Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home

Getting rid of cellulite, a problem that many women face, is not easy. But this can be done without the use of expensive means. A good solution would be wraps using Capsicam. Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at homeDespite the fact that the ointment is classified as a medicine, and is prescribed for the treatment of arthritis, it is quite effective in controlling the orange peel.


Treatment cream consists of the following components:

  • dimethyl sulfoxide-50 mg, an anti-inflammatory agent, improves microcirculation in the affected area and improves tissue nutrition;
  • gum turpentine (turpentine) 30 mg, a powerful irritant, has antiseptic properties;
  • benzyl nicotinate 20 mg, vasodilator;
  • racemic camphor – 30 mg, activates skin receptors and stimulates a rush of blood;
  • nonivamide – 2 mg, is an analogue of cayenne pepper (capsaicin) and causes an irritating effect;
  • cetostearyl alcohol;
  • purified water;
  • sodium;
  • polysorbate.

In appearance, the ointment is white or slightly yellowish, has a smell of turpentine and camphor.

Effect of application

Cellulite wrapping with capsicam creates an ambiguous effect:

  1. It has a beneficial effect only at the 1st stage of the disease, when there is swelling of the subcutaneous tissue, which occurs against the background of circulatory disorders and lymph swelling. Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home
  2. After 10 sessions, the effect will be poorly noticeable. The drug should be used much longer and in several courses.
  3. The therapeutic effect on the 3rd and 4th stages of the disease is not visible at all.
  4. Practice shows that the ointment will be useful for the prevention of cellulite and with an increase in its manifestation.

Capsicam is a drug that activates blood circulation. The active substances of the healing cream regulate the metabolic process, while the body warms up and the tissue trophism returns to normal. And if subcutaneous scars have formed under the skin, then getting rid of the cause of this manifestation does not guarantee the elimination of the pathological process.

Rules for the use of ointment

In order for the ointment to bring the expected effect, some rules should be followed:

  • It is not recommended to apply the product on wounds, abrasions and scratches;
  • prevent the gel from getting on the mucous membranes and in the eyes;
  • Before use, a small amount of ointment should be lubricated with the elbow bend. If redness and an allergic reaction are absent, then the drug can be used;
  • Before using the liniment, it is forbidden to take thermal procedures (bath, hot bath). If you do not adhere to this rule, then the skin pores will open, and when applying a therapeutic balm, irritation may occur;
  • Capsicam can be combined with other cosmetic products to increase the effect;
  • liniment is mixed with olive oil or with any moisturizer in a ratio of 1: 5;

Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home
Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home

  • it is not recommended to combine the ointment with other warming substances;
  • if you add a few drops of honey, the composition will not be so burning.

How to use ointment

Capsicum from cellulite is used in the form of a mask or cream. To do this, 2-3 g. Of the product is applied with a thin even layer on the problematic parts of the body and rubbed until a slight redness occurs.

After 15 minutes the gel should be washed off with cool water (the first sessions can be performed within 5-10 minutes, for the body to get used to). After covering the skin with the drug, it is not recommended to exercise, because burning sensation will aggravate and cause severe pain.

Cellulite Capsicam Wrap

Cellulite wrapping with capsicam is carried out after a certain preparation, which consists in steaming the body and treating the areas damaged by inflammation of the subcutaneous adipose tissues with a scrub. Ointment in its pure form is not advisable to use, because you can burn the skin.

There are several ways to prepare the composition for wrapping:

  1. Mix 1/3 Capsicam balm with 2 ampoules of pharmaceutical caffeine, it will help increase the effectiveness of the procedure. Add a small amount of moisturizer to the mixture.
  2. Connect small spoons of liniment with 1 large tablespoons of baby cream, which will help to avoid burns and remove discomfort from the effects of the active components of the gel. You can add a few drops of citrus essential oil. Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home

The procedure increases perspiration, activates blood flow in the skin and produces a drainage effect.

Capsicam Wrap Rules

The rules for performing wraps with ointment are as follows:

  • before performing anti-cellulite manipulations, it is not recommended to do epilation;
  • 2 hours before and after the action, you must refuse to eat;
  • the place for applying the treatment gel should not be wrapped tightly in 3 layers of film, then put on warm clothes or cover with a woolen blanket. You should start wrapping from the waist, then make the transition to the right, then to the left leg, and at the end again wrap the waist;
  • the course of procedures using Capsicam is from 10 to 15 sessions;
  • the frequency of performing wellness manipulations $ 0,01 – $ 0,03. per week, after an interval of 1 month. the course is repeated;
  • wrapping options with different compositions can be performed alternately;
  • apply the mixture in rubber gloves.

