Glycol peeling – what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

Not all women know about such a procedure as glycolic peeling. What kind of method this is, to whom it is suitable can be found in the article.

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

This type of chemical peeling is carried out using glycolic acid, which acts on the cells of the epidermis, forcing them to function at full strength, improving the appearance of the skin, cleansing its upper layer.

Exposure and acid concentration

There are 3 types of glycol peeling :

  • surface;
  • middle;
  • deep.
Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews
What is glycolic peeling and what consequences does it cause the doctor cosmetologist will tell

Each species contains a specific concentration: 5-10%, 15-30%, 35-50% and 70% glycolic acid. The stronger the solution, the deeper the penetration of acid into the layers of the skin and the more effective the treatment.

Superficial glycolic peeling 10, 25%

Women who do not dare to deeply cleanse their skin should use superficial peeling. This species with an acid solution of up to 25% acts on the upper layer of the skin, without affecting the internal processes.

Superficial peeling is indicated for women with minor skin problems. It helps eliminate minor cosmetic flaws:

  • refreshing complexion;
  • aligns relief;
  • stimulates cell growth.

Peeling is suitable for frequent use, urgently for some important event. After the session, there is no pain. Recommended from 6 to 10 treatments to get a good result.

 Medium glycolic peeling 30, 40, 50%

An acid concentration of up to 50% in the procedure is an average peeling. It has a deeper effect on the epidermis. The method is used for:

  • removal of stretch marks;
  • eliminate acne;
  • removal of facial wrinkles.

Medium peeling shows significant results. The composition penetrates deeper into the skin. The disadvantage is a longer recovery. After the procedure, peeling of the skin, swelling, and pain from 30 to 60 minutes may appear.

Recovery occurs within 7 days, but the redness of the skin lasts about 6 weeks.

Deep glycolic peeling 60, 70%

The most aggressive species, with an acid concentration of 60 to 70%. With this method, acid penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. The stronger the solution, the more effective the result. Collagen production is stimulated. The method is suitable for women with rough, oily skin, deep wrinkles. Able to give a good effect:

  • when the skin is damaged by the sun;
  • scars;
  • wrinkles.

Deep peeling has a lasting anti-aging effect on the skin. But because of the risk of complications and pain, you can not carry it out at home. The procedure should be carried out by a cosmetologist. Healing takes place from 2 weeks to 1-2 months. But the results last long. A common problem after the session is brown and white spots.

The benefits and harms of chemical glycol peeling

Not knowing about glycolic peeling, what is it, many customers think that the method is indicated for women of mature age to get rid of wrinkles. But peeling has a wide range of services. Acid speeds up metabolic processes.

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

The procedure promotes skin healing. It becomes elastic, cells are updated.

However, the method has drawbacks. There are painful sensations, long healing, possible complications. If the procedure is applied correctly, there will be no difficulties.

Indications for peeling

Peeling can be used for women with any type of skin. It suits girls with fair skin, with existing freckles and dark-skinned women, with less vulnerable skin.

Acid has a varying degree of concentration. With a mild effect, the upper layer of the skin is affected. Sometimes you should spend an average peeling, penetrating even deeper into the skin.

Customers aged 35-45 years peeling eliminates fine wrinkles. Patients older than 50 should choose the type of peeling with a stronger effect. The method will fix the problems:

  • scarring;
  • stretch marks;
  • wrinkles;
  • freckles.


There are

  • oncological diseases;
  • allergy;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • fresh tan (wait 2 weeks)

It should be remembered taking medications taken by the client within 14 days. The need for the procedure or its postponement is decided by the dermatologist. There are no age restrictions.

Glycolic acid peeling preparation

It is necessary to prepare for the process in 2 weeks. You should pay a visit to a cosmetologist who will tell you about glycolic peeling – what it is, who is suitable for, will be advised by a preparation kit. It includes a cleansing milk, a day moisturizer, a night cream containing fruit acids .

Means must be applied 2 weeks. There is an alternative way to prepare for the process. It is necessary to conduct 4-5 sessions of cleansing the face with acid of lower concentration.

