Thermage of the face – what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews

Many women who have crossed a certain age line dream of healthy and young skin. In search of a second youth, they turn to the latest achievements of cosmetology.

Among the many proposed procedures, such a method of hardware cosmetology as face thermage stands apart. What this procedure is and how effective it is – these are the main points that interest women who have discovered this technique.

Thermage concept

Thermage is a hardware cosmetology procedure in which radio frequency waves act on the cells of the dermis.

Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews

As a result of radiation, local heating of tissues occurs, which leads to the activation of collagen synthesis and the strengthening of the facial skin. In other words, this non-surgical correction method significantly tightens and rejuvenates the skin.


The thermage procedure has several advantages:

  • collagen synthesis is activated, while the upper layers of the dermis remain intact;
  • a noticeable lifting effect appears;
  • the result is noticeable after 1 session;
  • the effect of a facelift lasts from 3 to 5 years;
  • patients do not need a rehabilitation period;
  • the application of the method does not depend on the season and weather conditions.

This type of anti-aging procedure has a minimum of contraindications and can be used by both women and men who have not reached the age threshold of 70 years.

Disadvantages Compared to Similar Techniques

The main disadvantage of this method is its high cost. In comparison with other anti-aging procedures, the prices for thermage are several times higher. However, the result will not be long in coming.

Patients with hypersensitivity also note a small pain syndrome during the procedure, which is a disadvantage compared to many other methods of rejuvenation.

Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews

Summarizing, the following disadvantages of thermage can be identified in comparison with other methods of rejuvenation:

  • high price;
  • soreness (in patients with increased sensory sensitivity);
  • the possibility of thermal burns to the skin;
  • longer procedure time (minimum 45 minutes).


Like any cosmetic procedure, thermage requires a number of indications for its implementation.

Most often it is recommended for:

  • loss of tone of the skin;
  • violation of the smooth contours of the face (second chin);
  • overhanging of the upper and lower eyelids (bags under the eyes);
  • the presence of facial wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet);
  • the appearance of the other first signs of aging.

In some cases, thermal lifting is prescribed as one of the auxiliary procedures included in the list of rehabilitation therapy after plastic surgery.


Thermage of the face (what kind of procedure is this, its advantages and possible side effects are discussed with the client at the initial stage of the examination) are actively used in practice by most major cosmetic clinics.

This type of radiofrequency rejuvenation has a number of contraindications common to methods of this type. Among them, one can distinguish absolute and relative.

Absolute contraindications include:

  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • the presence of wounds in the area of exposure to radio frequencies;
  • eczema, psoriasis;
  • diseases accompanied by hyperthermia;
  • diabetes mellitus type I and II;
  • oncology;
  • diseases associated with mental disorders or CNS pathologies.

Relative contraindications are:

  • the presence of a pacemaker (consultation and approval of the attending physician’s procedure is necessary);
  • connective tissue dysplasia and other types of pathologies that require additional examination and identification of the stage of the disease;
  • a tendency to scarring (consultation with an observing dermatologist is necessary);
  • fresh tan.

At what age can the procedure be done

The procedure of thermal lifting, as a prevention of age-related skin changes, is recommended to be carried out from 35 years. The upper bar is 70 years old. Patients older than this age, as a rule, have too many absolute contraindications.

What parts of the body are used for

The method of thermal lifting can be used both for the face and for the body . Most often, an adjustment of the skin in the eye area is required to remove the “crow’s feet”, to reduce the swelling under the eyes and the overhang of the upper eyelids.

The second area in the frequency of adjustment is the nose and lips. With the help of thermage, you can eliminate deep folds that give the face a displeased expression.

After 35 years, thermal lifting is often used as part of preventive measures to prevent the appearance of such folds.

This method allows you to adjust and make the face contour more clear, remove the second chin. Also, during the procedure, shallow facial wrinkles are smoothed out, the dermis of the cheeks is tightened. The very first visible result is the overall fresh look of the patient.

Eyelids and eye area

The skin of the eyelids and the area around the eyes is the most sensitive and thin. He is in constant motion. The dermis does not have a subcutaneous fat layer, but there are many blood vessels in it, which in the event of stagnation of the blood cause the development of edema.

Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews
Photos before and after thermage around the eyes.

