Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

Affordable pharmacy ointment Solcoseryl is widely used in cosmetic procedures against skin aging and in the fight against wrinkles. Its main advantage is not only in price, but also in the naturalness of the composition and effectiveness of the action. That is why the tool has become very popular in modern cosmetology.

Description of the drug

Ointment Solcoseryl is a medical preparation that stimulates the processes of regeneration of the skin, i.e. improves skin condition after burns, scratches, cuts and other tissue damage without scarring. The main component and active substance is the blood dialysate of young calves. It is an organic concentrate of amino acids, peptides and nucleotides. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

The ointment is a fatty substance with a dense yellowish texture with a faint meat smell.

Useful properties for the epidermis

Ointment Solcoseryl, due to its moisture-retaining components, is actively used in cosmetology for wrinkles and other skin defects. Organic components moisturize, nourish and soften the skin. Thanks to them, the skin of the face looks saturated with moisture and well-groomed. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

The inflammation decreases, the problem of keloid scars from post-acne is gradually solved, the complexion improves, and the contour takes on a sharper outline and tightens. The skin turgor becomes more dense and radiant, and small wrinkles are smoothed out.

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Release Forms

The product is available in the form of ointment, gel and medicinal ampoules. The ointment is more oily and dense, more suitable for softening, nourishing and moisturizing dry skin. The gel has a lighter texture, is quickly absorbed and perfectly moisturizes oily skin without leaving a sticky feeling. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

You can use the gel even in the presence of acne.

Ampoules of Solcoseryl are used for intramuscular administration in the presence of any serious problems, but in cosmetology they are convenient in that they can be added to various masks and creams.


In cosmetology, Solcoseryl ointment for wrinkles is most often used because of the composition, the components of which retain moisture well and stimulate the production of collagen. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

In addition to the main active substance, the composition includes additional components such as:

  • cholesterol – strengthens the processes of restoration and regeneration of the integument;
  • propylene glycol – moisturizes;
  • cetyl alcohol – used in many professional anti-aging drugs as a component that retains moisture;
  • white petrolatum – protects against moisture loss;
  • purified water – moisturizes.

The drug is available in an aluminum tube, packed in a cardboard box.

Instructions for use

Ointment Solcoseryl in cosmetology for wrinkles and acne scars is widely used. It is not necessary to go to the cosmetologist for mesotherapy injections; just look at the nearest pharmacy. The ointment enhances the metabolic processes in the tissues, the healing and renewal of the skin is much faster, it is smoothed and becomes elastic. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

Such an impact mechanism copes with scars and scars after surgery or with the consequences of acne. In order to get the first results in a week, it is necessary to smear the problem area with ointment daily and usd it until completely absorbed.


In any barrel of honey there is always a fly in the ointment.

This ointment can also be said so, because, despite the naturalness of the composition, there are contraindications to its use:

  • age up to 18 years;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of cardiovascular pathologies;
  • kidney and liver disease;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • eye diseases.

If there is any restriction, you can try to use Selcoseril analogues: Actovegin, Levomikol ointment or vitamin A-based preparations – Aevit, Radevit.

Adverse reactions

The first time you use the drug, you need to conduct a sensitivity test. It is necessary to apply the ointment to a small area of the skin and wait 24 hours. If during this time there is no hyperimia, irritation or swelling of the skin, then the use of ointment is acceptable. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

If there are any manifestations of an allergic reaction to the components (for example, severe itching or hives) or discomfort after use, the use of the drug should be abandoned.

Solcoseryl as a base for masks

To renew and nourish the skin, prevent age-related changes in the composition of daily care, you can add ointment or ampoules with Solcoseryl. As an option, do anti-aging or moisturizing face masks. Before such a procedure, it is necessary to do a sensitivity test and thoroughly cleanse the skin of keratinized particles, preferably with a scrub or surface peeling. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

This will improve the penetration of the agent into the epidermis. For the prevention of wrinkles, the mask can be done twice a week, and after 45 years with courses of 10-15 procedures.

Wrinkle mask recipe from Solcoseryl

Such a mask is perfect for restoring and nourishing the skin, as well as preventing facial wrinkles. For dry skin, such a mask is recommended to be done at least 5 times a month. For oily skin, 1 time in a week and a half will be enough. For the mask you will need 0,34 fluid ounce of aloe juice, the same amount of Solcoseryl gel and 0,17 fluid ounce of sea buckthorn oil.
Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

All components must be mixed in a clean bowl an
d applied to clean skin with a spatula. Such a mask can be kept for an hour. After the procedure, remove the residue with a cotton pad and wash with cool water. The last stage of the procedure is the application of any moisturizer.

