Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

The problem of unwanted hair worries every woman. Using a razor or choosing a method of hair removal (laser, photoepilation, shugaring, waxing) is a moot point. Each method has a number of its disadvantages and advantages.

Types of hair removal

New types of hair removal regularly appear, differing in technique and tools used. This is explained by the fact that the best and most effective method of hair removal has not yet been invented, which can save women from this delicate problem forever.

Laser hair removal

The method consists in applying a laser beam to the patient’s skin. Depending on the type of skin and hair, a beam of a certain frequency and intensity is tuned and selected. The master processes the surface of the skin, while the beam, penetrating into the epidermal layer, irreversibly damages the follicle and the root of the hair, as well as the blood vessels that are suitable for it.

It is important not to shave off the remaining hair after the procedure and not to epilate the treated areas: the hairs themselves will fall out after 1-2 weeks. The method promises to rid the patient of unwanted vegetation forever after 9-10 procedures carried out 1 time in 3-5 weeks.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

Contraindications to laser hair removal are:

  • impaired skin integrity (burns, wounds, injuries);
  • the period of bearing a child and breastfeeding;
  • skin cancer;
  • diabetes;
  • atopic dermatitis in the acute stage.


The method consists in the effect of a light flash on the hairs. Follicles are damaged, losing the ability to produce new hair. The pigment in the hair – melanin absorbs a light wave, and the blood vessels that feed the follicle are damaged by heat radiation. As a result, the hair follicles die off.

Contraindications are:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • infectious and non-infectious diseases of the skin;
  • phlebeurysm.


The essence of the method is to remove hairs by applying sugar paste for hair removal. For this, a composition is prepared containing sugar, water and citric acid. Density should be significant. You can cook it at home on your own or buy in the cosmetic departments. Apply a paste against hair growth, evenly distributing it with a spatula.

After solidification, remove it from the surface with a sharp movement in the direction of hair growth.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

There are some contraindications to using this method:

  • diabetes;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin (wounds, burns);
  • phlebeurysm;
  • poor blood coagulation.


The method of electrolysis is based on the effect of an electric discharge of small power on the area of the root of the follicle. In the place of contact there is a high temperature, irreversibly destroying the vital activity of the follicle. The hair falls off. A special apparatus is required for the procedure: a thin needle through which a weak current passes.

Contraindications to electrolysis are:

  • the period of gestation and breastfeeding;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • unstable psycho-emotional state;
  • disorders of the thyroid gland;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • oncological diseases.


Photoepilation or laser hair removal require a visit to a beauty parlor or salon. To carry out these procedures at home, you need to purchase expensive equipment. Waxing is a good alternative for those who want to save money.

In addition, this type of hair removal is easy to carry out independently. The essence of the method is to apply molten wax to the skin surface and then remove the hardened strip with the hairs. The composition is applied with a special spatula, setting time 2-4 minutes.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

There are several types of waxing:

  • cold wax removal;
  • hot wax removal;
  • removal by film wax.

Methods differ by the type of wax used: cold does not require heating and works on the principle of a patch; hot heats up before use; the film also needs to be warmed up, it has a different composition and does not require a tape (strip) for removal.

Contraindications to all types of waxing are:

  • violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • allergy to wax;
  • allergies in the acute stage;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • 1 trimester of pregnancy;
  • formations on the skin: warts, papillomas, corns.

Pros of different methods of hair removal

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring or wax – each woman chooses for herself individually. To figure out which option is most effective, you need to consider the main advantages of each method.

The benefits of photoepilation are:

  • lack of contact with the surface of the skin;
  • lack of ingrown hair after the procedure;
  • photostimulation has a rejuvenating and firming effect on the skin;
  • long-term effect. With proper procedures, unwanted vegetation can be forgotten for 2-3 years, for some women – forever.

Advantages of laser hair removal:

  • low soreness of the procedure;
  • the ability to work in hard-to-reach and atypical places (face, neck);
  • speed of the session;
  • the anti-inflammatory property of the laser contributes to the disinfection of the skin surface;
  • long-term result. Laser hair removal promises to get rid of hair forever (for some women have to repeat the course of sessions).

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

Advantages of electrolysis:

  • the ability to remove light or gray hair;
  • getting rid of unwanted vegetation for a long time (for some – forever).

Benefits of Shugaring:

  • the ability to carry out the procedure at home independently;
  • the safety of the composition used;
  • relatively low pain of the procedure;
  • profitability and low cost of the method.

Advantages of waxing:

  • peeling properties of wax remove keratinized areas of the skin, thereby updating and smoothing it;
  • speed of the procedure;
  • relatively low soreness of the session.

Cons of techniques

Absolutely all methods of hair removal have their disadvantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to choose your option based on your abilities, preferences and ability to endure pain: the pain of the procedure is not so important for someone, but someone is willing to pay a high price and this is not a minus for him.

