Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at home

Back exercises performed at home, unlike similar training in the gym , should be done daily. This need is due to the inability to provide a full load on the muscle group being worked out by monotonous improvised weights or sports equipment of similar mass.

Despite this, understanding the design of the program for home training will help the athlete to strengthen the back muscle corset in a short time, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Anatomy of the back muscle corset

Exercises on the back at home will be absolutely safe for the athlete only if the girl knows the anatomy of the spinal muscles.

Basic information on physiology must be used not only in the preparation of the complex, but also be kept in mind during the exercise, imagining how the degree of load and its orientation change with specific movements.

According to their localization, the muscular corset of the back is classified into 5 large departments:

  • vertebral (runs along the entire length of the back);
  • scapular;
  • subscapular;
  • lumbar;
  • sacral.

By location, the spinal muscles are divided into:

Surface Such muscles are attached to the “osseous tubercles” of the spine, stretch all over the back and end in the shoulder girdle, in the area of ribs, shoulder blades, and pelvic bones.
Deep They are paired muscle processes located across the back. They are intertwined, at the expense of and form a deep dense skeleton of the dorsal muscles.

Superficial muscles, in view of their location, are easier to work out than deep ones. With proper exercise, even at home, superficial muscles will become more prominent after 3-4 weeks of regular exercise.

Progress in the development of deep muscles is visually invisible. At the same time, the strength of such muscle groups ensures the athlete maintains proper posture, as well as maintaining the health of the spinal column.

Why do you need to pump up the back of the girls

Considering that strength training will lead to the formation of a male figure, beginners avoid stress on the spinal muscles, forgetting that getting a male relief is not available to the female body without additional testosterone.

Strengthening the muscles of the back is necessary for girls to:

  • the formation of aesthetic proportions of the body (with intensive work exclusively with the lower limbs, the female figure visually becomes more overweight);
  • visual reduction of the waist, the formation of a V-shaped silhouette (developed back muscles visually make the abdomen and waist thinner, which can be even more emphasized with the correct selection of wardrobe items);
  • maintaining a normal rate of lymph flow and blood circulation (with a decrease in the rate of circulation of lymph or blood in the body, stagnation forms that adversely affect the functioning of internal organs);
  • improved posture (visible changes can be achieved by performing exercises for deep muscles);
  • a visual increase in the volume of the chest (a slight transformation of the breast will be possible due to a turn of the shoulders, achieved when pumping the rear deltas);
  • multiplying the overall strength and endurance of the athlete.

Despite all the positive aspects of working out the spinal muscles, a real increase in their volume is possible only in a gym.

Studying at home, the girl is more likely to maintain her existing athletic form and tone of her muscles.


Back exercises at home, performed by girls, regardless of their physical fitness, have a number of contraindications:

  • the period of menstruation (occupations at home at this time can provoke profuse uterine bleeding, which cannot be stopped on its own);
  • pregnancy (during the period of bearing a child, all sports should take place under the supervision of a fitness trainer);
  • benign or malignant neoplasms, regardless of the zone of their localization;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • fever;
  • mental and neurotic disorders;
  • displacement of the vertebral discs;
  • intervertebral hernia;

Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at home

  • protrusion;
  • the rehabilitation period after surgery (at least 6-8 months must elapse from the moment of surgery);
  • recovery from spinal injury, including severe bruising;
  • osteochondrosis in the acute stage;
  • hypertension 2 and 3 degrees.

How to quickly achieve a result

The effectiveness of home workouts aimed at working out the muscles of the female back can be increased by:

  • performing stretching and hitching before and after exercise, respectively (the preparatory complex will accelerate metabolic processes and blood flow, as well as set the pace of the cardiovascular system. Hitch will restore the frequency of breathing after exercise and minimize the amount of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles, thereby reducing the likelihood of pain in the post-training period);
  • a gradual increase in the load (muscles get used to the load in 2-3 weeks, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of further training. To avoid this, when exercising at home, you should increase the load by using weights of a larger mass, but not by multiplying the number of repetitions within the framework of 1 approach) ;
  • adhere to a special diet or the general principles of proper nutrition (in the first case, the diet menu should be compiled by a qualified nutrition specialist with an idea of the actual health status of a particular athlete); Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at home
  • regular exercises (back exercises must be performed daily);
  • giving your body the opportunity to fully restore strength (for this you need to sleep at least 8-9 hours at night, and during the day for 10-20 minutes every 4-5 hours in a quiet relaxing environment);
  • compliance with the drinking regime (the consumption of a sufficient amount of clean liquid, not only during training, but also during the day, helps to maintain a normal rate of metabolic processes, which are also responsible for the amount of food absorbed by the body).

How to avoid injury

Exercises on the back at home can provoke an athlete to receive injuries to the spine, joints and bones.

