Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

Any hair dye contains aggressive substances that adversely affect the hair, penetrating deep into them and damaging their structure. An alternative to permanent dyeing is hair tinting, which looks especially impressive on dark hair.

Pros and cons of tinting dark hair

The benefits of hair tinting are obvious:

  • Hair is not exposed to ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.
  • The composition of tinting products includes vitamin supplements and nutrients, which helps to maintain healthy hair.
  • As a result of a correctly carried out procedure, the own shade of the hair becomes brighter, they acquire shine and silkiness.
  • Toning allows you to try many shades and choose the best.

Like any cosmetic procedure, tinting has its drawbacks:

  • Using tinting, you can’t get a different hair color, you can only give a certain tone.
  • Toning in a lighter shade requires prior clarification of the hair.
  • Toning agents are quickly washed off, often repeated procedure is required.

Types of tinting agents

According to the durability of the shade, tinting agents are divided into the following types:

  • Temporary, one-time tonics – these include coloring pencils and crayons, special mascara, varnishes and sprays. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
  • Light tonics are also short-lived, but there are nutritional supplements in them: these are tinted shampoos and balms, gels, mousses, foams.
  • Mild tonics consist of natural ingredients: these are henna and basma, as well as products containing chamomile, oak bark, cinnamon. Color lasts up to a month.
  • Persistent tonics retain their color for up to 2 months, as they contain a small amount of oxidizing agent.

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Tonic Choice

Temporary Paints

Among ammonia-free paints, according to reviews, world-famous companies are leading:

  • Garnier Color Shine – pleases with bright color for up to 1.5 months, half-shades gray hair, has 16 shades;
  • L’Oreal Casting Gloss – shades hair – 26 shades;
  • Schwarzkopf Essential Color – completely paints over gray hair, 20 shades;
  • Wella Color Touch – has a rich palette – up to 70 shades.

Tinted Shampoos & Balms

Toning of hair for dark hair is done with shampoos in combination with balms.

In addition to these world brands, such products are produced by:

  • Estel Shampoo and Estel Solo ton – makes deep and rich 18 shades; Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
  • Kapous Life Color – maintains the existing shade, restores and protects hair;
  • Color Lux from Belita – contains natural ingredients, has many shades.

Tinting masks

  • Jungle Fever Hair Color Mask – has a palette of honey, bronze, coffee, as well as purple and red shades;
  • Salerm Linea Color Mask gives brightness to the existing shade;
  • Acme-Color – Mountain ash Ton Oil Mask – the most popular mask.

Foams, gels and mousses

Particularly popular are similar products from the following manufacturers:

  • Palett;
  • Schwarzkopf – Igora;
  • Wella Viva and Wella Color;
  • Manic Panic.

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Natural tinting products for dark hair

To give your hair an original shade, you can use natural dyes. The undoubted benefit of using natural remedies is that they do not harm the hair, but, on the contrary, strengthen them.

Most often these are substances of plant origin. The most popular natural dyes are henna and basma.

Henna tinting

Henna gives dark hair a deep shade with a copper tint. Experts recommend purchasing natural, Indian or Iranian henna. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

Method of application: a sufficient amount of henna powder must be diluted with hot water, soak for 10 minutes. Then the pulp is applied to the washed and dried hair in strands, starting from the bottom. Then distribute the composition along the length of the hair with a rare comb, combing them up. Wrap the head with cling film or polyethylene and wrap it. Henna can be kept on dark hair for a long time – from 2 hours or more.

Toning with henna and basma

Basma in its pure form gives the hair a blue-green hue, therefore it is used only in combination with henna – dark hair will have a light reddish tint.

1 method – alternating tinting: apply henna in the above manner, hold for 40-60 minutes, and then rinse your hair without shampoo. Then you need to prepare basma: pour hot water, bring to a boil in a water bath, apply to hair in the same way. To obtain a chestnut tint, the composition is kept for an hour and a half, black – up to 3 hours. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

Washed with running water. Within 2-3 days, the pigments are oxidized, only after that the desired color appears. During this period, do not wash your hair with shampoo.

Method 2 – mixed toning: henna and basma powders are mixed, then applied to the hair.


