Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic

Everyone can draw up a training program for pull-ups on the horizontal bar independently. The horizontal bar is an affordable way to do sports. It is in every yard and practically does not require investments.

The benefits of training on the horizontal bar

Classes on the crossbar allow you to not only pump muscles, but also improve your health. The horizontal bar is useful for those who have back problems. Exercise will help develop all the muscles and joints.

The benefits of classes on the crossbar are great:

  1. Classes on the horizontal bar allow you to achieve a beautiful and inflated back.
  2. The horizontal bar strengthens the muscles of the hands, making them hardy and strong.
  3. Hanging on the horizontal bar allows you to align the spine and reduce the load on it.
  4. Thanks to exercises on the horizontal bar, the muscles stretch and become more elastic, which helps to avoid many injuries in the future. Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic
  5. Exercises on the bar are able to pump up the press.
  6. When training on a horizontal bar, a large number of calories is spent, which makes it possible to reduce weight.
  7. Stretching the spine and joints promotes flexibility.
  8. Exercises on the horizontal bar are an alternative way to prevent back diseases.
  9. After a busy day in a sitting position, hanging on the horizontal bar allows you to unload the spine and get rid of tension in the back.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pulling up on the horizontal bar (the training program should be compiled individually) has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Benefits disadvantages
Horizontal bars are always available on any platform near the house. No need to go anywhere and spend money. You can also install a crossbar at home. During classes on the horizontal bar, all muscles are worked out, except for the legs. Therefore, the load on the legs must be carried out separately.
Engaged in 10-15 minutes a day, you can achieve visible changes in the body and improve the condition. To build muscle, ordinary exercises on the crossbar is not enough. It is necessary to separately purchase and use various items (weighting agents).
If a person is not able to pull himself up, he can just hang on the bar. A couple of minutes a day can improve your back and gradually make your arms stronger. If the horizontal bar is on, then you must always adapt to weather conditions.
There is practically no risk of injury on the crossbar. For those who have not played sports before, it will be hard to start training on the horizontal bar.
Any person, regardless of gender and age, can engage in a horizontal bar.

Choosing clothes for training

Clothes for pull-ups on the horizontal bar should be comfortable and not hamper the movement. From shoes it is better to use sneakers. The choice of clothing for training depends on the season and weather.

In winter, when choosing clothes, you need to consider the following points:

  1. Do not dress too warm. Exercise will not let you freeze. It is better to use several layers of clothing (thermal underwear, a shirt and a jacket).
  2. Under sportswear, it is advisable to purchase thermal underwear.
  3. It is better to refuse cotton clothes, as a person will sweat during the training process, the fabric will get wet. Therefore, it is better to give preference to synthetics.
  4. Remember to protect your hands with gloves. A hat should be worn on the head.

In summer, you can wear cotton clothes with the addition of elastane. Men can train in a T-shirt and shorts or pants. Some people prefer to practice without a shirt. For women, you should choose a top or shirt and leggings or shorts. The girl also needs to pay attention to the choice of sports underwear. Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic

When performing exercises on the horizontal bar, the hands sometimes slide off the bar. To avoid this, you can purchase special gloves for practicing on the crossbar. They can reduce the number of corns and help you feel more confident on the horizontal bar.

Training Rules

The final result depends on the correct technique for performing the exercises.

Training Rules:

  1. Before starting a workout, you should do a warm-up to warm up your muscles.
  2. In the initial position, the body should hang evenly. You can bend your back a little. Legs must be bent at the knees and crossed.
  3. During pulling up you need to breathe correctly: on the rise – inhale, on the descent – exhale.
  4. When performing exercises, you do not need to throw your head back. This can harm the cervical vertebrae.
  5. The crossbar must be held tight.
  6. You need to pull yourself up not with your hands and body swaying, but with your back muscles.
  7. In the process of pulling the chin should be above the bar. Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic
  8. The slower the exercise, the more efficient the muscles work.
  9. To pull up and fall to its original position is smooth.

For beginners, it is best to start with Vis, while increasing the time each time.

Hands get used to the load and then you can move on to the pull-ups. To improve the process, you can use various means (weighting materials, gum).

Warm up

Warm up is the main component of any physical activity. It helps warm muscles and joints and avoid further injuries. Warming up takes 5 to 20 minutes. In warm-up exercises, it is worth paying attention to all muscle groups in turn.

Warm up exercises:

  1. Turning the head and tilting the head in different directions prepare and knead the cervical vertebrae. Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic
  2. To warm up the hands, you can use the hand swings in different directions and the rotation of the hands. You can do 3 sets of
    10-15 times.
  3. Tilts from side to side and forward, as well as the rotation of the body allow you to flex the torso muscles.
  4. To warm up the legs, swing the legs, work with a skipping rope. To reduce the risk of muscle strain and ligament rupture during training, after a warm-up you need to do a couple of stretching exercises. It is necessary to linger during the performance of exercises from 5 to 10 seconds, until a slight discomfort in the muscles appears.
  5. Feet apart shoulder width apart. Alternately, you need to get your hands on the right foot, center and left foot. Repeat 3-5 times.
  6. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, arms on the belt. It is necessary to lunge forward with the right foot, bent at the knee. In this state, stand 3-5 seconds. and return to the starting position. Repeat with the left foot. The number of repetitions from 5 to 10 times.
  7. Feet set shoulder width apart. Arms should be placed along the body. Swing hands 25 times forward, 25 times backward.