Cellulite capsicam: how much to keep

The best recommendation is to keep the capsicam wrap for 30 minutes. The minimum time period is 15 minutes, the maximum is 60 minutes. To enhance the result, some ladies suggest keeping the gel on the body for up to 3 hours.

In practice, most women cannot stand the discomfort and burning sensation for so long. The duration of exposure to the treatment liniment after skin lubrication lasts from 3 to 6 hours.

Capsicam and baby cream for cellulite

Very often, Capsicum is combined with a baby cream that nourishes, removes irritation and moisturizes the skin. The mixture is considered a fairly strong anti-cellulite product.

Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home
Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home

The healing gel warms the skin, opens the pores, removes toxic elements and breaks down the layer of fat, and a c
hildren’s cosmetic product removes the results of this aggressive effect, reducing the risk of burns and the likelihood of skin irritation.

To prepare the mixture should be mixed in a non-metallic container 1-2 pea ointments with 2 tablespoon. cream and distribute it with a thin layer in certain areas of the body (it is not recommended to apply to the stomach). Cover the greased area with foil, hold for 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water. If 1 procedure caused peeling of the skin, then the use of liniment should be discontinued.

Capsicam & Caffeine Wrap Recipe

Cellulite wrapping with capsicam is carried out with the addition of caffeine to the product, which helps the vessels expand, stabilizes microcirculation and normalizes subcutaneous metabolic processes, as well as breaks down fats.


  • combine and mix together 2 ampoules of caffeine-sodium benzoate, pea ( 0’4 inch) ointment and 1 small spoonfuls of baby cream;
  • cover with a thin layer of the mixture the problem area of the body;
  • cover with several layers of cling film and put on warm clothes;
  • keep 1-2 hours, given sensations;
  • rinse with warm water;
  • finally apply a nourishing cream to the skin.

Within 2 hours after the procedure, it is advisable not to eat food, it is better to perform it before bedtime. Before starting, it is necessary to steam the place of application and clean it with a scrub.

Capsicum and white clay

A good result for getting rid of the orange peel is Capsicum in combination with white clay.

There are several ways:

1 option:

  • dilute clay in slightly warmed water in advance;
  • add a drop of healing cream to the mixture;
  • cover the composition of the problem areas of the body.

A good result at the same time as body wraps will have anti-cellulite massage.

Option 2:

  • stir warm water with kaolin until smooth;
  • add a little healing liniment;
  • You can supplement the composition with honey or ground coffee;
  • mix thoroughly and apply to cellulite areas.

Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home
Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home
Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home
Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home

Option 3:

  • you need to dilute the white clay with plain or mineral water until a thick consistency is well mixed;
  • to increase the anti-cellulite effect, it is desirable to add 5 cap. orange or tangerine oil;
  • perform the procedure for 40-60 minutes. with a frequency of 2 – 3 time. in Week. The duration of the course is 10-15 sessions.

Capsicam and anti-cellulite cosmetics: what to combine with

The drug Capsicam is combined with cosmetics that are designed to get rid of fibrous inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.

The cream goes well with:

  • body scrub;
  • anti-cellulite formulations;
  • different moisturizers;
  • massage oils;
  • shower gel;
  • baby cream.

In this case, the ratio of therapeutic ointment to the second component should be 1: 5. If the resulting mixture is difficult to tolerate, then you need to reduce the amount of Capsicum in it.

It is advisable to mix the preparations with rubber gloves, and prevent the healing balm from getting on the mucous membranes. A composition for long-term use can be prepared by mixing any cream in a container with a capacity of 1,69 fluid ounce with 1/3 teaspoons. liniment.

When can I see the result after wrapping

If the product is applied regularly, then on problem areas of the skin after several sessions, you can notice a smooth surface without an orange peel. Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home

Positive results when applying a therapeutic cream are recorded at stage 1 of an inflammatory disease of subcutaneous fat, and slightly less at stage 2. Many women notice the first improvements in the form of smoothed skin and a decrease in the appearance of the orange peel after 1-2 weeks, and some after 1 wrap.