  • to get a chestnut tint, powders are taken in equal proportions, the exposure time is at least an hour;
  • for chocolate – basma and henna in a ratio of 3: 1, from an hour and a half;
  • for black – basma and henna 2: 1, hold 3 hours;
  • to enrich the palette of shades, you can breed henna and basma with a decoction of tea;
  • with dry hair, tinting with henna and basma requires the use of a balm, since dyes have a drying effect;
  • after applying henna and basma, coloring, curling and other procedures with chemicals should not be done within 2-3 months.

Other natural dyes

Brown-haired and brunettes are suitable for toning with tea.

There are several such recipes:

  • Taking 3 tablespoon. tea leaves in a glass of boiling water, boil the liquid for 15 minutes, strain, moisten hair, keep for about half an hour. Wash off the composit
    ion without shampoo. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
  • 2 large tablespoons of tea are taken per 0,3 gallon of water, boiled for 15 minutes, infused for 20 minutes, filtered. Wet hair abundantly, wrap and stand for 40 minutes. In the end, do not rinse.
  • Taking 2 tablespoon. black granulated tea at 2 tablespoon. boiling water, keep the composition on low heat for 20 minutes. Then it is applied to washed hair, wrapped in a head, held for a chestnut shade – 15-20 minutes, for a darker – 30-40 minutes. Do not flush.
  • Brew strong tea, bring to a boil, add 1 tablespoon. sage, the same number of nettles and 2 tablespoon. rosemary, rinse hair. The broth can be used several times.

A soft chestnut tint can be obtained using walnuts. It will take 3 tablespoon of shells or leaves of an immature green nut per 0,3 gallon of water. The raw materials need to be boiled for 10 minutes, cooled, filtered and used for rinsing.

A beautiful copper shade on dark hair will turn out if you mix tea and nuts. Equal parts of black tea and dry chopped walnut leaves need to be poured with boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. Having infused the broth for 10 minutes, apply it to the washed hair. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

A pleasant dark shade will give the hair of the bark of spruce: it should be grinded and boiled with boiling water, let it brew. Then the hair is moistened and held for 1 hour.

To give the hair a darker color, you can usd in the hair shredded fresh leaves of sage. Under the influence of sunlight, the effect is enhanced.

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Original color and tonic: which shade to choose

Toning hair for dark hair requires compliance with certain stylistic canons. Owners of dark hair belong to the “autumn” and “winter” color types, in each of which several subspecies stand out.

Color type “autumn”

The type of autumn has the subtypes of “soft”, “warm” and “dark autumn”.

Some stylists highlight the fourth: “deep autumn”.

  • “Mild autumn.” Representatives of this subtype are characterized by complex, soft, warm shades. The skin has a beige shade, the color of the eyes is gray and gray-green, less often – light brown or amber, the contrast between the protein and the iris is average. A woman of this color type usually has hair with a red tint – copper, honey, and nut. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
  • “Warm autumn”. In women of this subtype, their appearance is more vivid and contrasting. They have thin, fair skin, eye color – hazel, hazel, honey, green, although there are also blue-eyed representatives. In the hair color, red shades are also visible: amber, copper, chestnut.

Given these characteristics, experts recommend for subtypes “soft” and “warm autumn” tinting with shades: dark red, cognac, chestnut, chocolate.

Black should be avoided, as an unnatural, rough contrast is created, and white – when lightening the hair, you can “lose face”, that is, it will become faded and inexpressive.

  • “Dark autumn.” The pigments of this subtype have warm colors, which are based on red-black and brown shades. The skin has a reddish or golden tone. The eye color is mainly brown, sometimes interspersed with gray or green, the contrast between protein and iris, as well as between skin and hair, is quite bright. A rich palette of hair colors – from dark blond to black.
  • “Deep autumn.” This subtype differs from the others in the highest contrast and this is similar to “Winter”, however it has warm colors: skin color is beige, peach, ivory; hair is brown, chocolate, dark brown, brown-black with hidden golden or fiery shades. Eye color saturated, bright (hazel, hazel, green). Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

For tinting, chocolate and chestnut shades with a copper or golden tint are recommended.

Color type “winter”

To determine the color type “winter”, the fundamental sign is the color of the skin and hair, eye color is a secondary factor.

With a common distinguishing feature – dark hair – in the appearance of the “winter” type there are several varieties.

