Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands

The main requirement for professional body cosmetics is to achieve the desired result. Cleansing, nourishing or moisturizing the skin, correcting or toning the figure – this is what a modern girl wants to achieve with the help of professional care.

What is the difference between professional body cosmetics and mass market products

All cosmetic products are divided into several types:

  • Cosmetics from the mass market . It is available to everyone, as it is sold everywhere: in supermarkets, large stores with cosmetics and household chemicals. Pricing policy allows you to choose the means to care for financial opportunities. Doctor’s recommendations for the use of such products are not required.
  • Middle class cosmetics . You can find it in specialized stores. The price for it is slightly higher than in mass markets. Doctor’s recommendations are also not required.
  • Professional cosmetics . It happens for home care, and for salon procedures, which can only be used by a qualified specialist. The price depends on the country of origin and composition.

Professional cosmetics are not developed by ordinary laboratories, but by research centers and institutes. To make cosmetics effective, it is subjected to frequent trials. In the compositions of such products, a large percentage of the content of natural components, which has a strong clinical effect on problem areas of the skin.

Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands

Professional cosmetics are selected strictly individually, based on the characteristics of the potential client (skin type, sensitivity, predisposition to allergic reactions). Therefore, in the product line, each manufacturer offers a wide range of products in the areas of impact.

For convenience and economy, cosmetics are packaged in large packages (from 25,36 fluid ounce and more).

Access to the use of professional body cosmetics is available only to knowledgeable specialists who have completed trainings and seminars. Or training is provided by the distributor of the cosmetic company.

Rating of the best domestic and foreign manufacturers of professional body cosmetics


Firms Producing country Rulers Products Prices
Sesderma Spain Hidraven





  • body fluids;
  • moisturizing protectors for the body;
  • remodulating lotions.
From $ 24.
Aravia USA Start epil

Aravia organic

Aravia professional

products for shugaring, paraffin therapy, body shaping and peeling. From $ 31.
Tan master USA Tan master
  • tanning and tanning products;
  • anti-cellulite massage creams.
From $ 10,88.
Algotherm France Algosilhouette

Destonation Spa Moscou

  • body creams;
  • massage balms;
  • healing mud;
  • peels and scrubs.
From $ 20.
Soleo Poland Soleo Basic
Soleo NewSoleo Satosfaction
Special Line
  • bronzers;
  • tanning accelerators;
  • body lotions.
From $ 4,08.


Depilation is the removal of unwanted hair from parts of the body (armpits, legs, arms, bikini, tendrils). It is important that the process is painless. Depilation is carried out using the technique of shugaring, wax, as well as laser and photoepilation.

Top 3 hair removal products used in beauty salons:

  • Shugaring paste from Aravia Professional . This product is certified and meets all the necessary international standards. The paste is available in the form of a cartridge, as well as in a large tube with a volume of 750 g. The price of a cartridge is from $ 3,54, the price for a large can is from $ 22. A large tube is enough for 40 applications. Operating temperature: 37-40 degrees. The composition is natural: glucose, fructose and water. Directions for use: It is required to heat the paste in a special wax heater to the recommended temperature without opening the package. Take the right amount of product and apply to the skin against hair growth. Remove hair with hands or special wooden spoons.
    Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands
    Professional body cosmetics – an ideal option to get the best result without side effects.
  • Natural wax from Tan Master . Differs in reasonable price. Wax is packaged only in cartridges with a volume of 100 g. Price – from $ 1,09. One package is enough for 1-3 applications. Suitable for bikini areas, legs and armpits due to containing vegetable oils. Ingredients: fat-like granular substance (wax), vegetable oils. Method of application: it is necessary to heat the wax cartridge in wax for 15-20 minutes, distribute the paste in the direction of hair growth with a mixture thickness of 3/32 – 4/32 inch. On the wax mixture, you need to apply paper or fabric strips, press them firmly to the body, then you must sharply tear off the strips against hair growth. The procedure is painful.
  • Wax for depilation from the Australian company Allegra Jewels . Soft wax recommended for sensitive skin. The volume of the tube is 400 g and 800 g. A small package is enough for 15-20 applications, a large one for 40. The price for a jar is from $ 8,16. Recommended for the whole body, including bikini and antennae. The basis of the product is natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, titanium dioxide and zinc. Directions for use are the same as for the previous product.

Foot creams

Professional body cosmetics designed to improve skin quality. After a long pedicure, the legs need nutritious and anti
septic components to moisturize the skin.