Stages of the procedure

Glycol peeling is a simple effective procedure, what it is, how the session is conducted, the client can learn from a specialist. Skin tests are required to exclude allergies, then the skin is cleaned with lotion.

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

It should cleanse the skin, then apply glycolic acid. Painkillers are not required, although clients experience a mild burning sensation. When applying several layers, the patient will experience more severe pain, but the procedure will give a greater effect.

Acid neutralization is an important step. The surface of the skin must be wiped with a towel dipped in cool water or a napkin. The duration of the process is 10-20 minutes. After the end of the session, a restorative cream is applied.

How to do glycol peeling at home

The peeling agent is purchased at the pharmacy. If the procedure is carried out at home, one should be prepared to exit from unforeseen situations in case of complication. 2 weeks before the process, comprehensive measures are needed using the preparation kit: skin cleansers, day and night cream.

After the preparation time has elapsed, a cleanser is applied to the skin. After rinsing the face with water, it is necessary to apply a peeling composition. The mask lasts no more than 3-5 minutes. If irritation, swelling occurs, the p
roduct is immediately washed off.

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

Remove acid residues with a damp towel or cloth. You can not wash yourself with acid on your face, in order to avoid getting it in your eyes. After washing off the composition, restorative agents are needed.

Where to buy glycolic face peeling. Can I buy in a pharmacy

In pharmacies and specialized stores, you can purchase peeling in the form of a gel and apply it yourself on the skin.

It should be noted that acid, if the instructions are not followed, can cause serious damage to the skin.

What is the price of glycol peeling

The cost of peeling varies from $ 0,02 – $ 68 for 1 procedure, the course will cost $ 102 – $ 408. The price of the procedure depends on the quality of the services of the beauty parlor and what means are used in the work.

How to care for your skin after glycolic peeling

The skin needs several weeks to fully recover after exposure to acid. After the session, the skin should be lubricated with a protective cream, which is used for the next 2-3 days. Otherwise
, pigmentation may appear under the influence of the sun . No more activities needed. A week after the session, conventional cosmetics are used.

 Is it possible to do glycolic peeling in summer

Beauticians do not recommend a session in the spring and summer. The sun has an adverse effect on the renewed cells, irritating the skin.

Pigmentation appears Autumn – winter. The period is the best time for the procedure.

Is it possible to do chemical glycol peeling during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body responds strongly to changes in hormonal balance. Problems are exacerbated.

  1. Once in the bloodstream, chemical components harm the embryo.
  2. Peeling enhances pigmentation from exposure to sunlight.
  3. Not knowing how the body will react with a procedure such as glycol peeling, what the consequences will be, the woman puts herself at risk. The skin of a pregnant woman is sensitive to irritants.
  4. Means have a pungent odor, unpleasant for the expectant mother. During this period, it is better to use less aggressive methods of facial cleansing, leaving the peeling procedure until the end of lactation.

What is milk glycol peeling

This type of peeling is the mildest type of acid effect on the skin. Provides comprehensive care:

  • improves blood circulation,
  • accelerates collagen production;
  • moisturizes tissues;
  • prevents the appearance of acne

The procedure does not cause skin complications, does not violate the skin. Main components: malic acid, milk proteins. Apply the product 1-2 times a week, after application, massage the skin for 2 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Before purchasing funds in a pharmacy or store, you must familiarize yourself with the drugs. These tools will help you understand how glycol peeling affects the skin, what these drugs are and how to choose the right drug.

Glycolic peeling Cosmoteros

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

In the global market, brand products have established themselves on the most positive side as releasing high-quality, sought-after products.

Peeling / Peeling Chimique Glycolic Acid – 70% (pH – 2.3), Kosmoteros gives a rejuvenating effect to the skin of the face without surgery, correction of cosmetic defects.

The composition must be used once a week, the course is 6-10 procedures. Sessions should be 1-2 times a year in autumn and winter.

Vichy glycolic peeling

Brand Vichy. Idealia Peeling — Released as a lotion that is applied

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

on a cotton pad, and then on the face. When applying the product, try to avoid getting the composition into the eye area.

