Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls

To preserve the beauty of the body and improve health, you need to constantly engage in the gym or at home. Different types of exercise machines help to train certain muscle groups and maintain endurance and excellent physical shape.

Upper Body Exercise Equipment

Types of simulators in the gym are divided into 2 groups:

View Description Simulator Options
Power Called to develop certain muscle groups Among them, simulators for strengthening:
  • press;
  • arms and legs;
  • buttocks
Cardiovascular equipment They allow you to strengthen the cardiovascular system, maintain body flexibility and muscle strength. Help lose weight Such devices include:
  • exercise bikes;
  • all kinds of steppers;
  • stationary treadmills;
  • orbit tracks

In addition, simulators are available for:

  • home use;
  • work in sports halls;
  • children
  • professional athletes.

To ensure that the load is evenly distributed over all muscle groups, sports simulators are recommended. You can increase endurance and strength with the help of a combination of training: start the exercises with a cardio simulator, and then gradually move on to strength exercises.

For chest muscles

To have a beautiful, athletic look, you need to pay more attention to the pectoral muscles: they create a sporty silhouette of the body. It is necessary to work out not only the internal, but also the external segment.

For this purpose, training is conducted on the following simulators:

Title Description
Butterfly When used correctly, exercises are done easily and effortlessly. To perform, you need to sit down and take your elbows back at mid-chest level. After a few seconds, the arms come down in front of the face. With a set of hands, a deep breath is taken, and with a divorce – an exhalation.

For good efficiency, you need to make movements measured, without forcing. Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls

Hammer device The lever simulator provides a load on many types of muscles, including the pectoral muscles. Athletes with his help train explosive power. When working on it, it is necessary to carefully load the triceps and elbow joints
Crossover It is a diverse and effective simulator with the right choice of weight. It is convenient to train the chest and shoulder muscles

For back muscles

To train this zone, traction exercises performed on the following simulators are used:

  • T-bar type design;
  • block device;
  • special bench.

All of them belong to groups of weight training equipment. Their work is based on pumping traction. The equipment is adapted for training the upper or lower muscle group.

Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls
T-bar simulators are designed to work out the back muscles in the gym

For the upper workout, a bench with a load and a T-shaped handle is used. The weight of the load is regulated using weights that are fixed on the back of the wall. The handle design allows you to capture in various ways and make traction movements in different directions. Bent or straight arms easily wind up behind the head, chest, or back.

The load on the lower muscle block allows you to give the so-called rowing machine. On it, the handles are located under the bench at the bottom.

The main purpose of such exercises is to keep in tone the muscles surrounding the spine.

For arm muscles

Strong hands can be achieved with the help of loads on certain muscle groups. Consulting with specialists about which part of the hands needs to be worked out will help you choose the right simulator.

Arm muscles include:

  • shoulder girdle area;
  • shoulders
  • forearm area;
  • brushes.

To work out each of these muscles, you need your own simulator, for example:

  • Horizontal bars, power devices and tables can strengthen the spine and the zone of the shoulder girdle. Some of them are used only in gyms: working independently is difficult and fraught with injuries. Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls
  • Crossover is preferable to choose for the shoulders. It consists of 2 height-adjustable racks. The device is not only multifunctional, but also reliable in operation.

  • Sotsky’s simulator is necessary for the development of the muscles of the forearms. The design of 2 movable hinges with handles allows you to effectively develop the flexibility of your wrists and forearms.
  • The brush expanders are small and can be carried with you in your bag. This muscle group is the main in work on the strength of the hands, because a strong grip allows you to perform high-quality exercises for the development of other muscle zones.

There are no specific cardiovascular equipment for performing exercises to develop hand strength, but you can use steppers and a treadmill. They allow you to effectively develop the muscles of the upper extremities even after surgery.

For shoulder muscles

The formation of the shoulder girdle occurs through the development of the deltoid muscle. Its structure is complex and the training of this zone requires certain efforts. One of the effective exercises for the shoulders is the bench press in a standing position. This is the basis of the competent study of the area of the shoulder

Exercise allows you to load all sections of this group.

For its implementation it is necessary:

  1. Put your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Grab the shell in front and raise it to chest level. At the beginning of the movement, an inhalation is taken, and upon reaching the final point, an exhalation is made.
  3. Take a short pause and return the bar to its original position. Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls

The weight should be average so that the student can handle it without getting injured. The back bends slightly. In some cases, you can use dumbbells as a projectile.