To avoid this, you must:

  • when performing exercises, observe generally accepted technique (neglect of this rule, in addition to increasing the risk of injury, significantly reduces the overall effectiveness of the training);
  • perform warm-up and warm-up before and after class, respectively (the time spent on these complexes within the framework of one home training should not exceed 10 minutes in total);
  • avoid a sharp increase in load (it is not recommended to rapidly increase the working weight, as well as perform more than 25 repetitions within the framework of 1 approach)
  • with insufficient strength of the muscle corset for full strength training, start training at home with the implementation of general strengthening exercises;
  • in spite of the fact that classes will be held at home, sportswear and shoes should be worn during them.

Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at homeAs exercises for warming up your back:

  • tilts to the right / left;
  • body turns to the right / left;
  • rotation of the hips (the direction of movement changes alternately);
  • alternating arching of the back, standing in all fours;
  • wave-like movement of the body forward-backward / right-left.

You can include in the hitch:

  • lifting the body back from a supine position;
  • “Ball” (stretching of the spine with the help of rolling movements from a sitting position on the floor with legs standing as close to the body as possible);
  • stretching the lateral back muscles to the right / left (inclinations performed as slowly as possible).

Features of physical education at home

The most significant features of physical education conducted at home are:

  • the need for the correct selection of weights included in the minimum set of sports equipment for home use (dumbbells, weights and barbells should be purchased in a prefabricated structure. This will allow the athlete to gradually increase her working weight, minimizing the risk of injuries. In addition to strength equipment in home training, you may need a fitball, gymnastic mat , elastic fitness gum, massage roller);
  • the need for daily exercise (it is recommended to practice every day at the same time. This will create a kind of cycle for metabolism, contributing to the most efficient working out of back muscles);
  • Before warming up and the main complex, you should prepare your heart for the upcoming load (for this, intensive running on the spot with high lifting of the thigh or jumping rope) is suitable; Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at home
  • control the frequency of breathing (the effort must be done on the exhale, to relax the muscles – on inspiration);
  • after a hitch, it is recommended to spend 2-3 minutes in a relaxed state, focusing on the respiratory rhythms (a deep breath should be done through the nose, and then slowly let the air in through the mouth).

How to start training

Exercises on the back at home suggest the competent organization of the training process:

  • favorable time for classes should be determined based on their biological hours (for “owls” experiencing a peak of vigor in the evening it is better to opt for evening training, “larks” are recommended to do in the morning, 40-60 minutes after a light breakfast);
  • at least 2 hours should elapse between eating and training at home;
  • should be practiced in the largest room in the apartment, free from furniture and interior items (the presence of foreign objects will hamper the movement of the athlete, which will make it impossible to observe the amplitude of the exercise);
  • as a sportswear, it is recommended to choose loose-fitting clothing made from natural “breathing” fabrics (such materials provide air access to the skin, maintaining normal heat transfer); Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at home
  • for the duration of the training, organize a kind of “information cocoon”, fencing off external irritants, including relatives, pets, TV and even the phone (otherwise, when the load increases, it will be tempting to amuse yourself with third-party activities, interrupting the training);
  • in the room where the lesson will be held, you should open the window, providing free access to fresh air (a stuffy room can cause an athlete to faint, and also make it difficult to fulfill a given level of load).

Right breathing

If respiration is respected during strength home workouts on the back, the athlete will not only be able to work out a specific muscle group as much as possible (providing the body with enough oxygen), but also avoid premature overwork.

The standard scheme of inspirations-exhalations is considered to be: inhalation (must be done through the nose) – on relaxation; exhalation (recommended through the mouth) – on effort. This sequence will protect the lumbar spine from getting injured and give the body a resource for the subsequent exercise.

The main thing to avoid during strength training is to hold your breath.

Temporary suspension in the functioning of the respiratory organs can lead to:

  • a sharp increase in blood pressure (occurs due to blood flow to the chest and heart, in particular);
  • fainting or pre-syncope;
  • cramps
  • severe damage to muscle fibers (occurs due to a violation of oxygen circulation in the circulatory system of the body).

Warm up

Exercises on the back, in order to avoid injuries, should be preceded by a warm-up complex. At home, as a warm-up, it is most effective to use cardio loads (for example, running in place with high hips or jumping rope), and then proceed to the main part of the warm-up complex.

Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at homeThe main part of the warm-up complex:

  • head rotation (when performing this exercise, it is important to ensure that when changing the position of the head, the shoulders remain motionless);
  • rotation of the shoulder joints forward / backward (it is recommended to do this exercise slowly, concentrating on the uniformity of the extension of the muscles of the shoulder girdle);
  • rotation with bent arms (change direction should be every 15-20 repetitions);
  • rotation of the pelvis (when performing the exercise, the legs should be set apart from each other at a distance greater than the width of the shoulders by 5’9 – 7’9 inch);
  • dynamic breeding of hands (limbs should be in a bent state);
  • Squats (without weights) followed by deflection on the rise;
  • body turns from the squat position (the feet should be deployed in opposite directions, and the front surfaces of the hips to form a straight line);
  • “Mill” (tilt the body forward, do not bend the legs and put them wide apart, with straight arms try to reach the opposite lower limb. Perform the exercise at a fast pace);
  • tilts left / right.