  • “Mild winter.” This subtype is characterized by beige and olive (but not dark) skin, hair in brown tones with overflows of cold shades. Eyes sometimes combine several colors (for example, brown or gray with green).
  • “Warm winter”. It is characterized by deep chestnut or black hair color. The skin is a warm olive or beige hue. The eyes of the representatives of this category are usually black. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
  • “Southern winter.” This species is characteristic of the appearance of the Latin and Mediterranean type. Dark skin, very dark and deep hair color is similar to the previous one, but the color of the eyes can be different and bright.

The following shades are recommended for the winter color type: dark chestnut, dark chocolate, dark copper, dark red (pomegranate, mahogany, dark cherry), eggplant, plum, graphite, black (with blue, ash, brown and other tints) .

Colorless tinting of dark hair

Colorless tinting is a new technique and is intended to restore and improve the structure of hair. There is no change in the existing shade, however, it is leveled and filled with brilliance.

Hair tinting with the help of a colorless corrector has a protective and therapeutic effect on dark hair.

This procedure can be carried out both with the help of a specialist, and independently at home.

Colorless tinting (shielding) is carried out in several stages. Hair should be washed thoroughly and apply a nourishing mask. It can be purchased ready-made or made independently. To do this, mix the egg, 1 large spoonful of sour cream, 2 teaspoons. honey and 1 teaspoons burdock oil. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

The mixture is applied to the hair, kept for some time, washed off and dried slightly. Then apply the composition for tinting, maintain it according to the instructions, wash off. After this, it is recommended to use a nourishing balm.

Tinting in several shades

For dyeing hair in several shades, different techniques are used:

  • ombre – contrasting or smooth transition to a lighter tone;
  • shatush – the effect of burnt hair;
  • bronding is a soft overflow of several shades in the main palette;
  • balayazh – against a background of deep color overflows of shiny locks;
  • highlighting – classic, zonal, California – part of the hair or individual strands have a contrasting shade.

Toning hair in different shades is carried out similarly to dyeing: a brightening composition is applied to the desired areas of dark hair. After this, you can begin to “colorize”. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

Recommended combinations: brown with copper, caramel with golden brown, dark violet with eggplant looks harmonious. Professionals do not recommend using more than 3 colors.

Features of tinting dark hair

Hair tinting has its own characteristics, depending on their color and structure. Dark hair looks organically close to the natural color of the tone.

For black-brown, it is dark chestnut, with a reddish tint, as well as purple, chocolate, mahogany and even blue. For brown hair, copper tinting will be effective. Dark brown and not too dark brown hair allows you to use a wide palette of colors: copper, bronze, wine red, with ashy shimmer. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

It must be remembered that the darker the natural color, the less visible the shades.

Toning Techniques

Full-length hair tinting

To achieve the desired shade, the tonic must be applied to washed and dried hair and spread over the entire length. The duration of the dye is maintained according to the instructions. After this, the hair should be moistened with water, foamed and “washed out” throughout the head – this process is called emulsification. Next, the hair is washed with water without shampoo and applied balm.

Toning at the roots

When the roots of tinted dark hair grow back, a sharp border of color does not form, but the desired shade still disappears. You can fix this in the following way: comb the hair on one side, after a short distance make partings and apply a tonic to the roots. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

After sustaining a certain time, it is necessary to emulsify – thanks to this, the roots will acquire the desired color, and the original shade will become more fresh and bright. It is important not to forget to stain the roots near the ears.

Toning the ends of the hair

The ends of dark hair are usually tinted in lighter shades (usually 2 tones) using persistent tonics with a small amount of oxidizing agent. To achieve the effect, the ombre technique is most suitable.

This often raises the question: how to achieve a smooth transition of shades. To avoid sharp contrast, you should not accurately fix the upper border, you need to distribute the tonic with a comb with frequent teeth.

In which technique is it better to tint short hair, Bob haircut

Short haircuts and Bob haircut limit their owners in creating various hairstyles, however, they provide many opportunities for playing shades.

Both monochromatic toning and balayazh techniques, classic, transverse and color ombre, shatush with walnut and honey shades and others are used:

  • balayazh – dark locks alternate with lighter ones;
  • multitonal ombre – hair is tinted at once in several shades;
  • “Two colors” – hair is tinted in two contrasting shades, for example black – red; Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
  • shatush – curls are tinted in different places and at different heights.