Types of simulators in the gym for training arms and shoulders are divided into power and cardio. The latter are based on the use of heart rate.

The positive factors of such training are:

  • normalization of the respiratory and circulatory systems;
  • improving body stamina;
  • tissue saturation with oxygen;
  • establishment of metabolic processes.

If these exercises are performed correctly, calories are intensively consumed, which leads to the release of excess energy and weight loss. However, at the same time, the protein necessary for tissue elasticity is consumed.

As a result, the muscles become flabby, therefore, experts advise combining cardio training with strength exercises to increase muscle mass. In this case, cardio training is carried out daily, and strength training – every other day, to enable the muscles to recover after exercise.

If medical devices are used for cardio training, which make it possible to dose the load on the muscles, then the equipment for strength training is widely represented in sports stores. Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls

Many for the arms and shoulders are large, which makes them difficult to use at home. Their setup requires special knowledge, specialists working in gyms and fitness centers can help. An individual approach and a correctly selected training program will achieve the desired result.

Produced devices are divided into the following types:

  • With a large trajectory. Allow to increase the mass and volume of the muscles of the arms and shoulders.
  • Directed to work with certain zones. They are worked out deeply and in detail.

In the gym you can find both types of equipment. For the home, simulators are usually chosen that can train the entire body.

According to the principle of operation, the equipment is divided into the following categories:

  • working under their own weight;
  • having a built-in weight or hydraulic load system;
  • using free weight to increase the load;
  • functioning with combined weight.

The simplest simulators for this zone are as follows:

  • Horizontal bars and crossbars. They can be installed indoors or outdoors. Such training allows you to develop different muscle groups of the arms and forearms. With simple hanging for several minutes, the spine is stretched, the load on its disks decreases.
  • Barbell and dumbbells. Working with them allows you to quickly pump up the muscles of the hands and shoulder girdle. Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls
  • Different types of expanders. Helps strengthen all muscle groups of the hands.

The set of exercises designed for the hands involves simulators that can be used both at home and in the gym.

Exercise machines for the lower body

The largest on the human body are the muscles of the legs. They are deep and therefore significant strength loads and many repetitions are used for training.

The types of simulators in the gym for the formation and strengthening of this muscle zone are as follows:

Name Description
Gackenschmidt Equipment The device allows you to effectively work out all the muscles of the legs, especially their lower part. The exercise is based on squats with a load, weight pressure while sparing and not injuring the spine. The angle of inclination of the base is adjustable, and the non-slip coating allows you to work safely and comfortably Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls
Leg curl simulator Effective to maintain muscle tone and build strength in the legs. Raising the legs is made from the position of emphasis lying on the stomach. The lying and standing exercise machine is safe
Hyperextension equipment Trains the lower back, hamstrings and buttocks. All movements must be performed as assembled as possible so as not to injure the limbs
Calf simulator It works on all groups of calf muscles. It is performed sitting, with knees bent at right angles. Heels are loose and rise as high as possible. At the maximum possible point, they are fixed for a few seconds and return to their original position
The simulator for mixing and breeding legs Trains the adductors of the thigh. Recommended for beginner athletes and professionals. For women, this is a great opportunity to get legs in perfect shape.

To avoid injuries, you need to warm up well before class. Exercises are done slowly and carefully so that the muscles do not break.

Exercise machines for a press

For women and men, it is important to have a beautiful toned abs. Exercise machines for this area of the body work with the upper, lower and oblique muscles of the abdomen. Permanent exercises not only form a beautiful torso, but also burn excess body fat.

Such simulators include:

  • bench for a press with a slight slope;
  • gymnastic roller;
  • Roman chairs
  • swedish wall. Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls

For home use, you can choose any type of equipment, if there is a place for their installation. Multifunctional simulators are most in demand, allowing you to strengthen the press, back and limbs.

They work on several muscle groups, take up little space and are inexpensive. It is enough to work out on such equipment for half an hour a day and the body will become toned and the press elastic.

Some models can be equipped with massage function. This will allow during the training to relax the parts of
the body that are not involved in it.

Weight training equipment for women

Women need to be careful about working on simulators and not apply maximum loads. A girl with pronounced biceps and cubes on the press will not be attractive.

If you correctly use the equipment, the results will be positive – a toned body with a narrow waist and a straight back. To achieve this goal, you need to work on yourself daily, eliminate bad habits and organize a healthy diet.

Before starting classes, you should undergo a medical examination to know the possibilities when choosing a schedule and intensity of training. For example, girls during puberty and with problems in the menstrual cycle are better to use gentle exercises and temporarily abandon strength training.