Top 3 Professional Foot Creams:

  • Regenerating cream with lavender aroma Medi Heal Cream from Aravia Professional. It helps trigger the skin renewal process. Due to the special oil complex, it contributes to the renewal of the lipid barrier. Nominal volume – 5,07 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 6,53. The basis of the product: shea butter and cocoa, lanolin, as well as lavender oil. Recommended for rough skin. After completing the pedicure, it is necessary to apply the product on the area of chapped sections of the heels, leave the consistency for 15 minutes. You can wrap it with cling film. Excesses must be distributed throughout the skin.
    Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands
  • Cream for the feet “Velinia” from the American manufacturer. The product is good, moisturizes and regulates the process of perspiration of the legs. Volume – 8,45 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 5,85. The composition includes useful elements: kelp oil extract, oregano glycerin extract, peppermint essential oil. Directions for use: it is required to apply the required amount of product on dry skin of the feet. Next, distribute the product with massage movements and wait until it dries completely.
  • Dead Sea Secrets Nourishing Foot Cream from Magiray (Israel ). A light emollient cream moisturizes the skin of the feet. A distinctive feature is instant absorption. Volume – 3,38 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 15. The composition includes 14 vegetable oils. Directions for use: apply the product in smooth circular movements on dry, clean skin of the feet.

Hand creams

Professional body cosmetics also include taking care of your hands and nails, so that they remain soft and moisturized for a long time.

Top 3 Professional Hand Creams:

  • Anti-aging cream for hands and nails “Velinia” helps to retain moisture in the skin and oxygenates the epidermis without feeling sticky. With regular use, it creates protection against the influence of the external environment. Volume – 8,45 fluid ounce. Price – from $ 5,71. Useful ingredients: shea butter, clover extract.
  • Hand cream Estel Professional Chocolatier heals microdamages, saturates the skin with useful substances, and creates a velvety effect. Volume – 1,69 fluid ounce. Price – from $ 3,13. Product base: allantoin, natural macadamia oil, natural avocado oil, as well as cocoa butter.
    Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands
  • Hand cream Hydro Activ from the brand Aravia Professional . The cream is aimed at moisturizing and updating the skin of the hands. It is characterized by the ability to instantly absorb. Quantity – 10,14 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 10,61. Product basis: hyaluronic acid, natural olive oil, protective panthenol, collagen hydrolyzate. The method of use is the same for all products: the cream must be applied to the skin of the hands in a circular motion. Wait for drying.

Body creams

Professional cosmetics is also aimed at thorough and high-quality body care.

Top 3 Professional Body Creams:

  • Cream “Surf” with a strong moisturizing effect from the brand Soleo. The cream provides comprehensive care, which includes hydration, nutrition, and also contributes to the rapid appearance of tan on the skin. The cream is suitable for skin that is prone to allergic reactions. Volume – 6,76 fluid ounce. Price – from $ 7,75. The main components: allantoin, shea butter, vitamin E. It is recommended to use before sunbathing.
  • Pink Grapefruit Lifting Body Moisturizer by Aravia Opganic. The cream provides a lifting effect, fights the formation of cellulite. Continuous use of this product helps the skin stay young. Volume – 10,14 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 7,34. Product base: pink grapefruit extract, sweet almond oil, and soybean oil.
    Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands
  • Sesderma Firming Cream Sesnatura . It is recommended for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks due to sudden weight loss, pregnancy and lack of exercise. Volume – 8,45 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 52. Useful ingredients: lactic acid, soy glycine, soluble collagen.

The method of application is the same for all products: a small amount of the product must be applied to the body with massage movements. Wait for complete drying. The result is guaranteed with frequent use.

Paraffin therapy

Professional body cosmetics include paraffin therapy products. This is a simple cosmetic procedure that promotes the process of rejuvenation and toning the body thanks to heated paraffin. It relieves the skin of excess dryness and reduces age-related changes.

