Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home

Hair is regularly exposed to external influences, such as the sun, pollution and mechanical factors. There are many regenerating hair masks – with honey, egg, vitamins, oils. Each is effective in its own way, and in order not to get confused in the choice, a number of factors and the nuances of their use should be taken into account.

How to choose a hair mask

Before deciding on the ingredients, it is necessary to assess their condition. Depending on this, general recommendations can be made.

  1. Dry ringlets suffer from a lack of moisture, so masks such as egg, vitamin and green clay are suitable for their mistresses. Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home
  2. Split ends with gratitude will perceive the multi-component regenerating masks based on olive, castor, linseed oil. Suitable extracts of herbs – mint, thyme, chamomile, nettle. The substances contained in them penetrate deeply into cracks and restore the structure.
  3. And vice versa, owners of thin hair should avoid such formulations, since they contain trace elements that can burden their “heaviness”. As a result, the entire hairstyle will look even less, unnaturally constrained.
  4. For the fatty type, clay, essential oils and citrus fruits, as well as kefir and honey compounds, are suitable.
  5. In case of excessive brittleness, the ideal solution is to use a mixture with smoothing properties.

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Important components of home masks

Some ingredients can be found in the kitchen, and in their properties they will not be inferior to purchased keratins and other marketing products:

  • a hair mask with honey and an egg, due to its various properties, is the basis of therapy for any type of hair;
  • cognac, burning substances such as mustard, garlic, red pepper, onion accelerate hair growth;
  • green tea will cope with fat content; Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home
  • gelatin – has the effect of lamination;
  • cinnamon – improves, nourishes not only hair, but also skin;
  • kefir moisturizes;
  • yeast make up for nutritional deficiencies;
  • mayonnaise is suitable for colored curls;
  • castor, burdock, linseed oil and the like, like honey, have a wide range of effects.

The value of the gifts of the bowels of nature is invaluable:

  • white clay is used for weak and brittle hair;
  • blue – has a cleaning effect and saturates with oxygen;
  • red clay eliminates skin irritations;
  • yellow and green relieves dandruff.

Herbs add shine, strengthen the bulbs and accelerate hair growth:

  • burdock root;
  • succession;
  • mother and stepmother; Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home
  • nettle;
  • hop cones;
  • basil.

Fight against dandruff and itching:

  • laurel and birch catkins;
  • mint;
  • nettle.


  • chamomile flowers;
  • lavender, hypericum;
  • calendula.

For oily hair:

  • patchouli, juniper – nourish cells;
  • grapefruit normalizes secretion;
  • jasmine – soothes dry scalp with a mixed type; Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home
  • cedar, ylang-ylang – reduce fat content.

For dry hair:

  • sandalwood – improves blood circulation;
  • lavender is valued, first of all, for its aroma, and then for its healing effect;
  • geraniums – renew cells and improve the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Prevent hair loss:

  • tea tree;
  • chamomile;
  • rosemary;
  • incense and myrrh;
  • thyme;
  • nutmeg.

Essential oils should not be abused. They significantly weight the curls, making them less voluminous.

Hair Growth Mask Recipes

Several compounds can be distinguished, the basis of which will be the most powerful component for activating bulbs of various types.


  • alcohol;
  • onion juice;
  • Burr oil.

Proportion 1: 3: 3. Strengthens the growth of a pinch of red pepper. The composition is evenly applied to the hair, but special attention is paid to the tips. Then they put a plastic bag over their heads, which they cover with a warm towel. The procedure takes 40 minutes.

Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home
Onion masks strengthen the hair follicles and give the hair shine and strength

For the dimming effect, use:

  • cognac;
  • Art. l ground coffee;
  • beaten egg.

Do not usd the mask heavily into the skin. Nutrition for fair hair will provide an addition to the recipe 10 gr. corn or linseed oil instead of coffee.

Honey mixed with alcohol and an egg will repair the damage, and the added warm broth of oak bark will add volume (you can use a 5-hour alcohol tincture).

Mustard – more suitable for oily hair type. Contraindication is only pregnancy, individual intolerance (sensitivity) and cuts. Before use, it is recommended to apply diluted or prepared mustard on the wrist. If after an hour the reaction did not follow, then you can proceed to the procedure.