Power simulators are aimed at working out areas where fat is most often deposited – hips, stomach and buttocks. The main will be the simulators that work out the lower body.

Such equipment can be used in training the leg and gluteal muscles, for example, for:

  • bending the legs while lying down; Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls
  • bending legs while sitting;
  • legs back;
  • information / breeding legs.

Platform and hyperextension helps fight problems in the lower body.

For the upper body – chest, arms, back, you can choose the following simulators:

  • Smith tool;
  • hyperextension;
  • block on a cable with traction;
  • a butterfly.

When choosing exercise equipment for the press, you need to understand: they do not reflect well on the waist and it is better to use exercises that make the stomach flat, but not decorated with muscle cubes.

Multifunction fitness equipment

To maintain beauty and health, multifunctional simulators will help:

  • study of various muscle groups;
  • muscle building and strengthening;
  • weight loss.

It is better to engage in a fitness club or gym where specialists work. They will help to draw up a training program and will verify the correctness of the exercises. Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls

Types of simulators in the multifunctional gym are divided into:

  • Professional types of equipment with many features and reinforced construction. They allow several athletes to engage simultaneously, without interfering with each other.
  • Complexes designed for the home. They are inferior to professional models, but they solve specific problems and have an affordable price for the average user.

The advantages of home power systems are that they combine the functions of a treadmill, exercise bike and other types of equipment needed for training.

They allow you to perform the following tasks:

  • work out a specific muscle zone and their groups;
  • to carry out each workout efficiently and effectively;
  • take up a little space in the house;
  • adapt to the required load, muscle strength and training time;
  • gradually develop strength, endurance and flexibility of joints;
  • take into account the low level of athlete training in a particular period;
  • reduce weight and stress during systematic exercises on it.

By design, home exercise machines are divided into 2 types:

  • Having built-in weights. Suitable for training to maintain overall body tone and improve the health of the student.
  • Having free weights. Such equipment allows you to adjust the load, increasing or decreasing it as necessary. Simulators are used by trained people and professional athletes in their classes.

The work of multifunctional equipment is based on the diverse movement of cables and levers. It can be smooth or stepwise. It’s easy to adjust the load.

The disadvantages of multifunctional simulators include the high price of the product. But unlike conventional shells that train one or more muscle groups, this equipment can work out more of them, replacing several types.

Such a simulator allows you to perform a variety of exercises, both in cardio and in power load, including:

  • raising the trunk and legs;
  • all kinds of bench presses;
  • walking and running of any intensity;
  • imitation of cycling and rowing. Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls

The selection of a set of exercises depends on the preparedness of the student and the set of functions of the installed equipment.

When choosing a multifunctional product, the following are taken into account:

  • The purpose of the simulator. If it is bought for home training, it is better to choose a compact and inexpensive simulator. For the gym requires a reliable unit of high functionality and quality.
  • Place of installation. The equipment should organically fit into the home environment and therefore its dimensions are determined by the presence of free space in the room.
  • Availability of features. Priority is given to the opportunities that are necessary for the buyer. But in the fitness center you need to buy equipment with maximum functionality.

Before purchasing, you need to consult a doctor to know your abilities and not harm your health.

Cardio machines for women

Modern manufacturers offer various models of cardiovascular equipment.

They differ in principle of operation and are divided into:

  • working from the efforts of the student;
  • acting from built-in electronics. This allows you to change the level and strength of the load.

This type of sports equipment has both advantages and disadvantages.

Types of simulators in the gym and how to deal with them. Names for girls

The main indications for the use of cardiovascular equipment include:

  • the possibility of strengthening the cardiac and muscle systems;
  • establishing proper breathing;
  • stamina strengthening;
  • removal of excess fat;
  • maintaining immunity;
  • strengthening the elasticity of the spine and joints.

These indications relate to the general system of operation of such simulators without regard to their individual properties.

Contraindications include:

  • the p
    resence of problems in the cardiovascular system. The strength and intensity of the load can be reduced or completely eliminated;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diagnosis of thrombophlebitis disease;
  • infectious inflammation;
  • neoplasms;
  • a sharp increase in body temperature.

Contraindications are not wide, therefore, in many cases, doctors do not limit the physical activity of the patient.

The choice of the type of simulator for training in the gym or at home depends on the tasks that it must perform. Preliminarily, the load should be discussed with the doctor.

Video about simulators

Types of simulators and their functions:

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