Top 3 paraffin treatments:

  • Body paraffin from Runal brand (USA) . Refined paraffin perfectly complements manicure and pedicure procedures, metabolizes cells. It relieves the body of toxins, in addition, eliminates pain in the joints. Paraffin is intended for all parts of the body. Volume – 450 g. Price – from $ 5,03. Basis of composition: grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil, and rose oil.
  • Cosmetic paraffin with natural orange and peach oils from Depilflax (Spain). Due to the content of peach and orange oils, the paraffin therapy process activates regenerative processes and stimulates cell rejuvenation. Suitable for use in the cold season. It is used for arms and legs. Volume – 500 g. Cost – from $ 5,17. Basis of composition: orange oil and peach oil.
    Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands
  • French Lavender paraffin from Aravia Professional. This product thoroughly moisturizes the skin, after which it is soft and pleasant to the touch. The result is firm and toned skin. Adapted to all parts of the body. Volume – 500 g. Cost – from $ 4,9. Useful ingredients: lavender oil, shea butter, vitamin E. You need to heat paraffin in a cosmetic bath to 50 degrees. Then you should apply the product with a special brush on the skin and wrap it with a film and a towel. After 10-15 minutes you need to remove the protective film with the product. Remove the remaining product with a wet towel. Do not flush! After the procedure, to fix the result, you need to apply a suitable moisturizer.

Body scrubs

Body scrubbing procedure is the easiest and most effective way to give the skin a healthy look and remove dead skin cells.

Top 3 body scrubs:

  • Sugar scrub “Velinia” (USA) with apple and cinnamon. The product gently cleanses the skin, improves microcirculation and cell metabolism, promotes skin renewal. If you use this tool constantly, the result will be a beautiful relief. Quantity – 8,45 fluid ounce. C
    ost – from $ 7,48. Basis: cocoa butter, pumpkin oil extract, beeswax and ground cinnamon.
  • Aravia Organic Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub. It has a creamy consistency, aimed at gentle cleansing and exfoliation. In addition to cleansing, it has an anti-cellulite effect. Quantity – 10,14 fluid ounce. Stomost – from $ 7,48. Product base: Himalayan salt, pink grapefruit extract, sea salt, shea butter.
    Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands
  • Caramel body scrub from SenSpa brand (Thailand). The product has a delicate texture, thoroughly cleanses the upper layers of the epidermis and prepares the skin for subsequent cosmetic procedures. Volume – 1000 g. Price – from $ 31. Basis: brown sugar, olive oil, honey, orange essential oil. It is necessary to apply a scrub to a wet body, then distribute it with massage circular movements to the state of dissolved abrasive. What remains must be washed off with water or lotion. In no case should you use the product on damaged or irritated skin.


Fluids are a variety of cream products. They have a liquid gel texture. Fluids are moisturizing, sunscreen and tinting.

Top 2 body fluids:

  • Light fluid for the body Repaskin (Spain). The drug has a powerful sunscreen and restorative effect before and after sunbathing or tanning. Volume – 6,76 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 57. The composition is simple: physical and chemical filters, antioxidants, enzymes. It is necessary to lubricate the body with plenty of fluid and leave it for 25 minutes. before visiting the solarium.
  • Fluid for a body with the cooling effect Cold Fluid from the Levissime brand (Spain). The product fights the formation of cellulite and improves skin elasticity, as well as strengthens blood vessels. Volume – 16,91 fluid ounce. Price – from $ 29. Useful Leaving: Fucus extract, ivy extract, menthol. The product must be mixed with water in a percentage ratio of 35/100. In this consistency, wet special bandages and wrap the body with them. Then you should use a protective film and cover the body with a towel. After 20-25 minutes you need to remove the bandages. Rinse off the product is not required.

Foot gels

Top 3 Professional Foot Gels:

  • Barrier gel with collagen and elastin from the Premium company (USA). The gel is useful in bioepilation. If the legs suffer from excessive dryness, then the product will become an indispensable assistant in professional care. Volume – 5,07 fluid ounce. Price – from $ 9,52. Useful ingredients: living marigold extract, chamomile extract, aloe vera gel.
    Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands
  • Gel for feet with a cooling effect against edema Duo from the brand Guam (Italy). The gel is of a therapeutic nature, as it eliminates swelling and leg pain. Volume – 3,38 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 27. Useful ingredients: red grape extract, algae extract, menthol.
  • Easy Step tonic gel from Aravia Professional . It helps to eliminate severity, stimulates microcirculation and cell metabolism, and also saturates the skin of the legs with various moisturizing components. Quantity – 18,6 fluid ounce. Cost – $ 7,48. Product base: horse chestnut extract, rutin, peppermint essential oil. The gel is used just like foot cream.

Concentrates for Wrapping

Wrapping allows you to bring your body into shape as soon as possible without exhausting training in the gym. Efficiency is noticeable after the first application. Sessions are painless. To achieve the best effect, cosmetologists recommend supplementing the wrapping procedures with a trip to the sauna or massage.