Night peeling combines exfoliating components (glycolic acid 4% + Hepes 5%), black tea and blueberry extract in combination with Vichy thermal water.
After applying the peeling, the skin will receive:

  • hydration;
  • radiance;
  • healthy look.

The result is achieved with regular use of the product, recovery occurs during sleep.

Glycol peeling Collistar

New from Collistar – Glycolic Acid Perfect Skin Glycolic Acid Concentrate

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

Peeling – effective soft peeling. To obtain the best effect, a 4-week course should be taken, which must be repeated 1-2 times per year, with a break of 1 month between repetitions.

The active ingredient is glycolic acid. After applying the product, skin renewal begins, it acquires:

  • elasticity;
  • pigmentation decreases
  • wrinkles go away.

Once a day, it is necessary to apply 1-2 drops of the composition to cleansed skin.

The effect occurs after 1 time of application of the drug.

After 4 weeks of use, a steady result appears.

Peeling glycol Belita. Reviews

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

The acid content in Belita gel peeling is lower, but with regular use, the procedure will heal the skin. The tool is used 1 time for 10-14 days .

The exposure time increases from 2 to 10-15 minutes. The product is suitable for girls with minor skin defects. A weak acid content can correct acne marks, black spots.

Peeling is washed off with plain water. He does not need a converter.

Buyers say that the cream removes small peeling, acne, but the skin becomes oily sheen. There is no inflammation.

After the procedure, you need to use a cream from ultraviolet rays and protective masks. But do not expect great
miracles from him.

Glycolic peeling Mary Kay. Reviews

Serum of pearl pink color, with a pleasant aroma, convenient bottle. The solution contains:

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

  • plant extracts;
  • seaweed;
  • vitamin C.

Peeling TimeWise Repair Mary Kay – an innovative development of Mary Kay, the skin acquires:

  • light tone;
  • elasticity;
  • wrinkles are reduced.

Recommended for use at home 2 times a week. The tool is a novelty in 2021. Buyers say that the skin of the hands does not become inflamed by contact with the composition. The skin of the face is not irritated, acquires a well-groomed appearance.

When applied, the product lies in an even layer. There is a feeling of breathing of the skin, it becomes soft to the touch. After the procedure, the action of a nourishing cream gives a better effect. Acne, freckles go away. The effect is obvious.

Glycolic peeling Dr. Kozhevatkin

Peeling contains acid with a concentration of at least 12%.

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews
Dr. Kozhevyatkin

Provides a cleansing and exfoliating effect.

Passing easily through the skin barrier, the acid enhances the regeneration of the skin.

Peeling promotes actions:

  • cleanses the skin
  • regulates the production of melanin;
  • reduces pigmentation.

Glyco-A peeling with 12% glycolic acid

Women are enthusiastic about the French peeling GLYCO-A from Isis Pharma. The composition contains 12% acid, mineral oil. Used by the course.

It should be applied for 5-7 minutes every other day for the first 2 weeks. Then applied every day. There is a skin renewal.

Gel-peeling Pleyana (Pleyana) with glycolic acid

Peeling of this company is one of the most effective chemical methods.

Glycol peeling - what is it, benefits for the face, how to make at home, photos, reviews

It is indicated for women of young and mature age having different skin types and helps to solve aesthetic shortcomings.

The formula includes the components:

  • acid 10%;
  • aloe extract;
  • calendula
  • lemon balm.

According to the manufacturer, Pleyan peeling contributes to this result:

  • cleanses the skin;
  • improves microcirculation;
  • brightens spots.

The gel should be applied to clean skin, soak for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Peeling is carried out in the autumn-winter period, with low sun activity, otherwise pigmentation may appear.

Having experienced in practice glycolic peeling, what is it, many women willingly use this method. There are fewer negative reviews, and they are explained by the characteristics of the body. The absence of sharp contraindications, the achievement of a quick effect make this procedure popular.

Having learned about the innovative glycol peeling procedure (what it is), women seek to use an effective way to eliminate aesthetic shortcomings.

Glycol Peeling Videos

Glycol peeling – how is the procedure carried out and what is it:

Glycol peeling at home:

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