A universal treatment prescription provides for a monthly course of therapy (2a times a week).

In warm water (40 degrees) to a creamy consistency combines:

  • mustard powder;
  • sugar;
  • any cosmetic oil.

Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at homeProportion 1: 1. Raw yolk is added and applied to the head under a towel for 30 minutes. With increased burning time decreases. Red clay can help relieve skin irritation.

For those who can’t tolerate the severity, they recommend other recipes for hair growth. For every 100 grams of kefir, 1 raw yolk with 2 pinches of cinnamon is added. The mixture is distributed through the hair and aged for up to 1 hour.

Effective oil masks. Their basis can be any natural product, and enhances the effect of an essential cocktail of sandalwood and tea tree. This procedure is best done a few hours. The alternation of Pancake week components, as well as regularity, will not hurt.

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Against hair loss for different types of hair

A hair mask with honey and an egg, as well as burdock oil, are considered the best helpers in this area of therapy. Honey not only stops diffuse baldness and strengthens the roots, but also regenerates damaged strands, thereby replacing expensive complexes. It is suitable for all types of hair. Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home

However, there are warnings:

  • may undesirably lighten curls;
  • the use is contraindicated in people with an appropriate allergy;
  • dilates blood vessels and can cause rupture of capillaries;
  • the procedure should be carried out no more than 2 times a week, and after 10 times a month-long break should be made;
  • the composition should always be prepared for 1 run;
  • the mask is washed off first with warm water with shampoo, and then with vinegar or lemon solution and repeated rinsing.

The effectiveness of therapy increases if:

  • applied only to clean, slightly damp locks;
  • steam effect is provided;
  • heat honey in warm water or a bath;
  • preference is given to a quality product.

Raw egg yolk and honey are thoroughly mixed to a cream consistency and applied to the head according to the standard principle using a rare comb. You can add 1 large tablespoons of warm olive or other vegetable oil, including burdock. If burning ingredients and, accordingly, growth, ingredients (mustard, pepper, grated onion) are not added to the mixture, then the procedure lasts up to 90 minutes.


Depending on the structure of the fungus, at least 2 popular masks can be distinguished.

For complex treatment you will need:

  • green or yellow clay – 2 tablespoon;
  • warm broth or cold infusion of such fighters as chamomile, oak bark, burdock root – 100 g;
  • egg yolk;
  • vinegar, but only apple or wine – 1 large spoon

The fluids are mixed with clay and egg and applied to the head under cellophane and a towel. After 30 minutes of treatment, you can wash off the composition and rinse your hair with conditioner. The effect of adding a small amount of birch tar to the composition.

Alternative recipes against seborrhea:

  • mashed onion;
  • alcohol-containing component – 30 g;
  • castor oil or burdock – 1 large spoon

Including special herbs in the mask or rinsing with them will also solve the problem. The procedure is standard, and lavender oil or lemon water will help to remove the smell.

A hair mask with honey, egg and kefir will be no less effective, and not so smelling. Sticky consistency binds ugly particles, and a dairy product will quickly remove them, no worse than an air conditioner.

For shine hair

To give a hairstyle a salon look, you can use both a complex vitamin composition and a mask with an instant effect.

Quick grooming will help to create all the same:

  • honey;
  • egg;
  • cognac. Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home

Proportions – at the discretion of the hostess. The main condition is the hourly provision of a warm environment with periodic heating by a hairdryer. Rinse off the mask only with warm water. Blondes are recommended to add castor oil to the mixture, and a dark color will stand out with a spoon of cocoa powder mixed with 50 gr. warm milk.

Nourishing masks

Experts recommend in any condition of hair 2 twice a month to supply them with general strengthening components. You can use different compositions.

Recipe 1:

  • 3 raw yolks;
  • linseed oil – 5 tablespoon;
  • 1 small tablespoons of cinnamon.

Recipe 2:

  • 5 drops of vitamin B6 and B12;
  • 0,68 fluid ounce castor oil;
  • suitable essential oil (juniper, patchouli, tea tree, etc.);
  • fresh juice of young aloe.

