 It penetrates well into tissues and affects sensitive nerve endings.

The analgesic effect develops slowly, but the effect is longer

May cause the following side effects: skin rash, urticaria, contact dermatitis

It can not be used in the treatment of sulfonamide antibiotics

The cream is applied to the skin before the procedure, after which the treated area is covered with a film for 10-15 minutes. It is not allowed to get into the eyes and mouth. The price for packing 0,85 fluid ounce on the manufacturer’s website is $ 30. It is also used for laser tattoo removal.

Cream emla

Swedish-made EMLA cream (EMLA) is the only external anesthetic approved for use in domestic dermatology. It has been officially certified and does not contain banned essential substances. The
cream is available in tubes of 5 and 30 g.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

Its composition is indicated in the table below:

The name of the active component Content per 1 g of cream, mg Features
Lidocaine 25 Described above
Prilocaine 25 It belongs to the group of complex amides, in its properties similar to lidocaine

50% less toxic than lidocaine

Contraindicated in methemoglobinemia

May cause allergic reactions – rash, hives, itching, redness, swelling

Some patients experience a burning, tingling, or numb feeling.

There are the following features in the application of this tool:

  • with prolonged exposure for 1 hour, the duration of the analgesic effect reaches 2 hours;
  • since the active components affect the blood vessels, transient redness or blanching of the skin may occur;
  • with atopic dermatitis, a reduction in the exposure time is necessary, since this leads to a more rapid penetration of the drug;
  • It is used as primary anesthesia (it is forbidden to apply on damaged skin);
  • if it gets into the eyes, it causes irritation of the cornea, therefore it is not recommended to use it on the eyelids.

Some cosmetologists also note the tanning effect of this drug. As a result, the pigment penetrates harder and has to work on more severe modes, which can injure the patient’s skin. The average price for this drug, freely sold in the pharmacy chain, is $ 22.


Eyz-A-Blue Cream is another product of the American company Face and Body Professionals, which is intended for permanent makeup in the eye area. Its thicker consistency allows you to accurately apply the drug to the treatment area. The tool relates to primary anesthesia. Reducing unpleasant sensations (burning sensations) is achieved due to the fact that the composition has a neutral pH level.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

Eyz-A-Blue cream has two active components, the properties of which are described above – this is lidocaine (3%) and tetracaine (2%). Despite the improved characteristics, its contact with the mucous membranes of the eye and mouth is not allowed. The price of the drug is the same as that of Super Trio.


Prepcaine Anesthesia for Permanent Makeup (Prepkain, manufacturer – Face and Body Professionals) has a creamy consistency and a reduced content of painkillers – lidocaine (2%) and tetracaine (1.5%).

It is also intended as a primary anesthetic for thin skin of the eyelids and other sensitive areas. The price from the manufacturer for the packaging of 34 g is $ 30.

Cream Dr. Numb

Anesthetic cream Dr. Numb is manufactured by ShinPharma Inc. (Canada). It contains only one active component – lidocaine, in the highest possible concentration (5%). Since the preparation is water-based, it combines well with pigments and has little effect on their penetration into the skin.

Within 20-30 seconds after its application, patients have a feeling of numbness.

However, for permanent makeup, it is applied under a bandage or cling film for 30 minutes. The effect of analgesia lasts on average up to 2 hours, in some cases reaches 4 hours.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

It is well absorbed into the skin, so rubbing it is not required. According to the instructions, the cream can be applied both before the procedure and on damaged skin. A package of 30 g costs an average of $ 15 – $ 18.

Deep numb

Deep Numb (USA) consists of 5% lidocaine and 95% of a cream base. It has a thick consistency and universal purpose. Deep Numb cream is a complete analogue of the previous tool. The price for packing 10 g is $ 5 – $ 5.


Gel X-IT-GEL Mei-Cha is used as a primary anesthetic. This is an analogue of foreign Thai-made products (Mei-Cha Beauty International Inc.). It contains lidocaine (4%) and tetracaine (2%). The price of this water-based drug for 25 g is about $ 30.

Goochie a-36

Goochie A-36 gel can be used as primary and secondary anesthesia. This anesthetic is made in China.

It contains the following active components:

  • lidocaine – 5%;
  • benzocaine 5%.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

The gel consistency allows you to use it without exposure under cling film. It is used for eyebrow and lip makeup. The price for packaging 0,51 fluid ounce is $ 18 – $ 20.

Goochie # 10 Lip Wipes

Anesthetic-soaked Goochie wipes are for lip makeup only.

Active components:

  • benzocaine – 18%;
  • tetracaine – 2%.

Just like the previous drug, it is used for both types of local anesthesia. The method of application consists in applying to fat-free lips and holding it under a film for 7-15 minutes. As a sign of anesthesia, blanching of the skin is used. In one box there are 10 napkins in individual packages. The price is an average of $ 14.

Sustainaine blue gel

Sustaine Blue Gel is one of the most popular drugs for secondary anesthesia. This is a product of Face and Body Professionals Corporation, which has established itself as a high-quality permanent makeup product.

The composition of the gel is shown in the table below:

Active component Percentage,% The properties
Lidocaine 4 Described above
Tetracaine 2
Adrenaline, epinephrine 0.02 Reduces the likelihood of developing such negative phenomena as bleeding, swelling, hematomas

Thanks to the addition of the last two components, the gel is ideal for lip makeup, where many small blood vessels are located. Its use is not recommended more than 2 times for 1 procedure in the same place. It is not allowed to get on the mucous surfaces of the eyes and mouth. The price for 30 g is $ 35.


Liquidcaine Anesthetic Spray (Face and Body Professionals Inc.) is a one-component preparation containing only lidocaine (4%). This is a universal tool that is applied to both damaged and intact skin.

Anesthesia for permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, eyes. Which is better, reviews

Its purpose is rapid local anesthesia within 90 seconds after application. The drug can not be used when working on the eyelids. The price for 55 g is $ 20.

Which anesthetic is best for patients

Most patients note the best anesthesia effect for products with a high content of active components. However, it must be borne in mind that such preparations for permanent makeup reduce the “setting” of the pigment, which may lead to the need for a second corrective procedure.

In addition, all of these components are toxic, and anesthetics with a lidocaine content> 5% in many countries are prohibited for free sale.

Permanent Makeup Anesthesia Video

Anesthesia for permanent makeup and tattooing:

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