How often do wraps with Capsicam

Capsicam wraps for the treatment of cellulite are recommended to be performed 2p for 10-14 days. In fact, it is desirable to perform the procedure less often – every other day, while the course should be from 8 to 10 sessions.

If a woman has revealed gynoid lipodystrophy of the 1st stage, then 1 wrap can be done once every 3 days. The subsequent therapeutic course is worth starting, having sustained a break of 1 month. after the end of the previous one. Further take into account the condition of the skin. At the initial stage of body fat formation, a second treatment course may not be required.

How to wash off Capsicum ointment

Considering that Kapsikam is viscous in consistency, it is not easy to wash it off with water. The best option is to erase the drug from the body with a napkin, or with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil. First wipe the treated area with oil, then rinse under a cold shower.

Alternatively, you can remove the gel with skin and cool water. You can make a decoction of mint before the procedure, cool it or send it to the freezer. After washing with water, a burning sensation will be felt, and a piece of mint ice will soothe skin irritation. The dried part of the body must be treated with a nutritious cosmetic product or any vegetable oil.

Capsicum: how to relieve burning sensation

In order to be safe and not bring the capsicam wraps to a burning sensation, you should try to apply the prepared mixture to a small area of the skin. It often happens that a painful feeling disappears after 10 minutes, and a pleasant warmth appears.

Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home
Before using Capsicum for wrapping against cllulite, you should definitely do a sensitivity test

But there are reverse moments when the use of therapeutic balm brings an unbearable burning sensation. To remove it you need:

  1. Wipe the affected area with a solution of novocaine (0.5%).
  2. Using special anti-burn materials, remove the cream from the
  3. Soak a cotton pad soaked in vegetable oil to moisten the damaged area.
  4. Cover the injured area with natural or baby cream.

What to do with a burn from Capsicam ointment

When acute pain or a burning sensation is felt after applying the medication, then most people try to rinse the preparation off immediately with running water.

To reduce the effects of a burn, the following actions should be performed:

  • remove residues of the substance from the skin with cotton pads or cloth, soaked in any vegetable oil or baby cosmetics;
  • perform movements with cotton wool not by rubbing, but in the form of raising the balm up. If the swabs become dirty, then they should be replaced with clean material;
  • After removing the ointment, you need to rinse the scorched skin with cold water, and this will reduce pain;
  • cover the damaged area of the epidermis with a wound healing preparation;
  • if Capsicam enters the mucous membranes, it is advisable to remove the ointment with cotton wool, rinse the injured area with water, and seek the advice of a doctor.

The above actions will relieve pain for 15-20 minutes, but subsequent treatment of damaged skin will be required. A burn from the use of the drug has not a serious lesion of the 1st degree.

After receiving the first necessary help, the skin looks pale and flaky. In the future (until the final recovery of the epidermis), it is recommended to regularly lubricate the affected area with a special cream.

The cost of Capsicam ointment

The average price for a drug in New York ranges from:

Name Volume g Cost, usd.
Ointment for external use 30g 200-450
Liniment, tube N1 50g 300-540

Precautionary measures

Using a healing cream, you must follow the precautions:

  • do not apply on damaged skin to avoid irritation;
  • shortly before and after the healing procedure, it is not advisable to do thermal manipulations (bath, hot bath), because this leads to the opening of pores and subsequent burning at the place of application;
  • some active ingredients of the drug can provoke skin reactions (dermatitis);
  • after each use, it is imperative to wash hands with soap, as burning may hold;
  • in order to avoid negative consequences and to exclude allergic reactions, it is necessary to apply a little liniment in the buttocks. If the result is a burning or redness, then the product should be discarded; Cellulite wrap with Capsicam cream on the hips, buttocks, stomach. Effective recipes at home
  • at the end of the procedure, it is not advisable to be outdoors for some time and refrain from contacting the treated area of the body with water for 2-3 hours.


Cellulite wraps with capsicam are contraindicated in the following cases:

  • with personal intolerance to the active components of the drug;
  • not recommended to be applied to the skin with any damage;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • various tumors;
  • during menstruation;
  • with diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • with fungal diseases;
  • if there is a predisposition to cramps.

Capsicam wraps with continuous use will help get rid of cellulite at the initial levels of development and slow down its formation. But it is worth remembering that medicines that are intended for external use should be used in the form of auxiliary methods in combination with the methods of complex therapy.

Cellulite Capsicam Wrap Video

Cellulite wraps with Capsicam, baby cream and caffeine:

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