Lily Chertraru – before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK

Lilia Cetraru appeared on the TV project “House 2” in early 2021. All participants in the show are under round-the-clock camera attention, so they have to carefully monitor their appearance. Girls emphasize their beauty with cosmetics, highlight their virtues with clothing, and some even decide on plastic surgery.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Lilia Cetraru

This fate did not pass by the notorious participant in the show Lilia Chetrara. On the Internet you can find many photos at the request of Lily Chetrara before and after plastic surgery, more about all surgical interventions and their consequences.

What did Lilia look like before she changed her appearance

Lily is a bright brunette, short, outwardly miniature, slender girl with a weight of about 99 pounds. She is distinguished by a good figure, a thin waist and magnificent beautiful breasts. A participant in a television project prefers bright makeup, even in the daytime she likes to put smokey eyes on her eyes.

Recently, photographs of a TV show participant before plastic surgery intervention have been discovered. The pictures shocked everyone, because Lily Chetrara before and after plastic surgery are two completely different people!

The difference is immediately apparent – the nose was wider, the lips narrower, and the bust less magnificent. Plastic surgeons are sure that the girl has repeatedly performed operations such as mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation with fillers.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Lilia Chetrara before and after plastics

The reasons why the girl went under the knife, Lily prefers not to disclose. But, given her relationship only with wealthy wealthy men, it can be assumed that she wants to meet her and others’ expectations. And fans eagerly pay for her costly whims.

First plastic surgery

First, Lily decided on rhinoplasty – the girl always did not like a big nose. She quickly found a surgeon who performed the plastic surgery, but she was clearly mistaken in her choice. The operation was unsuccessful, anesthesia did not affect Lily.

As Chetrara herself says, she could not move her arms and legs, it was hard for her to breathe, but she understood everything . Doctors put on an oxygen mask only after some time.

This led to negative consequences, the girl formed a raid on the glands, because of which it was impossible to eat and drink.

Also, after unsuccessful rhinoplasty, breathing problems appeared. All this prompted the project participant to search for a more experienced and competent specialist and repeated nose surgery.

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Repeated rhinoplasty

Arriving at the project in January 2021, Lily immediately began to look for a new relationship. Pretty quickly she began to meet with Sergei Zakharyash. Relations were accompanied by constant scandals, quarrels and frequent hints of pregnancy.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Lily Certraru

They also increase ratings and plastic surgery, so the girl decided to have rhinoplasty again in the spring of 2021. She was actively discouraged by other project participants, a young man and television viewers, but breathing problems and an unsuccessful first operation forced her to visit a plastic surgeon again.

Having found a specialist, Lilia decided immediately for 2 operations – for breast augmentation and nose change.

The second rhinoplasty operation was successful. True, the recovery period from repeated surgery was 6 months. Chetra had to spend several weeks in plaster, but she was ready for it.

After the swelling and bruises came down, Lily Chetrara posted photos on the social network after the operation and enthusiastically responded to the work of the specialist. According to the girl, her nose was made almost perfect. Nose surgery had a positive effect on her ratings – discussions on the girl’s nose did not stop for several months.

Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation surgery is now not uncommon, so the participant in the scandalous show went for it. Initially, Chetrara had thin, neat lips, after the operation they began to look large and unnatural.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Lily Chertraru increased lips

Fans of Lily left mostly negative comments, which led to a skirmish with the star. Followers of her Instagram believe that the TV star disfigured her face, making huge lips, like dumplings. On all charges, the girl declares that she can do whatever she wants with her body, and advised critics to take care of herself.

Mammoplasty. Breast augmentation

Of course, a small bust of Chetrara has also undergone changes. She decided to increase her breasts by 2 sizes. Although her young man did not approve of such a decision, the telecenter still went for an operation, as she is sure that her man likes a big bust.

The implant placement was entrusted to the same specialist who did the nose correction. At the same time, the girl underwent nose surgery. Mammoplasty was successful, Lilia was satisfied with the results and immediately began to upload her photos after the transformation.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Lilia Cetraru

Still, she did not begin to talk about the operation to her young man and decided to present it as a gift. Also, breast augmentation has led to enthusiastic responses from the male audience.

How has Lilia Chetrara improved her appearance

Comparing the photographs of Lily Chetrara before and after the operations, it becomes clear that she often went under the surgical knife more than once. Viewers are sure that the scandalous star did breast augmentation surgery before the TV show.

It can also be seen that there were other repeated operations on the face, in addition to rhinoplasty.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Participant of the project “House 2” Lilia Cetraru

Obviously, the girl underwent surgery to correct her cheekbones. Lily admits that she is ready to do a number of plastic surgeries – to increase the buttocks, do liposuction and perform other manipulations to achieve her ideal.

