How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

A hair straightener can be used not only as a smoothing device to get rid of wavy strands, but also as a tool with which you can make voluminous curls.

Despite the simple ironing device, which consists of a heating plate, a temperature regulator and a frame, it is able to create the most unusual types of curls of different degrees of curl, especially if suitable nozzles are present in the set for the straightener.

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How to choose a straightener for curling: types, models and manufacturers

Choosing a tool is a fundamental step in creating a quality hair curler with a straightener. On the market there is a huge assortment of irons of various shapes and manufacturers, however, to create wavy curls, it is necessary to take into account the following functions of rectifiers.


  • the heating plate should be with rounded edges, otherwise there will be corners on the curl;
  • the case of tweezers should also be as round as possible to create volumetric curls;
  • small tweezers are suitable for thin strands and for short hair, large for long and tough;
  • It is advisable to choose an iron with an electronic temperature controller to control the set temperature.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

Below is an overview of the most popular rectifiers:

Model The brand Functions Cost
Remington S6500 USA
  • electronic display;
  • heating temperature from 150 to 230 degrees;
  • heating time 15 seconds;
  • automatic shutdown after 60 seconds;
  • ceramic coating
$ 31.
Rowenta CF 7270 Straight and Curl Germany
  • straightener and curling iron in one;
  • heating temperature from 150 to 200 degrees;
  • heating time 60 seconds;
  • ceramic coating.
$ 24.
Babyliss Pro Ultra Curl BAB2071EPE Italy
  • 3 temperature modes;
  • temperature from 170 to 230 degrees;
  • heating time 60 seconds;
  • galvanic coating.
$ 86.
Redmond Nano Ceramic RCI-2304 USA
  • 7 temperature conditions;
  • temperature from 140 to 200 degrees;
  • automatic shutdown in 60 min .;
  • tourmaline coating;
$ 18.

How to create curls with an iron without damaging your hair

The constant effect of hot appliances in the form of a curling iron, hair dryer or straightener negatively affects the hair, drying it and eventually making it brittle and colorless. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable process, but there are ways to slow down the destruction of hair.

By following these tips, you can keep your hair in good condition for a long time:

  • Give your hair a break . Using thermal appliances on a daily basis will reduce the life of the hair, so you should do moisturizing cosmetic hair masks from time to time and do not dry them with a hairdryer and ironing at least for several weeks.
  • Use means that reduce the thermal effect. There is a huge assortment of gels, mousses and foams that not only hold the hair well and create a favorable basis for curling, but also protect the hair from touching the hot appliance directly. After using them, you should wash your hair.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

  • Before curling, be sure to wash your hair . Cauterization of excess fat and dust on dirty hair will not only ruin the hair, but also damage the structure of the hair. Wash your hair before curling in warm water, but not in hot water, so that the pores on the scalp do not expand and the hair does not fall out in large quantities.
  • Styling should be learned quickly. After curling, the hair without fixing with varnish begins to fluff quickly and the curl loses shape.
  • When choosing a rectifier model , you should avoid appliances with metal heating plates, it is better to use ceramic, teflon and others. Metal is most harmful to hair.

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Curling Features

How to make curls a rectifier, without the additional use of curlers or curling irons, will be described in detail later in the article. For curling hair of different lengths, not only different types of irons are required, but also knowledge of some techniques and features that help to create a curl quickly and without much injury to the strands themselves.

First you need to establish the degree of brittleness and stiffness of the hair, select thermal protection for them.

For example, cream is more suitable for long hair, the best choice for hard hair is gel, and thin hair does not tolerate foam well. Mousse, serum and spray are suitable for all types of hair.

Short hair

Under the definition of short hair, the length of the strands does not exceed the line of the lower jaw or the middle of the neck. The difficulty of curling short hair is that because of the limited length, they can not be wound several times on the straightener and some hairstyles, for example, voluminous curls will not look so spectacular on the head or will not hold at all.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

For short hair, you should choose an iron with a smaller nozzle volume and a smaller area of the heating plate. Small curls are suitable for a round face, large ones for an oval face.

If the hair is no longer than 3’9 inch, then it is necessary to twist it with one movement inward, holding the iron on the same hair area for no more than 5 seconds for thin hair and 10 seconds for hard hair. Hair with a length of 3’9 – 5’9 inch should be wound dividing the head into the lower upper sectors. First wind the occipital and temporal part, then go to the outer layer, starting with the crown.

To create the most natural waviness for short hair, you should take thick strands and using a weak temperature, gradually heat them. If the curl did not work the first time, repeat the procedure after the hair has completely cool

Long hair

How to make curls a straightener from long hair, having a length below the shoulders, depends only on their own imagination. With them, you can come up with more hairstyles than with short ones, but the large weight of the hair does not allow curls to stay long at the roots of the hair, so most wavy curls on long hair start from the ear and lower.