Mono masks are also effective and easy to prepare. These include kefir, honey, mayonnaise or yogurt. The only condition is their 100% naturalness. Such procedures include a duration of use of up to 3 hours.

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From split ends

To avoid a lifeless pile of hair during their growth, regular combing and neglect of external seasonal factors, you need to take care of the tips. Even a regular face cream and olive oil in a 1: 1 ratio will help solve the problem.

To protect yourself from the scissors of the hairdresser will help and the oil composition:

  • castor oil or sea buckthorn oil – 1,01 fluid ounce;
  • fish oil – 10 medium capsules or 50 gr. Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home

The mixture is applied to the ends and wrapped with cling film / foil for several hours. Severe damage is eliminated by additional ingredients – jojoba oil or aloe juice.

Melted gelatin will temporarily mask the problem, but if you make a full-fledged mask by adding a little shampoo and yolk to it, you will get a longer effect.

For hair volume

For a medical prescription (in equal proportions) you will need:

  • fine sea salt;
  • honey melted in a water bath;
  • cognac.

Mixed ingredients are infused in a cool, dark place for 14 days. As needed, the mask is distributed over the head with massage movements and washed off in the usual way.

A long volume at the roots is achieved by a simple symbiosis of vodka with milk. Therapy lasts 3 weeks according to the same scheme. Honey in combination with an egg and kefir not only maintains its shape, but also strengthens the hair structure. A cream mask is applied to the head under heat and removed after an hour.

Moisturizing Dry Hair Masks

The sun, salts, like a hairdryer in winter, deprive strands of moisture.

To compensate for it, the following recipe is intended:

  • fatty sour milk – 200 gr.;
  • 2-3 tablespoon of oatmeal. Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home

Flakes are prayed in flour, which is mixed with yogurt. The resulting slurry is slightly warmed up and distributed warm over the head, leaving a quarter to re-enter.

After half an hour of keeping under a towel, the remainder of the product is crush
ed into the roots and incubated for another 10 minutes. This is necessary to avoid their oversaturation with beneficial microflora. Flushing is normal, but it is advisable to use air conditioning.

To eliminate addiction, alternate masks, for example:

  • Arnica alcohol tincture (sold at the pharmacy) – 3 tablespoon;
  • burdock or linseed oil – 2 tablespoon;
  • 2 raw yolks.

The compress is kept for half an hour and washed off. In order to avoid drying out the strands, 1 small spoonful of glycerin is added to the composition, forming the thinnest protective film.

Compounds for oily hair type

You can apply the same mask as for dry strands, replacing whole sour milk with skim. Just do not resort to top dressing the roots.

Double hydration is achieved by mixing the following ingredients:

  • half of the middle onion is the main component, the rest is added 1 tablespoon. l;
  • low-fat sour cream;
  • aloe juice;
  • melted honey;
  • Burr oil.

The onion is finely rubbed or chopped in a blender, and everything else is already added to it. The head is covered with a film and a thick towel and held for 40 minutes.

The smell is removed with apple cider vinegar or warm water with peppermint extract / lemon juice.

For dyed hair

Intentionally and regularly injured cover requires careful personal care. It includes nutrition, hydration and color retention. Honey and egg are the ingredients of a universal recipe. They are mixed with a little olive oil. The yolk is introduced into a warm mass and rubbed into clean hair. The thermal effect of the mask lasts up to 40 minutes.

A dark strand is processed in such a composition:

  • one 1 small spoonfuls of castor oil and ground coffee;
  • 20 gr. cognac;
  • 2 yolks. Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home

The remaining components are added to warm brewed coffee and applied according to the usual procedure – from roots to ends with a rare comb. The compress is organized with cellophane and a towel and left for 20 minutes. Thorough washing will eliminate the oil component.

Light and streaked hair is treated with yeast and chamomile. First, prepare a decoction. For this 200 gr. inflorescences are brewed in half a gallon of water and allowed to infuse for 10 minutes. Then a spoonful of dry yeast is soaked in it. The cooled mass is applied to clean curls and washed off after half an hour without additional care products.