Therefore, the execution of the thermage procedure here has a number of its features:

  • the markup used during the preparatory phase is much smaller;
  • nozzles used during the procedure are smaller in size;
  • special eye drops with anesthetic and protective effect are used;
  • eyes are necessarily protected by dark lenses that prevent radiation.

The result of this method of radiofrequency rejuvenation can persist for 2-5 years, depending on the characteristics of the skin structure of the patient. To prolong the effect, cosmetologists recommend repeating the procedure after 1-1.5 years.


Thermage face is applicable for various sites. Lips, nasolabial area, cheekbones, forehead and cheeks – any of these areas can be rejuvenated using this method.

The nozzle used for thermal lifting in the cheeks or cheekbones is larger than that used to treat the eyes and the area around them. The size of
special markings applied to the skin of the patient also changes.

Thermage of the face is not only a method of dealing with the consequences, but also a means of prevention, as confirmed by cosmetologists. A striking example is the prevention of the formation of deep nasolabial folds as a result of preventive treatment of this area with a device for thermal lifting.

Preparatory stage. Analyzes and preliminary examination

Like any serious cosmetic procedure, facial thermage has several stages: preparatory, basic and regenerative.

The preparatory phase begins 2 weeks before the main procedure. It includes a mandatory initial consultation with a cosmetologist who will give an assessment of the condition of the skin and write out a referral for a medical examination. It may include not only a laboratory blood test, but also an additional consultation of a dermatologist in case of suspected skin disease.

Thermage of the face – what kind of procedure it is, how it is carried out, what contraindications are there and whether it is recommended to the patient – the specialist should give detailed answers to all these questions at the initial consultation.

A week before the thermolifting procedure, the patient should refuse:

  • visits to the solarium and open beaches; Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews
  • the use of fatty dishes, a large number of spices, spices, pickles and preservatives;
  • smoking and alcohol.

Thermage is carried out only with clean skin, without pustules, wounds and acne. Refusal of salt, a large amount of water drunk per day, an increase in cereal and plant foods in the diet will solve the problem with rashes of an infectious nature.

Only after passing all the tests and passing the necessary consultations, the cosmetologist will appoint the date of the procedure.

Procedure execution

The thermal procedure itself is a series of sequential operations:

  1. Facial skin treatment. All applied makeup products, creams and balms are preliminarily removed, after which the skin is disinfected – treated with an alcohol-containing product. With increased dryness of the dermis, a different composition for disinfection can be selected.
  2. Drawing a special marking. For this stage, a washable marker and special paper are used. Contour marking allows you to highlight problem areas and adjust the processing lines of the thermage apparatus. Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews
  3. The use of anesthesia and additional protective measures. This stage is relevant when working with the eyes and the area around the bottom. Special eye drops have an analgesic effect and protect the cornea from exposure to radiation. Dark lenses have the same function.
  4. Equipment preparation. The device turns on to heat to the required temperature, and the beautician selects the size of the nozzle used during the procedure. There are 5 nozzles for face thermage. The smallest for the eyelids, and the largest for the forehead.
  5. The working process. During the procedure, the cosmetologist adjusts the depth of exposure, taking into account the treated area. The patient does not experience pain, but feels the impulses. Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews
  6. The time of processing the skin depends on the professionalism and experience of a specialist , the degree of age-related problems, the number of treated areas and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Fake difference

Many patients who underwent a thermage procedure were not satisfied with the result, since the effect was not fully manifested. Most often, the reason for this is the use of devices for radio frequency lifting, a method similar to facial thermage, but with a less noticeable result and cheaper financially.

Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews
Before and after the thermage procedure with a high-quality apparatus.

Distinguishing a fake is very simple. Just look at the thermage apparatus itself. Thermolifting devices are manufactured by the American company Thermage Inc (California, USA). The name of the Therma Cool appliance must be indicated on the unit.

An additional guarantee of the authenticity of the procedure is a detailed explanation of the specialist, which is a method and demonstration of the device with all the nozzles.

It is also necessary to remember that the result of thermage is achieved by carrying out one procedure. If the specialist recommends that the course be held at intervals less than a year later, it is worth doubting the authenticity of the device and the method itself.

The device for a thermage at home

Thermage of the face (what kind of procedure is described in detail above) until 2013 was carried out only in clinics and specialized salons. However, in the same year, Swiss experts released the Thermage Mini device, with which you can carry out lifting at home.

Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews
Apparatus for the procedure is on sale, so you can carry out facial thermage at home.

The device is more compact and convenient for independent use. The price for this type of devices varies from $ 911 – $ 1047.

Detailed instructions for the device allow you to carry out the procedure at home yourself. However, to achieve the best result is possible only when working with professional equipment and an experienced specialist.

Recovery and rehabilitation

The recovery period lasts no more than 2 days. Lack of rehabilitation is one of the benefits of thermage. You can return to your usual lifestyle almost immediately.

Due to the increased sensitivity of the facial skin, a number of requirements must be observed in order to maintain
the effect of the procedure for a long time:

  • do not arrive long in direct sunlight;
  • the first time you can not use the solarium;
  • do not apply decorative and sunscreen cosmetics for the first 14-18 days after the passage of the thermage;
  • refrain from visiting the American, Turkish baths and saunas to exclude the possibility of inflammation; Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews
  • do not use alcohol-containing products (lotions) for the face;
  • replace hard soap with a soft foam for washing;
  • exclude the use of scrubs and pilling;
  • temporarily cancel sports.

All these rules of the patient should be warned by the beautician. In all other activities, there are no strict restrictions.

Differences from RF-lifting

Thermage of the face is an analogue of RF lifting. Many people think that this is one and the same thing. Indeed, these techniques are distinguished by a general principle based on exposure to the dermis with radio frequency radiation. However, there are significant differences.

First of all, we are talking about the temperature of heating the skin. For thermage, this indicator is 42,8 – 32°F, and for RF lifting 24,8 – 32°F. Therefore, in the first case there is a greater chance of getting a thermal burn.

The following differences can also be noted:

  • the difference in the monopolar radiation frequency (it is more powerful in thermage);
  • complete collagen denaturation during thermolifting and partial during RF lifting;
  • the number of necessary procedures (1 for thermage and a course for RF lifting).

Is Altera more effective

The principle of operation of the Alter apparatus is based on ultrasonic action on subcutaneous tissue located at a depth of 4/32 – 10/32 inch.

Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews

There are a number of differences between the procedures performed by Thermage and Altera:

  • a longer recovery period (about 2 weeks), often accompanied by redness and slight swelling, after the Alter procedure;
  • less noticeable result compared to thermage;
  • temporary increase in sensitivity of the skin;
  • lower cost of one procedure using the Alter apparatus.

Effect duration

The result of thermage appears almost immediately, but the greatest effect is achieved 5-6 months after the procedure. With proper care, the result “remains on the face” for 4-6 years.

Side effects and effects

One of the advantages of the procedure is the almost complete absence of side effects.

However, in case of violation of the rules of the recovery period or errors made by the cosmetologist, the following “minuses” may be observed:

  • lack of visible result;
  • thermal burns;
  • fibrosis.

The last point is a particularly strong side effect that occurs when the fibroblasts are overreacted to radiation. As a result, there is an overgrowth of connective tissue and the formation of subcutaneous scars.

What procedures are often combined with

The thermage procedure is often combined with a method called Fraxel. This is a laser stimulation of cellular regeneration as a result of which active regenerative processes begin on the micro-areas of the dermis.

Also, thermal lifting is recommended after:

  • liposuction; Thermage of the face - what is this procedure, how is it done, what is the difference with RF-lifting. Photos, results, price, reviews
  • abdominoplastics;
  • facelift.

Where to make thermage, and how much does it cost

The second question that is often asked after explaining the method is the cost of the procedure. Many are scared away by the high price, but given the instant result and the long term of maintaining the effect – it’s worth it.

The average price for a thermage of a person varies in the following limits:

  • eyelids – from $ 952 – $ 1360;
  • neck – from $ 1360 – $ 1632;
  • the middle – from $ 1360.

Inal cosmetology centers, prices are on average 15-20% lower.

When choosing a clinic for the procedure, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • the presence of original equipment of the American manufacturer;
  • experienced professional cosmetologists with certificates confirming qualifications;
  • single procedure.

At the consultation, the specialist is obliged not only to explain what face thermage is, but also to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the equipment and warn about all possible side effects and contraindications. Only such a responsible approach will allow you to get a guaranteed, and most importantly, safe result.

Useful videos about face thermage

Thermage. Facial rejuvenation in the cabin:

Comparison of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments:

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