Vera Alentova – photo before and after plastics, how the actress now looks, biography

Photos of Vera Alentova’s universal favorite after plastic surgery simply shocked numerous fans. And when the well-known personality appeared at the premiere of the film “Crew”, it became clear to everyone present – the star fell a victim to plastic surgery. Her beautiful face by nature was changed beyond recognition and now resembles a wax mask.

What did Vera Alentova look like before the transformation of her appearance

At that moment when Alentova was lucky to become the main character of the movie “ New York Doesn’t Believe in Tears,” and at the same time as a popular favorite, Vera Valentinovna turned 37 years old. But the audience did not doubt for a minute that a completely mature woman was already playing a young student with a difficult fate.

Vera Alentova - photo before and after plastics, how the actress now looks, biography

The same situation was repeated every time Alentova appeared on the screen. Her age could not be guessed. In the drama Envy of the Gods, the actress undressed without hesitation, and she was already 57 years old at that time. Having received world fame and universal recognition, the actress did not want to put up with the natural aging process.

To look 100 percent she was obliged by the status of the wife of a successful director, and the popularity of her daughter.

In order to maintain her image and win a ruthless struggle against time, the actress decided to turn to the services of plastic surgeons.

First plastic surgery (facelift in 1998)

The first experience with this method of rejuvenation was very successful. Fans of the movie star were delighted and did not cease to admire how wonderful Alentova looks. At 73, she could be given a maximum of 45 years.

The successful operation and the overwhelming popularity prompted the actress to repeat the experience and perform a series of the following operations to improve the face.

In USA, it’s not acceptable to advertise appeals to plastic surgeons for help, so Vera Valentinovna explained to her reporters her transformation using special creams and thorough care. But experts, analyzing the changes in the appearance of the actress, can confidently note that several surgical interventions were performed.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction)

Vera Alentova after plastic surgery in the photo is completely unrecognizable. And if you compare the pictures of the actress in 90 and in 2000, you can easily notice that in the first cases there are deep wrinkles on the face, and in the second they are smoothed out.

Specialists in the field of surgery claim that this effect can be achieved thanks to blepharoplasty.

A similar term in medical circles is called eyelid correction. At this point, the skin is especially vulnerable. The reason is that women use makeup and cosmetics daily, and this leads to premature formation of facial wrinkles. Consultants are sure that the secret of the youth of the actress in blepharoplasty.

Circular facelift

The first operation aimed at a circular facelift, a movie star performed faces in the 90s, this brought a positive result. The drooping of the cheeks disappeared, the chin became taut, and the oval of the face was clear.

Vera Alentova - photo before and after plastics, how the actress now looks, biography

Inspired by success, the favorite of the audience, despite the warnings of the doctors, decided to continue to maintain her appearance through plastic surgery. But, the fears of the surgeons were not accidental: in 2009, the actress’s facial expressions began to change completely not as she had expected.

Scars and swelling appeared on the face, symmetry was broken. In all likelihood, more skin tissue was removed, which led to excessive stretch and distortion of the face.

Chin correction

After the first interventions of the surgeons, observant fans noticed that the contour of the chin of Alentova changed. Any young actress could now envy his form. And to achieve such results, you can use liposuction.

Thanks to this operation, the contours of the chin of Alentova became sharper and more expressive.

But over time, the effect began to decrease and additional intervention was required.


The question remains open whether the movie star changed the shape of the nose. There are no facts proving that Alentova did rhinoplasty.

Vera Alentova - photo before and after plastics, how the actress now looks, biography

All that fans and a curious audience can have is guesses of journalists who assure that the nose of the actress has changed. And although the actress did not actually perform rhinoplasty, as a result of a circular facelift, her nose became wider.

Botox correction of facial wrinkles

Botox is a drug that is made on the basis of purified botulinum toxin type A. It is widely used to smooth deep facial wrinkles. It is injected under the skin and after a while blocks the susceptibility of muscles to impulses. Due to this, unwanted wrinkles on the skin are smoothed out.

The most effective “beauty injections” are up to 50 years , and later you can correct the deficiencies only with the help of surgery. And the younger face of Alentova, the absence of eyebrow wrinkles, and the smoothness of the forehead, experts say with one voice, are not due to a miracle cream, but to similar procedures.

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Lip augmentation

Looking at the photo of Vera Alentova after plastic surgery, it can be noted that even the lips underwent correction. Over the years, their volume has remained constant. But the shape changed somewhat, with the upper lip becoming larger than the lower. There are no such natural changes, so the lips of the actress are the work of surgeons.

Vera Alentova - photo before and after plastics, how the actress now looks, biography

Recent transformations of appearance turned out to be sad. Either the gel was not injected accurately, or it just turned out to be too much, but the effect was such that the lips simply spread out over the face. The lower one became too large, and the upper one disrupted the contour. During a smile, the corners are stretched and arranged asymmetrically.