Toning hair at home – instructions

Preparation for tinting is carried out similarly to the staining procedure.

  1. It is necessary to carefully read the instructions for use of the selected tonic, prepare a workplace, apply petroleum jelly or oily cream to the skin along the hair line, use gloves.
  2. A tinting agent is applied by hand to the hair and is evenly distributed from the roots along the entire length. It is important to ensure that no untreated strands remain.
  3. After thoroughly massaging the roots, with a rare comb, comb the hair in different directions for uniform tinting. Keep the composition on the hair in strict accordance with the instructions. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
  4. The tonic must be washed off with water until it is completely transparent. Do not use shampoo when rinsing.
  5. The final touch: apply balm for colored hair.

How to apply tint shampoo for maximum effect

Hue shampoo is applied to clean and slightly dried, damp hair – so dyeing will be more effective. The product is distributed by massage movements, you need to pay attention to each strand along the entire length (it should not be rubbed into the scalp, shampoo stains only the surface of the hair). Then you need to distribute the composition well, combing the strands with a thick comb.

Masters advise to perform this procedure twice: to withstand a few minutes after the first application of the product and repeat again. The effectiveness of tinting depends on the duration of exposure to tinted shampoo.

Dark hair tinting after highlighting and lightening

Hair tinting gives a very interesting effect on dark hair after highlighting. It is not necessary to apply a tinting agent immediately, but wait from 2 days to a week.

Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
Toning hair on dark hair after a poor highlighting is easy to fix at home

Toning is usually carried out all over the head (individual strands can also be tinted, but this is quite complicated and is more suitable for the ombre, rooftop, balayazh techniques).

Toning Technology:

  • the hair is slightly moistened and combed (after washing, 2-3 days should pass).
  • Divide the entire mass of hair into several parts (using non-metallic clamps).
  • Distribute the tonic into strands on the back of the head.
  • In the same way, the hair of the temporal part and on the top is dyed.
  • Maintain the recommended time.
  • Wash off the composition to clear water.

Before toning bleached hair, it is necessary to assess the degree of damage: apply a drop of tonic to several hairs. If the product is absorbed immediately, then the hair is badly damaged. With an average degree of damage, this does not happen immediately, but if the tonic is not absorbed for a long time, the hair is healthy. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home

Depending on the results of the test, the concentration of the tinting agent depends: with damaged hair, it must be diluted in proportions from 1: 2 to 1: 5.

To determine the optimal concentration, you need to apply a tonic and after 5 minutes to evaluate the result: if the hair darkens too quickly, wash off the composition and make it weaker.  The tonic must be kept for 20 minutes, rinse, apply balm.

How much hair tinting lasts

On average, the shade after tinting is kept on the hair for 2-3 weeks.

To keep brightness longer, experts recommend:

  • wash hair with shampoo and treat with balm for colored hair, preferably the same cosmetic line as the tonic;
  • apply the appropriate shampoo (for dark hair);
  • make nourishing masks;
  • wash your hair with warm, but not hot water;
  • use a hairdryer as little as possible (as well as curling irons, irons, etc.);
  • varnishes, foams, mousses can change the tone of hair;
  • dark hair should be protected from sunlight.

What could result in a bad result

Sometimes it is not possible to achieve the desired result, it depends on some circumstances that must be taken into account:

  • You can not apply tinting agents to partially gray hair, you can tint only smooth, absolute gray hair.
  • You can not tint hair after staining with henna and basma, as well as after perming, it is necessary to sustain a couple of months.
  • After highlighting or lightening, hair can be tinted no earlier than a week later. Toning hair on dark hair after lightening, highlighting. Photo how to make at home
  • If the hair is damaged as a result of the use of aggressive coloring agents, it is necessary to restore their structure, otherwise the shade will turn out with different tints.

Hair tinting, with careful observance of the instructions and recommendations of specialists, is considered a harmless cosmetic procedure. Thanks to the application of tonic on dark hair, the strands will acquire a rich shade.

Video about tinting hair on dark hair

Fashionable tinting:

Toning hair in a darker color:

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