Acne mask

For effective prevention of acne, as well as eliminating its effects in the form of scars and scars, a mask based on Solcoseryl, white coal powder and mandarin oil in equal proportions is widely used. As a basis, Solcoseryl gel is used. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

Before the procedure, it is very important to cleanse and steam out the skin using any herbal bath, and then apply the mask for half an hour or an hour. After the procedure, it is necessary to carefully remove the remains of the mask with water and moisturize the skin.

Mask for the skin around the eyes

In cosmetology, Solcoseryl ointment for wrinkles must be used carefully around the eyes. In this place, the skin is very tender and sensitive, an allergic reaction can occur. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is best to use the gel form of Solcoseryl. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

To prepare a mask for the skin around the eyes, you need to take Solcoseryl and grape seed oil in equal proportions. Move them and cool. Then, with patting movements, drive into the skin and leave until morning. The only limitation is that this mask is recommended to be done only after 35 years. But for aging skin, this mask is just a godsend.

It not only smoothes wrinkles, but also removes swelling and signs of fatigue.

Mask with Solcoseryl and Dimexidum

To get a powerful anti-aging effect every 3 months, make a night mask from a pure preparation, and to get the Botox effect, add the anti-inflammatory agent Dimexide to the mask, which has an amazing ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis and exert its therapeutic effect there. Such a mask is made a course of 10 procedures 2 times a week. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

Apply the mask as follows:

  • wipe the face with Dimexidum;
  • Dilute Solcoseryl with Dimexide in a proportion of 1:10 and apply to the face;
  • keep an hour, if the skin is prone to wilting, then the mask can be left overnight;
  • After the procedure, rinse your face with warm water.

Mask with Solcoseryl and Vitamins

The purpose of such a mask is not only to rejuvenate the skin at home, to make it supple and elastic, but also to saturate it with vitamins and minerals.

The composition of this mask includes:

  • Solcoseryl ointment – 5 g;
  • aloe juice – 0,17 fluid ounce;
  • ampoules of tocopherol and riboflavin;
  • 2 tablets of ascorutin. Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews

Tablets must be crushed to a powder state and combined with other drugs. To mix everything. Apply to clean, preferably steamed skin and massage a little. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes and then remove the residue with a damp sponge or cloth.

Anti-aging mask

Such a mask, prepared at home, perfectly tightens the contour of the oval of the face, corrects facial wrinkles, makes the skin smooth and supple. This version of the mask is well suited for women after 40 years. Apply Solcoseryl ointment to a clean and steamed skin with a 3/32 inch layer. Hold for half an hour and remove with a cotton pad.

The ointment is very thick and oily, so the first time you can not remove the entire mask. After that you need to wash with warm water.

Cleansing mask

The purpose of this mask is to deeply cleanse the skin of dead skin cells of the epidermis, without injuring it and without disturbing the hydro-lipid balance. The mask will improve blood microcirculation and oxygen metabolism in the skin. After a course of such procedures, the skin of the face will become more even and smooth, will acquire a good color.

Solcoseryl ointment. Instructions for use in cosmetology, price, reviews
A mask based on Solcoseryl ointment is able to have a rejuvenating effect for the face.

A mask is being prepared based on white, green or blue clay with the addition of 5 g of Solcoseryl ointment and 5 g of pea flour. Mix the components thoroughly in a clean bowl, if the mask is very thick, it can be slightly diluted with thermal or micellar water. Before the procedure, it is best to steam the face and only then apply the composition. Soak for 20 minutes, then rinse.

When and what effect to expect from the use of ointment

In the case of proper use of the ointment as a supplement to daily care, the first positive results will be noticeable within a week after the start of use. Due to the active production of collagen, the skin of the face is smoothed, tightened and acquires a healthy shade to the envy of everyone around.

According to experts, the Solcoseryl ointment in cosmetology is not a panacea for wrinkles – it will not become a full-fledged alternative to Botox and will not replace the daily basic facial skin care procedures. She will become an assistant and diversify care if you adhere to proper nutrition, ensure a good sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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