In the body care beauty industry, Aravia Professional Corporation has become a monopolist. Only this brand produces concentrates for wrapping. The bestseller is Renew System Bandage Wrap Concentrate. A cosmetic product must be used in conjunction with elastic bandages. Purpose: to reduce the swelling of the body and increase its elasticity.

Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands

Volume – 16,91 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 13,19. The main components: natural arnica, orange oil, horse chestnut, dandelion. The method of the procedure in combination with this concentrate is taught by qualified specialists in the field of cosmetology!

Lotions and wrap masks

The wrapping procedure can be carried out not only with the help of a concentrate, but also with other varieties of professional body cosmetics. Lotions and masks are more delicate. Algologie cryogenic wrap lotion (France) is used in cosmetology to correct the figure without surgical intervention and to combat unwanted excess weight.

It stimulates the process of splitting fat cells and improves skin tone. Volume – 13,53 fluid ounce. Price – from $ 20. Useful ingredients: menthol, camphor, needle and ivy extracts.

How to use:

  1. Need to mix the drug with water in proportion
  2. Impregnate the obtained texture with special bandages for wrapping. It is necessary to wrap the body with bandages, after – heat-reflecting material.
  3. It takes 20-30 minutes to wait. Rinse off any remaining product with water.

An excellent alternative to the lotion is a wrap mask. A mask with green tea extract from Algologie (France) removes excess water from tissues and eliminates the effects of free radicals, improves blood flow. Volume – 9 pounds. Price – upon request of a beauty salon.

Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands

Useful ingredients: green tea leaves, oat extract, micronized white clay, magnesium carbonate.

Tomato cream mask for wrapping Velinia (USA) improves cellular respiration and detoxifies, stimulates collagen synthesis and smoothes the surface of problem areas of the body. Volume – 0,3 gallon Price – from $ 16.

Composition (active ingredients):

  • tomato lycopene;
  • diatomaceous earth;
  • White clay;
  • flax seed extract;
  • carob tree extract;
  • xanthan gum;
  • glycerol.

The method of applying the masks is identical to the method of applying the lotion, except for the first paragraph.

Body peels

A distinctive feature of peeling from scrub is the intensity of cleansing. Scrub is an addition to body massage, and peeling penetrates deep into the skin and cleans it better.

Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands

Top 3 body peels:

  • Out Serial Enzyme Gel Peeling from Gigi (Israel). The product dissolves and eliminates dead epidermal cells, fights with comedones. Quantity – 5,07 fluid ounce. Price – from $ 71. Useful ingredients: papain, lipase, protease, amylase, aloe gel.
  • Body peeling with fruit acids from Aravia Organic. The product is suitable for thorough cleansing of the skin, reduces the process of age-related changes. Quantity – 5,07 fluid ounce. Cost – from $ 15. Basis of composition: bitter orange extract, glycolic and lactic acid.
  • Peeling with sea salt from Algologie (France). The product provides comprehensive care (exfoliation, renewal, softening) of the body. Volume – 6,76 fluid ounce. Price – from $ 41. The main components: sea salt and extract of gorse vulgaris. You need to use it in the same way as a body scrub.

Body masks

Professional body cosmetics includes a wide range of masks.

Top 3 best body masks:

  • Regenerating mask with natural elastin and beta-carotene Velinia. The mask eliminates stretch marks on problem areas of the body, relieves excess free radicals, and also protects cell membranes from destruction. Volume – 3 pounds. Price – from $ 14. Useful ingredients: blue clay, natural elastin from pumpkin seeds, beta-carotene from pumpkin pulp, vitamins C and E, palm oil.
  • Mask of marine sedimentary rocks and micronized algae for face and body from Algologie (France). The mask refers to cleansing products that have a comprehensive care effect. Volume – 900 g. Price – from $ 63. Active ingredients: marine sedimentary rocks and micronized algae.
    Professional body cosmetics. American and foreign brands
  • Body mask with green tea extract from Senspa (South Korea). The mask is aimed at interacting with aging skin. She softens her, moisturizes and nourishes. Volume – 2 pounds. Price – from $ 44. Main composition: talc, kaolin, ground green tea leaves, sucrose, collagen. Method of application: the mask must be diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream and applied to the body, wrap the body with a film and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash off the remaining mask with water.

Professional cosmetics is an effective way to combat age-related skin changes throughout the body. Due to the natural compounds and high-quality expensive plant components, the result from the use of funds is noticeable after the first procedure.

Video about professional facial cosmetics

What is on the shelf from professional cosmetics:

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