Exercises on the back for girls with their own weight and weight

The maximum efficiency from home training can only be achieved through the correct combination in the complex of exercises for the back with your own weight and additional weighting.

Deadlift on straight legs

The exercise is performed as follows:

  1. Stand up straight; lower your shoulders; muscles of the whole body bring to maximum tension; legs set shoulder width apart. Take one dumbbell in your hands.
  2. As you exhale, bend your knees to a minimum and lean forward until a parallel is formed between the back and the floor. Buttocks take back.
  3. Without stopping, return to the original position.

Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at homeDo deadlift should be in 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Dumbbell Dumbbell

The algorithm for the exercise is as follows:

  1. Bend your legs and set shoulder width apart; straighten your back and slightly torso forward; fix dumbbells, weights or improvised weighting materials in your hands.
  2. Raise the dumbbells to the chest, maximally spreading the elbows in opposite directions. The remaining parts of the body remain motionless.
  3. Pause for 3 seconds.
  4. Slowly lower the upper limbs to the starting position.

The optimal number of approaches and repetitions is 3 to 10.

Hands apart

The technique of the exercise in question looks like this:

  1. Put the legs slightly bent at the knees at a distance less than the width of the shoulders; straight back forward; hands with dumbbells down in front of you.
  2. Rounding your arms, spread them apart, without changing the position of other parts of the body.
  3. Without stopping during the exercise, lower the upper limbs to the original position.

Keep your hands apart for 20 reps in 2 sets.

Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at homeAfter completing 2 approaches and a short rest, you can change the direction of hand movement. Now, the upper limbs should be taken back, after having previously taken the initial position similar to the above (optimal – 3 sets of 10 repetitions).

Mahi hands in the bar

Hand swings in the bar are performed as follows:

  1. Stand horizontally on straight arms.
  2. As you exhale, take your right hand back, draw a circle in the air, and then return it to its original position.
  3. Repeat step 2, using the left hand.

The number of repetitions is 20 for both hands (10 for each side); approaches – 3.

Hyperextension on the floor

The technique for performing this exercise is as follows:

  1. Lie on your stomach; straight arms spread apart; to fix the legs (for example, laying them under the sofa).
  2. Raise the upper body as high as possible, trying to use only the back muscles during a change of position.
  3. Lock position for 5 sec.
  4. Slowly return to starting position.

Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at homeHyperextension is enough to perform 15 repetitions within 2 approaches.


The algorithm for performing this exercise assumes that the following steps are followed:

  1. Lie on your stomach; arms and legs extend in natural directions; muscles of the body bring in maximum tension.
  2. On the exhale, raise the limbs as high as possible from the floor. Lock position for 10 seconds.
  3. Slowly return to the starting position.

The optimal number of repetitions of “Boats” is 20, approaches – 3.

How to finish the workout correctly

The hitch in home training will help to stretch the muscles that are “clogged” during the training, as well as prevent the accumulation of lactic acid, which provokes the occurrence of pain in the post-training period.

It is recommended to include in the final complex:

  • flattening of hands behind the back;
  • body tilts from the support;
  • leaning forward (the legs remain straight while tilting, the face at the lower point needs to be pressed to the knees, clutching the legs with your hands);
  • static attacks;
  • sipping (reach with your hands to the upper point, for example, the upper part of the doorway, while stretching the worked back muscles as much as possible).
Exercises on the back for girls with dumbbells, barbell, on the horizontal bar at home
After performing a set of exercises on the back, the girl must do a “hitch” to stretch the “hammered” muscles during the training.

After completing your home workout, it is recommended that you refrain from eating for 40 to 60 minutes.

Weekly Training Programs

The program, even for home workouts on the back, should be composed by a qualified fitness trainer who understands human physiology, and also has an idea of the actual health status of a particular athlete. If it is not possible to use the services of a professional, a girl can take the following training options as the basis of her complex.

For instance:

  • warm-up – 5 minutes;
  • deadlift on straight legs – 3 sets of 15 reps (3 * 15);
  • swings with dumbbells to the sides – 2 * 10 for each side;
  • “Boat”, where a rod fixed on the shoulders of the athlete is used as an additional load – 2 * 25;
  • draft of dumbbells in an inclination – 4 * 20;
  • hitch – 5 minutes


  • warm-up – 5 minutes;
  • hyperextension on the floor with a barbell on the shoulders – 3 * 15;
  • hand swings in the bar – 2 * 20;
  • body turns in hanging on the horizontal bar – 3 * 25;
  • breeding of hands with dumbbells in an inclination to the sides – 2 * 20;
  • breeding of hands with dumbbells in an inclination back – 3 * 10;
  • hitch – 5 minutes

Exercises aimed at working out the back, performed by girls at home, involve not only observing the basic rules of organizing the training process, but also adjusting the lifestyle of the athlete as a whole.

Improper nutrition, lack of proper rest, as well as numerous stressful situations reduce the effectiveness of classes by 2-3 times.

Video review of exercises for back muscles for girls

Back exercises for girls:

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