The disadvantages of photoepilation:

  • soreness of the procedure;
  • high price;
  • the inability to remove light hairs.

Cons of laser hair rem

  • low efficiency of work with gray and thin hair: the blacker and thicker the hair, the higher the result;
  • many contraindications;
  • the possibility of age spots;
  • the need to do a full course of sessions. Unfinished work will not give a long-term result;
  • high cost of procedures;
  • the possibility of burns due to the inexperience of the master.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

The negative sides of electrolysis:

  • long session duration;
  • high soreness of the procedure;
  • the quality of work depends on the experience of the master: if he does not fall into the root of the follicle, the hair will continue to grow again;
  • the possibility of skin pigmentation;
  • the duration of the course of sessions. For the full result, you must complete the course.

The disadvantages of shugaring are:

  • the need to have a given hair length;
  • the possibility of injury to too sensitive skin;
  • lack of long-term result: shugaring will not permanently eliminate unwanted vegetation.

The disadvantages of waxing hair are:

  • lack of long-term result;
  • the possibility of bruising, bruising and wounds on overly sensitive skin;
  • the need for skin preparation: hair regrowth and scrubbing;
  • allergies to various types of wax. Before the procedure, it is necessary to conduct special tests confirming the absence of a reaction.

Speed and areas of application of different hair removal techniques

Due to the large girth, photoepilation is carried out relatively quickly. For 1 flash, approximately 3 square foot are processed. see. Areas of application are limited only by the fact that this technique does not work on fair hair. Laser hair removal speed is also high, the device acts on several inch of the epidermis surface.

Using this method, you can remove hairs in the most inaccessible places, so the access areas here are the most extensive.

Due to the treatment of each hair follicle, electrolysis lasts a very long time and the procedure speed is low. The point approach allows you to treat any area and light hair, lacking pigment. Shugaring is carried out relatively quickly, since the paste is applied immediately to a large area of the skin.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

But for women who came to the procedure for the first time, time may increase due to ingrown hair after using a razor. Areas of application are legs, armpits and a deep bikini. Waxing is similar in principle to shugaring and takes about the same time. The cultivated zones are classic and do not cover hard-to-reach spots.

The level of pain during epilation

Methods of hair removal using various formulations (shugaring, wax) are considered relatively painless. Of course, 1 time the sensations seem unpleasant. However, with each new time, the hair will become thinner and softer. Removing them from the surface of the skin will become more comfortable, especially since the procedure does not last long.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal requires some patience. It all depends on the pain threshold of the client. Many note that discomfort and pain do not leave the entire session. However, technology and progress do not stand still: highly efficient devices appear that do not cause any inconvenience.

Electrolysis is considered the most painful procedure. This is a kind of payment for effectiveness: today it is the only way to get rid of hair for a very long time or even forever.

What is the difference between photo and laser hair removal technologies

Both procedures work according to the same principle of action: photothermolysis. Their essence is the effect of light on areas of the skin.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons
Scheme of photoepilation and laser hair removal on hair.

But there are still fundamental differences between them:

  • laser wave selectivity is higher. Because of this, the amount of hair removed with this technique is significantly higher than with photoepilation;
  • photoepilation area is slightly larger;
  • the number of necessary sessions during photoepilation is greater.

Laser hair removal has several advantages over photo hair removal.

Preparing and conducting hair removal at home

Carrying out the hair removal procedure in salons or beauty parlors regularly becomes unprofitable. It is profitable and much cheaper to learn the technique yourself and remove unwanted hair at home. The cost of training will pay off very quickly.

How to do shugaring yourself

To do a sugaring at home, you must follow the consistent instructions:

  1. Prepare a paste for shugaring. Shift 10 tablespoon sugar with 4 tablespoon water, squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon. Stir and put on low heat. Caramelize the mixture for 7-8 minutes. After thickening the composition, it will acquire a brown tint. Turn off the source of fire and cool the mixture.
  2. Prepare the skin for hair removal. Take a shower, scrub to clean areas where hair removal is supposed. Dry wipe the body. Hair should be regrowth (length 5/32 – 6/32 inch).
  3. Apply paste to areas against hair growth. Smudge over a large area.
  4. Pull off a strip of frozen composition in the direction of the hair.
  5. Wash off the rest of the composition from the body.
  6. Apply a sedative.
  7. Moisturize the body with a fat cream or serum.

How is waxing done

Waxing is easy to do at home on your own.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

There are a number of steps for its implementation:

  1. Buy in specialty stores special wax (tablets for hair removal).
  2. Melt the purchased product according to the instructions (water bath, wax).
  3. Prepare the skin: peel with water, scrub, rinse and wipe dry.
  4. Apply wax with a spatula to the skin and cover with a fabric strip with smoothing movements.
  5. Tear off the strip with a sharp movement against the direction of hair growth.
  6. Wipe the epilated area with cleaning cloths.
  7. Apply a sedative.
  8. Moisturize the skin with cream, serum.