Pulling on the horizontal bar: a female set of exercises

Pulling up on the horizontal bar (the training program should depend on the gender and age of the practitioner) is useful not only for men, but also for women. As a result of classes, girls acquire a beautiful posture, elastic breasts and a pumped up press. Exercises on the horizontal bar will help get rid of extra pounds. But do not forget that 20% in losing weight is a sport, and 80% is proper nutrition.

Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic
In the pull-up training program, there are various exercises on the horizontal bar.

Lessons on the horizontal bar in girls are different from men’s exercises. If for men it is a priority to pump up the body, then for women it is important to make the figure slim and fit.

Exercise for the chest:

  • on the crossbar, hands should be placed shoulder-width apart and hold the bar firmly. The legs are crossed and bent at the back of the knees;
  • Slowly starting to pull up, trying to get the bar with the chin;
  • at the very top, fix the position for 2-3 seconds;
  • Slow down to the starting position.

To strengthen the back:

  • you need to hang on the horizontal bar for 10-20 seconds;
  • rest for 30 seconds;
  • do the exercise several times.

For the press:

  • with your hands grasp the crossbar at a distance of shoulder width. The legs are straight;
  • without bending, you should raise your legs and fix for a couple of seconds;
  • return to starting position.

Exercise for the press:

  • arms shoulder-width apart capture the crossbar;
  • raise the legs bent at the knees to the stomach and fix for a few seconds;
  • slowly lower. Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic

Exercises for the lower back and lateral abdominal muscles:

  • hands to take the bar. Hands are shoulder width apart. The legs are bent at the knees;
  • it is necessary to make smooth turns to the right and left side.

All exercises are performed in several approaches, depending on the level of the woman.

Pull-ups with elastic

Pulling up on the horizontal bar, the training program for which has a lot of different options for exercises with additional objects, makes it possible to comprehensively affect the muscles. Elastic tape when pulling on the horizontal bar allows you to diversify and make more difficult exercises.

Features of classes:

  1. In the process of training on the horizontal bar with elastic, more emphasis is placed on the muscles of the chest, arms and back.
  2. Classes with elastic rubber are perfect for beginners, as the load on the hands is reduced.
  3. Sometimes a person does not have enough strength to do the last exercises in the program. And the elastic tape at the final stage will reduce the weight on the hands and help to make a couple of control exercises.
  4. Elastic tape works like a spring. She pushes the body.
  5. During stretching, you can actively use elastic gum.

All conventional pull-ups can be done with elastic tape. It needs to be fixed on the bar.


  1. You need to grab the bar so that the tape is in front. Hands remain straight.
  2. You can insert your feet or knees into the loop. Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic
  3. Pulling is performed until the chin touches the bar. You need to linger for a few seconds.
  4. Lower to starting position.
  5. To do several approaches. For efficiency, you can change the capture of the strap.

Weight lifting

With frequent activity on the horizontal bar, the body gets used to the loads. And in order to achieve further results, you can take various weighting materials. However, not everyone can use them.

Safety precautions:

  1. Weighting agents give a large load on the spine, so you need to correctly perform all the exercises.
  2. Any sharp movements should be avoided. All actions should be smooth.
  3. When pulling with weights, you can not bounce.

As weighting agents are used:

  • vest; Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic
  • weighting agents on legs;
  • weight;
  • backpack with various contents.

The best option is a vest, since it does not compress the spine.

All exercises are performed as with the usual pull-up for several approaches with breaks. Each time, you can change the method of gripping the crossbar and the distance between the arms so that the muscles work more intensively.

Weekly Workout Program

Training on the horizontal bar is a good power load. The effectiveness of training is not affected by the number of times a week, but by the quality of training and the correctness of the exercise. It is best to train every other day, as the muscles do not grow during exercise, but during rest. It is advisable that the
lesson does not exceed 60 minutes.

Training program for 7 days for pulling up on the horizontal bar:

  1. Pulling average grip 4 sets of 10 times.
  2. Push-ups from the floor 4×15.
  3. Exercise on the press 3×12.
  4. Pulling with a weighting agent 3×8.
  5. Alternately raising legs on the horizontal bar 3×10.
Tuesday Output
  1. Wide grip pull-up 3×15.
  2. Twisting on a horizontal bar 3×15.
  3. Burpee with access to the horizontal bar 3×10.
  4. Hanging on the bar 8 sets of 15-20 seconds.
  5. Exercise pendulum (legs move in a semicircle) 3×7.
Thursday Output
  1. Pulling back grip 3×10.
  2. Raising straight legs on the crossbar 3×10.
  3. Raising legs in a prone position 3×15.
  4. Pull-ups with elastic tape 3×7.
  1. Pulling with a narrow grip 3×9.
  2. Twisting on a horizontal bar 3×10.
  3. Work on the press (raising the legs bent at the knees) 3×10.
  4. Pulling the head 2×9.
Sunday Output

In the first 2 days of training, the load should be greater than in the following days. This is done so that the muscles have time to recover


Before class on the horizontal bar, you must consult your doctor, as there are contraindications. With some diseases, you can perform a certain set of exercises.

You can not do exercises on the bar when there is:

  • intervertebral hernia;
  • acute osteochondrosis;
  • scoliosis; Pulling on the horizontal bar. Training program for beginners. Use, exercise pattern with weights, elastic
  • joint diseases
  • overweight problems;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (kyphosis, lordosis).

With training, it is worthwhile to wait for those who have recently had sprains and tears of ligaments.

The training program for pull-ups on the horizontal bar needs to be selected taking into account physical capabilities and health status. All exercises must be performed gradually so as not to harm the body.

Video about pull-ups on the horizontal bar for girls

Tips for girls on how to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar:

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