To keep the curls at the very base, it is necessary to curl thin strands, like an afro hairstyle or zigzag, so that their weight does not pull the hair down, leveling it. Long hair requires more care, more use of cosmetics, especially antistatic agents and moisturizers.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

Since the tips are already old hair and often split and broken, you should avoid the strong influence of temperature on these areas or cut them from time to time.

In order for the long hair to curl over the entire length, the iron must be held vertically or under a bevel, slowly moving from top to bottom, pulling the strand with your hand on the other side.

The thicker the strand to take, the less rounded the curl will turn out. It should also be borne in mind that when winding, the hair loses its original length, shortening by a few inch.

Hair preparation for a curling iron

Making curls with a rectifier is a simple task, which must be preceded by preliminary preparation of curls. The boiling point is 100 degrees, and this is the initial heating level of the rectifiers. Of course, this temperature negatively affects the structure of the hair, especially if exposed to curls every day.

However, this negative effect can be reduced by performing several hair preparation procedures before heat treatment. The initial stage of preparation is washing the hair. The temperature at which you should wash your hair should not be hot. A hot bath will expand the pores of the scalp, which will affect profuse hair loss.

Water should be warm at room temperature. After washing with shampoo and balm, you should rinse your hair with a solution of chamomile, nettle, black tea, and you can also rinse with beer, but after it you should rinse with water and vinegar to kill the smell of yeast.

The next step is to wait for the natural drying of the hair to a state of light humidity.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

The hair dryer, in this case, will dry and damage the hair even more, it is better to wait half an hour, thereby taking care of the hair, which is already exposed to high temperature. At the final stage, you should cover your hair with a thermal protective agent, and only then proceed to curling the hair with a straightener.

Methods and types of winding. Step by step description of the curling process

With the help of simple techniques and great imagination, with the help of a straightener, you can create curls of various shapes for a holiday and for every day.

To do this, you need to have a straightener itself, the necessary nozzles, cosmetics in the form of mousses, gels that protect against thermal effects of sprays, as well as hair spray to maintain the volume of ready-made curls. Consider each of the methods in more detail.

Zigzag shape

A zigzag with an iron is created according to the same principle as with a curling iron. But in order to perform winding with an iron, it is necessary to choose a flatter nozzle with a smaller area of the heating plate.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

Next, follow the instructions:

  1. Curls should be wound starting from the back of the head, so the bulk of the hair must be collected in a bun on the top;
  2. Separate a thin strand of hair, open the iron and wind the whole curl on a heating plate in the form of a spring;
  3. Close the rectifier for 5 seconds;
  4. Gently release the finished curl and proceed to the next;
  5. Release layer by layer from a common hair bundle, creating curls from the inside to the outside;
  6. At the end, spray hair with hairspray.

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Step curls are made using foil so that the angles are clearly expressed. Such a hairstyle requires special care and strong fixation so that the hairs do not begin to disintegrate and do not spoil the structure. Thus, it is first necessary to wash your hair and treat it with a product that protects your hair from exposure to temperature and start wrapping yourself.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction


  1. From a roll of foil, cut tapes of the same length as the hair itself and a width of 2 inch;
  2. To wind a curl in foil along the entire length, it looks like a flat long metal plate;
  3. To bend plates with ringlets with an accordion;
  4. Using an iron, grab every corner of the accordion for 5 seconds;
  5. Wait until the foil cools completely, then gently release hair from it without damaging the steps;
  6. Fix curls abundantly with hairspray.

Careless curls

This type of curls looks like slightly twisted, wavy and separate strands from each other. You can create them using a rectifier within half an hour. The advantages of this hairstyle are that during the day when the hair begins to lose its waves, this will happen imperceptibly and the hairstyle “before” will not differ much from “after”.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction
Tips on how to make curls a straightener.

So, to wind your hair with a careless style, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Divide all hair into 3 layers, that is, 1 layer is the hair adjacent to the neck and around the entire circumference of the head, as close as possible to the skull, and 3 layer is the hair lying at the very top, so to speak, the visible layer;
  2. 2 and 3 layer to tie on top of the knot;
  3. Start winding hair, choosing thin strands, from top to bottom, leaving the ends straight;
  4. Having finished 1 layer in a circle, release 2 layer of hair, 3 return to the bunk;
  5. After twisting hair 2 and 3 layers, spray with hairspray, slightly wrinkling them with your hands to give them bulk.

Large curls

How to make curls a straightener from thick strands to get large curls, the instructions below. The principle of winding thick and thin curls is the same, the only difference is the number of hair selected in a strand.

On washed hair, it is necessary to apply a thermal protective agent according to the type of hair and then do the following:

  1. Divide the hair on the head into two parts along the parting, on one side visually highlight 5-6 thick strands;
  2. Choose the first strand closer to your face;
  3. It is easy to press it at the very roots with an iron, the other hand pulls the hair at the ends;
  4. Turn the iron away from you, towards the back of the head 180 degrees;
  5. Slowly move the rectifier from the roots to the ends, holding the iron for no more than 5 seconds in one place;
  6. Repeat the same steps with the rest of the strands, fix with hairspray.