Lily Chetrara: before and after photos

Photos of Lily Chetrara before and after plastic surgery surprised everyone. The first photographs depict a young pretty girl with neat lips, natural make-up and a feminine figure with small breasts.

Before the operations, the girl looked simple, but beautiful, in the photographs Lily now appears as a wealthy artificial lady. The pictures after scare many fans – the huge lips that the followers called “dumplings” look awesome on the star’s pretty face.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Lilia Chetrara before and after plastics

Many people liked the nose plastic. A miniature nose emphasized the natural beauty of the girl.

Opinions were very divided on the plasty of the bust – half of the fans believed that the star of the show began to look like a doll, unnaturally and spoiled her whole appearance, while the other half, mostly male, liked such changes.

It is difficult to deny that all the changes that the girl made over herself added her age. In new photographs, Lily looks much older than her years. Perhaps this shortcoming in the near future Chetrura wants to fix new operations.

How much are the operations of the actress

Of course, all operations are not free and cost a lot of money. Beauty requires sacrifice, so Chetrara without a second thought takes on the transformation of his body. Roughly the first rhinoplasty costs about $ 1632. But, given the fact that the first operation was unsuccessful, the cost was most likely lower.

She repeatedly said that the first rhinoplasty was not performed by an experienced doctor, which could affect the total amount. A second operation to change the nose makes you lay out about $ 3400.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Lilia Cetraru

The cost of breast augmentation is even higher – it starts from 250000 and reaches $ 5440, including the cost of implants.

To enlarge her lips with fillers, the girl laid out at least $ 231. Other cosmetic services like tattooing cost about 20000, depending on the area and equipment.

Future operations, which Chetrara is going to carry out, will require no less amounts – she should be ready to pay 250000 for the procedure for buttock plastic surgery, and for $ 408 for liposuction (for one zone). The girl is not afraid of such costs, because she is ready for anything in order to achieve an ideal body.

Lily’s personal life

Little is known about the past life of the TV star. Lilia Cetraru was born in the Moldovan city of Chisinau on August 7, 1996. She studies at the university in absentia at the Faculty of Economics in her hometown, specializing in business management.

In January 2021, she came to the Dom-2 project. The girl perceives participation in the program as something new and interesting in life, treats this as an adventure. However, she does not lose hope of finding her prince on a white horse.

Lily quickly started a relationship with one of the participants in the show, but they ended pretty quickly. After she began to meet with Sergey. This union is watched with pleasure by the audience, often discussing whether Lily is pregnant or not.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Sergey Zakharyash and Lilia Chetrara

Before the project, the girl met with wealthy men, with one of them managed to live together for a long time, but decided to leave because of uncertainty about the sincerity of feelings. Understanding that you need to meet your ambitions and led her to repeated plastic surgeries.

She tried to build her career in various fields. A few years ago, she worked as a TV presenter, was a model, a dancer in a strip club. Lily also tries to become an actress. On the show, in addition to plastic surgery, she became famous for her explosive character, constant tantrums and emotional quarrels with her partner.

Throwing things out, giving up her hands is in her style, and such antics cause genuine interest among viewers.

Currently lives in the center of New York. The girl actively leads her social networks. On Instagram, she has about 480000 subscribers. Chetraru uploads pictures of his purchases, frames from the show and photos after operations.

The latter are gaining a lot of comments, some followers criticize her, others admire her, and the girl herself often answers them.

What Lily Cetraru says about the changes

Apparent changes in appearance cause a storm of emotions among viewers and fans of the show. Mostly fans believe that operations ruined the appearance of the girl. Many are horrified when comparing photos of Lily Chetrara before and after plastic surgery.

Lily Chertraru - before and after photos of plastic, biography, House 2, Instagram, VK
Lily Certraru

Some believe that the star began to look much older than her 21 years of age. A large amount of negativity pours toward the girl, but she knows how to fend for herself. Tips to lose weight, color the regrown hair roots and look after your body are often left by Lily to her critics.

The girl says that she is not interested in the opinions of others. She is convinced that each person can do whatever he wants with his body, and advises others to monitor their appearance, rather than discuss its transformation. Chetraru also does not
deny that he will continue to contact plastic surgeons.

In addition to critical reviews, she receives a considerable amount of messages from the male side, men admire her appearance.

The pursuit of high ratings and success in her personal life led the participant in the scandalous television show to frequent surgical operations. Breast augmentation, nose changes, liposuction and other operations always cause intense interest and a lot of discussion.

Chetrara has already undergone many different plastic surgeries and is not going to stop there. So fans of the TV div should wait in the near future for the next changes in the appearance of the beauty and get ready to discuss them.

Video about Lilia Certraru before and after plastics:

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