Complications and unsuccessful plastic

Practicing surgeons know that many clients, inspired by the results of the first operations, begin to get involved in plastic surgery and do not pay attention to the warnings of specialists.

Vera Alentova - photo before and after plastics, how the actress now looks, biography

The human body reacts individually in each case, so you should not rely solely on the professionalism of the doctor. There is always a risk that the operation will have negative consequences. That is exactly what happened in the case of Alentova. The last intervention of surgeons in 2021, contrary to expectations, led to the fact that the actress under
went serious changes with facial expressions.

How has the actress improved her appearance

The actress was never very harmonious, but had a stately figure without extra pounds. Alentova did not noticeably change her weight category and successfully retained her shape until adulthood.

The reason for this fit in the right diet, physical activity or good genes remains a mystery.

Despite the different life periods and difficulties that occur in the life of every person, including the star, Vera Valentinovna never allowed herself to appear before the public in an unkempt manner. Always with unobtrusive makeup, in a perfectly matched wardrobe and with fashionable hair styling.

Recent plastic surgeries have caused the actress’s appearance significant damage and no matter how hard makeup artists and hairdressers try, they cannot afford to hide such a radical change.

Vera Alentova before and after photos

Photo Vera Alentova after plastic depressing. If you look at it before and after the intervention of surgeons, it can be noted – the actress is a vivid example of the fact that plastic surgery can not be abused in any way.

Vera Alentova - photo before and after plastics, how the actress now looks, biography
What does Vera Alentova look like after plastic surgery, photos of the actress at different times show all the changes.

Before the movie star decided to challenge the time and outwit the processes of withering, she had a charming look of a well-groomed woman.

But after a series of operations, her appearance changed beyond recognition:

  1. The face is curved due to inverted scars near the nasolabial folds.
  2. Tubercles formed on the cheeks because the gel introduced under the skin was not evenly distributed.
  3. And one eye became smaller than the second.

The operation was unsuccessful and practically mutilated the favorite of the public.

How much are the operations of the actress

How much did the actress cost such a reincarnation The best clinics in New York offer a list of services with which any woman can prolong her youth. So lip correction will cost from $ 163 – $ 272. An injection of Botox at one point is $ 3 – $ 5. Blepharoplasty will be released about $ 1088. A circular facelift – 100000000.

Personal life Vera Valentinovna

Faith herself was destined to become a star. The girl was born in the family of a talented actor, and the future seemed predetermined. But the father died when his daughter was 4 years old. Mother was forced to move to Ukraine, where Vera spent her childhood. There was not enough money for expensive outfits and toys, and a stormy fantasy came to the rescue.

Little Vera invented her own world, and having matured, she decided to enter the theater. Despite scandals and persuasion of her mother, she joined the local troupe, and then moved to the capital.

Vera Alentova - photo before and after plastics, how the actress now looks, biography

Her talent was noticed, and the young talent was enrolled in the New York Art Theater. Alentova began to be trusted with leading roles, the productions in which she participated gathered full spectator halls, which could not but cause a certain envy in the circles of colleagues.

But, despite the theatrical success, the actress could not get on the big screen. And only the 70s brought her the long-awaited fame. Now Vera Alentova could be recognized by the face of every resident of the Soviet Union.

She met Los Angeles Menshov, the future husband, as a student . Then no one could imagine that this director would be so successful. Faith chose him as a reliable, kind person with whom you can live your whole life and was not mistaken. Their union is one of the most recognizable and extremely happy.

In 1968, the couple had a daughter – Julia Menshova. Now she is a famous TV presenter and talented actress. 75-year-old Vera Alentova brings up a grandson, and tries to spend her granddaughter and all her free time with her family.

What Vera Alentova says about the changes

After unsuccessful plastic surgery, the beloved actress was not seen for almost a year. Alentova is reluctant and rarely appears in public about the changes that have occurred with her face. She laments that in her own experience she had to verify the veracity of warnings about not abusing surgical interventions.

At first, Alentova was simply shocked and wanted to sue the clinic, but her relatives persuaded her not to make a decision under the influence of emotions. Moreover, Los Angeles Menshov was originally an opponent of plastic. He was sure that his wife was the most beautiful and without the intervention of doctors.

After unsuccessful plastic surgery, Vera Alentova in the photo does not look like herself.

And in order not to repeat her mistakes, experts warn that when agreeing to plastic procedures you need to be prepared for various options for the final result.

Doctors, even the most qualified, are not gods, and the human body can behave completely unpredictably, since everything is individual. Now the face of the main character of the film “ New York Doesn’t Believe in Tears” is gradually returning to normal and the traces of the unsuccessful operation are somewhat smoothed out. One can only hope that from the experienced troubles there will soon be no trace.

Vera Alentova after plastic photo: video

Vera Alentova before and after plastic surgery, see photo selection:

Unsuccessful plastic of Vera Alentova, see in the video clip:

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