Electrolysis at home

The most effective way to remove hair can be done at home.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Buy electroepilator.
  2. Treat the skin area an hour before the procedure with anesthetic (lidocaine).
  3. After an hour, wipe the skin with alcohol, removing the remnants of the anesthetic.
  4. Insert the epilator needle in
    to the root of the hair, press the button of the current-releasing device.
  5. Pull out the needle. Remove hair with tweezers.
  6. Similarly, treat all the hairs of the anesthetized area.
  7. A day does not wet the treated area of the skin. Do not use saunas, baths, pools. Direct sunlight is contraindicated.
  8. The second procedure can be completed after 3 weeks.

Preparation and laser hair removal in the salon

Laser hair removal is most often carried out in salons, since an expensive device is used.

There are a few tips to help you prepare for laser hair removal correctly:

  • do not sunbathe 3-4 weeks before the session;
  • shave hair with a razor in 3-4 days;
  • Do not use alcohol tonics 1-2 weeks before the procedure.

How is the session conducted:

  1. A cosmetologist examines the patient, carefully examining the type of his skin and hair.
  2. Picks up the power and the required laser power.
  3. Begins treatment of skin areas, bringing the device to the surface of the epidermis. The patient may feel a slight tingling sensation.
  4. After graduation, the doctor applies a calming lotion.

After the procedure, it is not recommended to sunbathe and use aggressive cosmetics.

How to prepare for photoepilation. Stages of the procedure

Photoepilation, like laser hair removal, requires preparation for the procedure.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

Before visiting the salon, you must follow the following rules:

  • do not sunbathe 2-3 weeks before the procedure;
  • do not use cosmetics or choose soft ones, without alcohol in the composition;
  • grow hairs to a length of 3/32 – 4/32 inch.

Stages of the procedure:

  1. Assessment by the cosmetologist of the state of the epidermis for the integrity of the skin.
  2. A dermatologist applies a special gel to protect against burns.
  3. Skin treatment is carried out by contacting the device with the surface of the skin. The cosmetologist gently guides them through the epilated area.
  4. After the procedure is completed, the gel is washed off and a sedative is applied.

After the end of the session, it is not recommended to be in direct sunlight and to use any cosmetics for 1-2 weeks.

Comparison of the effectiveness of different methods of hair removal

The effectiveness of various methods for removing unwanted hair is shown in the table:

Hair Removal Method Number of Sessions Required Duration of Result Complications
Photoepilation 9-10 with an interval of 30-40 days 2 years Burns, scars
Laser hair removal 4-5 with an interval of 1-2 months 1-1.5 years Burns
Waxing Every 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks Allergic reactions
Shugaring Every 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks Allergic reactions
Electrolysis 4-8 with an interval of 1-1.5 months Forever (there are some exceptions) Scars, infection, swelling, redness, itching

The cost of hair removal at home

Carrying out the hair removal procedure in one way or another at home requires not only thorough preparation, but also some material costs. Photoepilation or laser hair removal in almost all cases is carried out in the cabin.

The cost of equipment and auxiliary materials (glasses, various lenses, light filters) is too high, and the technique requires the qualifications and experience of a dermatologist. It is possible to carry out electrolysis at home. The average cost of devices on average in USA is $ 340.

Depending on the type of apparatus, brand of the manufacturer, additional functions, the price ranges from $ 131. up to $ 544.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

The cost of waxing at home will average $ 8,16. This includes the price of regular wax, strips, and a sedative. Voskoplav will cost $ 14.

Composed kits for beginners exist for sale, containing:

  • cartridges with wax;
  • heater;
  • gel for hair removal;
  • soothing lotion;
  • strips.

The price of such a set starts from $ 20. Shugaring is the most budgetary option for hair removal at home. Sugar paste costs an average of $ 2,04. per pack of 8,45 fluid ounce. If you cook the mixture yourself, sugar will cost $ 0,54. for 2 pounds. Lemon price – $ 1,5. for 2 pounds.

The cost of hair removal in salons

Prices for hair removal in various ways can vary across the cities of USA.

Photoepilation or laser hair removal, shugaring, electrolysis. Which is better, pros and cons

The table shows the average cost:

Type of hair removal The cost of the armpit zone, usd. The cost of the lower leg area, usd. The cost of the thigh surface area, usd. The cost of a deep bikini zone, usd. The cost of the hands to the elbow, usd.
Photoepilation 2000 4500 5500 4000 3500
Laser hair removal 1900 4000 5300 3400 3200
Electroepilation 1000 1800 2000 1400 1200
Waxing 350 500 850 900 600
Shugaring 250 600 800 700 500

When choosing a method for removing unwanted hair, remember that wax or shugaring are procedures that require regular use. And electrolysis, photoepilation or laser hair removal can cope with this problem for a long time.

Interesting videos about photoepilation and laser hair removal, their effectiveness and rules

How photoepilation works:

What is laser hair removal:

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