For saturated color

The same strong infusion of chamomile, mixed with lemon juice and a stack of vodka, will add a soft shade to the strands.

Caramel and apricot colors will shine from the following mask:

  • colorless henna – 2 tablespoon;
  • lemon juice from two fruits;
  • honey – 3 tablespoon, but it is advisable to use dark varieties of the type of buckwheat;
  • carrot juice – 100 gr.;
  • cocoa powder – up to two tablespoon, depending on the desired saturation.

Henna is bred in boiling water to a cream. The remaining ingredients are added to the cooled mass. The resulting mask is kept on the head under a towel for about 50 minutes and washed off.

A chestnut tint will enhance long-leaf tea, for this you will need:

  • black tea – 50 gr.;
  • half a gallon of boiling water;
  • nettle leaves, can be dry – 20 gr.

The duration of the procedure is 2-3 hours.

Owners of black often use natural basma or strong espresso. If the composition got on the visible surface (whiskey, parting), then ashes from cigarettes will be an effective cleaning agent. Redheads are happy with a light solution of colored henna or a mixture of carrot and cranberry juice.

To fix the shade, it is recommended to add lemon juice to these formulations. Unsweetened yogurt or kefir will provide additional nutrition.

Brightening hair mask

If it is difficult for brunettes to lighten up with gentle folk remedies, then the remaining types of hair quite easily get rid of their saturation. The main component of such masks is cinnamon.

For the recipe you will need:

  • spice – 3 tablespoon;
  • melted light honey – 2,03 fluid ounce;
  • juice of one lemon;
  • olive oil – 0,68 fluid ounce. Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home

Enhances the effect of 2 large tablespoons of onion juice and the same amount of apple cider vinegar. All components are mixed and applied for 2 hours under cellophane and a towel. Rinse your hair better with boiled water and refrain from drying with a hairdryer.

If you are allergic to honey, then the strands can be lightened to two tones by mixing lemon juice with a half tube of conditioner. The mass is insisted 30 minutes. and use as a normal mask. The procedure is best done at night. The effect is achieved in a couple of sessions.

And by combining the following ingredients, you can not only lighten, but also restore hair after aggressive staining:

  • 1,01 fluid ounce of vodka;
  • 1 egg
  • 50 gr kefir;
  • 1 small tablespoons of shampoo;
  • 1,01 fluid ounce apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

The procedure will take about an hour.

Any lightening involves taking a 5-time course of moisturizing and softening the hair shaft before it.

Restorative for weak hair

The standard approach consists of mixing such products:

  • 1,35 fluid ounce of honey;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 100 gr. any vegetable oil.

It is advisable to use only the yolk. Protein does not play a special role in cosmetics. Compress is kept up to 50 min.

Kefir mask will help revive the structure:

  • fermented milk product – 8,45 fluid ounce;
  • favorite essential oils;
  • olive oil – 1,35 fluid ounce.

5 drops of aromatics are mixed in a warm base, and then kefir. Vitamins B 1, 6 and 12, as well as castor oil, will enhance the effect. The latter is applicable to dry hair, and burdock oil is better for oily hair. The procedure time is half an hour. Therapy should be carried out several times, but after a month it should be repeated.

Lamination mask

A worthy place in this procedure is gelatin. In addition, it perfectly softens the hair and retouches the ends.

The classic recipe assumes the presence in it:

  • gelatin diluted in warm water (1: 3 ratio);
  • balm – 1 small spoons;
  • citrus essential oil. Hair mask with honey and egg, cognac, cinnamon, burdock oil for density and growth at home

The compress lasts up to 1 hour, but it is advisable to periodically heat it with a hairdryer. Washed off with ordinary shampoo. For a dry type of curls, it is advised to replace water with milk.

If you add a popular mask with honey and an egg with such a gelling mixture, then it will not only give your hair a nice gloss, but also restore damage and give volume.

Video about hair masks with honey and egg

Mask against hair loss with honey, yolk a
nd burdock oil:

Mask for damaged and dry hair with yolk, honey and olive oil:

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