In the form of harnesses

Festive curls, twisted in the form of bundles, are created very simply with the help of a straightener, you only need to know one secret, styling hair on the iron itself. Before creating curls, you need to prepare your hair, wash it and create a finished hairstyle.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

That is, if the curls will curl from the tail, it is necessary to first tie the hair, and only then wind it, otherwise, after heat treatment, rough movements with the hair will spoil the fixation.

So, after washing and treating hair with cosmetic products:

  • distribute hair on curls of the same or different thickness;
  • heat the iron to the optimum temperature using the regulator;
  • hold the curl with an iron so that it lies on the plate diagonally;
  • turn the rectifier with the strand clamped and move slowly from top to bottom;
  • fix the obtained bundles with hairspray.

Light curls with foil

Foil is an aluminum sheet, thinned to the thickness of a paper page. In fact, it is a metal sheet that has high thermal conductivity but retains paper flexibility.

So, to create curls using foil and a straightener, you need the following:

  1. Prepare the hair, having previously washed it;
  2. To process with mousse or foam each strand that will undergo twisting;
  3. From a roll of foil, cut 10×10 squares;
  4. Take a lock in your hands, and twist it with your fingers, making a ring of the desired diameter from it;
  5. Wrap a hair ring in a foil square like an envelope;
  6. Turn on the rectifier to the desired temperature and burn the envelope for 5 seconds;
  7. Do the same with all the strands;
  8. After winding, let the foil cool completely before removing it from the hair;
    How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction
  9. Remove the foil, treat the curls with hairspray, gently distributing one from the other with your hands, without using a comb.

Large curls from hair roots

To create a large curl with a rectifier, you should choose the most rounded device. It is not necessary to curl every layer of hair, just go through the first two outer layers to create a visual effect of voluminous, wavy hair. It should be noted that the more layers of hair will be captured, the more voluminous hair will turn out.

How to make curls large with a rectifier, the following instruction will tell: 

  1. Using a comb with a sharp ending, separate a strand of hair 2 fingers thick in a flat form;
  2. Clamp the lock at the root with an iron and rotate the device 180 degrees, without too tightening the hair;
  3. Start slowly lowering down the lock, holding the half-twisted position of the iron;
  4. Fix the curl with the latch, proceed to the second.

Technique “Beach Curls”

Beach curls, this is a type of curl in which the hair takes on natural waves, as if it had just bathed in sea water and dried out slightly under the beach sun.

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

To do this, do the following:

  1. Divide the hair into 2 parts by parting, clamp one part with a hairpin, and divide the other into small strands, approximately half a little finger thick;
  2. Twist the strand around its axis, creating a kind of tourniquet;
  3. Preheat the iron to the optimum temperature, depending on the type of hair (put a low temperature on thin and brittle, high on hard and unpainted), and walk slowly along the curled curl;
  4. Run the first part of the hair, fix it with hairspray, go to the second part.

The best means for fixing curls: release forms of fixatives, brands

In order for such a long and painstaking work as a curling of hair to last as long as possible, the hairstyle must be fixed with various styling products.

The table shows the best hair styling products for 2021:

Name Using Manufacturer Cost
Schwarzkopf Professional Osis +


The product is applied before curling on wet hair for short and medium hair. Germany $ 6,12. / 6,76 fluid ounce
Syoss max hold


It is applied after curling to thin and soft hair. Germany $ 4,76 / 2,54 fluid ounce
Lebel cosmetics

(cream emulsion)

It is applied before curling on dry, clean hair of all types. Japan $ 19 / 1,69 fluid ounce
Taft perfect flex

(wax powder)

Apply to the curl from the roots to the ends, rubbing through the hair Germany $ 3,67 / 8,45 fluid ounce
Wella forte


Apply foam to wet hair before curling the entire length of the hair Germany $ 4,35 / 8,45 fluid ounce
Kapous professional


Mousse for long hair, applied before curling along the en
tire length, making curls heavier.
Italy $ 3,94 / 3,38 fluid ounce
Sexy hair liquid


Means for maintaining curls, applied before curling on separate wet strands. USA $ 22 / 8,45 fluid ounce

How to make curls a hair straightener. Step-by-step instruction

Curls made with a hair straightener do not differ in quality and shape from those created by the curling iron. The advantage of using ironing is that different types of heater coatings do not dry out hair as much as an exclusively metal base of a curling iron.

Every year, multifunctional hair straighteners displace obsolete curling irons and curlers, creating new ideas to give your hair perfect straightness or attractive curls.

Video about curls ironing

How to quickly make curls a hair straightener at home:

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